Florida Snowflakes Paying For Signatures To BAN Guns ~ VIDEO


USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- A group called “Constitutional Campaigns” is paying people $1.25/per signature obtained, on a petition for a constitutional amendment that looks to BAN legally owned semi-automatic firearms in Florida. This amendment has been proposed for the state’s 2020 ballot.

The amendment was pushed forward by Ban Assault Weapons NOW (also known as BAWN), a Miami-based political action committee that includes victims’ family members and survivors of the mass shootings at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in 2018 and the gay nightclub Pulse in 2016.

This petition looks to force an amendment that is in direct violation of the 2nd Amendment, which states: A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

It does not get any more black and white than SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. Since the Parkland shooting, Florida legislators have raised the age to purchase a firearm to 21 years old, extended the waiting period before a person who purchases a firearm can take possession of it, banned a piece of plastic (bump stocks), given police officers the ability to seize lawfully owned firearms and ammunition a person may be carrying, and seek the voluntary surrender of other firearms and ammunition kept in their residence, under the Baker Act, and passed the illegal and unconstitutional extreme risk prevention order (ERPO) that is more commonly known as a Red Flag Law. All this is taking place after ten Florida cities launched an attack looking to overturn the state’s law barring them from enacting local rules regulating firearms in 2018.

No longer can those of us that enjoy the 2nd Amendment be the “Silent Majority”! Whether we are shooters, hunters, or we carry for self-defense, we must stay vigilant and be aware of what the machine that looks to disarm Americans is trying to do. The more we know as a community, the more we can stay on top of the anti-gunners attempts at destroying our inalienable rights, especially our right to defend ourselves and our loved ones!

Throughout our history, every successful constitutional amendment regarding American rights, minus Prohibition, has been about expanding our rights. Now there is a focused movement of passing amendments that look to limit our rights. With blatant unconstitutional attacks being lobbied in cities and towns all over this great country, it is very difficult to stay in-the-know with what is going on day-to-day. Subscribe to Guns & Gadgets to get the latest 2nd Amendment news faster than you can find it on your own.

READ the Constitutional Amendment Petition Form HERE:

They require 1 Million signatures to get the petition on the ballot.

Spread the word and check out the job postings (9 different Florida cities listed) HERE: [Fun fact, fake or bad signatures are a reason to reject ballot iniative certification.]

Jared J Yanis
Jared J. Yanis

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With over 20 years of experience in the law enforcement field, I have learned the numerous channels used by those who would love to see our 2nd Amendment rights stripped. Because of this, I am often able to bring you the news on new bills submitted at the local, state and federal levels that look to carry out those attacks. If you are new to the channel or want to stay up to date with the constant infringements on our Constitutional Right to Bear Arms, please subscribe to my YouTube Channel at www.youtube.com/GunsGadgets

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Unfortunately, this will prove in some future to be the beginning of the end for our Freedom, not just in Florida, but the entire United States. Freedom is under attack by those like Bloomb**ch using his money to destroy America by any means necessary, and peasants who follow with their emotions and not their intelligence, we are obviously doomed to fail. This failure will come by either the ruling by a Tyrannical Government, or a 2nd Revolutionary War. The laws that are being created by those wolves in sheep’s clothing that are voted into power, are laws not to protect… Read more »

Yrrek Yeffahem

The lefties are about to start a war they can’t possibly win !

Bob Koceja

We have the best Government money can buy.
Democrats winning elections proves it.

Kevin Stich

It is my opinion that paying people to gather petition signatures is buying votes and should be banned across the country. The big money interests and billionaire tech giants can force their opinions down our throats with their bottom-less resources because most petitions are not read by voters. People just sign them willy-nilly. I have watched it happen. I have not signed a petition in many years. Petitions are to be used as a last resort. We have legislatures to make laws. Petitioning is a throw-back and should be eliminated, period. Here in Washington, Safeway has banned petitioning on their… Read more »

Marcus Ramirez

You are absolutely correct. It should be banned and carry criminal charges when caught.


That’s how they passed the BS laws in WA. state. Billionaires funding the anti-gun laws and paying up to 5 dollars for each petition signature. That is the future of our country.


I thought that “buying votes” is ILLEGAL!
Well, maybe for us “peasants” who are not part of the DemocRATic communist/muslem/nwo party.


It’s not illegal to pay someone to obtain signatures. In other words employ teenagers to go door to door to gather them and then pay the teenagers 1.25 for each one they gather. Perfectly legal. And teens are the perfect stooges to employ.


perfect B S to me . they will stop at nothing . it’s time for all weapons owners to make a lot of noise. using teens to drive their idioctic ideas. parkland came about because the F B I & the sheriffs department didn’t do their jobs. deputies standing out side afraid to go in . Fl. finally has a gov. with stones & fired the moron. gov Scott was scared of losing votes


Jared / for the love of God man why would you still live in a place like Massachusetts?? giet real ,,,it’s the most unconstitutional piece of dirt in the country


Laddyboy I’m right there with you. When I saw that Jared is from the state of Mass. I thought the same thing.
For the life of me I can’t understand how S&W and any other gun mfg, or gun owner will pay taxes to a government that uses that very same tax money to strip them of their 2nd amendment right. Note I said RIGHT – NOT – privilege!
Talk about feeding the hands that bite them. BIG SIGH!
If you Truly believe what you profess then move. Otherwise you will get zero support and sympathy from me.


@ Graystone To add to your post, the gun manufacturers that are located in commie states are not only being taxed to the hilt but those taxes are passed on to the consumers that buy their guns. I don’t buy from companies that don’t have enough sense to move to a capitalist run state.


No, that title is owned by Commiefornia.

Danny Smith

BAWN can kiss me under the seat of my pants…no one is taking why firearms while I still have the ability to resist.