Who Are the Real Extremists with Your God Given Rights?


Five Round Glock High Capacity Gun Magazine
Magazine capacity would be set at five rounds, which would be the lowest standard in the nation, and there is no grandfather clause.

Fairfax, VA – -(Ammoland.com)- NRA is often vilified by the gun-ban community and its supporters in the mainstream, legacy media as an “extremist” organization because of its steadfast defense of our Right to Keep and Bear Arms [in keeping with the Constitution of the United States]. A simple look into the anti-gun agenda, however, will show that proponents of restriction on a right protected by the U.S. Constitution are the true extremists.

In Oregon, we see just how extreme the anti-gun legislative agenda has become, thanks to state Senator Rob Wagner (D-19) and his proposal, Senate Bill 501.

SB 501, which Wagner proudly touts as having been drafted with the help of high school students, seeks to enact a number of draconian restrictions on Oregon’s law-abiding gun owners. Among the restrictions are standard anti-gun proposals like permits for all gun owners, waiting periods, mandatory storage, and penalties for failing to report lost or stolen firearms. The deadline for reporting a lost or stolen firearm has been arbitrarily set at 24 hours.

But when you turn over the responsibility of creating new laws to children, you can expect some real doozies, and SB 501 delivers in spades.

This truly extreme bill, should it become law, would establish magazine capacity limits and ammunition restrictions that only a child with little knowledge of the practical, lawful use of firearms could envisage.

Magazine capacity would be set at five rounds, which would be the lowest standard in the nation, and there is no grandfather clause. Perhaps the author is unaware that even the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, certainly not the friendliest court to the Second Amendment, found a seven round magazine limit unconstitutional.

If you own a magazine that holds six or more rounds, which is the vast majority of them, you must get rid of it in one of the manners prescribed by the legislation.

So much for self-defense and property rights.

The ammunition restrictions are even more extreme.

SB 501 sets a limit for purchasing ammunition at 20 rounds in any 30-day period. You read that right; 20 rounds.

Law-abiding gun owners commonly purchase ammunition in large quantities to save money. Not to mention the fact that most law-abiding gun owners own more than one firearm. Should SB 501 become law, you would be expected to not only be less frugal, but to portion out your ammunition purchases to a monthly trip every time you want to restock ammunition for a particular gun.

At 20-rounds per trip, however, the term “restock” is used very loosely.

The only exception for ammunition limits is for ammunition purchased and used at a range. As most gun owners know, range ammunition is usually there for convenience, and carries a premium price. Again, no more frugality for bringing your own ammunition.

To make matters worse, the law isn’t clear as to what it means when it offers the exception for “ammunition purchased and used at a target shooting range.” Are you required to use all the ammunition you purchase? Are you in violation of the law if you decide you have spent enough time at the range before you exhaust the more expensive ammunition you purchased, and go home with a few rounds? Is the range responsible for monitoring every visitor to ensure they expend every last round that has been purchased?

Then there are those who hunt birds and other small game. They regularly go through far more than 20 rounds on a hunting trip, especially one that covers several days. If they have not stockpiled ammunition with monthly purchases of 20 rounds, they are, presumably, simply out of luck once they run out. Oregon may become a bastion for out-of-state hunters, as they will not be affected by purchase limits, and in-state hunters will likely become frustrated and hunt less.

Competitive shooters? You better plan a few years in advance before you consider entering a competition.

The most egregious aspect of the ammunition limits, however, is that the more you shoot, the safer and more proficient you become. This legislation, sold as “gun-safety” bill, could actually make law-abiding gun owners less safe, as they will undoubtedly practice less. Especially those who do most of their practicing in a lawful, safe manner, but not at a “target shooting range” sanctioned by the gun control crowd.

Beyond the legislative extremism of SB 501, anti-gun extremists seem to wish that we would abandon the concept of self-defense altogether. Chicago police reported that a 19-year-old man with a firearm accosted a woman while she was at a bus stop. The woman struggled with her assailant, drew her own firearm, and shot him in the struggle.

