Please VOTE For Anthony Colandro for the 2019 NRA Board of Directors

Editor's Note: Anthony Colandro has the endorsement of AmmoLand News for election to the 2019 NRA Board of directors. Anthony is the type of no-nonsense Jersey-bull-dog we need fighting for our rights on the NRA-BOD. Bullet vote for Colandro.

Anthony Colandro at the Range
Anthony Colandro for the 2019 NRA Board of Directors

New Jersey – -( Before I begin, please accept my sincere appreciation for your membership in the NRA. Without you, many Americans would be completely disarmed and politically subjugated by now. You and I are at the forefront of the 2A fight against tyranny, and we don’t take that responsibility for granted. My name is Anthony P. Colandro, and I’m hoping to appeal to your sense of duty, honor, and reverence, to the Second Amendment of the Constitution of The United States of America.

Vote for Anthony Colandro

The NRA members need me on the Board of Directors. You see, I’m running on petition [not with the blessing of the NRA nomination committee] for an NRA Board of Director's seat, on behalf of millions of law-abiding American gun owners. Both the New Jersey and New York State associations have endorsed me, and just last year I was presented with the “NRA Trainer of Distinction Award” as well as the “Second Amendment Activist of the Year Award.” I am a strong right to carry advocate, and I am also an avid shooter and firearms collector.

Anthony Colandro Host Gun For Hire Radio
Anthony Colandro Host Gun For Hire Radio

If you’ve ever come to the NRA meetings, I’m sure you’ll remember me. I currently sit on three NRA committees for Education & Training, Range Development, and Clubs & Associations. I’m the Executive Vice-President of the Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs, which is the New Jersey State NRA affiliate, and I’ve hosted three consecutive, record-breaking Friends of the NRA dinners in New Jersey. I’m an NRA Certified Master Training Counselor, and I’m a Benefactor Life Member of the NRA. I am also a member of NRA Ring of Freedom, Heritage Society and a Whittington Center Trailblazer #353. I’m an NRA Election Volunteer coordinator, and I also support NRA competitions, Women on Target, and Eddie Eagle programs at my range. I am dedicated to the message of the NRA to all Americans.

My privately owned business is known as Gun For Hire at the Woodland Park Range. I provide a welcoming environment to teach safe and responsible gun ownership to my customers, and we train hundreds of students each and every year to be better at safety, and at shooting.

I teach people how to get involved and instill in them the necessity to participate in the process of policy making so that they can become their own Second Amendment advocates. My facility is safe-haven of diverse people, from all walks of life, and every day we forge the tip of the spear for 2A, dispelling the narrative that, “firearms are not for everyone.” I host many diversity shoots and women’s programs at my range, and I enjoy inviting politicians from both sides of the aisle to visit with us and further help our cause. It’s not your average shooting range; it’s the best.

There isn’t anyone that is more representative of the intended protection that the Second Amendment provides for Americans, or more dedicated to preserving our natural right to bear arms, that speaks louder or more often about American civil liberties, than me. In my personal time, I have chosen to fight the progressive socialist policy agenda with an inexorable presence and inescapable voice that refuses to be assailed by the mainstream media droning of an apparently, anti-American narrative. I host the nationally acclaimed Gun For Hire Radio podcast and have grown to become the visage of millions of honest Americans.

We are tired of compromising without reaping any benefits. We refuse to stare into the inevitable abyss of redundant policies and inane statues drafted by the very political oppressors that seek to disarm American Citizens, in the futile attempt at trampling on our inalienable rights, whether we are fighting for those rights on our property, or in our courts of law.

I have been an aggressive, outspoken Second Amendment defender for over thirty-five years in the tough NJ battleground and I have helped defeat many legislative attacks. I have made numerous television, radio, and Statehouse appearances. I am a no-nonsense, straight-to-the-point type of person that has been proudly accused of having “no filter.” I will fight for our 2A rights for as long as I am on this planet and I am asking you for your support.

