What Americans Are Telling Us ~ VIDEO


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What Americans Are Telling Us

USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- I have lately been engaged in an important research project with the Job Creators Network and The Winston Group.

We believe the social media and Washington-news media blizzard of arguments, attacks, and harsh words don’t reflect the views or the hopes of the majority of Americans.

To test that idea out we met with focus groups across five states in different parts of the country to ask people how they defined a successful America. Our goal was to collect concrete examples of activities and initiatives that most of the American people believe are successful – and to hear about other specific examples of things Americans want done.

We heard some of that, but we learned something far more interesting and alarming.

Overwhelmingly, Americans wanted to talk about the tone of our national conversation – and the growing division in the country. This was true across every demographic and group we questioned: African-Americans, Asian-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, middle income voters, suburban women, young voters, conservative Republicans, college educated voters, independents, you name it.

When we asked, “what is your view of the state of the country,” every group in all five states had nearly the same answer – that we are deeply divided, and they were concerned.

Moreover, their concern over the division diminished the importance or relevance of good news.

This insight brought some clarity to the results of the last election. Why didn’t the brilliant economic results of the previous 18 months under Republican leadership translate to electoral success? Because, even though the economy was successful, people didn’t feel like America was succeeding – or that their personal concerns were being addressed. This sense of deep division is a major reason.

Many groups said social media was a major contributing factor to the division, and they felt trapped by it.

Interestingly, young voters had the strongest feelings in this regard. One of my colleagues in the project observed that this group talked about social media the way addicts might talk about their drug dealers — hostile but dependent. There was a near unanimous sense that social media elevates the most extreme, angry voices and forces people to take sides.

These observations were validated this weekend by the eruption of hysterics and vitriol directed toward a group of high school students who attended the March for Life.

Without any context, evidence, or broad perspective, there was an immediate social media condemnation of these teenagers. If you weren’t whole-heartedly against them – if you didn’t want to punch their faces – you were told you were morally bankrupt.

The Left gleefully pointed to what the students were accused of doing – without evidence – as an example of all that is wrong with the Right.

Many conservatives bought into the smear as well, denouncing the students and trying to make it clear that they weren’t like them.

Nobody bothered to question if the few seconds of video told the whole story. In this age, a side must be taken – immediately and without thought or hesitation.

Even after more videos were released that showed the initial stories were simply false – and the teens were not racist demons – many people felt compelled to stick to their initial outrage. To change your opinion or accept another’s is seen as a win for the other side. This cannot be allowed – truth be damned.

In our hyper-polarized environment, it is becoming clear that many people assume that if the other side is losing, their side must be winning. But if the result is a world in which truth and facts do not matter, getting anything accomplished will be impossible. We will all lose.

While we still have more listening to do with this project, the results so far suggest that there is a sizable majority of Americans who reject this sort of zero-sum thinking. However, they don’t feel like their voices are being heard. It may be that the next election will be decided over who best captures this sentiment that is building in the country. Bringing us together may be more powerful than condemning the other side.

I’ll report more to you as we learn more.

Your Friend,

Newt Gingrich
Newt Gingrich

P.S. My new book, Trump's America: The Truth About Our Nation's Great Comeback is out and available for order.

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    1. Amazing how our media can see an old drunk Indian and some loser black racists causing the problem but will blame teenagers. Sad but our media has been lying for years, all agenda driven.

    2. If they had not worn those MAGA hats they would not have been attacked. Maybe and maybe not but I do know they were minding their own business and waiting for the bus to pick them up. What is wrong with being a kid and being where they will be seen. Obviously it is not a good thing to do in Washington DC because you get attacked by black bad mouthed idiots then by an indian who stands there beating his drum and yelling. The kids did the right thing, they stood their ground and did not become defensive. Their parents and the school should be proud of them and tell them so. The agitators should go have their diapers changed.

    3. I believe it was Thomas Jefferson that said….and, no I did not hear it in person 🙂 🙂 🙂 ” In matters of style swim with the current. In matters of principle, stand like a rock.” The way the lefties want to change America is in direct conflict to my principles. therefore, I will stand like a rock and be proud of the growing rift in America. the Lefties want to encourage compromise, always wanting just a little more compromise. they consume the American principles, Constitution and Bill of Rights one compromised bite at a time, until all that is left is for them to belch and lick their chops. the Tree of Liberty needs watering once again!!!!

    4. The man is a career activist, he runs a non profit, and travels the country protesting.
      He setup those students. He lied, never corrected that he did not serve in Vietnam.
      He has a criminal record.

    5. The problem here is Political Correctness. It is a weapon deployed by the Left very effectively. It, and the Left – are what’s driving the polarization, not social media (ipso facto)… But look at who owns social media… IT’S THE LEFT.

      The extreme polarization between the Right and Left in America right now has everything to do with the Left sprinting to the extreme fringes of the left – FULL MARXISM – and the Right planting their feet and REFUSING TO BE DRAGGED TO THE LEFT.

      The problem at the root of the divide in America is the Left itself and their insane demand that we go full retard, that is, full-on socialist. Since there are so many of us that would rather be dead than a “good comrade”, this is what will be the foundation for the development of a true civil war among Americans. The Left wants it, thinking that they will automatically win (just like they thought they’d win in 2016). What they don’t realize is that the rest of us own 95% of the guns in America, and we’re no longer interested in hearing what Leftists have to say.

      As for myself, I’m simply stocking up ammo for the inevitable day when it will be necessary to shoot all the commies. I expect it will be VERY cathartic!

    6. Being PC WILL be the down fall of us, If you can not take some criticism stay in the house and off line. You don’t like what’s being said speak up in a CALM way. The internet is a great tool, When used the right way and a lot of times there is no black and white answer but some of both and if we close our eye’s to it we will fail.

    7. Great topic, as we always need to look and question both sides of an issue, study, and research. The outcome may sunrise you! Some individuals on topic discussions love to bully others by their “expert knowledge”. They try to strong arm one by imposing alleged facts, and site information you little of. Some “experts” use this technique for a sense of intellectual superiority. Then boast to others their intelligence while mocking the other person. Don’t let the screen door tap your behind Revelater!

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