Cartels Run Things on Our Southern Border, Southern Border Update ~ VIDEO


Texas – -( Stewart Rhodes, founder of Oath Keepers, joins me with two special guests; one a retired border agent and another a retired Marine living on the Southern Border of Texas.

As multiple caravans march towards the Southern Border of the United States, our government is one week away from, once again, shutting down over the issue of building a wall on that same Southern border to stop the aforementioned caravans from flooding into the U.S. The entire matter has proven to be quite a sideshow and quite a distraction.

Stewart Rhodes is the founder and president of Oath Keepers, which affords him access to a great group of loyal, America-loving patriots. Two such patriots joined Stewart and I on NorthWest Liberty News to discuss the crisis on our Southern border. Both men are highly qualified to make such assessments, as one is a retired border agent and one is a retired Marine who lives on the Texas\Mexico border.

As you will hear during the course of the interview, nothing happens down south without the express consent of the Mexican drug cartels; who still control wide swaths of our Southern border with an iron-fisted, blood-lust. Please enjoy the interview below as Stewart Rhodes and I speak with “jarhead,” and “retired border patrol,” two men who have served and love this country.

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Oath Keepers is a non-partisan association of current and formerly serving military, reserves, National Guard, veterans, Peace Officers, and Fire Fighters who will fulfill the Oath we swore, with the support of like-minded citizens who take an Oath to stand with us, to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, so help us, God. Our Oath is to the Constitution.

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  • 90 thoughts on “Cartels Run Things on Our Southern Border, Southern Border Update ~ VIDEO

    1. As served in army11b I swore an oth uphold the constitution of the United states. And every official as well it saddens me when people can change our constitution to fit them to get what they want our forefathers would be ashamed. And shame on you NRA for not doing Enough……..

    2. How about lets focus on healthcare. Witch im pretty sure half of you gun totting idiots don’t have. But you sit there worrying about a boarder thats already secure. Please educate yourself and look at the bigger picture and statistics. Whatever it is you fear will still be there even if you put a chastity belt on your lady.

      Only reason for the wall is trump just wants something with his name on it for his legacy. You’re a fool if you think that’ll stop a multi billion dollar a year business. Ask yourself, am I that stupid?? We should be using that money on healthcare and building on our infrastructure with in America. As a independent thinker and voter, but a follower.

      I find it highly weird that anytime I read anything along the lines of Republicans on the internet, it’s covered in gun ads , bigotry ignorance and people blinded by tricknology. I advise that some of you take a trip around the world or even to another country and absorb some life and culture and broaden your horizons and realize the world is much bigger than you think.

      Spit the chew out your mouth and stop sitting on your porch in your overalls looking crosseyed and being mad at the world and enjoy this illusion God gave us. Thank me later❤

      1. Oh yeah ? I could have broken my leg at home instead of traveling to the other side of the planet to do it. It took me over 10 hours to get to a hospital. And it’s not like in the old days anymore. Everybody hates Americans and they especially want to kill Whitey. And tiny little germs is the weapon of choice for terrorists these days. Let loose In the air on jet planes, and in the food you eat. Otherwise, I would love to go see the newly discovered Bosnian Pyramids, or the megaliths at Baalbek, or in South America.

      2. Matthew, your ignorant post is typical of the idiocy of Leftists. You project your hate, bigotry, and bitterness onto the rest of us. Your portrayal of firearm owners is as far removed from reality as you are. I have a good education, a good job, a good retirement package that includes a defined benefit plan and a deferred comp plan that I max out. I also have health insurance fully paid by my employer. My wife is an officer of a corporation, so her income and benefit package are even better than mine, so we live well and enjoy life. You should try it.

        You have a very bitter outlook on the world, typical of one that is espoused by those not employed or marginally so, believing that the rest of us owe you a living, one that you are unable to provide for yourself.

        As far as taking a trip around the world and discover other cultures, etc., clearly you have not done that or you wouldn’t be spewing your hatred of people you clearly have no knowledge of. We vacation often, and we have probably vacationed in more countries than you have been to states in the USA. Your bigotry and ignorance shows you are not a seasoned traveler.

        You might have asked yourself “Am I that stupid?”, but you didn’t like the answer that you got. It was “Yes, I am”, which is why you are the ignorant, bitter, hateful bigot that you are.

        1. @Heed, Matthew Johnson is just another rasping wheezing propagandist, trolling for replies that fatten his paycheck. He has trouble with numbers and big words. He does not know boarder from border. He thinks that we worry about health care or don’t have healthcare, but we know that he will be paying for ours. He thinks that loyalty to a political party is more important to us than loyalty to the Constitution. The bigotry, blindness, and lack of education is his.
          He does not know anything about anyone here, but complains that we chew, tote, and sit on the porch. Words without meaning. He could just as easily be accused of toking, abusing himself, and living in his mommy’s basement.

