News Media Will Kill Your Children for Money and Power


David Hogg
David Hogg is wrong about gun control, but he is right about the news media. I’d say that Hogg didn’t go far enough in condemning the media’s role in getting our kids killed.

U.S.A. –-( David Hogg was a student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. He has ridden to notoriety on that affiliation.. and on Michael Bloomberg’s money. Recently, Hogg condemned USA Today for turning the Parkland murderer into a celebrity.

Hogg is wrong about gun control, but he is right about the news media. I’d say that Hogg didn’t go far enough in condemning the media’s role in getting our kids killed. Let’s take a step back and walk the stepping stones of celebrity violence.

Glamour photo of Boston murderer

Since its inception in 1980, CNN was one of the first 24-7 news cable outlets. Fox News came years later in 1996. Both had to fill the airwaves with compelling programming. That news environment was a revolution from the measured comments of the Walter Cronkite era. Today, the news can tell us the truth, or it can lie to us, but we’ll turn them off if they bore us for a second.

Enter the mass murder in Dunblane, Scotland in 1996. This was a perfect story for the news media. The story had a bad guy and lots of innocent victims. The media could speculate for hours on end as to why the murderer killed school children.. and they did exactly that. They showed the murderer’s face and said his name for days on end. The media turned the dead murderer into an overnight world-wide celebrity.

A month later we saw the next mass murder in Port Arthur, Australia where a man again murdered innocent victims. This murder, however, was different. The murderer had seen the publicity given to the Dunblane murderer. The murderer at Port Arthur wanted that celebrity for himself.

The truth is in the murderers’ journals, their doctor’s reports, and the police investigations. They told us why they killed. The murderers claim we ignored them when they were alive, but swore that we’d know their name after they murder innocent victims. With the help of the news media, they succeeded.

We can draw a direct line from Dunblane, Scotland to Port Arthur, Australia to Columbine, Colorado, to Sandy Hook, Connecticut. Extend the line onward to the Boston Marathon, the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, to Las Vegas, Nevada, and on to Parkland, Florida. The US news media gives each murder a billion dollars of publicity. The US news media, let alone the world media, turn the murderers into rock-star celebrities.

That billion-dollar publicity campaign is also a casting call
that dredges up the next narcissistic murderer.

Psychologists and media experts said that a third or more of these mass murders could be stopped if we changed our media coverage. We know better. We know what to do, but there is a lot of money at stake. The media would have to stop showing the murderer’s face and saying his name. David Hogg is right; the media is reluctant to change if it costs them a dime.

Sensationalized news coverage means more eyeballs on the small screen. That means more advertising revenue for broadcast networks. Money talks, and morality walks. This immorality leaps across the billion dollar stepping stones from mass murder to mass murder.  That path leads to our kid's school.

Some organizations want to stop this media inspired murder spree. We’ve done that before. We put journalistic guidelines in place to protect rape victims and stop teen suicides. I doubt Hogg will go so far as to support these media guidelines, but I will.

Ask your local TV station to refuse to use the face and name of a mass murder. Ask your station to sign on.

Don’t inspire evil.

About Rob MorseSlow Facts

The original article is here. Rob Morse writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Clash Daily, and on his SlowFacts blog. He hosts the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast and co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast. Rob is an NRA pistol instructor and combat handgun competitor.



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    1. Don’t fear when the Demo-Rats and News get done with using Hogg watch how fast they kick him under the bus !!!!!!!!!!! They always do and their names fade faster than any of the mass shooters do !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Will somebody, anybody, ask David Hogg if he can recite the Pledge of Allegiance, or the Constitution?
      Please ask him if he can tell us who, or how many, signatories fought for him to have the right to speak his mind in public?
      Then ask him why he feels so compelled to help tear down the Republic, that his Parents, Grandparents, and Great Grandparents helped to build.. with their own sweat, blood, and tears?

