Simple Tests to Find Out Who is Doing Your Thinking for You


Where do you get your ideas?

U.S.A. –-( The average man on the street thinks that socialism takes care of the poor. The average headline surfer thinks that civilian guns ownership causes violence. These opinions are not the result of systematic sociological research. People have “those feelings” because of what they are told in the news.


Why is the media telling us things that are so blatantly wrong?

Enthusiastic newscasters and smiling politicians tell us that Cuba and Venezuela have free healthcare. They don’t bother to tell you that Socialist healthcare is among the worst in the world. The media would never tell us the truth that we’d only use socialist healthcare if we had no other choice.

Look at the impressions you have about socialism. Are they based on facts or on spin? Many of my friends in California moved to Texas. How many people do you know who have packed up and moved to China, Cuba, Laos, Vietnam, Nicaragua, Bangladesh or to North Korea? I’ve yet to receive my first postcard from neighbors who made the big switch to the new-and-improved worker’s paradise. Have you?

I didn’t think so. Why didn’t you compare what you see on the news to the reality you see in your neighborhood?

Where is this free lunch, this socialist utopia, that Socialist politicians and big-government reporters talk about?

They point at Sweden where the government takes 70 percent more in taxes than it does here in the US. Unemployment in Sweden is also about 70 percent higher than here in the US. Funny how that works..time after every damn time. How many socialists in the US have moved to Sweden?  You can tell me when you’re done the packing. I’ll wait…


I guess the reality of Socialism is worse than the fluff and marketing reports we get from US politicians and their supporters in the MSM. I wouldn’t trust a socialist politician to sell me a used car let alone trust them not to sell my child’s future to the Clinton Foundation.

I notice the same media distortions when I listen to people talk about gun control, another favorite big-government program. Where is this nonviolent utopia I keep hearing about?

Most private citizens are not allowed to have guns in Mexico. The entire country has a single officially sanctioned gun store. The Mexican homicide rate is also five times higher than ours here in the US. The gun-control politicians forgot to tell us that.

Why did you think Mexico was peaceful and the US was violent?

I’ve heard complaints that Mexico isn’t like the US because guns can cross Mexico’s borders. Fine, let’s look at the data from a modern island-nation instead. England outlaws handguns and has insanely strict laws against self-defense. They have all the laws that US gun-prohibitionists want.

The violent crime rate in England and Wales is six times higher than the rate in the US. Again, the talking heads forgot to mention that important fact.

The talking heads imply the opposite. They imply that the US is one of the most violent countries in the world. It isn’t, and we aren’t even in the top half. That isn’t what the news and big-government politicians would have you believe, but you can look up the truth and do some junior-high math to compare the rates of violence for yourself.

If you didn’t know those facts
then you’re letting the media and politicians do your thinking for you.

Don’t tell me that socialism works. Don’t tell me that gun control works. Show me its success. Better yet, show me the flood of people who want to move to this utopia the media invented.

About Rob MorseSlow Facts

The original article is here. Rob Morse writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Clash Daily, and on his SlowFacts blog. He hosts the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast and co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast. Rob is an NRA pistol instructor and combat handgun competitor.

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Concerned citizen

President Trump fire Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, and Charles Schumer! Why are these far leftist, communists in office? How many gun owners voted for them? Don’t they know they can vote for someone else? These are professional politicians, we need term limits! Aren’t these 3 in their 80’s? I’m sure they each have dementia! Is Schumer a member of the men/boys sex club? Did you ever notice the politicians who are gun banners are pro-gay promoters? I read an article that politicians in Kalifornia are now banning he and she saying its “sexist” talk!? What do these politicians in Kalifornia… Read more »


Sadly, in the age of the sound-byte education and information are both headed downhill — and gaining speed fast. Our society is being led to the slaughter by people who for some reason want to destroy Western civilization — one worlders, Socialists by any of their many names, the MSM, and who knows who else. A huge symptom of this educational gap is the idea that Legislators in Congress and the Senate are our leaders. We are told that they are our leaders every day, yet the fact remains that they are simply our representatives in Government. Given the direction… Read more »


If you tell the same lie long enough people start to believe it and this bunch is good at memorizing and telling the same false propaganda over and over again. Who knows, maybe they even believe what their commie handlers have drummed into their knotted heads.
Where is the footnote for the cartoon that was present when I clicked on it? Strange.