    3. I am not busting any ones’ chops here, but I’m trying to see the good at the same time..
      I don’t want to be burdened by ILLEGAL immigrants either, but before we deport them all, we need to hire the farm laborers to replace them.
      We can all learn a thing or two about family values from the Latino culture as well.

      We need to come together in agreement, get organized, and work our political strategies to block the assaults against the Second Amendment.. or we will be the next group of people on a “trail of tears”…

      There are some people who are getting a rap for being anti 2A on Ammoland, and labeled as a troll.. but I see a glint of truth to what they’re saying… Just Hear me out before you bust my chops..

      The damage has already been done to the 2A, so now we need to make the best of it until we get the unjust laws removed from the books again.
      We need to counter with other laws, counter law suits, and defenses, while we fight this…

      The laws on the books in every state have a statute for filing a false Police report..
      ILLINOIS STATUTE FOR FILING A FALSE POLICE REPORT IS A CLASS 4 FELONY.. Punishable by 1-3 years in jail/prison..

      (720 ILCS 5/26-1) (from Ch. 38, par. 26-1)
      Sec. 26-1. Disorderly conduct.

      1. @Walter Goddard

        The reason idiots like Green Watch Dog get labeled as Anti 2A is because THEY ARE Anti Second Amendment. They claim to be gun owners, but they argue for infringements on our individual rights which are prohibited by our constitution. End of story. In the case of GWD, he at one point said here on ammoland that the Constitution means nothing to him. You cant get any more Anti than that.

        The Reason Idiots like Green Watch Dog get labeled as “Trolls” are because they pop up and spew nonsense, their argument gets torn apart by someone who actual has credible information, and then the “Troll” goes silent on that particular Article. What they do then is try to move to a new article and start all over again with the same disproven argument that they just lost the day before in the hopes they can fool someone into going along with it the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, ect…….. time around.

        Acta non Verba… Actions not words.. That is the difference. We don’t care about anything they say because we can see what they are doing, and we can see that the two don’t match.

        “The damage has already been done to the 2A, so now we need to make the best of it until we get the unjust laws removed from the books again. We need to counter with other laws, counter law suits, and defenses, while we fight this…”

        Ok, I’m trying to be very patient with you on this… What you just said is NONSENSE. We don’t need more bad laws to counter bad laws, we have the ultimate law. We have the Constitution. That’s it. What we need to do is start enforcing it, instead of legitimizing the abuses against it by throwing up our hands in the air and saying “Oh well, they passed an unconstitutional law again.”

        As an Example, yes all States have laws concerning filing false reports. Now let me ask you this, do they always get applied? No, they do not and I will show my work. First we must start with the definition of what constitutes a false report.
        1. “A false report is a crime governed by federal and state laws, which vary by state, involving a person who, with intent to deceive, knowingly makes a false statement that is material to the criminal investigation of a crime and makes the statement to a peace officer or law enforcement official.”
        So it is not just making the statement to the police, it is in fact making a false statement having to do with the commission of a Crime that gets investigated. So does it only have to do with police, or the claim of a Crime made public falsely? Can you think of any Crime which has drawn national attention within the last decade that is repeatedly used in false claims? How about Rape? Perhaps You can tell me if Christine Blasey Ford has faced charges for her false claim to which there was not a single shred of evidence. Or perhaps you can fill me in on “Jackie” from UVA who was the basis for the Rolling Stone article “A rape on campus” back in 2014. If we go back the full decade plus a few years to the curious case of one Crystal Gail Magnum, a woman who in her life made multiple false reports, was involved in a high speed chase where she nearly ran over a police officer, and ultimately ended in jail time for a murder conviction. Of the two major false reports, I do not think she served any time for either, one being in her teens and the other the infamous Duke Lacrosse scandal.

        And Finally, I will not be in agreement with, or work alongside anyone pushing for infringements. If you push for infringements of any kind you deserve to recognized as an enemy of the Constitution. I don’t care if you own a handgun, the minute you claim certain Arms need to be regulated or are subject to governmental permission, you are the enemy. So Walter, you are responsible for your own actions. If you don’t want anyone busting your chops, then don’t do things that will cause it. If you engage in being an apologist for idiots trying to advance Gun Control, Green Watch Dog as an example once again, then you will be called out for it. The choice is yours on where you want to stand, but there are no gray areas on this issue.

        1. I fully understand.. I took the correction too.
          I did see the article about either Ford, or Daniels, that was forced to pay for Trumps’s legal costs…
          I recall reading the false reports that were never prosecuted, and see the relevance to the laws on the books, that are not being enforced to stop illegal gun activities…

          I wasn’t trying to bust your chops about GWD either..

