Crazy AOC Is No Democrat Outlier


2020 Democrats Radicals
2020 Democrats Radicals

USA – -( The main problem in American politics is not the obvious polarization but the underlying reasons for it. Partisanship, angst and divisiveness are all preferable to surrendering the culture and fundamentally transforming the republic.

The Democratic Party has deceived much of the public into believing that its positions aren't extreme, but the truth is coming out now for all to see. Such veritable crackpots as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are not merely fringe fruitcakes; they are just bringing the party out of the closet.

It's as if half this decadeslong leftist conspiracy to turn America into a socialist hellhole has finally been exposed by the unwitting soldiers of the revolution, who have understood everything about it but were told to keep their mouths shut about their ultimate goals.

The party's ostensible centrists are panicking, realizing that unless they can successfully cast AOC et al. as outliers, the party faces an electoral bloodbath in 2020. But there are few remaining Democratic centrists.

  • How many national Democratic officeholders are pro-life?
  • How many really believe in enforcing the country's borders?
  • How many reject the rampant practice of identity politics and the racialization of virtually every issue?
  • How many object to the coarsening of the culture?
  • How many defend religious liberty for Christians?
  • How many champion the free market?
  • How many oppose lawless judicial activism?
  • How many support equal opportunity rather than equal outcomes?

There will be an interesting tug of war in the Democratic Party over the next few years as its pragmatic elements attempt to muzzle AOC before the reality of the party's extremism is irreversibly planted in the minds of American voters.

Can you imagine the hysteria in the smokeless-filled rooms of the Democratic National Committee, with half the party's bosses desperately conspiring to shut AOC up and the other half warning against anything too overt, knowing that the party's rabid base is every bit as radical as AOC and company?

I am cautiously encouraged by the left's premature self-exposure, because President Trump will handily win re-election if Democrats continue this pattern of defiance. No matter how much they demonize Trump, they'll fail in direct proportion to their openness about their radical agenda.

But my optimism is tempered by the Democrats' survival instinct and warrior spirit. They still have time to stanch the bleeding and stage a transfusion by quickly calling an audible, awkwardly persuading AOC to get back in the closet, pretending to moderate themselves and somehow, in the midst of all this contradictory confusion, mollifying their base and principal benefactors.

The most gratifying development to date is that for once, Republicans are positioned to capitalize on the Democrats' potentially fatal confessional. Indeed, President Trump jumped right on this in his State of the Union speech in starkly contrasting the parties' respective visions for America.

Democratic Compromise
Democratic Compromise

By presenting the Republican Party as bullish on America — the party of optimism, growth, life, opportunity, the rule of law, robust liberty, national sovereignty and peace through strength — and showcasing the Democratic Party as the party of death, malaise, identity politics, lawlessness and open borders, Trump has thrown down the gauntlet and set the stage for the 2020 campaign, which is now fully underway. Contrary to the prevailing narrative, Trump is anything but a policy extremist.

Trump is ideally suited to lead the GOP (and the nation) at this pivotal moment because he is nothing if not a warrior, and we stand to lose this country for generations — and possibly for good — if we don't take this fight to our opposition and engage in it with intensity that is equal to or greater than that of the indefatigable Democrats.

Let the usual leftist suspects and their media comrades lecture us about partisanship and divisiveness, but they are the ones assaulting the principles, traditions and constitutional framework that have made this nation great, and it would be an immoral abandonment of the nation and everything we believe in to surrender just to stave off this bogus criticism and win the accolades of the left.

Some people don't have a taste for the fight and believe that lukewarm overtures across the aisle could result in glorious harmony — as if pretending to get along were better than saving the nation for our children. How many times will we have to be short-sheeted by Democrats before we realize there is no compromising with them? Don't the recent border negotiations show which party demands concessions, gives none and paints the other as the partisan wretch? The vaunted history of bipartisan compromise has consistently resulted in the Democrats marching the football further down the field toward the socialist goal post.

Our failure to fight back has resulted in the urgency that now confronts us.

Sure, we must fight fairly, but that includes exposing the left's real agenda and its disastrous consequences for America and every day highlighting the dramatic differences in the parties' visions and emphasizing, in no uncertain terms, that only one of those visions is compatible with the survival of the republic as founded.

David Limbaugh
David Limbaugh

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  • 36 thoughts on “Crazy AOC Is No Democrat Outlier

    1. You could ask all those questions about the GOP politicians and the answers would not be that different. The biggest difference between the two parties is in their bases. The progressives support the Democrat’s leaders. The Republican leaders throw their base under the bus every chance they get. Only a fool trusts a politician of any party.

