Benchmade Issues Statement After Helping Police Destroy Guns

Benchmade Knife Company
Benchmade Knife Company

Oregon City, Oregon – -( Benchmade is aware of the recent post from our local Oregon City Police Department. [Concerning Police Destroying Guns]

“We apologize for the confusion and concern that this post created. These were firearms that the Oregon City Police Department had to destroy in alignment with their policies. Oregon City Police requested the use of specialty equipment within the Benchmade facility to follow these requirements, and as a supporting partner of our local police force, we obliged the request.

Benchmade is a proud and unwavering supporter of both law enforcement and Second Amendment rights. These are commitments that we do not take lightly and will continue to support well into the future.

When asked for clarity from Oregon City Police Department, Chief Jim Band made the following statement:

“When property is to be destroyed, it is the policy of the Oregon City Police Department to destroy property, including firearms, in accordance to our procedures and ORS. The Oregon City Police Department does not sell firearms.”

– Benchmade


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Editors Update: here is the Social Media Post (now removed) that Benchmade is Responding to:

Benchmade Helping Police Destroy Guns
Benchmade Helping Police Destroy Guns
  • 228 thoughts on “Benchmade Issues Statement After Helping Police Destroy Guns

    1. As usual, people blowing things out of proportion, over speculating, just to cause more delusion and spark fires. This was probably a request from the P.D. that had confiscated these firearms. Let me ask all the naysayers, why would a company that makes self defense and
      hunting products, so to speak, destroy self defense and hunting products? The knife and fire arm go together. So y’all, quityerbitchin’

    2. “Benchmade supports active-duty military, veterans, LEOs, firefighters, and EMTs.”
      Maybe these are their preferred consumer base and civilians are an embarrassment to them.
      Do they really contribute to anti-gun candidates in Oregon and elsewhere? If so,maybe they want to abandon the civilian head count to increase their appeal to statist democrats.

    3. I support 2a rights. I don’t see the problem with destroying a gun. What difference does it make? We are manufacturing more than we are destroying. What’s the problem? YOU PEOPLE sound like a bunch of lunatics. Reading these comments makes me wonder about what kind of people should be allowed to buy a gun lol

    4. I did not see where it says where the guns come from. All I read was ( Oregon City Police Department had to destroy in alignment with their policies.) Nobody mentions they might have been buy back guns. If that was the case it would be a sin to destroy them. How many antiques I have seen on the local news in the buy back program. Perfectly good expensive hunting rifles/shotguns that could be sold to responsible people.

    5. You people have got to be kidding me. It is standard practice and procedure in many police departments around the US to destroy guns that were used in the commission of a crime, defaced, modified, etc. I am a police officer, in Missouri, and last time I checked we are quite red on the political spectrum. We are also a 2A carry state. Yes, occasionally a good gun gets destroyed, but that’s life, it’s JUST A GUN! They’re still being produced, you can buy one at the local sporting goods store, big deal. You zealots are the people giving the NRA, 2A, and conservatives a bad name. I’ll keep buying Benchmade, and trusting my life with them on the streets, keep it up Benchmade! Thank you for helping law enforcement and thank you for supporting law enforcement.

      1. The Founding Fathers were called zeolots by the Redcoats. Being an aware and fervent defender of 2A does not make that person an extremist. Anti-gun, Anti-2A political correctness is a cancer and must be checked! Attitudes which are favorable to destroying/prohibiting certain classes of firearms based upon the knee jerk political flavor of the day are a real threat to 2A rights in this country and must be countered whenever and wherever possible.

    6. This is going to sound crazy but what if we employed the notion of criminal control versus that of inanimate object control? Gun control is not about safety. It is purely about the accumulation of political power. If the streets of your city were a hostile environment for criminals, do you think there would be fewer criminals? I mean like if there was just no future in it…

    7. True 2A supporters support the people. Not govt or govt employees. The reason you LEO’s agree with destroying guns used in crimes is because you have been brainwashed into thinking its a valid practice. Those guns can be sold to manufacturers and have new serial numbers issued(for the ones ground off), convert full auto’s back to semi, replace barrels that have been cut, etc. The money made can benefit the departments or agency’s budget as well.