Please Bullet Vote for Anthony Colandro and help bring new blood to the NRA board.

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    1. Counselor Colandro,
      I need to ask you for help; I am a retired Marine of 26 years who was charged with an unregistered weapon in New Jersey. I was legal in North Carolina because I possessed a carry and conceal permit and spent 90 days in the Bergen County New Jersey jail. I am a law bidding individual who was caught due to laws being 180 degrees out of the norm, I was a government contractor training Marines and Sailors in a multitude of tactical technical procedures. I responded to an emergency medical situation concerning my mother when I left a weapons range. I was training with other instructors and drove straight up to the facility she was billeted in Hackensack. I had a life threatening altercation with a NJ resident of questionable character outside the facility my mom was in and followed ‘escalation of force’ procedures to de-escalate the matter. In my actions I believe this approach was successful to have this individual disengage and I am telling you by his actions after I warned him I was armed, he continued advances displaying his hidden hand indicating he was armed. I am asking if you could use my situation in support of a campaign to stop the draconian unconstitutional states from raping citizens of their constitutional rights.
      I am losing faith in the system I spent over 30 years supporting and defending. Anything my lawyers informed me in my defense did not happen. I believe the steps followed are to normally support a person like myself, of decent moral character. Decisions were made in my case against me for the simple fact that I was a legal weapon owner from North Carolina and politically convicted. I was not awarded Pre Trial Intervention (PTI) in accordance with the New Jersey State Attorney General’s guidance at the time, even though I fit the window of eligibility because I showed the assailant a weapon. In the aggressor’s official police statement, he admits I warned him yet still continued to advance while threatening me. I am told in New Jersey showing the weapon is the same as pointing it at someone even though it defies the laws of physics and is a step in federally approved method of Force Protection. I have yet to see any law confirming this and believe it is just anti 2nd amendment opinion. I was trained to supervise ranges on 4 different federal installations to prepare our Marines for deployments and possessed what is known as a condition 3 weapon (not able to fire). While applying for PTI, the official accepting my request informed me in front of my lawyer at the time, ‘you are not going to be afforded PTI’! When I asked why, his reply was ‘you are not a female and not black’! Once denied, I asked on what grounds for the denial to be answered with ‘Bergen County doesn’t play that’! I find that appalling!
      At my hearing, so-called evidence was admitted that was not introduced to me. A December 2012 Facebook entry which had no relevance to what I was charged with, between 3 other Marine instructors on how I jokingly invited them to come to my lawn and kick over my nativity scene. It was posted in jest between us using locker room talk. Judge Silebi used this to make a character judgement to confine me. The sentence she gave me caused my Veterans Administration disability to be suspended even after requesting a reduced sentence while the drug manufacturer / dealer walked. She was removed from the bench 2 weeks later. There are other statements during the hearing, too lengthy to list here that were just not accurate or true. Court and legal officials who were present during my hearing approached me while being incarcerated to give me their opinions on how I was ‘railroaded’ during my court presentation.
      The individual who aggressed and gave me death threats, Jorge L. Polo is not a United States citizen and has a less than stellar record; he has changed his story more than twice from his original video statement to the police. A confirmed repeat felon, he had at least 7 warrants (others in PA) issued at the time of our meeting and operating a vehicle with no driver’s license, has been incarcerated repeatedly for manufacturing as well as distributing drugs in a school zone. Two of the seven warrants were concerning casting indecent dispersions or threats to drivers in traffic. How many citizens has he done this to? I can provide more questionable info upon request concerning how Bergen County handled this. I am amazed at how this county refused to follow the Governor’s and State Attorney General’s guidance in these situations with legal out of state residents.
      I’m trying to alleviate a felony conviction in NJ where the norm is illegal; I was following what is legal in my home state of North Carolina as well as acceptable in 43 other states while using a method which is endorsed by federal agencies. This is not the first time this has happened to me along the I-95 corridor. I had an Executive Clemency Request on Governor Christie’s desk for over 2 years and received no answer either for or against my case. In the last year the governor has signed off on Clemency requests for 3 separate incidents, each one involved a black individual being charged. I am not making this a racial statement because I support all 3 of the law bidding citizens being thrust into the same situation as mine.
      At 100% VA disability, I ride in motorcycle benefits with the local police and sheriff deputies; I raise money for the Wounded Warrior Barracks. Volunteer at the local VFW, raise money for the local boys & girls club, donate to St Jude’s children hospital and the Marine Corps Scholarship Fund along with multiple other organizations if required to continue. I appreciate rules or the requirement for the letter of the law; I was ignorant to New Jersey laws as I am accustom to federal installations where the instructions for personal weapons are posted at the base entrance access. It is apparent a disabled veteran can’t defend himself in New Jersey. I will support your effort to publicize this so it does not keep happening to law bidding citizens with this typical response to gun violence by criminalizing the innocent. Finding out the disparity between the state laws, I realize I didn’t execute my responsibilities but the individual threatening me gave no other options. Your opinion is important; I am asking for your help in how to go about overturning this conviction or if you can reference a federal lawyer for me who can undo this or avenues to go public with my issue, I will provide all information for back ground in regards to my situation. Thank you for your time, effort and service.
      Most Respectfully,
      Richard Zahn
      121 Pineneedle Dr.
      Hubert, NC
      (910) 546-9718
      [email protected]

