BenchMade Knives Encounters Unintended Consequences

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Benchmade assists Oregon City Police in the destruction of firearms
This is the Facebook post that went up (and down) thanking Benchmade for helping the Oregon City PD with a “disposal” problem. It has caused other problems – despite having been pulled down and hastily “explained” by OCPD. Internet screenshot.

USA – -( “Privacy,” one of my sage friends remarked yesterday, “is fantasy.” That’s probably something the Oregon City Police Department and Benchmade Knife Company realize all-too-well today[last week].

On Wednesday, someone in the Oregon City PD posted what appears to have been intended as a “thank you” to Benchmade for helping them with a disposal problem. But Benchmade’s supporting their local cops has turned into a far larger problem – for both – than either anticipated.

That’s because what Benchmade helped the OCPD “dispose “ of was – you guessed it- guns.

And Oregon City PD’s posting of photos of Benchmade folks cutting up guns kicked off one of those “instant firestorms” across social media. It’s a firestorm that doesn’t appear to be slowing.

Late Wednesday evening, my phone was “blown up” by people speculating, ranting, and posting on the whole thing. When last I checked, the Oregon City PD had passed 2,900 responses- and the majority of them weren’t “go team.”

Benchmade quickly responded [Benchmark's statement] as well, posting this on Facebook:

“Benchmade is aware of the recent post from our local Oregon City Police Department.

We apologize for the confusion and concern that this post created. These were firearms that the Oregon City Police Department had to destroy in alignment with their policies. Oregon City Police requested the use of specialty equipment within the Benchmade facility to follow these requirements, and as a supporting partner of our local police force, we obliged the request.

Benchmade is a proud and unwavering supporter of both law enforcement and Second Amendment rights. These are commitments that we do not take lightly and will continue to support well into the future.

When asked for clarity from Oregon City Police Department, Chief Jim Band made the following statement: “When property is to be destroyed, it is the policy of the Oregon City Police Department to destroy property, including firearms, in accordance to our procedures and ORS. The Oregon City Police Department does not sell firearms.”


The majority of the 9,200+ responses to that posting left little doubt as to where gun owners, many of whom purported to have been owners of Benchmade knives, felt.

They questioned the thinking behind the decision to help the OCPD, pointing out that “proud and unwavering support of both law enforcement and Second Amendment rights” didn’t necessarily jibe with this decision -or the political contribution records cited from OPENSECRETS.ORG.

Benchmade Knives Political Contributions
Benchmade Knives Political Contributions

The conversation spilled over, and by noon yesterday, it seemed everyone imaginable had checked in, except Les de Asis, Benchmade’s founder and CEO.

So I reached out to offer him the opportunity to comment. I didn’t hear anything all day, but other knife companies certainly checked in. Kershaw (“Our knives cut a lot of things, but guns will never be one of them”), Zero Tolerance, Spyderco and others wasted no time getting in their licks or reaffirming their “unwavering” support of the Second Amendment.

And don’t start me on the “rant” videos or clips of people grinding up, breaking or otherwise destroying Benchmade knives. There are dozens of them, and more showing up almost hourly.

Late last evening, I got a call from Matt Elliott, Benchmade’s Director of Marketing.

He was, he explained, “the primary point of contact.” And he’d spent the day talking with news people from around the country.

Elliott didn’t offer excuses. He told me he “wasn’t surprised by the response” to the images, and that it was a “powerful statement..that was out of context.”

Benchmark, he explained, has “always supported the Second Amendment, and the Oregon City Police Department.”

“We remain committed to doing both,” he said, “but we’re not going to be destroying firearms again.”

In this instance, he said, the company “has to own it.”

The OCPD, he explained, had asked for help – as they’d asked in the past – and the company had helped. And, he reiterated, the company would continue to support law enforcement.

As far as the political contributions, Elliott pointed out that Benchmade was in Oregon, and “the people who represent us are Democrats.”

There’s not much more you can say to that- it’s an unfortunate political reality that many of the elected officials who seek to restrict gun ownership are the same officials that have a big voice in the overall business climate.

Oregon City’s comments since pulling down the post haven’t helped.

In a follow-up post, Chief Dan Brand and Mayor Dan Holladay explained the “guns were required to be destroyed” either by the people who turned them in, or “as ordered by the court.”

Oregon state law, unfortunately, doesn’t require the destruction of guns “when a case is adjudicated.”

