East German-Style Gun Confiscation Orders (“Red-Flag Laws”) Coming to Wisconsin

Red Flag Gun Grab Laws
East German-Style Gun Confiscation Orders (“Red-Flag Laws”) Coming to Wisconsin

Wisconsin – -(AmmoLand.com)- It is 5:32 am.

Gary Willis, of Ferndale, Maryland answers a knock at his door. It is to be the last thing he will ever do. Seconds later, gunfire erupts as the police gun Willis down in cold blood in his own home.

Mr. Willis would become the first victim of his state’s new “red-flag” gun law.

Now for the bad news: It’s coming to Wisconsin. They’re calling it “gun control that even conservatives can support.”

But the truth is, conceding our gun rights doesn’t make the gun grabbers go away, it only emboldens them.

To quote Winston Churchill, “An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.”

The idea behind these dangerous new gun laws is that someone reports you, or “red flags” you to the government. A secret court (that you are not allowed to attend or have legal representation at) decides if you’re a “threat” and issues a gun confiscation order.

Just like that your gun rights are gone … no due process, no presumption of innocence, no legal defense.

Of course, when the police come to serve you and take your guns, they’re on high alert because they already believe you to be a threat … and they know you have guns.

And when you answer the door and try to assert your rights, or simply question what is happening, you get both barrels … literally. All it takes is for a nosy neighbor or disgruntled ex-spouse to call you in. Even if someone completely lies about you, there’s no due process for you to refute the allegations. It’s just like in a despotic Third World dictatorship where the secret police go around framing people and destroying lives to get themselves ahead.

Now, 12 states have already passed red-flag gun laws and Wisconsin will be taking up the issue this session.

The situation is extremely dangerous. Not only are both parties jumping on this bandwagon in an attempt to appear reasonable, but we can’t count on the institutional gun lobby to strictly oppose it, either.

That’s why I need to know if you’ll stand with me and WGO to OPPOSE red-flag gun laws in Wisconsin.

Will you sign the online petition for Wisconsin legislators? Will you consider a donation to WGO so we have the resources to fight this attack on liberty?

Thank you,

Corey Graff
Executive Director

P.S.- Wisconsin legislators are being pressured to introduce so-called red-flag gun laws. If passed, an ex-spouse could simply call the authorities to report you, and you lose your guns. One gun owner in Maryland has already been gunned down by the police because he didn’t immediately surrender his guns. This threat is serious.

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Wisconsin Gun Owners

About Wisconsin Gun Owners:

WGO works for grassroots gun owners, not politicians. While many gun lobbies fight for “reasonable gun control,” WGO sets a higher standard: Defining the terrain of pro-gun political battle. Sure, many groups claim they're “pro-gun” – all the while they provide cover for anti-gun deals cut by politicians – but only WGO truly informs gun owners, remaining committed to a 100% pro-gun position. We oppose all gun control – regardless of the political party – and work tirelessly to restore the Second Amendment. Visit www.wisconsingunowners.org

  • 33 thoughts on “East German-Style Gun Confiscation Orders (“Red-Flag Laws”) Coming to Wisconsin

    1. We have a Democrat Gov and AG because a bunch of Idiots voted 3rd party this time around and lot of Never Walkers voted Democrat. We cut our own head off this time. The elected a failed Dept of Education bureaucrat, that is planning to turn Wi into Ill, Ca, NJ, NY, WA.

      1. How many electronic voting machines are used in your state ? It has come to light that organizations run by George Soros own the software on those machines, and that they are hackable by remote access. Which means that thru fraudulent voting tallies, the likes of George Soros and his ilk can get the candidate of their choice placed in office, ready to vote the way he tells them to. It is way past time to get rid of all electronic voting, and return to all paper ballots that can be recounted, and stored for future use if a problem arises. Many people ask how a particular person ever got elected, or how come some nut job is continuously re-elected. And the answer to those questions is as simple as a quote from good old Uncle Joe Stalin. He said, “it’s not the people who vote that count, but the people who count the votes”. Wrap your heads around it, a rigged voting machine has already counted the vote, and it spits out the winner, as decided beforehand.

