Anti-Hunting Group PETA’s “Kill Mill” Slaughtered Nearly 2,000 Cats & Dogs in 2018

PETA Killed 50 Times More Cats and Dogs Than it Adopted Out.

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Anti-Hunting Group PETA’s “Kill Mill” Slaughtered Nearly 2,000 Cats & Dogs in 2018

WASHINGTON, DC – -( People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has once again proved its name rings hollow. New figures from the animal “shelter” at PETA’s headquarters in Norfolk, Virginia show that, of the 2,470 cats and dogs the group received in 2018, 1,771 of them were killed. PETA was single-handedly responsible for two-thirds of the cats and dogs killed by private animal shelters in Virginia.

Just 35 cats and dogs were adopted out. PETA’s adoption rate of barely 1% is shockingly low in comparison to the rest of Virginia, where the adoption rate at private shelters is 71% and at public shelters is 33%. PETA’s kill rate of 73% also greatly exceeds the average for Virginia shelters.

The figures come from animal custody records filed with the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, which oversees animal shelters.

Will Coggin, managing director of the Center for Consumer Freedom, commented:

“The only thing PETA does better than kill pets is get attention for itself. No animal lover should support an organization that so callously disregards and discards four-legged friends. Do celebrity supporters of PETA like Tom Hardy and Casey Affleck condone this mass slaughter of pets?”

PETA had over $56 million in revenue in 2018,yet apparently would rather spend money on videos that feature vegetable genitalia than save pets. PETA has killed about 40,000 cats and dogs since 1998. PETA has killed perfectly healthy animals, including a Chihuahua that PETA representatives stole from a Virginia family and killed in 2014.

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      1. I mean not really. That is actually pretty damn factual, all you have to do is loom at the numbers. How much did peta spend on actually saving animals annually? Vs how much did they spend on vegetable genitalia ads?!?! That one single ad in question cost farrrr more than the amount spent on actually tryin to save a perfectly healthy little puppy or kitten. Do the research. Find the numbers. You’ll be surprised. Peta is literally one of the single most horrific disingenuous family owned dog stealing puppy killing companies that have ever been around. It is just a money grab for sick twisted pieces of trash that are worth less than the doo doo on the bottom side of my boots (morally speaking). F*** peta and anyone who supports them.

    1. Crazy 1: Demo-Rats and their Free Everything Supporters, I worked all my life, now retired, but to get what I saved for and was to be my pensions, Social Security, was a tooth and nail fight to get them, but let an illegal come in and they get S/S, food stamps, free housing, support checks, free medical, free phones, all of which I worked all my life to be able to collect on the fruits of my labors? What a joke that is with our flakes that are in elected officials, believe me they can care less about you, all they want you to do is work until you drop, and pay all of the taxes until you do, that way the Free Loaders get their Free Ride!!!!!!!!!!

    2. The only way anything in this country will ever be any better than it is right now is to start disposing of DEMOCRATS. First the elected idiots, and then the idiots that support them. Then maybe the rest of the country might survive Pets, Unborn children and all!

    3. These idiots are doing more harm than good, they are out to make sure no one has a pet or livestock, another sign of good-to-shoes getting their noses in where it shouldn’t be!!!!!!! I have been involved with Rescue Greyhounds for over 20 years, when we started conditions were horrible to say the least, but with work we all have made strides to correct that, conditions at the tracks and the condition of the dogs have greatly improved since we started. We still have work to do but most of the breeders now know that the dogs after their Racing Carriers can find loving homes and do make great pets, there are a lot of rescue clubs out here to help find homes for many breeds, and they all work to find homes instead of having these people just Put Them Down. The best thing anybody is find a local shelter that does not euthanize the animals and support them, your contribution will be greatly appreciated that will help in doing your part!!!!!!! PETA does not want any animal to be placed or held by anybody!!!!!!!!!!!

    4. I don’t trust any of these national animal rights companies. They have found a golden goose by advertising on tv they get a large amount of donations which they can stuff in their pockets. Every tv add costs a lot of money that could go to help animals. Support your local humane society because they try to provide for these animals on very little revenue.

    5. PETA believes having any pet is cruel to the animal, and the only “ETHICAL” solution is to kill all the pets to save them from the horror of being held captive by humans. They would rather kill every cat, dog, pig, horse, bird… that can be kept as a pet than have you give the animal a comfortable life with food, shelter, love, and affection. They are truly a mentally ill bunch.

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