Never Mind Toxic Masculinity, Let’s Get Whitey, Demonizing White Men


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Never Mind Toxic Masculinity, Let's Get Whitey, Demonizing White Men

USA – -( Rush Limbaugh's December 2018 Limbaugh Letter has an article titled “Demonizing White Men.” It highlights — with actual quotations from people in the media, academia and the political and entertainment arenas — the attack on white men as a class. You can decide whether these statements are decent, moral or even sensible. Should we support their visions?

Don Lemon, a CNN anchorman, said, “We have to stop demonizing people and realize the biggest terror threat in this country is white men, most of them radicalized to the right, and we have to start doing something about them.”

Steven Clifford, the former King Broadcasting CEO, said, “I will be leading a great movement to prohibit straight white males, who I believe supported Donald Trump by about 85 percent, from exercising the franchise (to vote), and I think that will save our democracy.”

Teen Vogue, a magazine targeting teenage girls, wrote, “Not only is white male terrorism as dangerous as Islamic extremism, but our collective safety rests in rooting out the source of their radicalization.”

Economist Paul Krugman, a New York Times columnist, wrote a column titled “The Angry White Male Caucus,” in which he explained, “Trumpism is all about the fear of losing traditional privilege.”

There have been similar despicable statements made by academics.

James Livingston, a Rutgers history professor: “OK, officially, I now hate white people. … I hereby resign from my race. F— these people.”

Stacey Patton, a Morgan State University professor: “There is nothing more dangerous in the United States than a white man who has expected to succeed and finds himself falling behind.”

Stony Brook University sociology professor Michael Kimmel explained, “White men's anger comes from the potent fusion of two sentiments: entitlement and a sense of victimization.

Then there's the political arena.

Sen. Bernie Sanders: “There's no question that in Georgia and in Florida racism has reared its ugly head. And you have candidates who ran against (Andrew) Gillum and ran against Stacey Adams who were racist. … And that is an outrage.”

Michael Avenatti, criticizing the GOP senators during the Brett Kavanaugh hearings: “These old white men still don't understand that assault victims and women deserve respect and to be heard.”

“What troubles me is … they're all white men,” commented former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm regarding GOP senators questioning Christine Blasey Ford at the Kavanaugh hearings.

William Falk, editor-in-chief of The Week, said, “There's something odd about the overwhelming white maleness of Washington's current leadership.”

Not to be outdone, entertainers have hopped on the demonizing-white-men bandwagon.

Joy Behar, talking on ABC's “The View” about senators supporting Kavanaugh, said: “These white men — old, by the way — are not protecting women. They're protecting a man who is probably guilty.”

Actress Gabourey Sidibe, also on “The View,” said: “Older white men are a problem, y'all, for everyone. We're all at risk.”

Moira Donegan wrote an article for The Guardian titled “Half of white women continue to vote Republican. What's wrong with them?”

Renee Graham wrote a column in The Boston Globe that counseled, “Memo to black men: Stop voting Republican.”

Comedian Chelsea Handler tweeted, “Just a friendly reminder for the weekend: No white after Labor Day, and no old, white racist men after the midterms. Get out and vote.”

That is just a partial list of statements that would be viewed and condemned as racist simply by replacing “white men” with “black men,” “Mexican men” or “Asian men.”

You can bet the rent money that university presidents and media executives would sanction any of their employees for making similar broad, sweeping statements about nonwhite men. Suppose a white anchorman said, “Black people are the greatest murder threat in this country.” I guarantee you that he'd be shown the door.

There are only two ways to explain the silence by people who should know better. Either they agree with the sentiments expressed or they are out-and-out cowards. Decent American people ought to soundly reject and condemn this brazen attack on white men. I think that the attack is on masculinity itself and that white men are a convenient scapegoat — for now.

Walter E.Williams
Walter E. Williams

About Walter E.Williams

Walter E. Williams is a professor of economics at George Mason University. Williams is also the author of several books. Among these are The State Against Blacks, later made into a television documentary, America: A Minority Viewpoint, All It Takes Is Guts, South Africa's War Against Capitalism, More Liberty Means Less Government, Liberty Versus The Tyranny of Socialism, and recently his autobiography, Up From The Projects.