While most would consider it completely justified for a woman, who had a permit to carry her concealed firearm, to use lethal force when facing an armed, violent attack, Think Progress editor Zack Ford didn’t see it that way.Ford fired off a tweet [now deleted] in response to the incident, shaming the victim when he wrote, “That’s not how justice works. The penalty for theft is not death, nor do we want it to be.”

What Ford ignores is the fact that the violent attacker was armed with his own firearm and he wasn’t simply attempting to commit theft. He was, in fact, committing aggravated assault and armed robbery (among other crimes).

Ford seems to think that a crime victim confronted with an armed assailant must believe that she is in no real danger of being harmed unless the assailant affirmatively announces such an intent. Fortunately, American self-defense law doesn’t work that way. As Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes put it “Detached reflection cannot be demanded in the presence of an uplifted knife. Or in this case; gun.

So, we ask you, who really are the extremists in the debate over firearms? Those who defend rights protected by the U.S. Constitution? Or, is it the people who propose legislation that would eviscerate those rights and try to shame crime victims for defending their lives?


National Rifle Association Institute For Legislative Action (NRA-ILA)

Established in 1975, the Institute for Legislative Action (ILA) is the “lobbying” arm of the National Rifle Association of America. ILA is responsible for preserving the right of all law-abiding individuals in the legislative, political, and legal arenas, to purchase, possess and use firearms for legitimate purposes as guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Visit: www.nra.org

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    1. I have heard that some Illinois state Representatives are up set, that the NRA isn’t working harder to stop the attack on gun owners in Illinois.

      I know my state representative is completely against these laws but the NRA hasn’t showed up yet to even talk to him.

      Plus the NRA cut ties with contract lobbyist Todd Vandermyde last year. The new people have “NO” idea on how to handle the Illinois General Assembly. That may be why Illinois gun owners took it the rear last year. The fools in the NRA need to bring back Todd

    2. I live in Illinois and shit is getting real, fast. How about a little help? I donate a lot to every gun rights organization and not seeing any plan of action.

    3. Don’t be too sure on five round magazine limits being unconstitutional. Here in New York the Second Circuit found the seven round limit unconstitutional because it was not a limit on capacity but how many rounds you could load into a 10 round magazine (higher capacity magazines are illegal so the issue is moot for 20 and 30 round magazines). It would probably be the same as saying you can only load three rounds in a five round magazine. In fact, if a seven round magazine existed, we would probably still have that limit in place.

    4. Often, TOO often, the nra doesn’t SCREAM AND YELL AND FIGHT HARD ENOUGH. Take off the gloves and FUCK DECORUM. These are our RIGHTS!

    5. One point the author forgot to mention is that the proposed Oregon legislation would also require you to get a permit in advance to be able to purchase a firearm. Last I checked you don’t need to ask for permission to exercise your constitutional right. And for this legislator to let kids decide what our laws should be needs to be kicked out of politics altogether.

      1. That is a point many of us have been trying to make.

        Green Watch Dog made a comment not far back in response to someone asking about mandatory voter registration along the same lines as a program in England. The veiled idea was that registration and a permit system would be suitable for gun ownership.

        Just remember that the enemy isn’t just people like that legislator. It’s people who claim to be supporters but push the bogus idea of “Common sense” gun legislation.

        1. And Tom.

          Since I didn’t word that as well as I could have, Green Watch Dog is definitely not Pro 2A, he is one of the ones pushing the Gun Control idea while claiming to be a firearms owner.

            1. @Wild Bill

              Had him pegged from the start. Another individual here accused me of “Fisking” people. I’ve just studied psychology as a hobby to understand why the human brain reacts the way it does. And unfortunately for the Green Hogg, he is about as obtuse as he is openly broadcasting his intent.

              I’ve been able to read him from the beginning and he is losing his “Calm respectful” demeaner the more arguments he loses when he tries to peddle his lies in a new spot. You can tell from some of his comments where he is getting emotional towards me because I got under his skin and left him with no way to argue against the evidence I presented.