ORS 166.279 “Forfeiture of deadly weapons” makes it clear that destruction of guns -even those used in crimes- isn’t mandated.

If it was reported stolen from a lawful owner and recovered from “a person other than the lawful owner, the court may not order that the weapon be forfeited but shall order that the weapon be restored to the lawful owner as soon as the weapon is no longer needed for evidentiary purposes.”

Additionally, the statute indicates the “mandated destruction” they referred to isn’t always mandated:

4) The court shall release a firearm or other deadly weapon forfeited under subsection (2) of this section to the law enforcement agency that seized the weapon. The law enforcement agency may destroy or sell the weapon, use the weapon as a service weapon or use the weapon for training, identification or demonstration purposes. When a weapon is sold pursuant to this subsection, the law enforcement agency shall pay the proceeds from the sale, less the costs of the sale, as provided in ORS 131.594 (Disposition and distribution of forfeited property when seizing agency not the state) and 131.597 (Disposition and distribution of forfeited property when seizing agency is the state).

Unlike many angry gun owners, I don’t consider this to be “another Dick’s story.”

Dick’s decisions regarding guns were carefully calculated before they were made. I don’t think Benchmade knowingly engaged in some secretive plot with their local police department. I do think they’re guilty of not considering the fallout of their actions beforehand.

There’s no obvious conclusion to this story -yet. But there’s still plenty of anger.

It may this is yet another example of a company learning one of the hard, but incontrovertible facts about today’s political climate: with battle lines drawn in the minds of gun owners, any perceived slight against the Second Amendment is intolerable.

They react, immediately, and give no quarter.

Managers at Benchmade may have thought they were only helping out the local police department when they agreed to cut up some guns already decommissioned and designated for destruction.

They don’t think that now.

As always, we’ll keep you posted.

—Jim Shepherd

Editor’s Note: What does a company do when it faces a situation like this? That’s the topic of this weekend’s Outdoor Wire Weekend Edition podcast. We’ll be talking with several public relations and crisis management experts this weekend to find out what they’d advise. You can subscribe now at:

And on Monday, our friend and colleague Tom Gresham will offer his insight into how anti-gun groups are changing their tactics to end-run opposition to new gun restrictions. Don’t miss “They Showed Their Hand” in Monday’s wires.

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    1. We must remember that many people believe that the 2nd Amendment only pertains to muskets from that time period. This knife company stating it supports the 2nd Amendment means nothing. This was not a powerful statement taken out of context. This was indeed a powerful statement. Only for the destruction of guns and support of gun grabbing cops. I will never buy one of there knifes and I am always against cops. They are the ones we will first encounter in a confiscation scenario. They also enforce red flag laws among other evil laws. Other than the lazy ones that would like to think arming the public will cut down on their workload ALL cops would love disarmed citizens. They only protect their own kind and only serve warrants. If even that, the rest of the time protect and serve doesn’t exist. As for the knife company they knew what they were doing. I am glad this story brought out more about the company’s contributions. Cops love to pat themselves on the back and look heroic to the public. In this case to the anti gun public. They speak of putting their lives on the line and such. They volunteer! How about the rest of us that walk around without guns and tin stars in public. And don’t give me that hero shit, any real hero doesn’t constantly brag about it or seek it out

    2. Now, all you benchmade owners out there, unlike the previous Yeti fiasco, DO NOT just start destroying your benchmade knives that you already have. All that will accomplish is to help benchmade out, by making their products more rare.
      IF you truly feel betrayed and want to do something, use some thought first. If you put those benchmade knives onto the secondary market, people that never even heard of this backstabbing will see the benchmade knife they want, somewhere, used, and at a cheaper prive than buying it from benchmark new. Presto, one benchmark sale they won’t be making. Even better give them to a thriftshop somewhere. They’ll sell them dirt cheap and spoil many future benchmark sales.
      Hit them in their wallet, its the only place corporations have any feeling left in. No hearts… no minds…. only wallets.

      1. I own many knives since I started collecting them when I was young and I am now 68 years old and have hundreds of knives. None of the knives I own are Benchmade. I have looked at a few and to me they are of a lower quality than the knives I save but now after this fiasco I know I will never buy a Benchmade Knife.

    3. # 1 call benchmade customer service register your views with your name and phone number I did today
      plus told I will buy no more products from them jusr like S&W in the 1990’s and Yeti last year.

