Convenience Store Owner Who Killed Thief Sentenced To 8 Years In Prison ~ VIDEO

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USA –-( KOMO TV 4 in Seattle, Washington reports 01-23-19 in Spanaway, the results of a March 16 convenience store owner shooting a shoplifter.

In March 2016, an individual was a shoplifting suspect at the Pacific Quick Shop and trying to flee from the store.

This was a month after the owner’s wife was wounded by an armed would-be robber when she and the robber exchanged gunfire. Those robbery suspects were caught.

Now a month later, the owner was the one dealing with people trying to steal from his store. He told KOMO News back then it was a struggle for his gun and he shot the suspect in self-defense.

“I was down and he was on top of me and he was trying to reach my gun,” the owner said in a March 26, 2016 interview.

The prosecutor however said the video showed a suspect who was unarmed and hands up. After a brief scuffle, the suspect tried to get away, that's when the owner fired shots.

“I did not have the right to take (the suspect’s) life” the owner said in court on Friday. “I feel terrible that I did so and will have to live with that for the rest of my life.” “I was shot by a robber and after that my husband struggled in fear of losing me,” the owner’s wife told the court.

Judge John Hickman agreed it was a tough situation, but said deadly force was not warranted.

The convenience store owner was sentenced to eight years in prison. He told the judge he accepted responsibility for what he did and apologized for his actions.


No one was in court on behalf of the deceased.

The shooter asked the judge for permission to write a letter of apology to the shoplifter’s family. The judge granted that request.

Washington State has some of the most criminal friendly laws in the country. No doubt this was a poorly thought out use of defensive gunfire, but eight years? Perhaps a Washington State Attorney can respond to this question to help readers understand the sentencing.

Hopefully, with good behavior etc. he will be out in less than that. No doubt a civil suit for wrongful death will take whatever funds the owner had left after this trial.

Bob Irwin, Las Vegas

About Bob Irwin

Bob is retired after 30 years of ownership of The Gun Store & Indoor Range in Las Vegas. He continues his 2A issues show “Fired Up with Bob Irwin” on YouTube and on KLEY 1230 AM, The Nevada Talk Network on Saturdays.

As a firearm instructor of Concealed Firearm Applicants, Armed Security Officer and Law Enforcement Academies over his career, Bob appears frequently as an expert witness for firearm & use of force cases in Federal, State, and local courts.

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    1. The shoplifter was a dirtbag and no big loss. This guy should’a got a medal for removing another vermin from society.

    2. Does it ever occur to dimbulb punk thieves that they might be killed in the process of perpetrating their crimes? The laws should be written to keep in mind that there is such a thing as “personal responsibiity,” but sadly, these days the poor slob against which crimes are perpetrated far too often becomes demonized and becomes the ultimate the victim of a legal system that needs overhauling. It doesn’t make sense that anyone defending their property or their lives must almost get a law degree before they attempt to defend themselves in what are too often violent situations.

    3. Klamath Falls Herald and News: Sunday, July 21st, 2013/Letters To The Editor

      Carrying a firearm a serious matter, so…

      While reading the Herald and News online I noticed a July 15 article which elicited my interest. Titled, “Another ‘responsible’ gun owner charged with murder of teen now claims self defense.” This no doubt follows the national controversy involving the George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin case.

      Too, an increasing number of private citizens nationwide, including women, have become first time handgun purchasers and now carry concealed via a valid concealed carry permit. Naturally I laud, support and embrace this trend of armed citizens. Yet I’m likewise cognizant of the fact that packing a lethal weapon such as any firearm, is a serious matter, and can have legal consequences.

      Thus I endorse Massad Ayoob and Lethal Force Institute in Concord, New Hampshire. Access for more information. “Judicious Use of Deadly Force” by Massad! Ayoob remains available for viewing on You Tube. Ayoob is the nation’s top authority on lethal or deadly force, the ramifications of such, including the aftermath. Being a career law enforcement officer with rank of captain, a teacher on this subject, and author of numerous books Massad Ayoob remains credible, qualified and highly knowledgeable.

      For women, Paxton Quigley’s “Armed and Female: Taking Control” (2010) also is recommended. An armed citizen, whether packing or not, can benefit from Massad Ayoob’s knowledge and instruction. Even for the citizen who only keeps a loaded shotgun inside the bedroom closet or behind the door in case of a break in, prowler, burglar, etc. You can never have too much practical knowledge pertaining to self defense/ house protection/concealed carry. The Bible states: “A wise man will hear, and will increase learning; and a man of understanding will attain unto wise counsels.” — Proverbs 1:5

      James A. Farmer, Farmer
      Now a resident of Merrill, Oregon (Klamath County)

      1. I’ve owned a copy of Ayoob’s “In the Gravest Extreme” for many years and recommend all gun owners buy a copy. It really opened my eyes how to conduct yourself when your finger is on the trigger and your sights on a BG. Great info from a cops experience with armed civilians.

    4. Without seeing the video, there’s not enough information here to make an informed decision.
      The story says there were “people trying to steal from [the] store.” What does that mean? Was it a flash-mob shoplifting? A single person (or two) shoplifting? A true robbery? (“Stealing” isn’t necessarily robbery.)
      Was there actually a struggle for the owner’s weapon? And if the offender was a shoplifter and not a robber, why did the owner have a gun out in the first place?
      This story poses more questions than it answers.

