Let’s Have a Real Discussion About Gun-Control Facts


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Let’s Have a Real Discussion About Gun-Control Facts

U.S.A. –-(Ammoland.com)- I hate the standard talk-show shouting-match about guns.

Guns kill.
No, they don't.
Let's disarm everyone.
Second amendment.
Blah. Blah. Blah!

This is fake news pretending to inform us. This noise fills airtime. We see shows like this because it sells soap for the network. As long as the guests and the host yell loud enough.

The discussion about guns in America is too important to leave to the talking heads. For the average person like me, it is hard to separate real information about guns from the Hollywood stories I have floating around in my head. When you look at how you feel about guns and crime, are you responding to what you know, or to what you saw on the little screen during some cop drama?

I looked for honest answers about guns and violence, and I learned some things I didn’t know. These are the questions I asked myself. This is what convinced me that guns save lives.

It seems we have a lot of violence in the news. Is the United States a violent country?

I think we’ve confused about entertainment and reality. We can watch hours of cop-shows and violent dramas on TV every day. That isn’t real life. Also, if there is a murder anywhere in the USA, then it might show up on the news. If there are several victims, then the story might be on the TV for days. That doesn’t mean there was a murder in your city or anywhere near you.

I found something very different when I looked at the best facts we have. On average, one person in your family will be a victim of violent crime sometime in your lifetime (about one person in 3.8 people will be a victim.) That means the violent crime of any kind is relatively rare. Homicide rates are going down over time, not up. Murder rates with a gun are doing down too, even though gun ownership is increasing. That isn’t the impression you get from the news reports.

Aren’t guns just killing machines? Don’t people use weapons to kill every day?

Our imagination is right about a few things. Just as we imagined, some criminals do use guns to threaten their victims, and sometimes to kill them. These armed criminals get their guns illegally, the same way they get the drugs they sell. In contrast, honest gun owners use their guns in self-defense to stop the attacks from violent criminals. For honest gun owners, firearms are tools of self-rescue that keep them safe until the police arrive…and that happens a lot.

I don’t hear about those examples of armed self-defense. How do I know they happen?

You’re right that you don’t read about self-defense in the news very often. There are a couple of reasons. The biggest reason is that criminals react to armed citizens about the same way that criminals act to an armed policeman.

On average, a policeman may be in enough danger to touch his gun once a day. He might draw his gun once in a while. The policeman will probably never have to press the trigger during his entire career. Most criminals run away when they see an armed cop.

Criminals react the same way to an armed homeowner. Almost all the time, the criminal runs away before the armed homeowner has to fire his gun. The homeowner reports the break-in, but most police don’t even record that the homeowner used his gun in self-defense. If it makes the news at all, the event is reported as a home invasion/robbery in the local paper.

There is an exception to that rule. The police would keep track of the event if the defender had to fire his gun. Still, many states don’t keep track of how many times guns were used in self-defense. It is easier to find the news stories where the good guy was forced to shoot the bad guy, even though there were many more examples when no shots were fired because the bad guy ran away.

If violent crime and self-defense are so rare, doesn’t that mean we’d be safer if we all turned in our guns?

I understand your frustration. I hate it when good people are hurt. Unfortunately, there are a lot of lies in the gun-control debate. It isn’t true that most criminals get their guns from gun shows. It isn’t true that the US is awash with “assault weapons” and all we need to do is to gather them up and we’d be safe forever.

It is true that a few criminals buy their guns legally. These criminals usually can’t buy their guns at a gun store once they have a criminal record. That is why about 99 out of a hundred criminals get their guns illegally. That makes sense once you think about it. Criminals don’t obey the law, and they don’t obey our gun-laws either. That is why gun-prohibition laws only disarm honest people, but not the criminals. It would be nice if criminals followed our laws, but they don’t.

From the data we have, we see that law abiding US citizens use their legally owned firearms to defend themselves and their families about every thirty-one seconds. Honest gun owners in the United States use a firearm to stop a sexual assault about every 2.7 minutes. Lots of these honest defenders would become victims if we disarmed them the way the gun-controllers suggest. That would turn more of us into victims rather than make us safer. That is a big problem.

About a third or more of us have guns in our homes. Civilians shoot approximately 27 million firearms cartridges each day. We would know it if law-abiding gun owners were the problem, but they’re not. Licensed, concealed carry holders are among the most law-abiding and non-violent people we can find on the entire plant.

Disarming the good guys doesn’t stop the bad guys.

That sounds like bad news and that criminals are unstoppable. Can’t we do something to reduce violent crime?

You’re right in that criminals are much more violent than we are, and they don’t obey our laws. The great news is that violent criminals are rare. Each year, most of our armed murders are committed by about two thousand members of drug gangs.  The police know who these criminals. We’ve seen murder rates drop when the police focused their efforts on these bad guys.