  • 25 thoughts on “Never Mind Toxic Masculinity, Let’s Get Whitey, Demonizing White Men

    1. Thank you once again, Dr. Williams. I can’t say what you just said or it rings hollow, for I am an old white man. I didn’t have much to do with it–I just came out this way and have been fortunate enough to grow rather old in the process. And YES, to an earlier poster, it certainly WAS white men who founded this great nation (we can’t nor shouldn’t ever try to change history, although it’s been going on for decades). It has been the greatest experiment in freedom in the history of the world. Was this nation perfect when they first got it off the ground, by no means, but few things are. We changed as a country, we evolved. Institutions that were accepted norms 50, 75, 150, 200 years ago are considered reprehensible by our current, enlightened selves. We have to be very careful to NOT judge people, norms, mores of the past by today’s standards–they’re just not applicable. This country became a true melting pot with the dish left in the fridge for all the various flavors to marry overnight. Then something happened. The professional race-baiters, the practitioners of identity politics, the cultural divisionists touted diversity as a strength. H€££. diversity, has never been a strength–unity is. Diversity is just a euphemism for division, as in, divide and conquer. The AMERICAN culture, once so rich has become subverted. The wonderful, delicious melting pot of stew/gumbo/Hoppin’ John that was left to marry overnight has become a veritable smorgasbord, a huge table of a la carte tribalism. If not for the MSM, politicians, and professional level race-based extortionists, the people of this country-Americans, would have solved racism/sexism decades ago. The negative things this country has done are EXPONENTIALLY outweighed by the good. This country may have been founded by white men but the contributions have come from everyone. Our liberty and opportunitiy can and should be taken advantage of by black, white, yellow, and red. It’s there. If you don’t believe it, you’re looking in the wrong place and listening to the wrong people. So let’s see if we can locate that common ground again—we were on it for awhile. We somehow let some nefarious people cover it up and hide it away.

    2. Lenin stated that “Once America is surrounded by communism (socialists) it will fall like a ripe apple from the tree.”

    3. Wild Bill, it is to bad we aren’t cats. I have not gotten more than one job because I am a white male. One was a Civil Service job, took the exam, score 98 before the 5 points for being a vet for 103 total. And yes several hired were White women, that I knew and what some made on the test, but they are considered a minority also. White men are the only ones not in the minority. These white women I know score in low to mid 80’s.
      A friend has a runway resurfacing company, was not getting any big contracts, at a trade show he asked some of the other people why. They ask him who’s name is the company in, his, so put in your wife’s, he did. In less than a year they had to hire another crew to take care of all the contracts they were now getting.

    4. Interesting article. I could probably go on writing for hours, but all I’ve got to say is that America was founded by White, Christian, European men! So there!!

    5. Another superb article by Mr. Williams. I’m not sure Dr. ML King would recognize his country now since most of the press and liberal left judge and divide everyone by their gender,, race and whatever else they can come up with to marginalize and isolate anybody who has different views than them. (Alynski’s rules).

      Sadly, with the leftists in solid control of the school system, and most of the media, it is going to be a long, uphill slog to regain any semblance of common sense in the public forum.

    6. This is what the left does-in unison. They’re given the talking points from their master(s) and drive home the narrative of the day. I’m guessing white women are next. Anything to divide and conquer. If you’re a woman and have a Caucasian son or a husband, you should be very concerned.

      1. Yes, Jack it is what they do in unison. But I would ask you and all here this question: How many Infantry Divisions do Don Lemon and Joy Behar have? These Godless Marxists live in their Ivory Tower, Blue Hive world and have NO CLUE about what the rest of us Deplorables are capable of, should our lives, the lives of our loved ones, and our property be threatened. Read THE WRATH OF THE SAXON by Rudyard Kipling.
        There are legions of us out there who have been training, preparing and watching as the degeneration of America continues, Sooner than anyone thinks, this society will be Bosnia times Rwanda or a mirror image of Spain, 1936-1939. Bleib ubrig.

        1. Speaking of Joy Behar … A picture of her has surfaced of her dressed as a “Beautiful Black Woman ” .
          she discussed it on the view and said ” my make up was slightly darker than my skin ” .
          Does she get a pass ???

        2. The giant is sleeping,it is being pushed,prodded,and demonized on a daily basis yet the giant sleeps,it knows its country, borders,language,and culture is being systematicly dismantled,still the giant sleeps..This once great country will be a very scary place when the giant finally awakens

        1. I’m hip brother, I am hip!

          On my first trip to Germany, to study language at a German University in the Rhineland, I encountered the Recycled Brown toilet paper in public bathroom’s.

          The concept of sandpaper on a roll comes readily to the fore!

    7. “Stacey Patton, a Morgan State University professor: “There is nothing more dangerous in the United States than a white man who has expected to succeed and finds himself falling behind.”
      Actually Professor Patton, there something more dangerous. That would be the individual who is placed in a position of responsibility that they are not capable of managing. Of course that happens all the time due to affirmative action hiring and promotion. I am so glad to have retired six years ago.


        1. Nomad your a troll, the stupid lazy kind. The only difference between you and the original troll is you hide behind a keyboard instead of below a bridge.

          1. @ Carol B. Combs If you will notice everyone else just ignores what noman says. We have all argued with this loser from time to time and we all know he a very racist whatever. He comes and goes from time to time but never says anything that has any intelligence to it. When you comment to him he only comes back with more racism and cussing. That seems to be his first language.

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