      2. In RI before you can purchase a handgun you have to do a written handgun safety test through the Department of Environmental Management or a hunters safety course and obtain a Blue card, in which I personally agree with! Safety classes for guns should be mandatory for the purchase of your first firearm, after that I wouldn’t see anything wrong with any other purchase unless you can’t legally purchase one

    6. Well, I see the liberal donkey butt kissers are here in full force with their loads of asinine spam and idiocy; every issue the same trolls pop up spewing lies and hate about the NRA.
      Back to your basement safe spaces and give mommy your toy soldiers and pop tarts you bit to LOOK like a gun.

      1. @Colonialgirl

        You know what, the only spammer at this point appears to be yourself right now, and the but kissing here isn’t to the liberals. The “Hind-lick” maneuver appears to be going to Wayne Lapierre.

        You seem to at this point lack the ability to put substance behind your comments. We are more right wing than you, and we also have the integrity not to whore ourselves out to an organization out of fear. We are standing on our principles and for the truth of what the constitution says. Until the NRA stops compromising and helping the left infringe on our rights we won’t be silent. Get used to the fact that none of your comments are going to change our minds or shame us into compliance.

          1. @Wild Bill

            She may be, but that does not excuse her attempts at suppressing those that disagree with her on the NRA trying to shame and force them into compliance.

            This is the third time I have sent her a message asking her to put some substance behind her comments. If she wants to make a case, fine. I have no problem hearing her out. If all she wants to do is sling mud, well at that point age and previously stated support don’t mean much. Actions not words.

            For example, is she currently supporting free speech or thought? No. It’s one thing to make a case based on evidence showing what you are saying is true, and it is another to perform character assassination absent of evidence for the purpose of silencing dissent. What she is doing is no different than anyone on the left who screams “RACIST!” when someone disagrees with them.

            I can respect if she wants to have a debate about why we hold the positions we do, but I cannot respect the hypocrisy she is displaying currently. So lets let her answer.

            @Colonial girl, actions not words. Do you believe in the Bill of Rights applying to all, or are you going to continue to engage in actions to label those who are further to the right than you with false allegations?

        1. You tell her Revelater. Scold her good. Make sure that you and other ultra extreme right winged activists (that stupidly hate on the NRA ) insure it’s downfall. What you are actually doing is hurting support of the 2nd amendment rights.

          1. Green Watch Dog

            You know what really hurts Second Amendment Rights? The NRA compromising and working to craft legislation that violates those rights and goes against the Constitution.

            Also, impotent liars who claim to be pro 2nd amendment but continuously try to advance and enact a legislative agenda that violates the rights listed off limits in the Constitution via the Bill of rights and the Supremacy Clause. Of course, since you are one of those individuals it makes sense that you would want to jump in and try and twist Colonial girl into supporting you.

            Just can’t seem to stop shoving your own foot in your mouth can you buddy….. 🙂 Well, perhaps it really is true what they say about not being able to fix stupid. You are indeed exhibit A.

        2. @Colonial Girl

          Well, ColonialGirl, you wanted basement dwelling trolls who pop up spewing lies. You got Green Watch Dog as a result.

          WildBill can tell you all about him and the Gun Control ideas he is trying to push here. Is that the type of person you want to associate with while claiming to be pro BOR? This is why you have to make your arguments with facts and evidence. Focus your attentions on the real enemy like GWD for example, instead of trying to shame those who are trying to hold the NRA accountable for their wrongs and get them back on the right path. Talk to WildBill. He can fill you in on just who GWD is if you won’t listen to it from me.

          1. @CG, The Rev is correct about the Green Socialist Fog. Greeny talks out of both sides of his mouth at the same time. Everything he writes about reasonable gun laws is merely a prelude to confiscation.

      2. So, you fully support the NRA giving up a piece of the Second Amendment at every turn? You don’t have ANY problem with the NRA rolling over and stabbing gun owners in their backs? Got it…..next!!!

    7. The nra did not help Oregon on the last gun law past here. We asked for help and they said they fight on the national level. These new laws will past because the democrats have a majority in the state government, unless the nra gives massive help to our local organizations. So until the nra gets off there royal ass , we will lose state by state! Will it then be a national concern after we have lost every state? At a time we need them the most the nra is failing us! Really la pew?