      # 2 call NRA ILA and register your views with your name and phone number. Tell them not to run any more benchmade ads and to cancel the benchmade booth at the NRA ANNUAL MEETING in April 2019. And if they dont you will not go to the annual meeting, attend any more Friends of the NRA dinners, not be a member of the NRA EAGLES, and you will not donate to the NRA ever again period and they have 10 days to comply period. I did this today.

      # 3 send out emails twitter facebook etc to all you know ……

    4. Looks like the “radical, extreme, delusional gun right activist” would rather buy their socially responsible knives from China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Korea, etc. Countries that support our 2nd amendment rights, in the name of the Washington dollar. Rather than products made in our own country. Ted Nugget clones—I’m referring to products made in the United State of America.

      1. Are you saying that a company in the United States should be supported over a foreign company “no matter” what the US company supports socially, economically, or politically?

    5. This is why we bring a gun and not enough to a knife fight. These people take profits from gun buyers and give to anti gun democrats? Hypocrites? I think they want guns band so knife sales go up. Profits over political beliefs. DON’T THINK FOR A MINUTE ITS NOT TRUE. BOYCOTT BENCHMADE. IF SPIDER CO WAS SMART THEY WOULD START ADVERTISING DONATIONS TO GUN OWNERS OF AMERICA.

    6. I hope we all have the stamina and endurance, to be as angry a decade from now, as we are today…
      Largely… and benchmade is banking on this… our anger lessens and something else pops up, that is a worse story… and we forget… I implore ALL OF YOU…to Never Foget! Never give benchmade a dime and eternally encourage others to do the same!

    7. What I have not seen here is that Benchmark has some very high quality steel to dispose of…do you think they will donate it to gunmakers??? Not hardly, Benchmark probably went begging for the destruction business so they get that steel to build their knives and donate more $ to the Left!!

    8. Their stating that they “have no choice because they’re represented by Democrats” is a cop-out and rings hollow. Hey – just a thought here, Benchmade; how about supporting conservatives in their runs against Democrats?!!?

    9. Just a thought: Benchmade is in a Blue State and that’s an excuse given for where donations are given? How many companies have followed a moral compass and said “no more” and moved everything to a Red State? There appears to be more and more doing so. Not so sure that’s an excuse that holds water anymore.

      1. Like I said before Kansas would welcome all of those business with open arms . We after all have the air craft companies and their associated support businesses. Good highways and rail transportation ,along with all of the delivery services.

    10. Benchmade sells a lot of automatic and balisong knives in Texas. Texan gun right supporters supported the bill in 2013 that legalized switchbades in the Lone Star State. I’m sure this helped Benchmade’s bottom line more than a little. This is how they pay us back.
      Now if they change their name (again), move to Texas, and support progun candidates only they may deserve forgiveness.

    11. I won’t destroy my Benchmade knife… but I doubt I will buy another. Too bad… I have quite a few knives, and the only one I have that is made of better steel is a Busse, and those are not cheap.

    12. What a world that the PC libtards have turned the US into. A guy has to research what political party a company supports before buying a product from them. Does anyone know what Second Amendment stand Troybuilt lawn mowers takes? I was thinking about buying from them.

    13. Benchmade has been destroying guns and donating to democrats – no amount of well rehearsed and carefully parsed talking points from their PR flacks will convince me to buy one of their products.

      1. Whether or not it is mandated by the local cops, the act of destrpying a working firearm is tatamount to peeing on someone’s altar.
        Donating to democRATS is another thing altogether. EVERYONE knows what the democRATS stand on firearms ownership is.
        They want absolute power, and there’s no way they will get it with a well armed populace. Does being in the knife business mean you have to be anti-gun ?
        The democRATS certainly are. Even a nickle donated to these socialistc, gun grabing bastards is a sin in my book !
        No Benchmade around here ! And the same advoce to my friends !

    14. This absolutely is another “Dicks” but not because of the cutting up of guns. I have to admit, if the police came to me and said “these guns are destined to be destroyed but they don’t fit in the incinerator can you cut them down?” I probably wouldn’t have questioned them about “do they 100% have to be destroyed?” and taken them at their word.

      BUT what that post did uncover AND what those media interviews Benchmade has been giving continue to demonstrate is they are and have been actively supporting individuals, groups and even legislation which are anti-2a!