        2. @Walter Goddard

          Keep in mind I was using Green Watch Dog as an example, since he has been one of the most prevalent ones here as of late, and has cried loudly about us having called him out as Anti Second Amendment because that is what his actions have been.

          We are no longer a nation of laws. Certain people for one reason or another get different levels of treatment because they are politically connected, their minority status, or even what part of the country they are in. We could spend all day covering the spectrum from OJ Simpson who it’s pretty clear we know did it, to Rosemary Lehmberg who at a blood alcohol level of .239 demanded of officers arresting her “Do you know who I am!?” and then filed criminal charges against a governor for trying to have an audit performed on her office because of her actions. We could go for days..

          The point is, there is one law, the Constitution. That’s it. The answer is to start respecting it the way it is meant to be, and to stop giving passes to the crap passed that violates it and acting like we have to go along with it. Follow the Constitution, that is what will fix the system.

          1. You’re right @ Rev..

            Almost too simple a fix lol
            .. How do we accomplish it though?
            Look for conservatives with a backbone and vote for them…

            I wonder how OJ liked playing for team yard bird?
            We tax payer’s must have paid for his pillow too.. He spent all his money on drugs, and defense lawyers…

    4. Veterans really then why try to spend all that money on the wall and not just focuse on the veterans instead that money can help them its all a corrupt country stop trying to blame the illegals common sense pilgrim

    5. I’m Mexican, and I ain’t going nowhere!!! Ain’t nobody gonna make me either!!! I will go and come as I please. All of you that’s scared build a wall around your homes.

      1. Welcome to the American side of life Rene 🙂

        Don’t take offense… “libertad” is what we want!
        I Hope you’ll stay and help us fight the left too. The real enemy is with-in our own borders.
        It’s taken us a while to wake up and see the masks they were wearing.
        We aren’t scared of evil people/Cartel, we just want to protect our families …like you do!

        Dios te bendiga!

      2. @Rene Castillo

        If you Came here legally, Welcome brother. If you were born to Parents who came here legally, I’m glad they are here.
        If by calling yourself a “Mexican” as in a Mexican citizen who came here illegally, then sorry you are a criminal and a problem.

        Something tells me you will let us know which.

    6. Building a wall is a waste of money we got tunnels some may go directly to your cousin’s house or brothers warehouse money talks America needs immigrants to make the economy moving white people or Americans like me are not and will not pick apples for $8 an HR I will tell you that right now and as for drugs it will never end blame China for the chemicals to make drugs and blame America for fiending for the drugs in the first place and money talks if the demand for it is there it will never stop just like anything else guns are same thing

      1. Daniel, I worked minimum wage jobs when I was young. Yes, Americans do “pick apples for $8 an hour”. I worked for much less than that when I was young. I started working at 14 years old, part-time after school, on weekends, and during Summers. “White kids” worked on the farms, too, we didn’t have illegals where I lived back then.

        As far a illegal drugs, the primary issue is the “illegal” label. We need to legalize all drugs, regulate and tax them. People are already using those drugs, so the “illegal” part isn’t preventing anything. Criminalizing those drugs has only sucked resources that could be better spent elsewhere.

        Building a wall does work. There is already hundreds of miles of walls/fences. Trump’s plan only increases the covered area. If walls/fences didn’t work, why do people put them around their property? Why do “secured” government installations and military bases have them? Why are they around the White House? Why did the DNC use them to prevent Bernie supporters from entering their convention? Obviously they do work. Do they deny all criminals entry? No, nor do door locks and safes prevent all criminal entry. Does that mean we also shouldn’t use locks and safes?

        1. &Heed…The same for this white boy. I had a paper route from 6th grade till Freshman in high school. Made $8 to $10 bucks a week from 1960 to 1963. Then I got an after school, on Saturdays, and full time in Summer working for a local Florist. Me and the other white boys worked in 125 degree greenhouses doing everything from wheelbarrowing in and out fresh soil for growing flowers in, after we steam sterilized it all, to dis-budding the carnations. Summers were spent hoeing the weeds out of the flower fields under the blazing sun, or picking loads of flowers for the local markets. I learned to drive a four speed on the floor dump truck when I was 15, and sometimes on lunch hour we would sneak out the back way and drive it on the local roads. We got paid $1.00 per hour to start back then, with a 10 cent raise each year. The day I turned 17, I got my driver lisence, and was promoted to delivery driver, and I zipped around all afternoon after school in a 3 speed on the column Ford Econoline.

        2. @Heed & everyone else…my daddy used to tell me that locks and fences only keep HONEST people out. What does that have to say about the millions of illegals infesting our once great country today ? I can’t wait until Trump calls out the MILITIA, as per the Constitution.

    7. Thank you MS-13 members, for wearing your shirts up behind your necks to show off your gang tattoos. It makes it much easier to see where my rounds are impacting.