    8. What a shame that Benchmade participated in the destruction of firearms. They say they are pro 2A, but still destroy firearms. Does the word duplicitous exist in their dictionary? Maybe they should be called “Stenchmade”

    9. well I don’t usually comment on social media but I have been reading the comments and agree and disagree with some of the things said. I have been in law enforcement all my life for military, local and federal agencies. I agree that if the gun that has been confiscated (used in a crime) that is cleared in any court cases and was stolen it should be returned to the original owner. but if the weapon has been altered it should be destroyed. I have cut weapons in half for that very reason IE..(serial number ground off or made into full auto) and before the haters start in I am a hunter, pro 2A, and a competitive shooter. It breaks my heart to see good guns destroyed but my personal outlook on guns conflicts with certain policies around the nation

    10. The police very much are the enemy. You do you think will come to grab your guns if confiscation happens. Law enforcement has never been about protecting citizens. They enforce all sorts of evil laws. That’s all they do. And take money for the cities. That also must clearly be an officer in the background, only people dumb enough to wear plastic gloves near a torch. Surprised they weren’t tactical black latex though. Oh yeah, and fuck benchmade. Definitely not supporting 2nd Amendment rights by doing anything with law enforcement. As for cops that claim to be 2nd amendment friendly, you voluntarily took up that badge. You gonna turn it in and lose pay to do what’s right? Or continue doing your dirty work for a check. If you work at a company that stomps on rights then yes sir you are the enemy.

        1. Your two questions and one pathetic statement do not deserve any response at all but I’ll bite anyway. Every day of my life. Now answer mine please. Are you one of these worthless volunteers. If so, you chose it so suck it up. You’re no hero. You could have 50 years on the street as you call it and still be worthless and a coward.

      1. Blake,
        Law abiding citizens in this country don’t cuddle up in a paranoid blanket at night, fearing law enforcement. We don’t circumvent laws that are here to protect us, and preach to family, friends, and forum groups that the ‘enemy’ is right outside our door. Medication may help.

        1. LMAO! Just facts man. I fear no evil. Nothing was said of circumventing, get a dictionary or something. Law abiding? Not when they are tyrannical in nature. There is nothing paranoid in knowing who the enemies are. Medication??? Koolaid you mean? Stop drinkin it man. Oh and as for cuddling? The only thing I cuddle up with are beautiful women. Remember too “The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws”. Back to the subject of this post benchmade and Oregon city police are both completely wrong in this action.

          1. Wow. Not questioning your background but you need to understand the difference between facts and opinions. Try living without laws or those needed to enforce those laws. Good luck with that. You definitely will need a whole lot of guns ammo and knives to just survive. And you think it is so bad here under law, move to somewhere with little to no law.

      2. You are surely correct to state that LEO and/or military personal would be tasked for confiscation. However, it would be interesting to know how many of them would actually follow that order. I’m retired military, I served to defend these rights, and would never support the confiscation of arms from the law abiding American people. I’d like to think there are many of the same mindset. That being said, there is one gray area associated with the destruction of guns. I personally would never want to own a gun that had been used in a murder. That’s just me.

    11. Just because the Oregon Police asked doesn’t mean they needed to help, they could easily have said due to our business interests we can not participate, how can you destroy firearms and say you support the 2nd Amendment?
      I will be destroying my Benchmade knives and hope others follow, maybe Dicks will sell your knives!

      1. “How can you destroy firearms and say you support the 2nd Amendment?”

        What do those two things have to do with each other? It’s not unconstitutional to destroy a gun. If they’ve seized this property in raids and don’t have a place to store it, they’re going to destroy it. How do you think it violates the 2A for them to break something?

        1. You completely miss the point.

          It’s totally legal, but a horrible thing to do if you wish to sell a product to people who like guns.

          You have to think about how your customers may react to your actions when you are in business.

          Sorta like if Planned parenthood showed up and asked Chick-Fil-A to help it cut the livers out of a thousand dead babies with their “specialized” equipment.