    8. The politicians who write these treasonous bills/laws and the people who would enforce these treasonous bills/laws are in fact criminal for doing so. There has to be a way (other than voting) to lock up these people. What they are doing is illegal. What they are doing is renouncing their oath to the United States. What they are doing is treasonous. There is a price for treason. They are no better than bin laden. Murderous. Throwing the public, the freedoms, the rights they are sworn to defend to the wolfs. Give up my firearms? Give up my ammo? Give up my hi capacity magazines? NUTS. You are out of your mind pal. If you want to go around un armed be my guest but don’t go telling me that I have to. This is exactly how the FIRST war for independence got started! The British had marched on Concord to deprive the people of arms. I here tell they got their butts kicked. Same kind of thing at Goliad Texas-same kind of tyrant, same thing at Bastogne-even when we were nearly out of ammo. Civil disobedience. Military if needs be. The right of the people to bear arms shall NOT BE INFRINGED. We ARE the militia. An armed nation is a strong nation. Yamamoto did not invade the U.S. for that one reason! Nobody ever invades the Swiss because it is known that in EVERY house, every man is military trained and military armed. Military (true assault rifles and machine guns) are in EVERY house along with thousands of rounds of ammo. EVERY HOUSE. I have no doubt that there are millions of righteously armed Americans. I have no doubt that these Americans have a decent supply of ammo. I have no doubt that we are able to righteously use them. I pray it will not come to that but treasonous people are not going to deprive us of our GOD given and constitutionally protected rights and freedoms without a fight–EVER. Get my guns, my ammo, my mags? No way, no how, no more- ever. If you really hate this country that much then move to someplace where socialism rules. That is what you want right? Socialism? These politicians don’t want citizens- they want subjects, just like ALL power hungry dictators do. There has to be a way to arrest these treasonous people. Arm up, carry on.

    9. it would be nice to have a real leader in office to call us to arms to fight the communists, globalists and Zionists who have taken over this country…where is our General Lee???

      1. @dava golino

        Zionists? If you are here to be anti-Semitic or racist I’m afraid you wont find much support here.

        See, the majority of us here support the constitution and that includes the first amendment. All men are endowed with the rights of Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

    10. We can all see that taking a moderate stance on this issue has failed us. It’s all circling the gun-ban drain. The time for defense is over it’s time for offense. Article VI in the US Constitution declares Supreme Law of the Land over ALL from the POTUS to State Constitutions, Supreme Court, All Inferior Courts, to the Locales. It declares that all those “…not in good standing…” shall be de-funded and removed from office/disbarred.

      Folks we have the RIGHT to demand the enforcement of Article VI, and all those who continue to defy the US Constitution are committing treason. It also means these laws and regulations requiring carry and ownership permits are all unconstitutional at ALL levels of government and it’s our duty as citizens and civil servants who have sworn oaths to defend the constitution, to NOT ABIDE BY THESE TREASONOUS LAWS.

      Don’t forget Article VI when you think about your constitutional rights. It’s time to move to the offensive, and demand the Supreme Courts abolish unconstitutional laws at ALL levels of government.

    11. Unfortunately, some of us depend upon an absolutely flawless background check as a minimum requirement for our employment.
      That means that resistance is not an option.
      This measure isn’t up to the voters it is strictly the leftist trifecta and Brown’s appointees to Senate seats.
      Given all the other California Blue Plague symptoms Oregon suffers from any gun control measure would force me to retreat inland.

    12. This bs anti-constitutional gun bill will die a fiery death, just as the last one did in Oregon. This will not stand in Oregon – THIS IS NOT WA or CA. Senator Rob Wagner, you are a pathetic piece of garbage. You just pissed off about 99% of your constituents, and put yourself right down into the septic tank with kate brown. If it’s brown, flush it down.

    13. How many times do we have to ask, “what part of ‘shall not be infringed'” don’t the sons of bitches understand?

      Most of us have had enough. I have one former friend who didn’t “have any problem” with the “assault weapons” ban, because he doesn’t own one. What a simpleton! It is like that short story about the Nazis going after one group at a time, facing little resistance. It ends something like, “and then they came for me, but there was nobody left to speak out”. I’m sure that I butchered that, but you have all seen the real deal at one time or another. And I don’t plan on becoming a hunted minority because I like to spend $1 apiece to put holes in pieces of paper. Maybe someday it will not be paper, but my own government who has betrayed me.

