If You Kill A Nurse, You Get A Hearse


Kenneth Freeman, Carlie Beaudin
Kenneth Freeman, Carlie Beaudin

USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- Did you know the State of Wisconsin was the first state in the Union to outlaw capital punishment? In fact, before outlawing the death penalty prior to the Civil War only one person was ever executed in Wisconsin. Even after Jeffrey Dahmer the so called “Milwaukee Monster” tortured, killed and ate his prey of young boys, Wisconsin still did not change their statute.

When you watch those police dramas on TV and in movies, and the gruff old detective threatens the suspected with a “needle” in their arm as punishment for some heinous crime the dirt-bag committed, those who perpetrate evil in Wisconsin are not scared.

I wonder if you did a scrub of any and all electronic devices that Kenneth B. Freeman used in the past six months, would there perhaps be some type of internet gathered background information on capital punishment? You might then wonder if perhaps he knew he was not going to have to forfeit his life for the brutal extinction of Nurse Carlie Beaudin’s life by his hands (allegedly of course.)

For the sake of full disclosure I am married into a four generation family of nurses. The great aunt was a WWII Army trained nurse, the mother-in-law is a retired nurse, the wife and daughter are also nurses. My selfish philosophy in life is, if you cannot be a nurse, marry one. I would like to think Carlie Beaudin’s widower husband Nick also lovingly believed in the same philosophy.

Our society cannot afford the loss of one nurse to early retirement or leaving nursing all together because of dissatisfaction with a noble and desperately needed profession. This nation cannot afford the loss of a nurse when they leave on their own and should never abide the loss of a nurse due to violence and murder.

We are critically short of nurses in North America and it is only going to get worse.

We cannot educate nurses at a speed that comes even close to keeping up with demand. A BSN prepared nurse takes four years of very intense undergraduate education before they enter the world of healing. The days of giving them a few lessons on how to roll bandages and starch their uniforms correctly then sending a new nurse out to cure the sick is long gone, if it ever existed.

Carlie Beaudin was a masters prepared Nurse Practitioner. This added two plus more years on top of the bachelor of nursing degree she had already achieved in order for her to work with oncology patients.

Allegedly by his own admission Kenneth B. Freeman waited for Carlie Beaudin to appear alone, late at night in a dark and freezing (it was -21 degrees that night) parking structure connected to the hospital she worked at and he beat the woman to death. After kicking and stomping her neck perhaps as many as forty times he allegedly manually strangled her. Then he left her laying on the frozen concrete floor of the parking structure, where her blood froze and caused her body to stick to the payment.

Freeman is now in a nice warm cell in the Milwaukee county jail and Carlie Beaudin will never be warm again. Not to be gruesome but most likely because of the record cold she suffered in, her frozen body had to be warmed up to attempt emergency medical treatment and later forensic examination.

I am an old retired cop who has worked way too many dead body crime scenes in my law enforcement career. Even though I was not there and I did not know her, Carlie Beaudin’s crime scene really bothers me. I am friends with a nurse practitioner who worked with Carlie Beaudin. One of my family members had worked with her husband Nick in the past and thought very highly of him.

Approximately 95% of the nurses in the US are women. It is a life calling profession. It is a profession that requires college and university degrees just to get into nursing and advance degrees to move you into enhanced roles of healing.

Please do not take me wrong but when the world gets really ugly and is in crisis we do not need more lawyers and MBA prepared business people, we need nurses, backed up with professional degrees and years of healing experience.

Carlie Beaudin was one of the truly gifted and talented ones out there using her education and skill to render care to the very sick in our society. And now she is gone forever because Freeman took Mrs Beaudin from her husband, her family, her nursing profession and from a community that needed her, and needed her very badly.

Many states have statutes on the books that call for enhanced punishment for those who choose to harm or kill members of the law enforcement community. Kill a cop or a prison guard and the system will make your life miserable. In some states a deliberate targeting and murder of a cop is a capital offense.

My wife and I are both retired US Air Force. She was an Air Force nurse. The military has figured out that medical personnel are different than the rest of the armed services members. Under the Geneva Convention medical staff are non-combatants. They are considered under a separate category from the soldier standing in harms way with their weapon.
They are different and they are special because in time of war they are charged with the task of saving lives, not taking lives.

Race and gender were a major contributing factor in this murder. Mrs. Beaudin was a small in stature, white female and Freeman was a black male. I suggest Freeman targeted Carlie Beaudin because of who she was.

In our North American culture white women do not fight. I am going to assume that if you are professionally educated in the arts of healing and caring for the sick you are even more inclined not to be ready to fight for your life.