          1. You know the bigger issue is being missed altogether. The fact that they helped to destroy the firearms has nothing to do with supporting or not supporting the 2a one just needs to look were they send there political contributions and I beleave that will tell their customers just were they stand on 2a issues

        2. I am a retired Cleveland Ohio police officer and a 2nd Amendment advocate. There are lots of ways to destroy seized weapons – but if your product line depends on those who enjoy the 2nd amendment and many other outdoor activities that often involve hunting or shooting you should use care.

          In Cleveland Ohio the seized firearms are taken to the local steel mill and melted – I suppose I have an automobile or lawnmower that might have gun steel in it – but I would never know.

          Benchmark – you aligned yourself with what 2nd Amendment folks detest – a photo op of the destruction of firearms by a Police Department in a state that is virulently anti-gun.

          I wouldn’t buy another benchmade product for any reason – you allowed yourself to be used – I have choices – Benchmade isn’t one of them anymore.

            1. Very fine comment . Of course benchmade and any other company is free to spit in the faces of their major consumer base and then wait for the grateful liberals to step up and replace the lost business. See how it worked out for D**ks Sporting goods.

    12. Everyone who is commenting on this saying that Benchmade is a bunch of evil Communists which don’t support the Second Amendment…..did you even read the thing? That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Benchmade hasn’t done anything against the 2A by doing this. As someone who is a staunch supporter of the 2A, it seems there are blind sheep on both sides of the isle. Wake up

      1. Zog, since 2005 benchmade has donated to Oregon’s gun grabbing left. They fund the democratic lobbies in Oregon. Was all public knowledge just not many really looked into it. Now it’s all in the air. I for one will not own another benchmade, I have a bushcrafter and a boot style I forget the name.

        1. Please name one “gun-grabbing” piece of legislation that the State of Oregon or the federal government has passed since 2005. Oregon has some of the loosest gun laws in the nation. Benchmade is a business that is based in Oregon. Oregon has been primarily represented by lawmakers from the Democratic Party. It’s a smart business decision to be in good graces with the law makers that can control policies that effect your business. I’m sure you would use that excuse to defend Trump’s campaign contributions to the Clintons, right?

          Benchmade supports active-duty military, veterans, LEOs, firefighters, and EMTs. In addition they make every single one of their knives in the United States. But because they aren’t ideologically pure enough to match your definition of conservative, you wont buy knives from them?

          1. Jet, You are being too analytical. When the headline “Chick-Fil-A” assists Planned Parenthood by destroying aborted fetuses” appears… even if it’s legal, and even if that CFA meat grinder was the best “specialized” equipment to use…CFA will have made a huge mistake.

      2. Peoeple love getting angry! I’m willing to bet the good folks at benchmade are just being neighborly. I wouldn’t have made some of the decisions they did but hey, we can’t all be me. just gunna go ahead and buy another one too, love the valet…

      1. Sarah Sinclair, I avoid buying Chinese as best I can. As to Chinese knives, their steel sucks. American steel is much better and there are a number of American knife makers that use American steel. Granted they cost more, but you get you pay for, and you are supporting an American company, and not giving the Chinese your money.

        1. You must never have handled a WE knife. Not taking any sides on any of this other mess, just hopefully expanding your blade options. I wish someone had turned me on to them years ago. They build some of the most fantastic blades I have ever handled, and with immaculate craftsmanship and great steels too (CPMS35VN, Bohler M390, etc). Their blades are like VERY functional art…for your pocket. Doesn’t hurt to check em out, anyway. Best wishes.

    13. Halfass way to back out of helping the state destroy individual’s weapons. They have no obligation to the state to do their work for them, especially when they claim to support the right to bear arms which is supposedly NOT TO BE INFRINGED.

        1. Yep I’m done with them I just returned a benchmade that was a gift for Valentine’s day and got a Piranha P1 Pocket instead. I’ll never buy another Benchmade product again.

    14. It would seem to me that bench made was for filling and ongoing contract with the police department. These firearms had been confiscated and taken out of the hands of criminals. And for this we law abiding gun owners are grateful.