    2. Nothing happens by accident in politics. Could this be the game plan, these dems who have announced their run for the Presidency, all playing their part, all expounding far far left views, and the likes of a Biden/Obama ticket (yes Michele) waiting in the wings, ready to jump in and look like the adults in the room, a powerhouse for fund raising, thus sweeping the primary, uniting the dems and pulling Independents?

    3. “… we must fight fairly.”????

      Are you certain of that? Since the Democrats (socialists, progressives, communists, or whatever the hell they call themselves THIS week) established the rules initially, and they revise those rules daily, how are we to even know how to define the term “fairly?”

      With this country’s (and my grandchildren’s!!) future at stake… the hell with “fair.” We either fight to win, period, or we just give up and don’t even start to object to these wastes-of-human-skin political liberals.

      Personally, I refuse to just give up.

    4. The biggest (and perhaps un-perceived) problem with all of this leftist radical wacko-ism is that when they “move the goalposts,” they are only moving the LEFT on further left. That way, when (after they flood the Democrat “potential candidate” field with the obvious lunatics) they run someone that presents themselves as a “centrist” or “moderate,” the new “center” is ALWAYS SHIFTING FARTHER LEFT!

    5. The democrat party hates it that Trump has accomplished so much in bringing the economy back (and they try to say it was the kenyon) because it destroys the ploy to make citizens dependent on the government. That is necessary in their “fundamentally transform America” gerberich. Now they will have to start over because people have jobs and the unemployment is down to record lows. They have already started by running Amazon away from NY and all the jobs it would produce. I am not a fan of Amazon’s way of bullying their way into a location but the politicians are not smart enough to be able to deal with them.

    6. I don’t watch the nightly jimmy ,jimmy, steven shows, but I see the previews , Every night it’s a contest to see who hates Trump the most. Some of the unemployed ( don’t have to get up for work) viewers lap up such drivel and believe every word. I don’t have to remind the readers here but gun owners are about 110 thousand strong while non gun owners are about 220 thousand strong so we all must vote for our own interests!! As minority voters we must stand together .Those of the “minority” party do.

      1. I agree about (not) watching late night TV. I miss Carson and Leno. Letterman became a crass overly zealous liberal long before he departed. Such as when he went after Sarah Palin’s 14 year old daughter. Sick Bastard. I can remember also, when SNL was funny. It ceased being funny when Obama was president. SNL could not be irreverent to the liberal demigod, but they can be sick and crass when going after Trump. The culture: entertainment, news media, and education have been mostly taken over by leftest elites. I hope and pray America wakes up to what is happening and what the Socialist Democrats have in store for the nation.

    7. Does not matter that we hope President Trump will win. if someone does not fix all the voter fraud it is not going to be good 2020… look at the mid terms. look at the state level anti gun garbage getting passed by bused in left-wingers. couple that with the fact that that legal gun owners, that was the Presidents larger base of voters, he sold out by his handshake on the RED FLAG LAWS. did I forget the very large amount of brainwashed young people who embrace socialism and the mass of media fed insane WOMAN. With people that are overly loud on the internet being Deplatformed, it is going to take divine intervention in 2020 for another win.

    8. Trump is not sane or fit to run this country. Obama started the divide in this country and Trump is taking it to a new level. This country needs a middle of the road leader to try and save us! One side vs the other is as stupid as anything can be. Congress needs to read the laws and decide if they are best for America. Instead they and Trump are like a bunch of 5th graders with their. He said, She said line of bullshit.

      1. You are wrong. A middle of the road candidate will plunge this nation in to socialism or worse. We are already on that slope and gaining speed. Compromise gets us socialism. The left sees compromise as doing what they want. When you don’t toe the line with leftists they demonize you. If you have power and can make a difference they try to marginalize you. If they can’t do that then they criminalize you. Compromise would be the end of the Union.

        Open borders is meant to dumb down the populace. An ignorant population is easier to control. It is meant to overload the entitlement system. More people riding in the cart then pushing or pulling it. It is meant to drive down wages and spread unemployment among citizens and legal immigrants. Illegals taking lower end jobs for even lower wages. Higher minimum wages for citizens and legal immigrants forcing business owners to downsize their workforce and charge higher prices. All the while the super rich manipulate money markets to get even more money.

        It’s all interconnected. One situation props the next. It all pushes the nation over the socialist cliff. It is all manipulated from the inside but people who want to keep their power.

        As far as Trump not being sane, prove it. Find a diagnosis. Just because he isn’t refined doesn’t make him mentally ill. My problems with him id the deficit spending and the bump stock ban. He is trying to keep his promises. He is putting conservative judges on the bench at all levels. He is attempting to bring back the US economy. Never forget Obama’s “New Normal”. If you’re going to call someone insane then you’d better do some research.