Most of the rest of the armed attacks in the US are by people who use illegal drugs. That is a problem we can, and we should address. We’ve seen both homicide rates and crime rates drop when the police focus on drug gangs…if the community provides addiction treatment first. I think the long term solution is to end drug prohibition, but that is another discussion.

As I said, there are some bad arguments in the gun debate, and some downright lies. If you own a gun, or if you don’t own a gun, I want you to make good choices. I think guns save lives.

About Rob MorseSlow Facts

The original article is here. Rob Morse writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Clash Daily, and on his SlowFacts blog. He hosts the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast and co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast. Rob is an NRA pistol instructor and combat handgun competitor.

  • 25 thoughts on “Let’s Have a Real Discussion About Gun-Control Facts

    1. A real discussion? About what and with whom?
      Discuss free speech with leftist and their media. They will speak and be heard and we will speak and not be heard.
      Discuss arms rights with financial powerful along with their politicos and their media. Again, they will speak and be heard and we will speak and not be heard. We can not have real discussions with these people. There is no reason to talk to or at these people as they do not listen and will never heed.

      There are very large portions of our population that are oblivious. These people are the ones that we need discussions with. We do not have sufficient media even to broadcast warnings to this people. Based on the 2016 elections, roughly 40 percent of voters did not vote. This does not mean all are oblivious, but have reasons not to vote. Setting aside formal statistics to guess at indications, most leftist vote leaving few in the silent 40%. These not voting reasons could be that some have no desire to, many disgusted with the system, or those that do not care. There may be a few withdraw because they feel too uninformed to do so. We could possibly confer with many of the 40% to vote with us, but we are denied the mass media means to conference. This pretty much ends discussions. We have only a one word response to totalitarian agenda progression, that word is “Stop”. We have only one word response to ordered compliance, that word is “No”.

      It is now as individuals and by our groups to tell all the elected to stop. Do not tell them what our reply well be if they do not stop, do not forewarn. Our main group, the NRA, needs to be made to comply we our demands. All other groups are to be supported and more groups established to say stop to infringers.

      We need discussions among ourselves to plan for now and the future that is near.

    2. Dear Francis. The numbers of violent threats stopped on a yearly basis do not matter. Im sure your logic is that if removing all the ARs could stop one more mass shooting it is all worth it. The answer to that is, if one gun can stop one crime, it’s worth it.

    3. The libs must disarm us in order to get the ball rolling on their well-hidden pet project/vision for our beloved Nation: http://www.america2050.org/ This is real folks.

      Notice the 2050 population map. Notice the total population allowances. Notice the similarities between the nut job AOC’s rail transport maps. They are identical. This is not a joke. We cannot let them disarm us, or we will surely end up in this circumstance.

    4. The left doesn’t want to talk or make ‘common sense’ gun laws! They want a disarmed bunch of sheep to shear! It’s time to take off the sheep’s clothing and show the wolf underneath!

    5. What people need to take away from the gun control issue is that several million Jews might have lived to a ripe old age, had Germany not gone down the gun control road. This is in fact EXACTLY why Leftists in America want to disarm everyone – so they can systematically eliminate – KILL – everyone who stubbornly refuses to consent and approve of every part of their radical agenda. If you don’t believe me, search for “Larry Grathwohl 25 million” on youtube:

      And THAT is why we MUST retain the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

    6. The left wants to take over the country, install and enforce socialism at any and all cost. That cannot happen as long as we have the 2nd amendment, A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

    7. “I don’t hear about those examples of armed self-defense. How do I know they happen?”

      Seriously? They don’t.

      The original claim of ‘300,000 to 3 million defensive gun uses every year’ is a nonsense. It was done off the back of a telephone survey that was scaled up to the population of the USA. That itself is a nonsense. On a similar basis, 6% of US citizens claim to have been abducted by aliens.

      When it was pointed out that there is an order of magnitude range between the bottom value and the top value, a new and better estimate of 1 million was provided. Sorry, that’s the geometrical mean of the first two values. I am underwhelmed.

      Moreover, if everyone reports these defensive gun uses to the police, there should be 300,000 to 3 million voluminous reports. Where are these reports? Still, it helps you to drive to the nearest police station – you just head towards the mountain of paperwork.

      If, as Mr Nugent claims, guns lead to a polite society, the 300,000 to 3 million claimed defensive gun uses suggests that he’s wrong.

      I think that there are defensive gun uses, but there aren’t very many. When a citizen, primed to expect trouble, sees unusual or antisocial behaviour, they pull their handgun and chalk it up as a defensive gun use. Later on, they can boast of their patriotism, as they see it, to the telephone interviewer.