      1. Illegals cost the US Taxpayer $130 BILLION per year. Hordes of foreigners barging into our country uninvited is an illegal invasion, and they are criminals for doing it. Trump is putting the military on the border, and the wall will be built. Ground penetrating radar will detect underground tunnels, and they will be destroyed. Troops will patrol the entire length of the border, and trespassers will be dealt with harshly. No more catch and release for repeat offenders. It will be catch and terminate with extreme prejudice. Only those who go through the process legally will be allowed in our country. Who the hell do they think they are, barging in and telling us what to do. And raping, killing, thieving against our US citizens. They can go straight to hell, but first go back to where you came from. We don’t need no stink in’ invasion.

    8. On the news on TV, you’ve got Beto ( from Texas) saying he’s going to become President and will year down the boarder wall and have open boarders allowing everyone from south of yhe boarder to come here. Does he really think it will be good here with 400 or 500 or 600 million people living in America? We’ve got homeless veterans living on the streets and then you’ve got organisations on TV saying they will welcome all people in these caravans and help them get homes, jobs and cars! Forget our veterans, according to these illegal lovers , our veterans don’t matter. Jobs are getting harder to find. Payless Shoes is closing up over 2000 stores and laying off 20000 people. I’ve got two friends out of work and employers now require new employees to speak Spanish and not have or fly an American flag so as not to offend Hispanics! Can you belive this crap? And these illegals are either members of drug gangs or have family members who are. Plus they have 10 to 15 kids per family, so no wonder they are all related. Illegals want your job! The democrats go to Honduras and Guatemala and give out America voting cards, cell phones and pre-paid MasterCard and tell themto come to America and we’ll set you up and vote democrats.These caravans come with their countries flag and burn the American flag, yell obscenity at white people and throw rocks at Boarder Patrol agents and demand you them your job!

      1. The problem it’s the big corporations eating those small jobs like amazon,this companies don’t even paying taxes like we do .We need to watch where the money moves and control , to many things to fix but we need to stay united and find the solution.

          1. It is a fact look it up. Amazon paid no taxes this year thanks to new tax plan. If they are one of the largest companys in the world. So no other major company did either im sure. So now we are paying big corporations to take our jobs. How do you make Billions and pay 0 in Taxs. I made 45k this year and i have to pay 1800$

            1. @NO, Business taxes costs get passed on to customers anyway. Consumers pay the businesses’ taxes hidden in the price of the goods purchased. If a business pays no taxes, then that cost does not exist to pass on to consumers.

            2. no business anywhere pays taxes. businesses exist to make a profit. profit is revenue remaining after the cost of doing business is paid. taxes are a cost of doing business. ergo a business must include the cost of taxes in the price. ergo the consumer pays any, every, and all business taxes.

              taxes on businesses are a hidden sales tax. taxes should be visible and declared, not concealed.

              you can argue with these facts but you can not alter them.

            3. @Neutral

              “If they are one of the largest companys in the world. So no other major company did either im sure.”

              Ok, that right there is not a fact. That is an idiotic opinion based guess with no facts backing it up. Here is what I was looking for from Alex Quintero, does he have scans of Amazons Tax filings showing they indeed paid no taxes last year, was cutting it’s losses in Seattle last may over city tax issues factored in, did they have other offsets, which type of taxes are they claiming Amazon did not pay ect….

              What I was looking for was the math. Sorry, but I do not just take the words’ or claims of idiots as sacrosanct “Fact”. I wish you retarded progressive morons who have started to flock here under entirely random names would get a clue. You are obvious to spot from a mile away.

              Did I look at your article? Yes I did. Do I take it as fact, no I don’t. They still are not showing the math. Further, if the issue is as the article claims “Tax Credits”, then the left is to blame here as well since Amazon has been a huge source of funding for the DNC. So let me ask you, who set up the policies since America’s Billionaires are overwhelmingly on the Left politically and benefit from it the most?

              Now, if you truly believe that this is a problem, I have a solution to propose. If you say yes, then well at least I can see you are serious about taxes even though you are misinformed on how economics works. If you say no, then well we know what you are and you are here trying to cause problems as we already figured… Heres the idea

              Institution of a 10% flat tax for all Federal taxes, individual income and corporate income that can not be raised for the next 10 years minimum. Government must operate and budget on the amount they take in. States then adjust their taxes to accommodate their own needs.

              No exceptions, everyone pays 10%, that is it. So what do you say?

          2. Don’t get upset for the truth, it makes me sick to see so many American in different backgrounds suffering because we creating this mess .Main problem still in Dc.

            1. @Alex Q.

              Notice you still are not showing the math.

              So in case neutral observer doesn’t have the balls to answer this later, how about I pose the same question to you? If you are truly worried about the tax situation, then would you support….