      2. Third party votes had nothing to do with it. If you took all the third party votes, you wouldn’t have enough to overcome the deficit.

    2. This country is in a state of change do to the the Democrats and the far left. While Republicans do not have a lot to be proud of these days the NRA should be more involved in updating our gun rights in the halls of congress.
      There is a humanitarian and security crisis at our nation’s southern border. Our country is threatened by the inflow of drugs and criminal aliens.The statistics show and the experts agree that we need increased resources to protect our borders Washington Democrats are rejecting these facts.
      Along with our second amendment rights they feel that total control at any cost is within their grasp.We now have congressmen & woman elected this year that are calling for the green new deal no planes or cars the list is just plain crazy.
      Green New Deal —Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez an ambitious idea that aggressively tackles climate change to reduce carbon emissions in the next 10 years. It also includes plans for universal health care and a significant expansion of the social safety net. Green New Deal, our movement is going to be defining it to ensure that what these candidates are calling for is a World War II-style mobilization of our economy.”
      Activists were clearly inspired by this. Our original guide for what the Green New Deal looks like lies in a working document that called for the formation of a House Select Committee for a Green New Deal (ultimately, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi agreed to a select committee on climate change, but it did not go as far as progressives hoped).
      The Green New Deal’s biggest goal is making the United States carbon neutral by 2030 and turning the country into a global leader in renewable energy in the process. This would be a massive transformation; the document calls for the country to upgrade every residential and industrial building to be energy efficient, and completely cut fossil fuel emissions from major industries and US infrastructure this is not a free America.
      So my friends we have a lot to worry about if you all have not read the un document Agenda 2030 updated and signed by Mr Obama 2016 you are far behind the current events that our country faces. If the government rules to take our firearms from its citizens. Than those we elected are working for someone other than We The People.
      God & Country In That Order

      1. Actually, you might want to try putting God first before ‘we the people’ since that is how we got our country in the first place. People getting God out of everything is the reason we are in this position so let’s not look to “We” first. Otherwise, I agree with the rest of your comments.

    3. What judge is going to ignore red flag accusations and risk public scrutiny when it costs him nothing to be wrong?
      That’s the problem with red flag laws, the accused will always be treated as guilty. In California the law makers had to make
      false accusations a felony because vindictive people were using this law just to get back at someone. Too late for the falsely accused, now they have to defend themselves in court with great cost and inconvenience.  Red flag laws are anti-Constitutional.

    4. What happens when weapons/ammo as seized based upon RFL warrants, are damaged or lost by the respective law enforcement agency conducting the court ordered warrant?

      Missouri legislatures are flirting with RFLs in both chambers, neither of which address this very likely scenario!

      Moreover, an accusation later proven false, Missouri Bills as well fail to hold accuser responsible to the accused. An unsuccessful case as filed by an accuser, should not the accuser have to pay all fees and damages as sustained by the accused when successfully proving their innocence. Missouri Bills merely says the accuser filing a false report is subject to the contempt powers if the court.

    5. News reports state the incident ‘just a little bit differently” Corey Graff.
      Bending the news 180 degrees???? 🙁
      “The subject of the protective order, Gary J. Willis, 60, answered his door in the 100 block of Linwood Ave. at 5:17 a.m. with a gun in his hand, Anne Arundel County police said. He initially put the gun down next to the door, but “became irate” when officers began to serve him with the order, opened the door and picked up the gun again, police said”.
      If true, perps like this are an unfortunate result of not abiding to police commands.
      I, Green Byte Watchdog, support ERPO’s, AKA Reg Flag Laws.

      1. Yes, We all know you support gun control. We all know you are willing to accept or push lies to try and get others to support gun control.

