Ex-Dyson Engineer Designs 100% Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder – Patented ~ VIDEO

USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- The vast majority of bird feeders have a serious problem. They feed the squirrels, crows and grackles more than the songbirds. These pests can be ferocious eaters, devouring endless amounts of expensive bird seed. Manufacturers have tried to invent squirrel proof feeders but all have basically failed until now.

Roamwild PestOff Squirrel Proof Wild Bird Feeder

How does the patented design work to solve the problem:

When a large bird, squirrel or rat lands on the perch of the bird feeder, the heavy weight of the pest makes the perch hatch move downwards blocking off access to the food. Once the frustrated pest moves off the perch, the perch hatch automatically returns to its open position, awaiting for the next lightweight songbird to feed, or to stop the next pest – Letting the small birds feed only!

James Thorn, Head of Design @ www.roam-wild.com said:

“This product really does work. 3 years of design work, prototyping and testing has delivered the ultimate squirrel & pest proof bird feeder. Designed with the customer in mind, it is simple to fill, easy to clean, reliable, the birds love it!”

The Roamwild PestOff Bird Feeder is a revolutionary product for the garden.

  • Patented – Not just 100% squirrel proof, also pest proof. Large birds (including pigeons), young squirrels or rats cannot feed either.
  • Individually spring-loaded feeding ports only let songbirds feed not pests.
  • Huge Capacity of 3LBS / 1.5 litres – no constant refilling unlike other bird feeders.
  • Weather Proof – No seed clogging, as built in rain guard above seed ports keeps the seed dry to prevent clogging.
  • Feeder is 7.5” / 19cm in diameter, 20.5” / 57cm tall including hanging wire.


Roamwild PestOff Squirrel Proof Wild Bird Feeder
Roamwild PestOff Squirrel Proof Wild Bird Feeder


Who are Roamwild?

At Roamwild (a brand of Oakthrift Corp), we signify a free-thinking team of people, who innovate and develop amazing consumer products, that the discerning customer will really appreciate and enjoy. We think of ideas, make them a reality and ensure that our products are simply better than anything else on the market. When you see a product, which is branded by us at Roamwild, you will soon realize that there is something very unique and different about it. Roamwild – A name to remember. Visit: www.roam-wild.com

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    1. Also, the designs where all of the ports get closed at the same time if a heavy critter lands on it – they can decapitate little birds that have their head inside the feeder when the heavy bird or squirrel landed on the closing mechanism (this has happened when we had that style of feeder, and we immediately threw it in the trash when discovered). So in that respect, this new design is better, because the ports close independently.

    2. All you need to do is mount the feeders on a pole that is 2″ diameter PVC from Home Depot or Lowes.
      Squirrels can not climb large diameter PVC poles but then you still have to worry about
      pigeons and doves eating al the food you put out.

      I have thus also enclosed all my feeders to prevent Pigeons and doves from taking the food.

      if you look at this photo above closely I used Closet maid Super Slide Metal linen shelves
      that came 4′ x 12″ and hacksawed them into 2 (two) 2′ lengths. Home Depot SN = 873-398

      Then I put chain link on both ends to keep the large birds and squirrels out.
      but it would actually be better to use smaller gauge wire that is intended for use
      around gardens.

      Email me with questions
      Bill Z
      Delaware County, PA
      devilsadvacat at gmail dot com

    3. My Racoons will just shake it back n forth…as the seed falls out of the feeder onto the ground. Then they climb down and eat the spoils. After they did that to my weight sensitive feeders from Wild Birds Unlimited, I just gave up and bring my feeders in every night,

    4. I’m a proponent of the original Squirrel Buster; used it for years. Following years of observations, squirrels have stood on the top, tried accessing the seed ports by stretching from the shepherd’s hook holding the feeder to the feeder, was well as hanging from the bottom using all fours. Success: ZERO success. Yep, the squirrels have tried to gain entry by chewing on the steel components without gaining access. And, finally, draped a Slinky over the shepherd’s hook and directly across from the seed ports supporting the feeder to further aggravate the furry critters. Bottom line: The original works just fine.

      1. I bought one at Lowe’s that has metal leaves on it and the base is on a spring also, when they get on it the spring goes down the leaves go over the ports and they just can’t believe it they just cannot believe it! LOL. I have noticed that some of the metal leaves have been chewed on where they have tried to get them off and out of the way but with no success. I have had this for about 4 years and nothing has happened to at the Springs are fine nothing has rusted it’s been out in the elements for four years I live on the river in a wooded area.

    5. I agree my squirrels took apart their squirrel feeder and took it off and I can’t find it. I’m sure they’ll find a way to get into there. I think I’m just going to give up and let them eat too. I put corn out for the squirrels corn cobs and the birds eat it. Blue jay and Crow. So there you go just feed everythingif they run out that’s their problem.

    6. This design was introduced by Brome’s Squirrel Buster years ago and it works. But I will stick with Brome, the original designer. Also, the rain guard on this feeder will give little, if any rain protection. Check out Brome’s weather guard, much better design.

    7. My squirrels over time will learn to stand on the perch and chew through the plastic tube. I would predict them to do this where the plastic tube meets the other material. Thus, I don’t see this design much better than others in the “long run”, plus it has moving Spring parts that would have problem potential. Sorry…..this won’t outsmart my squirrels.

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