White women are murdered at a rate of approximately 1 per every 100,000 women. Black women are murdered at a rate of approximately 2.6 for every 100,000 women. African Americans make up approximately 13% of the US population, with half of that number being women.

In this much smaller pool of black American women vs white American women, black females are murder at 2 and 1/2 times the rate of slaughtered white women. Now if you believe everything you see on TV, movies and the nightly news you get the impression black women are not going down without a fight. Perhaps that concept intimidated Freeman, the new “Milwaukee Monster.”

Freeman worked at the hospital complex that employed Nurse Beaudin. He had ample opportunity to observe the ways and habits of the largely female staff that moved about the campus 24 hours a day.

I suggest Freeman chose Carlie Beaudin because of her race, size and gender and this would under both state statute and federal law constitute a hate crime.

Now I know the feds are pretty squeamish about putting an evil person to death but they do have the laws and the ability on their side to accomplish this very needed task. Since Wisconsin gave up their ability after just barely becoming a state, I have little faith in Carlie Beaudin’s family ever getting justice out of this crisis at the state level.

Just as there are enhanced penalties for killing a cop there needs to be enhanced penalties for deliberate killing those in the healing professions.

If you kill a nurse you should get a hearse.

Major Van Harl USAF Ret.
[email protected]

Major Van Harl USAF Ret
Major Van Harl USAF Ret

About Major Van Harl USAF Ret.:

Major Van E. Harl USAF Ret., a career Police Officer in the U.S. Air Force, was born in Burlington, Iowa, USA, in 1955. He was the Deputy Chief of police at two Air Force Bases and the Commander of Law Enforcement Operations at another. He is a graduate of the U.S. Army Infantry School.  A retired Colorado Ranger and currently is an Auxiliary Police Officer with the Cudahy PD in Milwaukee County, WI.  His efforts now are directed at church campus safely and security training.  He believes “evil hates organization.”

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Trying very hard to give a crap, sorry could not. She probably voted RAT and gun control and supported DACA, felt white males are the meanies. She gets to live the world she and her fellow RAT voters campaigned for.


And you probably eat shit for breakfast

Ron Binnie

The justice system needs reforming. Laws must provide for appeals, but, we have to limit the time to make the appeals. There are not enough judges in the country and that causes a lot of problems with the processing and hearing appeals. The endless litigation should be limited to the number of actual appeals based on the evidence available that actually relates to the crime. Unless the offender is judged mentally defective, I’m in favor of public hangings. At the same time we have to make a change in our society. We need to emphasize education, get our children off… Read more »


My mother is a nurse practitioner and my sister is an ER nurse. I’ve dated several nurses there are numerous things about them that I love! I do think that anyone who takes a life in a heinous way should forfeit their life! a nurse or not. I’m sick of people committing extreme acts of violence on others and not paying the ultimate price! EYE for an EYE!

Scotty Gunn

How about a GoFundMe page for Ramen Noodle Soups for the first cell mate to shiv this guy to death?


All murders should be considered a Federal Offense. All convicted murderers, beyond a shadow of doubt, should be put to death with all expedience regardless of the individual states laws or democratic preferential treatment. Sitting on death row for 20 – 30 years is beyond ridiculous. For the murder of Carlie Beaudin, that putrid piece of feces should have already been removed from the gene pool. (JAN)
But as long as we allow creatures such as kamalla harris or nancy pelosi to govern this nation, we are all in dire straits.

Exodus 21:24

Alfonso Bedoya

Thanks to Wisconsin’s liberal laws, one can kill a thousand people, yet still serve merely a life sentence. What is WRONG with Wisconsin voters and the idiotic law that prohibits the death penalty? I would love to hear the answer!

Timothy Votaw

What a slimy POS thug. A prime case for immediate termination, in my world of Justice, but not before a damned good session with a ball bat. Seriously. Some creatures are too savage to even be called “human”. Think I’m too harsh here? Then read the description of how he savaged this woman, apparently just randomly. it’s horrid. Take a good look in his eyes; I see dead eyes. And the fools who think scum like this are just “disadvantaged” are the same SOB’s who want to disarm good citizens, lawful citizens, and yet let pukes like this have free… Read more »


God’s law has always been when by the hand of man another’s blood is shed, by the hand of man SHALL that one’s blood be shed. Ya think the One who made this dirtball and everything in/on it might know a thing or two about man, which He also made? Two reasons we can find that He ordains this: First, as a deterrent… if that Wisconsin dirtbag been certain that he’d face death himself for the shedding of her blood, he MIGHT have thought more closely on the matter and made a better informed decisioin. It does seem likely he… Read more »


Bring back public executions. Make the punishment swift and society will begin to get healthier. Just like when your dog does something wrong you need to enact the punishment quickly or he doesn’t know why you are punishing him. 3 hots and a cot with Telivision and excercise is not a punishment for these type of people.


