Daily Gun Deals: Smith & Wesson 9in Stainless Steel Boot Knife $11.20 FREE S&H

Update: Sorry but this deal has expired. These buys just turn too fast, but hey, we tried.

Smith & Wesson 9in Stainless Steel Boot Knife 11.20 Deal
Smith & Wesson 9in Stainless Steel Boot Knife 11.20 Deal

USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Buy Online Button ClearAmazon has a promotion on a Smith & Wesson branded nine-inch stainless steel fixed blade boot knife for just $11.20 with FREE shipping and no minimum. Yes, this is probably made in China but at this price, you can not be so picky. This knife is $18 – $26.00 most places online plus shipping. This is marked down to an even lower price than the last time we featured it.

Smith & Wesson H.R.T. Full Tang Fixed Blade Knife is made out of a black high carbon stainless-steel false edged spear point blade with blood groove. Its TPE rubber wrapped handle comes with lanyard hole and black leather belt/boot sheath.

Smith & Wesson 9in Stainless Steel Boot Knife $11.20 FREE S&H

Loads of video reviews on this one:

Smith & Wesson 9in Stainless Steel Boot Knife Deal Price Check 1/22/2019:

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Daily Gun Deals Banner

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Brian Parsons

Just lost another sale. Price was not $11.20 and” eligible ” for free shipping. Wow! Serious disconnect!

Jason Lacey

Seems they lied about this price… What else can we not trust them on..



Matthew R Winship

It’s not a scammer guys. It was probably what Amazon calls a “lightning deal”. Only lasts for a few hours or until out of stock.


It’s probably like car dealers, they advertise a car or cars on sale then once you show up, they might have had 1 for sale at that price, then tell you oh but look over here we got the same one for a slightly higher price of course….

Knife user

Let me know where I can get this for the $11.00 & free shipping.

Dave in Fairfax

This WAS a daily deal on 1/22
Deal Price Check 1/22/2019
The comments I see are from 1/24. The items are short term and while in stock. Once the deal is over, the price is the normal price. When did you guys try to buy the knife?


I tried immediately after I received this email. Today


Looks like you could have sold a lot at $11 and I was going to order 4 of them. When I got there and saw $16 I said screw it. Seems like a bait and switch. I’m guessing they thought most people would still think it’s a good deal and buy at $16…..NOT

Dean Pleasant

Gotta make sure your info is accurrate, otherwise people like me get pissed off at you for teasing.


Nothing like having somebody from Ammoland lying to you because they run out of topics that were pertinent and that we actually had a voice concerning said subject and people willing to listen to them


Like I said I don’t buy made in china sorry S&W

jesus Polanco

Wrong price and bad business. It said 16.95 plus Free shipping, I still when ahead with the order and end up with a 24.95 bill. I cancelled the order, but I was discussed by the practice of this dealer.


I’ll buy it for $11-whatever as advertised. But not $16.65 on the link to Amazon.
If you want the sale, let me know.


Wrong pricing on Amazon? Says “Price: $16.65 & FREE Shipping.”


Looks like the deal was only good for one day. But it seems to go on sale fairly often.


Same $16.65 with free shipping at Walmart

Tom D.

Your S&W stainless boot knife for $11.20 is a great deal but when I click on “buy on line” it takes me to Amazon and the price $16.65. What is the deal?


The amazon page you link to has it at $16.65. Am I missing something here?


Trying to buy your S&W 9″ boot knife for your price if $11.20 free S/H. When I click on it the price is almost $17.

Ryan Mraz

So I click on this for the $12 S&W boot knife… and all the lines go to a knife for $17… seems like some kinda shady scam type of thing. Like… what kind of reputable business lures people in for one price and links to said item 40% more expensive?