              Institution of a 10% flat tax for all Federal taxes, individual income and corporate income that can not be raised for the next 10 years minimum. Government must operate and budget on the amount they take in. States then adjust their taxes to accommodate their own needs.

              No exceptions, everyone pays 10%, that is it. So what do you say?

      2. Veterans really then why try to spend all that money on the wall and not just focuse on the veterans instead that money can help them its all a corrupt country stop trying to blame the illegals common sense pilgrim

    9. A real problem here, gobbling up our comments and posts, nowhere to be seen. Am I the only one who has this happen? Do we get censored, even if the posts are civil and free of threats, obscenities, etc.?? Or is it a snafu in the system here? Lets see if this posts, maybe I’ll know.

      1. @Timothy Votaw

        No, Ammoland does not censor comments like that. Sometimes a certain word holds up the system, but they do not censor things. Always wait and see for a full 24 hours, then at least have the sense to reach out to ammoland directly if there is an issue.

        Not the first time this has happened, and they are trying to get a new system in place. Ammoland is getting a lot more traffic now, and they are trying to get things updated to handle the increased flow.

    10. Still have disappearing posts, or delayed. I guess it’s part of the process. I tried to post our experiences working there for residents wanting help against the drug cartel and the many criminal illegals posing problems. 5 months in Arizona, and this is all entirely true.

    11. Good ideas here. I can tell you from being there, extreme measures are going to be necessary very soon if this onslaught continues. Read my other post here, if it ever shows…?

    12. Build the wall, Deport them all! Without the votes of the Illegals and the deceased, the Democrats will disappear. What will happen to all the billions of dollars that the Illegals are collecting in benefits?

      1. Good idea, except for one minor detail:

        Canada are smarter than we are, as they WILL NOT ALLOW it. You ONLY get residency after a long and detailed vetting process.. I know, I went through it and gained residency. It took over a year, had to do it from my country of residence/citizenship, nad to document the things they asked me, and they checked, I found out. Even entering at the boundary checkpoints, if you are in a car they’ve got your ID residence, criminal history, know whether you have a Mother May I Card to carry a gun, before you get to the widket. As they ask you questions they are not paying near as muvh to the content of your answers, but to YOU… are you hesitating hedging, lying? They physically check ID these days, that means passport or Fed driving icense.
        For those who DI immigrate, AFTER being vetted and they make certain you are very likely to support yourself, at minimum, if, within the first two years they learn you are on any form of public assistance they will revoke your residency and deport you. No questions, no hesitation, no excuses. They also require a thorough complete physical examination by a registered physician, the report sent to them BEFORE they issue your final visa to immigrate.

        Canada have done things that way for decades. WHY can we not be that smart?

        1. Canada threatened to arrest me for crossing once in BC, when I had a temporary license with out a picture..
          I was charged with reckless transportation of a firearm in a motor vehicle, when I was 18..
          I had no case for the 16 gauge, and it was under the seat of my pick up truck, because the rear window gun rack was broken. I forgot it was under the seat while driving around. When police stopped me, and found it during a traffic stop, they read me the riot act. It cost me $50 and confiscation of the shot gun and a box 6 shot, I had used for pheasant hunting ..

          Michigan reduced it to a misdemeanor, but Canada called it a felony.
          With out a photo, they made me come inside customs/POE and go through a records check..
          They told me I would have to clear it up with the Canadian Consulate before I could legally cross the border again..

          The RCMP love their jobs, are very serious and strict..

    13. Speaking of a Marine on the border, this retired Marine, also an Oath Keeper member, spent 5 months along the border with a small team of former military members. We operated from the Portal area of SE Arizona to Ajo, and the Ironwood National Lands, adjacent to the Tohono D’ Odham Indian reservation where many drug mules and illegals passed into the U.S. There were some confrontations with armed drug mules, including shooting incidents by them. We developed a rapport with the Border Patrol and BLM rangers (I did a 30 year career with BLM, 12 in law enforcement), because we detained and turned over both kinds of illegals.
      Anyone who blindly, foolishly denies the problem without ever having been there, and seen that. You are part of the problem, and lie to yourselves, and other gullible people.
      This is a crisis, no doubt. I’d go back down if I could assure I’d have a team of former military and LEO’s. It is that bad.

    14. You cannot tell me for an instant, this country’s military could not go down and wipe out the cartels. Not for a second. We have wasted our troops in other countries, protecting their interests while in our own country we have allowed hundreds of thousands of deaths to occur through illegal and pharmaceutical drugs (fentinol) and other nefarious actions. This country is like a gaping wound exposed to toxic air – very soon it will succumb to irreversible disease, if it hasn’t already.
      For all those who are US citizens working for the cartels, line them up in a firing squad and shoot them; no mercy; take no prisoners. The damage done to our citizens should not be allowed ever again. For all those government workers, politicians helping cartels, hang them for treason against the US population – do this under the “Trading with the enemy act.”