Michigan was the first government in the world to forbid capital punishment.


Van, The real problem is equal application under the law. Holding a guy on death row with unlimited tax payer sponsored lawyers makes no sense. It just turns into life in prison. If there were a way to give them a time limit on death row I’d be for it. Of course, I’m for the 3 strikes (felonies) and you’re out of society forever too. Mixed emotions on this one. Some offenses clearly need the death penalty, but there are still enough guys who are cleared after years on death row that I’m not sure there is a clear way… Read more »

Michael J

Criminals live to gamble. Thugs gamble that they won’t get caught for the crimes they commit. When there are no serious consequences to crime, there will be more crime. The killing of any innocent is sad, but killing someone dedicated to helping save lives is unconscionable. Politicians and their bureaucrats who allow no punishment to fit the crime are the real reason criminals take that gamble.


I owe a lot of gratitude to nurses because not to long ago I almost died and if it wasn’t for the nurses that took care of me I would not be here. I have been fighting cancer and kidney disease for the last 8 years and have been in and out of the hospital many times. I NEVER give a nurse a hard time or make them feel like they are a servant. Granted, not all of them are perfect and some have an attitude but in general they take their work seriously and work hard. I didn’t see… Read more »

Dr Michael

When I was enlisted I was in Security Service. After commissioning I was a critical care/flight nurse for the rest of my career. Physicians don’t save lives, nurses save lives and frequently they save physicians’ butts.

I’ve treated Americans and our enemies (my oath). As a civilian Flight Nurse, I’ve treated LEOs and scumbags. I’ve also been attacked by prisoners and maced by LEOs fighting prisoners in civilian hospitals.

When my back got FUBARd I became a psychologist.

Kill a nurse – fry on earth and fry in hell!

Major (Dr) Michael, R.N.


Oldmarine You Know there are some people that need killing. Anyone who kills indiscriminately or for any reason other than to protect the insane. Mankind in ancient times realized this and it worked. The Bible has it correct as the only true form of justice. “An eye for an eye” Accidents are another thing because there is always more than one reason for them to happen but murder is not only absolute for the victim but should be for the murder also. That is justice, anytime other than that is insane and ugly for the human race. In cases of… Read more »

Chris Mallory

Face it Van, you are just a lifetime welfare queen who refuses to see the truth of the matter. Spent your whole life living off the sweat of someone else’s brow.

Chris Mallory

Enhanced punishments because of the job of the victim is immoral and should be outlawed. What ever happened to equal protection? The life of a truck driver, coal miner or store clerk is just as if not more important than the life of a cop. Equal punishment is the right thing to do. Repeal all special protections for job categories.

Dave in Fairfax

The military got me into medicine back in ’71. 20 years later after working for Navy, I got an RN BSN. 20+ years after that I retired from a NON-profit hospital stateside. Not all nurses get paid all that well, just the FOR-profit ones. My wife made twice what I made, and more, any given year. There’s a reason that Nursing schools used to have socials called Blue and Whites, to get cops and nurses together. They both see people at their worst, and have to deal with evil and death on a daily basis. You need a partner who… Read more »

John Evans

Bring back the Guillotine……Swift and sure punishment!


I agree completely they deserve one last ride but even in states that have the death penalty their lawyers and all the appeals they get most could die of old age or illness before they ever see the death penalty carried out, so it is not much of a threat to them. If they get sentenced to death carry it out.


No enhanced penalties for murdering people in certain professions; that is a violation of equal protection of the law.
Execute all murderers.
Problem solved.

Scott Wimmer

I wish that people would stop saying that certain groups (cops, nurses, whatever) have lives that are more valuable than everyone else’s. Murder is murder. Stop arguing that every profession has a different worth when it comes to murder. Equal treatment under the law, and all that stuff. Don’t be an idiot.

Bob Koceja

Turn the offenders over to Planned Parethood, they’re good at carrying out death sentences.

dava golino

I AGREE. I FEEL EXACTLY WHAT YOU SAY. They came for your jobs. they came for land. they came for your fuel. they came for your guns… now they come for your children! THE WORST IS YET TO COME. Kamala Harris is paid for by so called Planned Parenthood,( killing babies) and the EU/UN AGENDA/ George Soros, the killer of nations. Remember, George Soros owns the machines we vote on. So Kamala Harris will win. She has the brainwashed socialist young people, she will use the radical Negro card, which by the way, she is NOT African American, she is… Read more »




If you’ve ever been in the hospital as I have, you understand that Nurses are very important! They take care of people more so than doctors. Also, my sister in law is a Practitioner. If I ever caught anybody trying to hurt a nurse, I would not hesitate to execute them on the spot!

