Girlfriend Acted In Self-Defense When Fatally Shooting Boyfriend

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Girlfriend Acted In Self-Defense When Fatally Shooting Boyfriend

USA –-( The Duluth Tribune reports 02-05-19 in Alexandria, MN, no charges will be filed in the shooting death of a 43-year-old man in his home near Leaf Valley on May 9, 2018.

The boyfriend reportedly moved to the area in the fall of 2017 and was living in a house with the victim and her two children at 7395 County Road 5 NW, about 8 miles northwest of Alexandria.

At about 4:10 p.m. on May 9, the sheriff's office received a 911 call about a domestic disturbance in progress at the house. As law enforcement officers were responding, they were advised by a dispatcher that a firearm was involved and shots had been fired.

Deputies found the 43-year-old’s body in a living room area downstairs and spoke to the woman and the two children who were in the home.

The girlfriend told investigators that her boyfriend had assaulted her and ultimately fired a gun at her. She stated that she shot him immediately after he fired a handgun at her.

After reviewing the investigative materials in the case, Douglas County Attorney Chad Larson determined that the 43-year-old’s girlfriend was acting in self-defense when she shot him.

In a Jan. 25th letter to Douglas County Sheriff Troy Wolbersen, the County Attorney said the facts showed that the boyfriend had discharged his firearm at his girlfriend from close range during a physical fight.

The Bureau of Criminal Apprehension processed the scene and studied the trajectory of a bullet hole in a location consistent with the deceased discharging his firearm at his girlfriend as she was going up the stairs.

Fingerprint and DNA evidence collected at the scene and statements from witnesses were consistent with the girlfriend's version of events.


Certainly, a reasonable and legal self-defense shooting.

The intended victim and her children were not injured.

Alcohol and/or drugs didn't appear to have played a role in the incident.

Note that it took more than 8 months for the authorities to determine that no charges will be filed. A long time to put your life on hold awaiting the results of the investigation.

Bob Irwin, Las Vegas

Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

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  • 6 thoughts on “Girlfriend Acted In Self-Defense When Fatally Shooting Boyfriend

    1. Every Citizen in the United States has the right to purchase a gun and carry it for protection. To date I have only used my carry weapon to warn off criminals that attempted to car jack me and thankfully I have never had to actually shoot someone. The only time in my life that I have ever had to kill a person was when I fought in the Vietnam War.

    2. At least she enough sense to be armed. I can’t say it was a good situation especially with two kids in the house. If you are going to play house with someone you need to know them well or be armed, or both.

      1. Shhhhh . . . . ! Don’t tell women that they can defend themselves – they might buy a gun and learn how to use it! As they learn more, they might also become conservative and vote for people that know how to think and follow the Constitution! The Democrats might lose votes and elections! Oh, the humanity! (Insert photo of Hindenburg going down in flames here.)

      1. maybe not lazy.. small town sheriff’s dept might not have all that much free time to spend on what was likely the “incident of the year”. Seesm like they did a thorough scene processing, then took their time analising it all.

        Methinks that had they any strong suspicions that the survivor acted in a manner other than her statements, they’d have charged her a long time ago.

        A piece of advice for this surviving single Mum.. next time don’t let him move in until you know him well and he is solid enough to step up and marry you. Seems this guy was a rotter anyway. Barely two years in and he’d trying to kill you? A “real schweetheaht, that one.

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