    15. I can’t believe the morons that actually support the dotard trump you know the man loves to fornicate with his own daughter Ivanka. And you idiots are ok with that.

        1. @MJ, “No-mames-verga” (what ever that is) is more than a moron. He has revealed his preconceived bigotry against older people, by his use of the offensive term “dotard”. That from a libtard. He probably can’t even read cursive.

      1. The last time I drove up there a few years ago, the guy in the little house at the border asked me if I had any firearms with me. I replied, “Why, am I going to need one” ? After a couple minutes he said, “OK, go on thru”.

      2. @nomames, Aw, why don’t you go fornicate with yourself. It would be the best one you ever had. The trouble with you is that the best part of you dripped down your daddies leg.

    16. America is a LEGAL immigrant country – we welcome those who come in the right way. Those proponents of illegal aliens here claim we should bring them into the fold, allow them to go through the process and be at the back of the line during the process. What a crock of crap – they are already here, that puts them well past the front of the line, all the while, using our resources to the tune of billions of dollars at taxpayers expense.

      Keeping these illegals in Mexico during the process of determining asylum has served America well. Moreover, Mexico gets a taste of its own medicine which it has dealt out to us for decades.

        1. @? I think you need to study more before shouting expletives at someone. The indians were here before us but they migrated here. Besides the country has much more land than they would ever need. I hope you feel a little stupid at this point.

        2. @ ?

          Interesting handle you chose, but especially accurate since you are a clueless moron.

          I am a native American. I was born here. My parents were born here, their parents were born here….. I am 100% a “real American” even though I am not Cherokee, Sioux, Comanchero, Blackfoot, Pima, Crow, Navajo, or other indigenous subset you wish to qualify. Further, are you limiting time? They were not truly native here either, having crossed over from Asia if you believe the scientific theory, so in a sense if you are saying Americans are immigrants, so are the “Natives” you are trying to claim as legitimate.

          Why oh why do we have absolute moronic idiots who so adamantly want to show how stupid they are as fast as possible like yourself? You stupid insignificant little punk, telling others to shut up when online. Screw you, and Hard No… We wont be shutting up.

        3. Have you ever heard of “The Mound Builders” ? They were the people who were here before the Indians. They left mounds that had rooms inside, and they were covered with a concrete that is superior to the type we have today. Google it up. There are many clips on the net about those ancient people and structures. But of course, institutions such as the Smithsonian want to keep it all on the hush hush, like they kept Kincaids 1905 discovery of ancient artifacts in the Grand Canyon a big secret even up to the present day. Because of elitists like them, it can truly be said that everything you think you know about our history is wrong. Someday when you get the chance, you might want to google up “Forbidden Archeology” and “Forbidden Archeologists”.

    17. Democrats will start to vanish when the wall is finished. Bribery. They are scared for their lives. Why else would they fight the wall? Common sense. Trump 2020

    18. One things for sure those little creeps have military grade weapons including rocket launchers-improvised explosive devices /plus Tons of goodies supplied by international Drug dealers/ Terrorists/ so how are you liking the “”new world order “”so far? 1776

      1. really? Care to share your story?? Nothing good is happening in South America currently, the growth of islam is happening, the drug cartels are running Mexico’s government, the commies have failed in Venezuela and China, Iran and Russia are becoming huge to contradict? Offer proof we’re all wrong, fear mongering pinheads playing chicken little?

    19. For those who read comments on this forum. If any American citizens determine that one of these perps are a threat to American citizens and have weapon(s). If we file an ERPO, does anyone object? Revelator, Tom Cat, Vann 40, etc. Do any of you object?

      1. @ The Green Watch Dog

        Yes, I will be consistent and object because an ERPO is unconstitutional. ERPO’s are against the law.

        However, I also know the law better than you. It is a Class C Felony for any illegal immigrant to purchase or possess any type of firearm. So what happens
        1. You are aware of their immigration status because they told you, and they have also shown you their firearm.
        2. Police run a check on their immigration status, and find they are not a citizen or lawful resident.
        3. Police ARREST the individual.
        4. The individual faces trial, with evidence and testimony presented against them.
        5. Property is taken and the individual is deported.

        This is very much different from an ERPO, it does not violate due process or any other part of the constitution, and it already exists. ERPO’s have nothing to do with safety, they have nothing to do with keeping criminals off the streets or out of our country, they are a back door confiscation tool for Anti 2nd idiots period..

        You brain dead Anti second amendment Gun Control supporter…. You should have known better since I called you out on this before. There is already a system in place that follows the constitution, and we are never going to accept or comply with any of the Gun Control ideas like ERPO’s that you want. Get over it and grow up.