    2. I want Directors that are primarily interested in Gun Training… not a lot of esoteric, theoretical BS. If we train a house wife that a gun is a tool like any other, we’ve probably gained 3-6 friends. Let’s spend less money & time on caviar dinners, repetitive speakers, and K street crooks. WHENEVER WE CALL THE NRA TRAINING TELEPHONE LINE (24/7) SOMEONE SHOLD ANSWER ON THE FIRST RING AND BE PREPARED TO EXPLAIN OUR PRINCIPLES. Right now, we have to leave a message… Safe gun training & handling is our primary objective.

    3. How about taking legal action against those government officials (Congressmen, Governors, judges, or any other elected or appointed positions) who have taken an oath to uphold our Constitution, then flagrantly violate it by attempting to take away our rights?

    4. Will you do away whit the IDIOTIC N.R.A. ‘ wine club ‘ BS. ? — G.O.A. is nearing 2 Million Members because they stay focused.
      As many comments have pointed out , NRA state orgs. have a history of making things WORSE by meddling in gun issues. Snatching Defeat from the jaws of victory.

    5. My first requirement, for winning my vote, is that the candidate not be nominated by the NRA board. I will be bullet voting for those nominated by petition, only. Sorry LTC West.

    6. I’m looking for someone who will not only fight for our rights, but will actively pursue kicking out the traitors at the top level of management in the NRA and ILA, and their publicity firm cronies. You know who I’m talking about. Nobody gets my vote who won’t pledge to do just that.

    7. @Nanashi: “How about felons.” Consider that all where not convicted for violent acts nor all are inclined to violence. I do not know the number of non confined felons plus family violence misdemeanors that exist. I do know, with a few exceptions, that they no longer share all the citizen’s rights. This occurred not for justice, but by gun control laws. It is wishful thinking that weapons be keep from violent criminals and we should know what such a wish can bring. These felon access restriction from guns also cause restrictions on their families, friends, employers, customers, and even strangers who posses guns. Not only do anti-gunners seem not to care but it benefits their agenda.

      All Second Amendment supports, individual and groups, especially the NRA needs to stand fast against all new gun laws and aggressively repeal current anti-gun laws. Actually all that want to keep all rights should do the same’

    8. Glad to see Ammmoland running candidate paltforms and endorsing them! If the NRA is going to survive and once again become a GUN RIGHTS orginization; the cancer at hte top needs ot be removed!

