Democrat Privilege

Art by A.F. Branco

Democrat Due Process
Democrat Privilege

USA –-( Democrat Privilege.

Democrats and the mainstream media were willing to throw away “due process” in order to believe all women during the Kavanaugh hearing, but have a much different attitude regarding the Fairfax accusations.

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About A.F. Branco

A.F. Branco is a GrassRoots Conservative Political Cartoonist for Conservative Daily News, Net Right Daily, Legal Insurrection, and now Ammoland Shooting Sports News.

A.F. Branco has taken his two greatest passions, (art and politics) and manifested them into the cartoons that have been seen all over the country, in various news outlets including “Fox News” and “The Washington Post.” He has been recognized by such personalities as James Woods, Sarah Palin, Larry Elder, Lars Larson, and even the great El Rushbo.

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  • 10 thoughts on “Democrat Privilege

    1. The first rule of democrats is DIFFERENT STROKES FOR DIFFERENT FOLKS. You see and hear them doing that every day. Their heads are so screwed up they don’t even know which way is up let alone left or right.

    2. The demon- craps are anti- gun, anti-white, anti-Christian, anti-Semitism, anti-straight. They are pro minorities, pro gay, pro Muslim, pro illegals, pro communists! And the sheep. keep voting for them! That’s why stupid people shouldn’t vote.

      1. @Concerned, They should be called the antisocial, perennial malcontent, hard core unemployable party. A PHMCUP They will probably send me to a re-education camp, for this, someday.

    3. The Dimocrap Party (really Communist Party. USA) is totally devoid of any sense of ethics, fair play or accountability. With the destruction of the USA as its sole goal, any means necessary to gain and hold power is it’s only guiding principal.
      So, they don’t see a double standard. Just multiple converging paths to the same destination.

    4. Just remember Democrat this Republican that….. TRUMP IS THE FRIEND OF NONE!! OUT FOR HIS SELF INTRESTS! LET’S STOP ARGUING and see the true problem! All of our rights and way of life is in jeopardy. The more we argue the easier it is for them to hide the truth! I love my guns!! It’s not the guns to worry about everyone. It’s this argument! Turn this negative crap energy towards the problem and GUNS WILL NEVER BE TOUCHED! It’s not dems IT IS EDUCATION ON GUNS/FIREARMS!! That easy. Teach people don’t tell people… Talk to people don’t yell!! Go find 1 person a week talk guns take them to the range!! EDUCATE THE MASS EVERYONE!! IT SEEMS YOU ALL KNOW SO MUCH PLEASE RETURN THIS KNOWLEDGE TO THE MASS IN A RECEPTIVE WAY…. Win Win!
      Good luck fellow Americans!! We are all in the cross hairs so let’s shift our position a bit and know there is a better way to do this!!!

    5. Hypocrites in the media and the Donkeycrat party (most are sad to say) will speak out of both sides of their faces and never look it the mirror to see what is looking back at them. Until that stops we must keep plugging away and call them out at every turn!

    6. GMB; You finally got something right; There are a lot of people that live that way. But this double standard that the Demo-Rats live under almost makes it impossible to call them out on it, and the culture in this country of muss brains that have been indoctrinated through the liberals teachers and college professors, that say that everyone should hope for the society where they will be told what they can do to promote it, in it’s own way it is believe everything we say and it will be fine, this is why we can’t even show them why it doesn’t work, it is also why they aren’t in jail!!!!!

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