    14. The comments here lately, and on other sites, indicate to anyone, other than the NRA administrators, that the general gun owning public is NO LONGER as supporting the NRA as they once were and are not willing to blindly send money to them to be wasted on excessive salaries and Wall Street-like perks and bonuses. NRA is like those charity organizations where only a fraction of every dollar donated is actually spent on the people claimed to be helped by the charity, when in reality, the administrators suck off the bulk of the contributions for their own personal benefit. The writing is on the wall. Gun owners and 2nd Amendment supporters across the country are sick and tired of the same-‘ol-same-‘ol cock & bull coming out of the NRA, and have been for years. We want our rights defended not compromised away and our money spent on defending the 2nd Amendment and not to be continuously hounded for more and more contributions which are pissed away by LaPierre.

    15. Pitchforks, torches and auto rifles. It is past time to run these politicians up to the gallows.

      The penalty for treason is death.

      What is gun control if not an overt act to destroy the constitution and usher in totalitarianism?

      The penalty for seeking to destroy the constitution (is) SHOULD BE HANGING!

      Gun owners seem to be bigger puss*es than marijuana smokers. Pot smokers defied the law for decades and now it is at least quasi legal (if not legal). Are people of the gun, with an ABSOLUTE CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT, possessing the means to defend the constitution such wusses that we stand by and do nothing as we are teraformed and transformed into a communist country? We have a say!!!!

      They have to take our guns to prevail and they are trying. Time to JUST SAY NO. Not just NO but FU*K NO!

      We always say we have the ballot box and the cartridge box…….well the ballot box is being tweeked to screw the constitution.
      Are we going to tolerate the destruction of the only free republic in the world?

      Call a spade a spade and a communist a communist……..let the hangings begin

      And what if they do legislate you down to five rounds or one? Are you going to co-operate? Or put their faces on targets?


      Give up your ammo lead first.

      Time is long past. Do not allow the US to go full commie for your kids!!!!

      1. Of course we citizens are NOT going to cooperate! My grandchildren do not deserve to be forced to “suffer fools” in political leadership.

        But technically, a legislator’s failure to uphold a sworn oath is not treason, it is perjury… both at state level (penalties start at 4 years imprisonment and go up, depending upon the state) AND at federal level (where it is a serious felony, carrying punishment up to the death penalty).

        We commoners need to pressure the Department of Justice to prosecute the obvious instances of legislator perjury. THERE is the legal – and most preferable – answer to the problem. But relying on the DOJ has historically not worked, at all… so legislators (Pelosi is a prime example) truly believe they are above the law. They have historically been allowed – without any penalty – to act unconstitutionally, and they will continue to do so unabated as long as they can get away with it… which leaves the citizenry with no other recourse but to heed the Founding Fathers’ sage advice to “water the Tree of Liberty with the blood of tyrants.”

        [Besides the absolutely unacceptable choice of submitting to that tyranny, what other viable choice do citizens have?]

    16. Every ‘new’ ruling/law maintains the good guys are going to follow the law and these people are instituting these new laws, somehow, are too ignorant to believe, or just want votes, to understand the bad guys will NEVER follow any laws/rules, that is why they remain feared and steadily gaining control. (gangs).
      Maybe we should ask the news networks to do a poll of the gangs and see how many will follow any law, let alone a gun law. Do you suppose it would change the minds of those thinking the control laws will curtail crime? ME EITHER!

      I joined the NRA as a lifetime member paying 1500$. Last week I saw where you could get the same deal for 600$. As my membership was on a payment plan, thank God, I am stopping payments.
      I agree with many others about the NRA and the AARP. Unfortunately, to get some insurances, you have to belong to AARP.

    17. Are those high schoolers the same ones that can’t pass their finals because they are eating Tide pods and snorting condoms? The ones being prompted by the administrators? Certainly an intelligent group to consult with for legislation. If the legislator really had to consult with them to write a bill (which I doubt as he is trying to use the ‘for the children’ card), he is just as dumb as they are.