Carol B Combs

Well said.

willy d

The joke about the goody two shoes is that when this slime does get by chance the death penalty, they get all kinds of appeals, and stays, because they had a poor childhood, then the final thing that really puts the icing on it is IT IS CRULE AND UNJUST PUNISHMENT TO PUT THEM TO DEATH!!!!!!!!! What about the victims, cruel and unjust punishment, what say do they have, they were all killed, cruel and unjust punishment, NOT!!!!!!! My idea with dealing with the death penalty does not rely on electric, firing squad, or a chemical mix to administer to… Read more »


My wife is a nurse, my daughter is a nurse, my sister is a nurse, my sister in law is a nurse, and when my wife has to work three twelves that turn into thirteen, or fourteen because she has to do charting at the end of her shift, because there is no time during her shift, and comes home, and wants a back rub, or foot rub, she gets it, and she never complains when she comes home dog ass tired from getting pulled in every different direction, and getting barked at from patients that think they are at… Read more »


I think the death penalty for the murder of a Police Officer, as opposed to anyone else, is intended as a deterrent. The thinking being that if will prevent further LEO murders. But I believe that it has been proven that punishment for various crimes does not deter potential criminal actors. The bad guy does not ask himself if it is worth the risk to commit any crime. If he did, crime would certainly decrease. Having said this I do believe in the death penalty for two reasons. First it provides justice and closure to society. When people in the… Read more »


Well said Joe, Agreed 100%.


I also married a nurse,we are both retired now. I’m alive now only because of her. She recognized the cancer signs early enough to be cured. So I agree with the If you can’t be a nurse marry one I think if you deliberately take a life and can be proven without a doubt
You forfeit yours. And not twenty years later

Not worth knowing


Dennis Thompson

As the nation of posh pansy asses try to wish the evil into compliance and compassion, The problem can be solved with the ACTIONS of four words. OLD TESTAMENT CAPITAL PUNISHMENT!!!!!!!

Tim Bland



Nurses do important work. You are right we do not need more lawyers. We see every day the mess lawyers have made of this country. Just remember what Shakespeare allegedly said. That is our answer.

Wild Bill

@Hopy, Shakespeake said lots of things. Do you mean “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers” from Henry VI, Part 2, Act IV, Scene 2.

HMLA-167 Warrior

I can’t believe somehow you think that a nurse’s innocent life is more important than a cashier at Lowe’s innocent life. Or a line cook at the local fast food joint. Or your garbage collector’s life. But then again all,those nurses in your life are more important to you so by transference, all nurses are more important than anyone else. A bit arrogant and egocentric. Any innocent life that is lost is tragic and just as important to the family and friends as the life of anyone else no matter what their profession.

moe mensale

100% concurrence. No individual’s or group’s life is more worthy than any one else’s life. We already have a few “special” groups whose lives have been deemed better than others. They’re not. That shit has to stop. Didn’t we leave the caste system behind when we left British rule?

Matt in Oklahoma

Muh baby wasn’t doin nuffins


Why call it the death penalty anymore? It should be called the “die in jail of old age first” because you’ll sit there Forever before you actually get the sentence at all. It’s simple you kill you get killed… As old as in the Bible “eye for an eye” was that poor nurses “rights” ever thought about? Nope, were his for viciously killing yep.


I 100% agree.

Tebonique Mickle

Kind of disturbing to see you bring race into this woman’s death. How about next time you just offer prayers to the family instead of unnecessary and ignorant conjecture.

Carol B Combs

and of course you thought this about George Zimmerman right?

Manse Jolly

I married a Nurse and couldn’t agree more.

Matt Gayda

Don’t limit this to sex, I’m a male and a nurse and this is just as disgusting and heinous as a male nurse. These pieces of shit need to be first in line for the death penalty, no more bullshit, no more 25 years of reviews and stupid hearings. To the front of the line you go and Matt r God have mercy on your soul…. Hanged, swiftly and expeditiously.


hey, just because a victim can’t be brought back to life, it’s ok. a demon-rat voter is more important than other people, you know. from wiscon-sin, the land of gestapo john doe activity, soon to spread to the rest of the muslim states of america.


Enhanced penalties for murder of anyone!