      It is funny that so many piss and moan about “the Swamp” yet keep re-electing people to the board that alllows actual swamp monsters to stay in charge!

      Our biggest enemy is not “The Deep State” or the so called “Swamp monsters” in Govt. it is the Actual swamp monsters that lobby and empower; the current NRA leadership is that

    9. Will Ammoland be putting out a list of their endorsed candidates with links to articles on them?

      As I recall last year I’d submitted my ballot before a single candidate endorsement article appeared…and that was well into the election cycle.

    10. Another Jersey boy, tell me what you have done for your own state. If it is the same we have been complaining about the NRA on a national level I have a hard time seeing what you and your cronies can accomplish by being a board member of the NRA.

      1. HI Anthony has done a LOT for NJ firearms owners, have you listened to his Gun for Hire radio and podcasts?
        He opened Woodland Park Range just across the river from NYC, and expanded it to the property on the next lot.
        He should be on the NRA Board. I had the pleasure of meeting him six years ago at his facility and also ran into him at the NRA Convention in Dallas.

    11. Actively involved in firearms education and training- check (as we all should be). Cigar chomping, Rolex wearing “filterless” Jersey boy? If he had come out of left field; I’d have to say- Fuhgeduhbowdit (visions of Jimmy Hoffa dance through my head).

      In all seriousness; Anthony’s achievements speak for themselves. I’m be all in if he’s on record pushing for term limits and salary reductions for upper management. We need eloquence and bravado in there. If that comes with a little baddahbing- whatchuhgonnado?

    12. Hello everyone! My name is David Rosenthal. I’m the Vice President of the Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners (CNJFO). We work in UNITY here in NJ in a continuous application of teaching, volunteering, and providing news and empowerment of, by, and for all gun owners in the state. It is with great pride and pleasure that on behalf of all of our Executive Committee, members, supporters, friends and sponsors, that we do hereby officially ENDORSE Anthony Colandro for the NRA Board of Directors!

      Anthony is prepared to LEAD by EXAMPLE, as he has done his entire life. There is no one more suited for the job at hand to fix what needs fixing and to strengthen the NRA. Please BULLET VOTE FOR ANTHONY COLANDRO!

      David J. “Rosey” Rosenthal,
      NRA Life Member
      NRA-ILA 2017 Jay M. Littlefield Memorial Volunteer of the Year

    13. I’m sure he’s a terrific asset to the NRA and an excellent choice. In the first picture he looks like a recurring character on The Sopranos.

    14. Anthony is a stand up type of guy – loves NJ, loves firearms, and is a real activist here in NJ. But he also realizes it is an uphill battle with the communists in Trenton – which is the same as the good people in CA, CT, MA, MD, RI, and NY to name a few. We need people like him from extreme left liberal states to set the record straight on how to deal with the rabid moneybags anti-2A supporters out there.

    15. Anthony is just the guy we need in there to shake things up. He always does what he says and means what he says. Good luck Ant!

    16. Do you support removing Wayne LaPierre and Chris Cox from their positions? Removing Ack-Mack?

      “dispelling the narrative that, “firearms are not for everyone.”

      How about felons?

        1. Hoplite you probably approved of the gillette ad about toxic masculinity. If his appearance resembles his comment he’s a handsome devil

      1. Oldmarine >>> Ugly95

        I agree with you 100% . Any Man who comes close to Charlton Heston will get my vote. We need a man
        with the willpower ad aggressiveness of Heston to stand and fight. If elected though he had better be a real
        fighter than a talking fighter. I like his style though, very much like trump .”Kick ass and take names” Not so
        political correct. >>>> Semper Fi

      2. There is a lot of good mammas that wear combat boots, some in war zones even to bed. Most communist pinkos do not have issued combat wear.

        I will vote for Anthony, and I agree with Hoplite’s statement.

      3. Thanks for sharing Betsy. Your concern for America’s out of control gun violence epidemic is touching.

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