    18. Hope you don’t get jumped by three or more people. Your out of luck with five rounds. Any firearms company that makes a five round mag will get banned from the firearms community for life. We will never buy your products again. Period. Don’t believe me, try us. This is the last straw. No more.

    19. No thanks, ill send money to GOA all, day, long, not one cent to Negotiating Rights Away. The nra sells fear, and what do you getbin return? More gun control. I gotta give them props, the nra has fleeced gun owners for decades, lining its coffers with billions, one hell of a con job. But now people are on to the Nra and its bs. Now they are really ratcheting up the fear machine, but people are tired of being afraid, Now they will not comply, they will not go quietly, people are starting to understand 2A and its true purpose, all while the fudds and boomers run from a fight, a fight that wouldn’t be needed if they could read the simple English the founding fathers used in our most cherished pieces of parchment. So have fun dishing out fear and cheap junk, i am going to live free, without fear and fight for what’s right when the time comes

    20. NRA is another organization using fear to empty your pockets. Salaries are over the top, greed is in control and they stand by while numerous gun laws are enacted one state at a time. Once a week I receive a request for another donation. What a shame.

    21. “The argument for flexibility and it goes something like this. The Constitution is over 200 years old and societies change. It has to change with society, like a living organism, or it will become brittle and break. But you would have to be an idiot to believe that.”
      The late Justice Antonon Scalia

      That seems to be t(e BullShit they are teaching in t(the public fool system these days!

      1. @HippyBiker.

        Indeed. There is an individual who has just arrived here (New handle, but has probably been here before) named OCH Will. OCH Will has been trying to misquote Antonon Scalia as having said that not all firearms are protected and leading into an argument that individual rights result in 40K deaths a year (He was referencing a new York times article.

        He is one of the individuals who was hand shoveled that BS and imbibed a great quantity of it. Be on the lookout.

        The Constitution is not a living document.

    22. Negotiating Rights Away is “hated” by the gun-ban crowd because the NRA is controlled opposition. GOA is more “extreme” (read: pure & undefiled) when it comes to gun rights defense, but the enemy focuses on NRA instead because the NRA will “play ball” with the enemy, trading our rights away piecemeal rather than stand & fight.

    23. Negotiating Rights Away fully supported the NFA 1934. There’s your “extremist enemy” with our God given rights.

      Until the NRA issues a public mea culpa for that act of treason they can go to hell.

      1. X post Facto/ they can make all the laws and rules in the world ,,if we don’t have “””shall not be infringed “””by another name DO NOT comply they can stick them ,where the sun don’t shine/Get ready patriots -can’t you see the train at the end of the tunnel ??

        1. The train is already here. Civil War II is what’s “coming through the tunnel” now. Even Homeland Security believes that civil war is impending (and they have formally told Congress of their belief).

      1. That dude with an ak LIT those guys up, you see all the flags on the ground for spent cartridges? That was a hell of a fight.

      2. SUCH a happy story to start the day out…..

        Doesnt say whether the Hero Homeowner was hit, bit since they did not it is safe to say he probabl wasn’t.

        A man can’t shoot like that unless he practices…. and one short mag a month is not enough to keep your hand in.

        Since WHEN are our laws to be written by high school kids? The high school kids from a hundred years ago are far more intelligent than most of today’s lawmakers… as proven in this stupid state Rep. Anyone close enough to get up in his face and put him in his proper place? He swore an oath to protect and uphold the Constitituoin of both the state of Oregon and the US. Floating this lead ballon of a bill oroves he has nointention of keeping that oath.. which is felony perjury.
        Recall, anyone? WHere is his district? Prolly Portland or Eugene. Certianly not Bend or Coos Bay.

    24. A bloated lobby firm with a crony , overpaid advertising racket on the side that stays in business only by Negotiating Rights Away , is what many former members call ” Extremist ”

      Support for MORE anti gun laws and Illegal ATF ‘ regulations ‘ is ” Extreme ”
      Showing any tolerance for communist , no due process ‘ Red Flag ” laws is ” Extreme ”

      Gun Owners dot org ….. No Compromise.

    25. @NRAHQ

      This is what we have been trying to tell you! Will you finally be listening to us and no longer compromising?