      Check out Tom Gresham’s interview with Benchmade

      1. I doubt that very many leftist pansy-type girlie boys own and buy knives of any kind or brand. I have two on me at ALL times, along with my pistol; one in my offside pocket, the other (larger) clipped to my right-hand pocket. They get their edges honed “shaving sharp” once a month whether they’ve been used for anything or not. Just like cleaning and re-lubing all of my defensive pistols on a regular basis, even if they haven’t been carried of shot since the last time. Keep everything ready and handy.

    15. They could have went to ANY machine shop with a saw and did it their self but no they had to drag a gun maker into it. I know BMK is regretting this and should have told the PD to go else ware.

    16. I’m all for redemption BUT I will wait for a couple years to see what Benchmade does to CLEARLY redeem itself for this self-inflicted cut to their reputation before I buy another Benchmade product. There are many good knife makers available from whom I can purchase high quality knives. To be complicit with and support EVIL in any way is evil and that is Benchmade’s current situation. It’ll be interesting and enlightening to see what Benchmade does to restore its integrity and support of Constitutional values.

    17. “”””Unlike many angry gun owners, I don’t consider this to be “another Dick’s story.”””””

      well ONE they donated to Gun grabbing DemoRATS…AND then add they have for several years!
      that puts them in the enemy camp fully as any firearms owner cares about…done

    18. Never had a Benchmade knife, or even ever really considered one. I have all the knives I’ll probably ever need in my lifetime. That said, if I ever do decide to buy another knife, it won’t be a Benchmade.

    19. Benchmade supports only politicians who want to take my gun rights that’s all I need to know. Benchmade supports Democrats because they want to not because they have to I’ll never buy another Benchmade knife.

    20. And this is a clear cut case of the stupidity in people. Social media has people brainwashed and stupified. I guess im the only person that really read and understood what was going on in that picture. So go ahead people, destroy your Benchmade knives, its you’re money that you just destoyed. You want to throw a hissy fit because you’re too stupid to see the truth. You want to see and believe what you want because you have the social media blinders on. Im a gun owner and a Benchmade knife owner and nothing will change that and im DAMN for sure not gonna destoy either!

      1. They’re destroying guns, seems pretty simple, you think pretty highly of yourself and pretty low of others if you think you’re the only one that understood that.

        Now Les de Asis donating a bunch of money to people like Darlene Hooley, a rabid anti gunner, just so that he can continue to make a buck, that’s what most people are upset about.

        I don’t like Barret, but I have to respect them since they seem to be the only firearm company to have the balls to not sell to states that violate our laws.

        1. So, . . . . let me get this straight – you’re saying that you’re perfectly fine with buying the ammunition for those who want to kill you . . . . well, “isn’t that special?” You would visit the mousetrap, as long as the cheese is free?

      2. Thats fine and all, I guess, but the real issue doesn’t lie with people destroying their already owned knives, it lies with any further purchasing and therefore supporting Benchmade as a company. You know how you get out of a “blue state” that you “feel trapped” in as a company like Benchmades statement claimed they do? I ask sincerely because I dont know how to get out, however, I for sure know it isn’t with more blue donations!!! It sure seems Benchmade is quite content with the politically affiliated color they are “stuck” with to me. After all, nothing changes if nothing changes, and continuing to donate to the party you “feel stuck” with, or at least only donating to them and not to their opposition as well, hardly changes anything, if the sincere intent is to become “un-stuck”, that is. Please explain what was going on in that picture since you say you have it all figured out and can apparently read the mind of the people at Benchmade and the Oregon pd. What is so “special” about a cutoff grinder that makes it “specialty equipment” and necessary for Benchmade to be involved in the first place to destroy those firearms?!Are we supposed to believe the department couldnt afford a $20 Harbor Freight cutoff grinder?Are we to believe Benchmade was the best and most accessible place to assist in the destruction of these firearms, even if the department couldn’t afford or operate the cutoff grinder themselves? Really? A KNIFE company? Literally any other machine shop down to 10 minute oil change, would have made more sense than contacting a knife making company to destroy firearms. It doesn’t take “specialty equipment” like a cnc machine or a person with certain knowledge to use a grinder to cut up some guns! They can, however, afford to pay whoever is in charge of the weapons, and thus also their disposal, along with whoever’s in charge of taking the pictures, managing social media accounts and concurrent public relations involved in having those accounts? Not to mention the cops’ “cover their behinds” statement about “mandated destruction” according to policy, when in reality those guns could have been sold and further made revenue for the department, used by the department, or just destroyed quietly instead of portraying it like some “event” supporting the assinine destruction of a firearm, promoting their crackdown on “gun violence”. If you sincerely believe all the people who have differing opinions to yours, and continue to stand behind your word of believing everyone outside your opinion is “throwing a hissy fit” as well as “brainwashed and stupified” by social media, then you are no friend to the firearms you own, anyone else who owns and supports firearms in general, or the 2A fight to protect firearms, so they can, in turn, protect us! Because make no mistake, it is absolutely a fight, and any division among supporters of 2A only benefits those, like the police and controlling parties in the “blue state” of Oregon, in their desperate attempts to divide and conquer 2A supporters. We have to be united, even with differing opinions, and calling one another “brainwashed and stupefied” helps, nor accomplishes, anything positive or constructive in preventing further infringements to our rights. Please dont tell me you support the bumpstock ban or the due-process adverting red flag/erpo laws too? Based off your stance with this Benchmade comment, and especially toward other peoples comments they made, it absolutely screams FUDD and could seriously only be more detrimental if you signed on as a co-author to the 2019 “assault weapons ban”! Come on man, 2A needs all the help it can get, it doesnt need anyone supporting companies and/or departments on the “blue side” of things who consistently fight to infringe on our god given 2A rights as quickly and as ruthlessly as possible!