        1. Dear The revelator,
          Thank you for showing us the steps that law enforcement takes in their role in arresting an illegal immigrant. For my part, I don’t research if one is illegal here in the United States of America, an American citizen, or a true alien from the Roswell area. If they show to be a treat to myself or others, then I contact law enforcement, and let them do their job that they are assigned to do. Thank You,

          1. @GWD
            Notice you didn’t have much to say about ERPO’s in your response after my post.

            I also noticed that you are trying to change the topic away from illegal immigration. Since the origins of the article are on problems caused by illegal immigration at our border and the actions of the Cartels trying to influence and keep that border as porous as possible, your question was posed on Illegal immigrants, who you called perps but specifically differentiated from American Citizens.. Nice Strawman attempt.

            Once again, you show you really don’t have a clue about what you are talking about, but you will attempt to use any lie you can to advocate for infringements on the second amendment. And yet again, Green Watch Dog fails miserably.

            1. @Rev, the GRF has demonstrated that he does not know what a Right is. His attempt at “virtue signaling” only demonstrates “iniquity signaling”. And now, we see that he does not know what an illegal alien is.

            2. @Wild Bill

              Yes, Virtue Signaling indeed. That is why when he claimed to be so concerned for “Suicide numbers” I went through and explained step by step not just how but why his ideas do nothing to stop suicide.

              When he said it was about criminals, I went through and dissected his argument one piece at a time showing how not one thing he was suggesting would stop a criminal, that all it hurt was the law abiding.

              When he tried to claim being a Christian to support his views, I quoted scripture that he could not argue against. Instead he tried to claim I was twisting it, when everyone could see it was Chapter and Verse.

              When he said “But I own a gun too!” I listed the actions he has taken to try and install new infringements on the second amendment.

              The end result has always been, and likely always will be the same. He cannot defeat the evidence laid against him, so he moves on to try again on a new article. Same Lie, New Article. It’s what the dog does, and he does not do it well. He is too stupid to learn a new trick.

    20. The thing that has astonished me, is that while we watched ISIS behead people 10,000 miles away, it was happening right on our Southern Border via the Cartels. Hardly anyone spoke out about it, and certainly the MSM looked the other way.

      These cartels and inner city gangsters are Terrorists, pure and simple. They should be designated as such.

        1. Hahaha. You dumb shit. White people are the Illegals. Whites Colonized Native Americans, raped, pillage and took the Native Americans Lands. Now since your too stupid to know what a Native American is, I’m going to mention just a few tribes so you can open your mind a little.
          Apache, Blackfoot, Seraw, chonnonton. These are Tribes that are either Extinct or near Extinct. Why? Because of White people like you. Do me a favor. GO BACK TO SCHOOL!!! TAKE A CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY COURSE!!. YOU’LL REALLY LEARN WHERE PEOPLE CAME FROM and please don’t be talking negative shit here l, shit without a solid foundation. All you say is what ignorant and previous generations have been saying since before you were born. From the looks of it all that “RACISM” has been coming down from your LINEAGE all the way down to you. What is that 4 or 10 blood generations down to you. So next time you’re going to post something racial. Think about what you’re going to type, and make sure you have a solid argument, because from the look of it I made you look like the BIGGEST DUMBASS HERE!. HOPE TO HEAR FROM YOU SOON.

          1. He said “DEPORT THE ILLEGALS”

            that means the ones that SHOULD NOT BE HERE.

            that does NOT mean those who were here before “white man” came.

            So you want me to go take a cultural antrhopology class, eh? Tell me ONE “institute of hugher learning” that has one on offer that is not heavily biased in precisely the way your rant indicates YOU are.

            Yes, the US Government did terrible and wrong things to the natives already here… don’t forget WHO odered that, and WHO carried it out. the Plains Indian nations were liquidated by two Unioin Generals who had proven their evil disregard for all human ilfe…… General Sherman, who perpetrated the March to the Sea, clearing a swath twenty miles wide all the way from Atlanta to Savannah.. he and his men, under orders from Washington DC, destryed everything. burning, salting, killing, raping, every living thing they saw. Did not matter. cattle, men, women, cnildren….. made a wasteland of that stretch. He did such a fine job the Commander in Chief in DC then ordered him, to be joined by another wreth of a general, Sherridan, to go out West and do the same to the Indians. THAT is how so many of the tribes you named disappeared.. on orders from the Federal Government, if I have it right, the Democrats being in poewr at that time.

            Then, after the war was ended, the Union survivors did the same thing to the former Confederate States, which is where we got all the racism deeply embedded into government. Separate lunch counters, drinking fountains, seats on busses, what jobs were “available” to blacks, etc…. these were enacted into law during “Reconstruction”. FW Woolworh had no choice… they would break the law had they served a “negro” at the same area they served :”whites”.