Michael J

All forms of government favor the ruling class, those commoner would be socialists forget is that they’re the ruled subjects and therefore exempt from the spoils.

Snellville Bob

Harry Reid made the lied that Romney had not paid any taxes in three years helping obama win. After giving up and losing, Romney released his tax information showing he had paid millions every year. Harry responded, “We won didn’t we?”


a d-rat d-sucker will do or say anything

Ronald Nuxon

With socialists, leftists, communists, what have you, it’s the same dance over and over and over again. And when they lose, it’s the same two damn excuses: “They didn’t do it right” or “the wrong people were in charge”.

Udo Walter

Ronald Nuxon, does Capitalism ever get it right or is there no Capitalist country left in the west ?

james C. Morris

Socialism pretends that it is “moral,” and even “a moral imperative,” because they pretend to “care for the poor.” But it is severely immoral at its root. For stealing is immoral. And many people agreeing together to take away the belongings of someone else is stealing, even if t is done under the cover of calling this a “tax.”

When people vote for excessive taxes to be imposed on other people, but which they themselves do not have to pay, that is conspiracy to commit theft. Pure and simple.


*eye roll*

Missouri Born

Socialism is the modern day Pied Piper story with today’s liberals.


WE have many Homer’s here in America. Complete & total idiots, who will follow the left regardless. The left leaders want POWER & will do ANYTHING to get it.

Udo Walter

So does the right, George.


The same media is portraying only the ANTI gunners in Pittsburgh City Council hearings , and faced with hundreds of PRO gun speakers , Council at the last minute moved hearings to a second location to HINDER citizens ability to speak , observe and record the event. Instantly called by Firearm Industry Consulting Group Lawyers.

MSM coverage of Bloomberg shills / Moms Demanding and a Viet Nam Vet who claims he SERVED with an ” AR – 15 ”

Marc DV.

Our education system screwed our kids up ! They don’t teach real American History anymore . Kids are told to go with the program or be ostracised , by their peers . Conform or Flunk the class . Free thought is almost forbidden . Leftist , teachers spew their garbage and refuse to hear a different point of view .If your kid , has a conservative up bringing they are degraded and called racist homophob’s. Nazi’s or worse. It all ends up with snowflakes voting in people who say the same crap as their teachers . So if they say… Read more »

Green Mtn.Boy

Only a Kool Aid drinking Leftard would buy that line of horse hocky.


@GMB: I don’t think the commies ever learned the golden rule of Utopias. First and Only rule: One Man’s Utopia is Another Man’s Hell.
Socio-communism is a sucker’s choice. It’s a round them all up, tell them we’ll take them. Then ‘they take care you’… all! Oh! They will bury you for free in a mass grave with all your family and friends.

Flyover politics

Whoa, whoa, keep that great American Hasting Nebraska drink out of it!!
The real question is how do we get the rest of our fellow Americans to see the truth of the matters and not blindly follow the Libtard message? We as Conservative are more giving, tolerant and compassionate than any of the left.


Added; They are a festering wound in America’s Heart. What sane physician would do nothing? What person with reasonable intelligence and commonsense would not seek to heal and cure?


They are socio-communists that’s what they do… lie, lie, lie, lie are you getting the picture. When will leadership do something about these people and organizations?


“Leadership” will NOT do anything about leftists. Sadly, that task will be relegated to patriots (conservatives), and the liberals will not stop pushing toward civil war until they are physically taught the very hard but valuable lesson espoused by all the Founding Fathers… that “the Tree of Liberty must, from time to time, be replenished with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”


After socialism takes control, the weak have no say, no power and the stronger enrich themselves by taking advantage of the weak majority. This has happened in all countries where socialism controls. True Patriots are not our elected leaders (say a very few) who must stand strong against the liberals who are promising free so the liberals can take our freedoms away. The liberals who are pushing socialism must by “physically taught the very hard but valuable lesson espoused by all the Founding Fathers… that “the Tree of Liberty must, from time to time, be replenished with the blood of… Read more »

Udo Walter

FELINA, the way you explain socialism sounds like you talking about the USA.