      1. That’s the dumbest statement of the day. Benchmark had nothing to do with taking the guns out of the hands of criminals – that had already been done. Those firearms could have been sold by the police department to help offset some of the costs of prosecuting those very criminals. And, according to Benchmark, they were not fulfilling any kind of contract. Regardless, their participation indicates a high disregard for the Second Amendment. Also, since Benchmark is such a supporter of “law and order,” have they had their employee who cut off the shotgun barrel, effectively manufacturing an illegal sawed-off shotgun, arrested and prosecuted? The FBI killed Randy Weaver and his wife for that very thing. You will find that Benchmade is a strong supporter of anti-2A candidates, even in states in which they have no direct business presence, and contribute heavily to Democrats. Benchmade is our enemy, and we should not be supporting them in any way.

      2. Amen !! It’s far better to destroy the guns seized from criminals than putting them back on the streets for more criminals to get them in their hands again. It would cost taxpayers more money to pay the costs of selling the guns than melting them down. Plus less risk of legal liability of selling them.

        1. It makes much more sense to offer them up for sale, so long as SN hasn’t been removed. Use to be , and maybe still is, that the ppolice officers got to keep a lot of them.

          if they can get them we should be able to buy one of them too.

    15. NO EXCUSE

        1. Jet, he’s making a comment on that policy. Obviously he has read the policy …and obviously he understands the legal definition of a “Firearm”. He is making the observation that 99% of the parts in a gun are not a firearm and could be sold while still complying with the existing policy…

          He thinks it would be better to make some money off the parts to help the taxpayers support the police.

    16. Benchmade has done nothing other than issue the statement. The have gone dark on social media and turned off reviews. I am not so offended I would never buy their knives again but they need to do something instead of just ignoring the fact that did offend a huge part of their customer base. This is a fact that cannot be ignored like what Dicks did. They need to mend their relationship with the 2a community

        1. I guess donating to all those anti 2A democrats is considered a job well done to? Maybe they can help explain their contribution to the jerk in NM who is calling for the destruction of the 2A. Birds of a feather my friend.

        2. No, they are not. They are supporting the anti-gun policy, not law, of one police department. Rank and file police officers are overwhelmingly pro-Second Amendment, destroying guns for political purposes isn’t supporting them.

        3. Benchmade had a decision to make. They made the wrong one for profit. Cutting up guns is not supporting the local boys in blue. And I didn’t see anything that said the guns came from murderers or the such. Lawbreakers is too wide a term.

      1. No need to try to mend. It wouldn’t mean anything anyway. Hell, I’d rather they just go on doing what they’ve been doing all along than give some half-assed apology (only because they got caught, btw). They shit the bed. Now they can roll around in it.

        1. Much of this argument is crazy and illogical. So many persons
          support “melting down” criminals via capital punishment – yet
          get upset when we melt down weapons the criminal use to kill
          people with. I am all for responsible gun owners having the
          right to possess guns. However, cooking a few guns that were
          used by bad people for bad things – give me a break. There are
          plenty of guns to go around. If melting them down takes a few off
          the Street (I mean percentage wise the guns police depts cook
          are a minority compared to what’s out there), and it saves even
          one life it’s worth it. The sad thing is that melting guns probably
          won’t make a difference in stopping gun crimes.

          1. Owen spoken like a True Oregon Anti 2 Nd amendment whack job . Getting rid of the guns isn’t the problem . Look at how well the laws are working there . Take the guns and destroy them, yet give the junkies clean needles and a safe place to shoot up ! Might as well OD them if “it will save a life “

          2. Owen, those firearms were off the street – the police had them. Secondly, most of the firearms used by criminals are stolen – meaning they were the property of a law-abiding citizen. So why didn’t the police return the firearms to the rightful owners? That is a crime in my view, too. And as others have stated, the police, instead of destroying someone else’s personal property, could have sold those weapons, which would off-set some of the costs of their expenses, helping reduce the tax burden of the law-abiding citizens.

          3. @ O(h) G(ee), “However, cooking a few guns that were used by bad people for bad things – give me a break.” is not even a completed thought, much less a complete argument.
            And did you ever stop to think that those guns that you want so badly to cook are someone’s property.
            What kind of government do you advocate that can just destroy someone’s property without justly compensating that owner.

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