      3. @ WesleyJoe I guess it is ok in your opinion to take your money that you used to buy their overpriced toys and send it to the democrat establishment. Afterall, there is not only a fight to keep our guns but a fight to keep our knives as well. It is the democrats that are trying to take our rights away, just look toward jolly ole England if you want to see where this is headed. But then again, maybe you are not a gun or knife owner.

    21. Individuals and companies should always be judged by their actions. Words are meaningless. Destruction of firearms and Socialist Democrat political contributions are all you need to know to determine where their alliances really are folks. It is what it is. They will never get another dime from me to redistribute to the Socialists.

    22. Gun owners / 2nd amendment supporters make up the majority of Benchmade knives. Benchmade knives say they support the 2nd Amendment, however their political contributions exponentially support anti-2nd amendment politicians who pass these insane anti-gun laws. Please explain this hypocrisy. I was just on Benchmade knives to buy one. NOT anymore. Spyderco, Keyshawn, CRKT you have my business

    23. As someone with a background in politic science, I understand how the dirty machine works. However, there are ways to conduct business in a blue state w/o promoting anti-2A candidates. If Benchmade wants to recover, I’m afraid nothing short of moving from a state that they send millions in tax revenue will quiet the pro-2A murmurs. Follow Magpul’s lead.

    24. Their contributions to Democrats says it all, I lived in Oregon for years and there is Republicans and conservatives galor, but if a company like Benchmade continues down the let’s grease the loony left wheel of the Democrats, and not support their customer base , which is Republicans and conservatives and support them instead, then we can’t support benchmade !

    25. How about those Political Contributions by Benchmade? They fully backed Hillary in 2016, they fully backed Obama, they continue to hand over to Bernie, AOC, Senator Pocahontas Warren, Booker, Kamala, etc,
      The Political contributions say it all.

    26. This incident reminds me of the revelation among tactically-oriented gun owners that Team Wendy, a maker of ballistic helmets, had invited Hillary Clinton to speak at their facility – and subsequent follow-on investigations into Team Wendy uncovered their decades-long support of hardcore antigun Democrats. Tem Wendy is now ‘persona non grata’ among tactical firearms owners, veterans, and others.

      Gun owners had better look into all of their favorite vendors NOW, before 2020 comes around, to see if they’re unwittingly putting hard cash into the pockets of gun-grabbers (before politicians get into or retain office) in advance of them killing off what remains of the 2nd Amendment!!

      Which of course brings me full circle, to the NRA, which always seems to find good excuses to stab gun owners in the back on gun control initiatives. Visit KeepAndBearArms’ NRA gripes index to get a sense of why I Support GOA over NRA any day of the week: While the surrender monkeys at NRA are Negotiating Rights Away, GOA and FPC desperately need your support to do what the NRA refuses to do! Visit them at and

    27. A bunch of liberals in a massively blue-progressive state. Of course they will walk back whatever they did, they want YOUR money.

