Gill Arms Launches New GPR 9M Pistol With SafeSet Firing Mechanism

Gill Arms GPR 9M Pistol
Gill Arms GPR 9M Pistol

Lakewood, WA. – -( We are excited to announce the release of our full-size handgun Gill GPR 9M. This is a metal frame limited edition pistol.

After extensive research, analysis, and testing, we are confident that you will be amazed at this simple design handgun. There are just 25 components parts which are 20% reduction in part count compare to other leading firearms and less than half the parts of 1911 pistol. Our SafeSet firing mechanism is second to none in the industry. We are offering this pistol in black color with 17+1 cartridges capacity in 9 mm caliber.

Extensive ergonomic studies have been conducted, and we finalized our grip design into small, medium and large category. These grips straps have consistent and smooth variation in size at the aft end and both sides. Grip straps and grip have a dual texture for a firm hold on the pistol. 4.5 in barrel length is offered in relatively smaller overall dimensions platform with a thinner profile compared to other handguns in a similar category and similar cartridge capacity.

These enhancements and specifications make it ideal sidearm for law enforcement agencies. DLC coating provides low friction and best environment protection along with excellent wear resistance. Our handguns are made here in the USA.

We will announce the release of our upcoming polymer frame handgun shortly. Subscribe to our social media pages in links below to keep up to date with our products and news.

Gill Arms GPR 9M Pistol Left
Gill Arms GPR 9M Pistol Left

About Gill Arms

Gill Arms is American handgun manufacturer. Check out our Gill GPR series pistols with innovative SafeSet trigger mechanism at

  • 12 thoughts on “Gill Arms Launches New GPR 9M Pistol With SafeSet Firing Mechanism

    1. I really try hard to not let my sarcasm get away from me. But I’m making an exception here. This is really atrocious.

      “Please to be accepting us as real authentic-ness Americanskis. Actually so. And product made with genuine parts that are truth and goodness. Kindly know us to be very excellently working hard to get good guns for you. We are doing too cheap to understand. Thank you all of you.”

    2. They may be made in America but their web editor must not use English as their first language:
      “This safety mechanism is superior compare to other spring loaded safety mechanism because spring loaded mechanism always fail under large inertial forces such as upon dropping and faulty spring.”

    3. “SafeSet” — I love how each maker of a striker fired pistol has to invent a new fake name rather than admit that the pistol is SINGLE ACTION and meant to be carried cocked & unlocked.

      I also love how the comment section here checks your email address the first time you click “Post Comment” but doesn’t actually post anything. Especially since now when you click again to have it actually post the comment instead it tells you that you already posted that same comment – but it STILL has not actually posted anything.

    4. “SafeSet” — I love how each maker of a striker fired pistol has to invent a new fake name rather than admit that the pistol is SINGLE ACTION and meant to be carried cocked & unlocked.

    5. I can’t find a price.
      From the website:
      GILL GPR 9 M
      Caliber: 9 mm Luger
      Trigger Mechanism: SafeSet™
      Action: Semiautomatic
      Barrel Length: 4.5 in
      Overall Length: 7.72 in
      Slide Length: 7.21 in
      Line of Sight: 6.7 in
      Frame width: 1.23 in
      Height: 5.49 in
      Weight (Empty): 29.5 oz (Metal Frame)
      Standard Magazine Capacity: 17
      Component Parts: 25
      Slide Material: Stainless steel
      Frame: Full size Aluminum
      Slide Coating: DLC (diamond like carbon)

    6. I wish they would proof read their news release. I spent the entire time thinking this gun was European, Chinese or Indian based on the terrible grammar and entirely missing words from sentences. I was surprised at the end when it claimed to be an American product. Hopefully their R&D department is more thorough than their marketing dept.

    7. I wish there were requirements of more than essentially an ad in the form of an article. It would not take much to put deminsions. weight, overall length, price, and accuracy in the article, giving us, the readers, more value!

      1. An “exploded view” would also be nice and you know they have one. Perhaps even list the parts. The fact that they don’t do it tells me a lot. Also, why is there no view of the ejection port side of the gun? If people act as if there might be something to hide it is generally because there is.

    8. One FUGLY GUN! You would think they would make it look better cosmetically…However, that doesn’t mean it won’t get the job done..

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