            This border business is NOT a racism thing. It is simply upholding the laws in place for decades relating to who enters this country and on what basis. The ONLY thing that has changed since Trump came into office is that the existing laws are now being ENFORCED. during the kinyn’s “administration” they were not. Hah, the kinyun even hatched and worked a plan to ARM the cartels with guns straw purchased at retail here in the US and funnelled across the border to the south and into the SInaloa Cartel’s hands. Remember ther ecent conviction of ‘el Chapo” Guzman, the former chief honch of the Sinaloa Cartel? When they raided his headquarters compound there some time ago, they recovrered a number of weapons KNOWN to have been part of Obama’s “Arm the Cartels” programme.. Fast and Furious. One of them was the fearsome Berret BMG .50… specifically sent to them because of their ability to take down a helicopter in flight.

            You want a little “cultural anthropology”, you got some. But it ain’t the kind you got from your liberal marxist university.

            1. @Tionico

              You are forgetting that historically the “Natives” did not originate here on the American continent, if we are talking “cultural anthropology”, why did the idiot choose to qualify his statement with that specific nomenclature?

              Since it is the study of a system of expression in regards to shared experiences(I.E. culture), the moron chose that since he could say Native Americans have been here longer. Notice, “Longer”, not “Originate”. The Reason Christopher chose to do this is so he doesn’t have to look at the cultures or races that the Native Americans wiped out/murdered when they took over the land that no longer exist, or even to admit that Native Americans are no more native than “White People”. They have just been here a little longer. This is why he makes it a “Cultural” argument instead of a historical argument.

            2. I would go one more step than The Revalator on this, Fact is, the tribes fought each other for territory, so the cultural argument is flawed as well.

              How far would he go back in history? Cain and Able? It should be of note that in order to make that comment, he has attended college classes, so why didn’t he give up his spot to do proper “Cultural Justice” and allow an Aboriginal to take his seat in school?

            3. @Greg K

              That was where I was going originally, but I wanted to give Christopher just enough rope to make a ___ out of himself.

              That is why I asked the question about tribes that are now extinct because of the tribes he mentioned. I brought up the land bridge idea because I don’t think he would get a “Cain and Abel” reference.

              What it comes down to is Christopher Velez is a reprobate sphincter hole attempting to use the idea of “Social Justice” as a cudgel against people he feels entitled to hate while simultaneously stroking his own ego so he doesn’t have to think about how worthless his life actually is.

              Or, in simple English.. He’s an effin’ putz.

          2. @Velez….I think you have your “facts” a little mixed up. The Whites came here to America and we bought land from the Indians. Don’t you remember the story of the Manhattan purchase ? Truth be told, Manhattan was a mosquito infested island that the Indians avoided. They never bothered going there because it was too hard and dangerous to get to, with their little canoes. And besides, the tribe that took possession of the $24 worth of trinkets didn’t own the place anyway. They all had a good laugh selling the land that belonged to a different tribe. But none of them cared because they hated the place anyway. Bet you never heard the truth about that story before, did you. My ancestor, Claus Claussen was born on that island in 1599, during a run the Dutch West Indies company made to reconnoiter the place, and the story has been passed down the family since he was a wee boy. And across the water to Oyster Bay, LI, the deed from another ancestor named Christopher Hauxhurst is still on file in the town hall. I think it was 70 acres he bought for 40 pounds sterling from the chief of the tribe that owned the land. And the chief had a big laugh also, because they never had any inkling of buying private property. But he liked all the goodies he could buy at the trading post with all those pounds sterling. It was worth a whole lot more than the sewant they were used to using for money, and beaver skins. And after that, when we had the Revolution, and the War of 1812, many of the local Indians sided with the Loyalists and the British King, and guess what ? They lost. And back in those days when you lost the war, you were either hung or deported. And your land and goods was confiscated. That’s what happened to the Loyalists and the Indians. Most of them were deported to Adolphstown in Nova Scotia, and Montreal, and other places in Canada, and their land and houses were confiscated. So maybe you better get your facts straight before I sue you for defaming the good name of my ancestors, Mr. Velez. I think the only racist here is YOU, Mr. Velez, with your Commie “Hate Whitey” attitude.

          3. They came out of Africa Twice…They/We have been sacking the joint ever since. Accruing land by whatever means deemed fit at the time. The Aboriginal Americans fought among themselves as well, so your premise is extremely flawed. How far should we go back in history to make things acceptable to you?

      1. Dam right they are and the liberals up in Washington dont care that they are killing Americans every day. If some never heard of group kills people in a foreign country though they are ready to send the troops. It’s a shame they care more about other countries than there own. BUILD THE DAM WALL

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