        There are a lot of us who will be “Irate” if confiscations are tried against us with no crime having been committed, no court proceedings or convictions having occurred, and idiotic mouthpieces in college who have yet to graduate out of diapers telling us that just because a police officer is breaking the law we have to accept it.

        No, we won’t be opening our doors, and anyone kicking them in will be assumed to be a murderer or a robber. We wont comply with your illegal gun control, and we don’t care that you support it. If you want to enforce it, you are going to have to murder a lot of us to do it, and that is if we don’t do more than just lock our doors.

        If you don’t like that or are not ready to murder millions of us, move to Canada.

        1. @The Rev. The GRF thinks that he is going to be a big noise in the socialist regime. He fails to recognize that all the low level useful idiots will be among the first trundled off to camps of just disposed of, just like previous communist take-overs.

          1. @Wild Bill


            Unfortunately, considering what he has done to try to “argue” his opinions here so far he has come out as a kid in college, which tells us a few things considering the evidence he has left across ammoland.

            He is.
            1. Mentally deficient, relying on catch phrases and keywords he was hand fed by his professors who have helped him understand that he needs them to help teach him what to think.
            2. Barely competent at performing a “Google search” as most of the millennial generation today is prone to do when they hear facts that disprove their ideology because they have their eyes glued to their phone with their heads shoved up their……….
            3. Generally butt-hurt that he has not gotten his way since he has started commenting here and after losing several arguments to some of us who have been here longer is coming to the realization that he isn’t the Hot Turd Sandwich that he thought he was.

          2. Are you back “Wild Bill”. The man who hunts for his own supper? Crows and rats don’t count as “dangerous game” Wild Bill. Too bad you took the name of a real American! You never answered my question as to whether or not you served in the military. I LIVED in Berlin. I know what gun confiscation leads too. You are welcome to come and take my guns anytime.

            1. @Andy, you have me confused with someone else. I would be the last person that you would see on your door step trying to confiscate your firearms.
              I was stationed in Mannheim once, and worked on Reforger (Reintroduction of Forces into Germany). The defense of the Fulda Gap. Germany is ok.
              As to my nom de guerre, I had a commander, once, that thought that he was clever. It stuck and a lot of my former colleagues call me that.

            2. When I traveled to Italy a couple years ago, I got a first hand look at how much the criminals respect/fear the Law in Germany.
              During my 14 hour layover in Dusseldorf, I saw two different criminals/arrests getting chased by police in the Airport. Both of them stopped, and held their hands for the handcuffs… Smiling while they did it! There was plenty of room to run away from the Police as well. They were a hundred yards away still…

        2. Come on The Revelator, I know you can debate me better than this!
          RFLs are much more than prevention of a potential homicide. Law enforcement can’t simply seize a person’s firearms for no valid reason. Before one is issued, the case is carefully researched. You and others must have read that a person has the right to a hearing and appeal their case. The big bad LEOs don’t keep one’s guns and their case is reviewed in a timely manner. A large % of LEOs addressing the mentally disturbed are for suicide prevention. As I have expressed, most law abiding citizens support ERPOs. I only find ones to have issues is on this forum. I, as others, want to be able to live our life’s peacefully. For example if we see a person that is suicidal, then it is our responsibility to help to protect this person from himself as well as others. You ignore situation, then it is on you Revelator! Its my bedtime as I have a busy day tomorrow. Good night.

          1. Awwww….. Baby had to go beddy bye……

            Been there, debated, and destroyed the reasons you tried to cite.

            “Law enforcement can’t simply seize a person’s firearms for no valid reason.”

            No Valid reason huh. You mean like a random person complaining “I’m afraid of that person, he/she has guns. They are a danger.”, in a hearing with a judge that is kept secret from the victim whose property is taken without evidence or giving them a chance to say anything in their own defense? You mean no valid reason other than somebody agreeing with confiscation? ERPO’s ARE SEIZING PEOPLES FIREARMS FOR NO VALID REASON. Hence the aforementioned violations of the Constitution.