    9. Brain washing. Nothing is for free! The foreigners will be slaves (because they are willing to work), the freeloaders and elderly will be deleted (because they don’t want to work or can’t), ones that already work but wont give in to slavery will be punished and used as examples, college students will be in debt and slaves, (because government will take power of all schools) and children will be used as collateral (so parents will work) or children will be traded for sick minded powers to do sick minded things to them, (we already see they don’t care about children because of extreme abortion ruling) and this is all happening from taking the rights of the people away by rewriting the Constitution to fulfill their agenda! First and foremost they are taking our 2nd Amendment away so we can’t fight them! The opioid epidemic under the Obama/Clinton administration I believe was deliberate as well as influx of illegal drugs! Big pharma backs politicians!

      1. Voting is not working anymore. The Dems are eliminating the last chance of voting actually working by eliminating the electoral college state by state. It’s happening already. When Trump won in 2016, they said they were going to “look into the electoral college system” and they are. They’re getting rid of it. Now the massive voter fraud they openly commit will give them the power they need.
        Inside the states, they already win almost every position they want. In Alabama, they won the US Senate seat by paying a bunch of women to come out against Roy Moore, have the mainstream media make it a national emergency that he “may have” done something unethical 30 years ago and that along with voter fraud, put a communist Democrat in the seat in Alabama of all places. BTW, the voter fraud I’m talking about is 600,000 registered Republican votes did not get counted, no military votes were counted and the ballots were ordered to be destroyed the next day by a Democrat judge.

        So, how much confidence can we have in “the vote?”

    10. I have never been really big into politics in my whole life, until Donald Trump became President, Now between the media and these damn evil democrats, I worry everyday what the future holds for this country. Every single rep sitting on their ass dreaming up stupid ideas on how to take away law abiding citizens guns and rights, all while they are protected and their gun control cannot even stop a convicted felon from buying a gun and committing a mass execution. The people of this country that work hard and protect their own while obeying the law are tired of giving and supporting people who do not want to work or consider themselves under privileged. People that have done well have no incentive to do so when the democrats want to take more than a fair share and give it to people that do not want to work. I think that it is ridiculous to tax the rich at 70%. I pay more than Amazon in federal taxes and I am poor. What is right about that?

      1. Crazy 1, First off, it is NOT the convicted felons that are committing the “mass muders”, it is people that went through the background checks and bought their firearms legally! I keep hearing everything on the “convicted felons” when it is people with no record that are committing most of the crimes in the country, including the worst criminals, that are the politicians! As far as a “convicted felon” getting guns, why should any EX,felon go by the law when people like you are always accusing them of everything and telling them they will never have any rights and will never be more than a second class citizen? Before 1968 when people served their prison terms their guns were returned to them and their rights were restored and rightly so! Many EX,felons work and pay taxes, and should have the same rights as anyone else!
        Part of the reason for 1776 was taxation without representation. No one should work and pay taxes if they have no say in how the country is run! If someone pays taxes they should have the same rights and say as any other tax payer!
        The ones screaming the loudest about EX,criminals are the ones that have crimes in their past that they were not caught committing, but will never admit to them!

        1. Show me a male living their life inand I will show you a witting or unwitting felon. Those that committed a crime for which the victim could have legally used deadly force to prevent commission of said crime should, upon conviction of said crime and one failed timely appeal, be put to death.

    11. The scary part is the millions who support the left in their goals to destroy the system that has made the USA the richest and most powerful nation in the history of the planet.

      1. @joe, we let the progressives and marxists of the 1920s invade unions and schools. We allowed them to teach our children to be narcissistic, malcontented, hard core unemployables.

    12. They and their cronies, along with their usefull idiots are Enemies to the United States of America.
      Socialism>Communism>Gun Control=Disarmament=Extermination…
      The Impoverished Deadly Agenda…As history has proven….

    13. Next it will be Face lift’s ,
      for Everybody… Ugly Americans !
      You get Face lift,,, & You get a Face lift !!!
      Everybody gets a Face lift !!
      ( as long as every body looks the same ,
      thinks the same and complies with their programing )
      Nut’s is Nut’s

    14. AOC is everything Republicans could possibly ask for to Win in 2020. Along with Illan Omar they will do more to destroy the democratic party than anything Republicans can do. # Keep America Great 2020

      1. You my friend are right on target. Let’s hope the damage is done and continues. These two are the best thing to happen for the Rep. Donald Trump will win thanks to these two.

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