      No Bump Stock bans, no Red Flag laws, no “We are working to kind of sorta somewhat limit them” nonsense. You Guys need to start standing firm on ZERO INFRINGEMENTS just like the GOA. If you can do that, and get new Leadership(No Lapierre, no Chris Coxx) we may be able to rejoin. We have been trying to warn you about this for years but you would not listen. You have not been Defending our rights in recent history. Will you actually follow through on your actions this time, or will it just be more talk? We will hold you accountable to your actions. Please, please, please have the courage to respond directly.

      1. Along that line Wayne La Pierre had a ad a couple of years back for Negotiating Rights Away,where he said “stand and fight”while he was kneeling and capitulating to the civilian disarmament politicians.
        If the NRA wants to exist and truly represent Americans /members second amendment rights,it needs to divest it’s self of the current establishment management including Ack Mac and become a No Compromise origination or go the way of the buffalo.
        Not one penny more until there is a change in Negotiating Rights Away to the NRA.

        1. @Green Mtn. Boy.

          You and I are in complete agreement, and that was the reason for my comment. The NRA cannot just talk, it has to follow through.

          No amount of propagandists they send here are going to change our minds until we see results.
          Although I hate to see such a wonderful animal as the buffalo associated with the NRA. Can we switch it to Dodo Bird perhaps?

      2. I hope you don’t mind me jumping in here. My name is Jim, and l’m a boomer. But here l am, smack dab in the middle of a steaming pile of Leftist bullshit Oregon politics, trying hard to keep my head on straight. We managed with help from OFF, to keep the insanity of IP43 and 44 from the ballot last year but now it’s in the hands of the commpletely Democrapic controlled legislature. I know OFF is at the forefront of our defense. l became a member 2 years ago and donated this year.
        Revel8r, the big question is who has their chest waders on? Who’s willing to wade in deep? SB 501, literally, is worse than California and New Jersey combined. Could we count on GOA, SAF, CCRKBA, and/or the NRA to jump into fray or will they be like flys on the rim, watching our rights swirling round the Kate Brown [email protected]#$%^^&*
        Yeah, l hope to have the testosterone level to DEFY, should we become subjects to this insane legislation. Yeah, it was easy to DEFY the law when pot was illegal here and even though l voted for legalization, l’ve never been in a dispensary. l now choose to remain drug-free and keep my head in the game.
        At least NRA-ILA recognizes the need for help in Oregon. I’ll out myself again and say l’m not a member. Don’t throw stones! I might still join them should they prove themselves worthy of defending our rights. NRA is on notice here that capitulaton and compromise will gain them nothing! Their comeback will likely be my not joining will gain me nothing. Who blinks first?

        1. @No Filter

          Sorry I did not reply earlier, your comment had not shown up for me as of yet. You are indeed entitled to a full reasoned response.

          First of all, you have my sympathies. My state organization has been doing a great job here, so I am sympathetic to the fact that yours is struggling but carrying on the fight. State and local organizations are your first and best line of defense and should get support from you in the state you live in first. They are the priority.

          I can tell you that so far, to my knowledge and experience the GOA has been a no compromise organization, and when they go in to fight they skip the waders and get into a wetsuit. They are spread out more being a national organization and currently funding national lawsuits. That is why I will tell you your state organization comes first. I hope to see the day the GOA eclipses the NRA and has the membership and funding to handle any and all fights in every single state if we could just educate people and let them know that there are organizations other than the NRA that are not caving into the Anti Gunners. If you choose to join the NRA, you have that right to make that decision, just do not try to tell anyone else that they must also follow your decision. I too am not a member of the NRA, I was once, but not anymore because of their hijinks.

          As for whether or not you defy, I cannot tell you what you must do if that situation ever arises. You have to be the one to make that decision yourself. That is the meaning of liberty. What I can tell you is that I have made my decision and it is Liberty or Death, and my flag is the Culpepper Flag. If you choose to stand, I can tell you that there are at least a few million of us all over the country and you wont be standing alone.

          You must make that decision for yourself and for those you care about coming behind you as to what you will leave them.. In the meantime, I’ll be praying for you.

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