    5. Jakeel Rashon Mason was the one who got the bullets.
      “Brave 6-Year-Old Fights Off Abductor – “Jakeel Rashon Mason” Arrested”
      ‘Run … kick … punch’: Little girl thwarts abduction attempt”–kick–punch-little-girl-thwarts-abduction-attempt-11-21-2015

      “…Kim says the confrontation unfolded when one of the suspects went to the cash register. Kim says he pulled out a gun, and at first it looked like the man would surrender. Instead he knocked Kim to the ground and grabbed for his gun, Kim said.
      “It was going to be either me or him, and I don’t want to leave my family behind,” Kim said. So he pulled the trigger, killing the suspect, who stumbled and fell in the doorway. He was later identified as Jakeel Mason, 21, of Tacoma.
      At that point, the second suspect immediately sat down and waited for police to arrive. He was not arrested and is cooperating with police during the investigation.” –

      There was a fight to get the gun – Mason was on top of Kim. In the heat of the moment Kim fired as Mason ran towards the door. How many out there would have the resolve, the calm after being wrestled by a robber to get the gun would simply allow the robber to run away? At what point was this not “self-defense” in the heat of the moment? I do not have an answer unlike a few of you who quickly find fault in what others say.

    6. I do t get some of the comments.


      The scumbag came in tried to steal, was confronted, brief struggle, was attempting to run away and then was shot and killed. Textbook manslaughter. Not self defense, he was running away.

      One of the comments said the NRA shoulld have gotten involved? Really in a case that isn’t self defense?

      Bad decision by shop owner.

      For those that don’t know the law, a case that is taught to lawyers

      A guy opens his front door, a bad guy is there attempting to break in, startled, bad guy shoots the guy in the head with a .22 pistol and then runs away. The guy is stunned, but chases the bad guy down and in the struggle kills the bad guy.

      Guy who is shot in the head is guilty of manslaughter because when the bad guy ran away, there was no continued threat and no need for leather force.

      1. bad guy STILL had gun, thus was STILL a lethal threat until he was out of range. HW did homeowner know BG would not stop, turn about, and fire again? Or appear to disappear, then reappear in a different place, sort of like our good buddy choirboy Trayvon did.?

    7. Sorry, actually NOT SORRY… I have zero empathy for ANY criminal. This piece of trash was removed before he reached the usual (Dem/lib accepted) criminal apex title of “MURDERER”.

    8. The editor Bob Irwin,
      Back in the day, (1986) I beat him at 16 years old in a shooting competition. I did this with a five second penelty. I was using a S&W 39-2 and Bob was using a Glock 17 with trintium night sights. Bob had won that competition four or five years in a row. That year I also took 4th place in the Las Vegas pistol shoot for the Gun Store team.
      Bob was a excellent shooter. Have a feeling that’s why I lost my job at the Gun Store not to many weeks later. Anyway, glad to see Bob still going strong with 2A related stuff and doing much for the 2A community.

    9. Were was the NRA in all this? I bet nowhere near it. So much for the “bastion of 2nd Amendment rights”. It’s a damn shame this American is behind bars for trying to defend himself and property. Any law forbidding defense of self and property is disgraceful. He was in a fight for his life against someone trying to take his gun and most likely murder him.
      Anyone walking into a store to purposely steal had better carefully consider the reality of never waling out.
      Who was the suspect? Under what circumstances did he decide to steal? What did the video ACTUALLY show and did the prosecutor manipulate it or even lie (like all lawyers do)? Was the suspect Caucasian or black?
      The family should have apologized for raising someone who would even consider stealing and possibly killing another.
      Sorry, don’t have a lot of pity for the suspect.

      1. I believe the correct question should be “Where were the defenders of 2A in all this?” This should be a Nation of Laws – which is not always the case with bad police, bad politicians, corrupt lawyers, corrupt laws, corrupt judges, people who do not understand self defense, and evil people in general who will steal, kill and destroy anything and everything they touch. Since I was not present in the store when this case occurred I will not render a judgement on it, but having been falsely accused I have empathy for most who are judged in questionable circumstances and convicted. But the NRA CANNOT rush to assist everyone who is charged with a gun crime. Local 2A often do not adequate resources to fight the Righteous cases in their regions, and neither does the NRA. While I agree that there are horrible laws on the books I don’t agree that the 2A Defenders are at fault. WE THE PEOPLE are generally the ones at fault because WE elect the folks doing the most damage! I am not saying the law abiding, gun owning, citizens who believe and follow the US Constitution are responsible for the current state of affairs in America. The uninformed, misinformed, bleeding heart, etc., citizens (and non-citizens) who vote are the ones who try to corrupt and change the US Constitution, THEY must be held accountable.
        I am a Black NRA Life member, living in the Socialist Democratic Republic of California, fighting to Make CA what it once Was, Again.
        If we fight and devour one another, the only ones left will be the ‘Other Side’.

    10. Hey Bob

      Please follow up on the houston couple killed by plain clothes police who raided their (apparently wrong) house and killed their dog then them without knocking and then lied to cover up their multiple errors (crimes).

      There are SO MANY home invasions in Houston that the Houston police should NEVER do plain cloths swat raids……and then the lying to cover up the murders……..

      Please keep us informed, there seems to be a media blackout on this on.


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