      1. The number 2.5 million per year is an accurate estimate based on the research done by several parties, including criminologist Gary Kleck, John Lott and GunFacts.org. Google and read up, although most of Kleck’s work requires a research subscription. The vast majority will never be reported as such when no shots are fired.

      2. That’s an outright lie. The original claim was NOT based on a “telephone survey.” The leftist claim that 40% of criminals get guns from a gunshow WAS based on a telephone survey. Your statement is a lying attempt to intentionally confuse the issue. Come back when you find a little credibility or at least a little credence… you have none so far.

      3. I can’t speak for anyone else but my two instances were on May 15, 2013 and January 19, 2018. And yes the police were involved in both instances. And no shots fired because as my firearm came into view they stopped their physical battery upon my person. Don’t hurt old people, they might just shoot you.

      4. Quote:
        “On a similar basis, 6% of US citizens claim to have been abducted by aliens.”

        I consider this statement to be on par with your equally ridiculous and unfounded claims about firearms and their usage.

        SIX percent of US citizens abducted by aliens? Man, you need to stop hanging out in those marihootchie-smoke-filled nightclubs.

        I’ve known a few thousand people over the years I’ve travelled about the sun, and I can only recall ONE who made such a claim. By your claim I should have encountered at least a few dozen.

        I’ve also met and worked with many hundreds who own and use firearms. I know three who have ever presented their weapons during an assault of any kind. NONE ever pulled the trigger, as the one viewing that HUGE hole at the end of the barrel was wise eough to make an informd decision to find something else to do. And that one started the incident by pointing HIS gun at my friend and demanding all his cash and goods. I suppose the perp thought a long haired hippie type driving a Prius was a pushover, but learned differently when my friend drew HIS weapon and had it trained on perp’s head before perp was aware his own plan was not working out so well. Perp made the correct informe decision whereupon my friend reported the incident to local LE, including vehicle descriptioin and number plate. Perp wasa quickly apprehended, and was found to be in possession of his handgun illegally. Charged with armed robbery.

        So if your numbers are correct, WHY do I know so may who have and use guns yet only one who was alledgedly abducted by aliens? We who knew the purported abductee also knew his brain had been pretty well scrambled electrically by the frequent ingestion of a wide range of “substances” most of us chose to not experience.

        My personal experience gives the lie to your baseless spoutings. Maybe you could try getting out of Mommie’s basement at least once a week and experiencing life “on the outside” a bit more? The owners of 99.9999999999999% of those four hundred million plus guns you so fear weill NOT harm you……. until/unless you should be foolish enough to aggress against any of the hundred million plus of we who OWN those guns.

      5. @ Francis King You must feel water logged after drinking that much of the kool aid. We all know your statistics are as full of holes as a sieve and you do to, more than likely. Take your lies someplace else.

    8. Here is a conversation,not one of the lefts choosing. The Left is anti Constitution,anti American,as such they are free to leave,oh that’s correct they were going to leave after Trump was elected and as of yet haven’t. Perhaps the simple solution is rather than banning everything from grocery sacks,straws and arms,we just ban the Left.

    9. So, Rob Morse, in the fourth paragraph holds himself out as some who is average concerning the knowledge of firearms and their usage in the United States. At the bottom of the article we, and everyone else, find out that Rob is NOT that average person but a writer, blogger, podcast host about firearms and that he is a NRA pistol instructor and an action pistol competitor. I find the disingenuous nature of the article off putting. YMMV.

        1. Roy D is correct. Read his post again. The way the article is written,one does not find out till ‘after’ it is read that Mr. Morse is NOT that average person. “Who forced you to read the article?” That was dumb.

      1. Actually he’s less than average, now if he competed in 3-gun – rifle, shotgun and pistol then he’d be average. Add trap & skeet and long distance shooting competition then you could consider him above average.

      2. Roy, I went back and re-read that fourth paragraph with consideration to your complaints. All I can see, is that you wanted something negative to say about the article. The more “off putting” thing was that it would have benefited from having an editor proof read it. But content wise, you’ve lost me.

      3. Roy D., why can’t he be an average person? Don’t we live in an egalitarian country, where all men are created equal? Based on your statement, you must believe him to be your superior. Based on your post, he probably is. However, his statement wasn’t meant to be literal, it is a figure of speech, a commonly used phrase to show one’s humble nature, a sign that one does not believe one to be better than another.

        As to your stating his being a firearm instructor, etc., and that makes him uncommon(?). I, too, am a certified NRA instructor, and I, too, don’t believe I am better than anyone else. I am also financially much better off than most, too, but I still don’t believe I am better than others. Being humble is a positive character trait.

      4. Rob Morris has been writing articles for Ammoland for a long time. We, regulars, all know who he is and I have never read an article of his that I disagree with. I think you are picking at straws for nothing.

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