      Just don’t give your money to them. There are many other companies out there that wouldn’t think of doing this…..and a small amount of companies that move from commie states so they do not support them at all.

      Oh, make sure to do some research and see where their political donations went….anti-2A politicians.

    28. Benchmade can support LEO all they want, donating to anti-gun demotards does not support the 2nd amendment.

      That being said, they can destroy whatever guns they want, idgaf. New ones made daily, and they didn’t touch mine.

      My only gripe is their donations to the socialist party. Fuck that.

    29. Listened to Mr. Elliot’s interview on GunTalk this week. Seemed to make a lot of excuses, and didn’t seem to really understand the 2A ramifications of their actions. Additionally, he co firmed their support for a very, very bad bill that will end up getting a lot of folks in trouble, and, again, had no answers when challenged. Benchmade is not only clueless, but is willing to be led around by the nose by Democrats. They really do not support the 2A – those of us who do should not support them.

    30. Hey, do not destroy your BenchMade knives, send them to me.

      Those who say never destroy guns, what should law enforcement do when seizing a firearm where some scumbag ground down serial numbers and attempts to recover unsuccessful?

      Disturbing here is BenchMade’s response to concerns voiced over its political preferences. To say you support the 2nd Amendment then turn around and support anti 2nd Amendment political candidates, with profits from sales from your pro 2nd Amendment dedicated customers – well one could readily feel you’re blowing smoke up their backsides. Your actions do not support your words!

        1. It is against federal law & regulation to alter the serial number. The police could make more money if they provide provenance & auction it off as a tool used in an infamous crime. I don’t recommend this for the same reason the media shouldn’t identify the perps of mass slayings. If the police department doesn’t have their own motor pool they contact with an auto repair business to repair their vehicles. The motor pool or repair shop have the necessary tools to cut-up the firearms. Benchmade’s mgmt. team is clueless. I am surprised they are a successful business when they obviously don’t know their customers. Their marketing manager demonstrated this by his performance on Gun Talk.

    31. It is not the destruction of the firearms that is the problem. If in fact the destruction was court ordered someone had to do it. The problem is Benchmade’s contribution to anti-rights politicians both inside and outside their home state. Let’s hope there will soon be a going out of business sale at Benchmade.

    32. Here’s an idea. If the police are gonna be in the biz of rapping us even further and bowing down to the marxists let them go buy their own damn torches and saws and whatever else they need. Screw them, and screw Benchmade too. I’ll NEVER buy another damn thing they make and the two I own, guess what happened to them, I cut them up. Oh how I wish I could post pics here.
      You better believe I sent them to benchmade.

    33. What BenchMade fails to grasp concerning their actions is in today’s world, perception is everything. If you appear to be anti-gun by doing anti-gun things, then your are, in fact, anti-gun. No amount of explanations and rhetoric can make your actions be reinterpreted as something else that what it’s seen to be.

      If it quacks like a duck, waddles when walks like a duck and has webbed feet like a duck … it’s a duck!

    34. The machinery that was powered by the company did not intentionally destroy these weapons. It was a decision by law enforcement that contracted out Bech Made. I went to their web site and they sell some nice quality knives.
      Will soon decide to buy one and once it arrives, I intend to show others it’s quality. Chill out.

      1. Yeah, some hysterics regarding this non-story.

        Don’t order one online. It’s not worth the savings bc their quality control went off the deep end the last decade. I’ve got some nice old Benchmades even some of their cheaper stuff and the Benchmade/HK stuff, but I’ve had to return a few items ordered online in the last few years. If you can see it in person, you should be fine.

        1. Do you really think Benchmade did this for free? Better screw your head back on if you believe this. Besides it doesn’t matter if if was done for free or paid for it. It is the principle of not supporting the Constitution that is the issue here.

          1. You are an idiot. They may get a knife sale from the local LEOs, but to say they were paid and “we must screw our head on” is pretty dumb on your part. I know for a fact they weren’t paid.

    35. I do not support anyone that wants to destroy guns regardless of the reason.

      I call for a complete boycott of benchmade knives.

      There is an attempt nation wide to make the slightest gun violation a felony. This UN-AMERICAN nonsense needs to come to an end.

      If any of you want to make a difference in this country, then you need to get involved. A “Vote with a Friend” plan needs to start nation wide. Everyone of us knows of someone that is like minded but does not vote. Its time to “VOTE WITH A FRIEND” and save the 2A

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