            “A large % of LEOs addressing the mentally disturbed are for suicide prevention.”

            Anyone intent on committing suicide isn’t going to say “Oh darn, I don’t have a gun so I can’t kill myself.” The idea that confiscation prevents suicide IS A FLAT OUT LIE! If you really cared about those contemplating suicide you idiotic lying little punk, then you would be advocating involuntary committals and health evaluations, essentially arresting someone on a judicial order. What you instead are doing is saying take away one tool that won’t even stop them, and leave them by themselves in public next to their kitchen knives, their cars, their electrical cords…. Their Deaths are on YOUR HEAD….

            You don’t give a rats backside about suicides. It’s a convenient excuse for you right now because you support gun control. Hope you had a good cry under the covers.

          2. @GRF, It matters not if everyone in America wanted these unconstitutional statutes. Americans have Rights that negate these statutes.
            Absent procedural due process, enforcing these statues is “simply seize(ing) a person’s firearms for no valid reason.
            Ex parte allegations is not careful research. The accused must have an opportunity to present his side of the issue before the state acts to harm him. This is a bedrock principle among free people, but not socialists and fascists.
            You nor any of the various governments can change our proven Constitutional system only because you want peace. If you want to live out your life in peace, go to Bhutan, but don’t try to change the entire system, and impose socialism on us. When you are dead, do we get to go back to our Constitutional system?

            1. @Wild Bill
              Exactly. Of course this has all been explained to him before, he just insists on going “full retard” in his attempts to violate unalienable rights.

              I’m just betting that he is stupid enough that he is not aware of the “Forgotten Right” that we have if people like him attempt to impose their stupidity on the rest of us. It is written down word for word as an Unalienable right so that no one can say it is not. It overrides the authority of all police organizations, all state governments, the Federal Government. All entities.

              And the beauty of it is that it is written in plain English and in plain sight. 🙂

              PS~ if you know what it is, Don’t say. Lets see if GWD can have one moment of rational thought, though I highly doubt it given his track record.

          3. @moldy dog…How do you feel about Red Flagging those who advocate abortions ?
            They are obviously a danger to defenseless infants .

    6. Clearly, the government cannot be trusted with the 2nd Amendment. Fact is, red flag laws are intended to remove firearms from the hands of deranged persons but aren’t crafted to succeed. No state thus far has crafted a law that ensures the disarmed person is deranged.

      Seems they empower mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, uncles, cousins, friends, neighbors, judges, police officers, boyfriends, girlfriends and everyone except those actually qualified to judge mental competence. Bills in other states would allow classmates to partner with judges against the ones they don’t like.

      Until two independently chosen psychiatrists, one from each side of the dispute, analyze and formally issue an opinion, these confiscations are devoid of due process. Besides, judges and police officers don’t wish to be saddled with the responsibility and potential litigation because they know they’re not qualified.

      It’ll never end with these radical leftists. Perhaps under the choke-point strategy, mortgagees, auto lien holders and insurers also will be empowered to confiscate. Think about those notions when you vote and carefully consider the consequences of not voting.

      Taken together, all the deaths from nuts, felons, terrorists and illegal aliens, throughout history for the entire planet, is infinitesimal compared to the total number of civilian citizens murdered by governments. It’s the reason for our 2nd Amendment and throughout human history, it has been a very bad idea to allow any government to disarm its people. And think about the consequences of not voting.

    7. I can just hear it now …. ” They were ‘ good ‘ cops , just following orders ,when the Red Flagged citizen ( not charged with any crime ) shot them down for NO REASON., as they broke down their door.”

      1. See Also : “Green Watch Dog” Noun; a moron that believes his desires can overrule the United States constitution which prohibits the federal government and all states from enacting ERPO’s under the 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 9th amendments of the Bill of Rights.

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