      If he still doesn’t get it, take him to Venezuela, and drop him off at the border to acquaint him with the end result, he is seeking for ALL of US!
      Funny isn’t it!
      How the consequences of our choices are such a good medicine to help us see the pig for being a pig, a skunk, for being a skunk…

    3. Some “fact checking” was required with this story.
      The mass shooting at Port Arthur in Australia is now a recognized false flag operation.
      The “shooter” Martin Bryant always maintained his innocence and only plead guilty to stop his mother going through a trial. He is a mental invalid with the recorded age of about a 9-10 year old.
      Had no formal weapons training, can not read and write properly and if not for an inheritance would have been made a ward of the state.
      And the government expects us to believe that this man walked into the broad arrow cafe, fired 29 shots from a 30 rnd magazine reloaded and kept firing? Oh and everyone killed in the cafe was hit with a single shot to the head!
      Even hardened criminals like “Chopper Reid” (google him) admitted that “the kid didn’t do it”.
      Now don’t get me wrong, the media has more blood on their hands than any of the grubs who were pulling the trigger and something serious needs to be done about them.
      What it is? Don’t know, all I can do is spread the word, the more people know the better.

    4. Soy boy is wearing a jacket that disturbingly looks like the grey version of the SS uniform (Leibstandarte SS)… I wonder if he’s wearing jack boots. I’m not completely sure about this, but I think they also wore black shirts.

      The clenched fist in the air is a universal symbol used by Leftist/Communist groups around the world… “resisting oppression”. Hogg is apparently too young and uneducated to know he looks like the typical dupe of an authoritarian wannabe dictator.

      Maybe one day someone will tell him that the singular purpose of the 2nd Amendment was to prevent the take over by Dictators and their storm troopers.

      Hogg’s father was an FBI agent. Apparently the type that would have fit right in with McCabe, Strzok, Page, etc. Makes you wonder if the destruction of the 2nd amendment is just another of the Deep State’s “insurance policies” to hold onto power.

    5. Hog! I like that better, is just a punk. The media players are not for the money, power probably but they are more in it for their pure political bent and see and report the “news” from that Democrat Party/left wing/socialist and worse bent.

    6. Gun control and propaganda are not about gun control, they about people control. That was a lesson learned from Hitler’s “news” ministry. They duped millions of people into murder, mass murder, genocide, war. They were feed a line of cra% for so long that they took it to be true. They WERE the master race, they were RIGHT to kill lessor people. All propaganda, all lies but millions of people were killed because of it. I had hoped this kind of thing only happened in places like Russia, China etc. but the truth is it is obviously going on with the “news” here in the U.S. If one really wants to right the wrong of lots of innocent people being killed one would look at the medical industry. Any idea how many people die each year due to error, neglect, accidents and euthanasia? Easly15 times the amount of people who are shot dead. Look it up for yourselves. How about automobile accidents?

      Death is one of those things that there are no degrees of. Automobile wrecks, poison, sky diving, scuba, work place accidents, medical mal practice, cancer, nuclear weapons, chemical attacks, illicit drugs etc. Once you are dead, you are dead. Where is the media on all of this? Mostly silent. Why? It doesn’t fit their plans.

      Poor young man Hogg. He has no idea as to how he is being used by the media and those who would make America socialist. He, like most of the kids his age, has been fed a pack of lies from the time he started school. Socialism, Darwinism, islam etc. All propaganda, all lies. We had a recent president who actually extorted schools in an effort to not hold kids accountable for their actions and this is part of the reason for what happened in Parkland Fla. Hogg is hurt and this is how he tries to deal with it. He doesn’t see the truth nor will he listen to the truth.

      The truth is that the kid who did the shooting could have rented a truck, waited until a pile of kids were going through the cross walk, and plowed into them at speed. He could have used explosives or poison gas etc. The fact is there could have easily been a much higher body count.

      Back when I served in the Army, Regan had a policy to NOT give terrorism a public voice. Parkland WAS/IS a terrorism incident? Look up the definition of terrorism and you will see that the commiecrats are using the media towards their own goals. The very definition of terrorism. Regan never let a terror incident make the news. There were many. I was involved in stopping the ideology of terror for several years. I know this to be true. If you don’t give credit or even glory to a bunch of murderers it takes away part of their incentive.

      Bearing arms is not about John Wayne or Clint Eastwood, it’s about having choices. The choice to run and hide, the choice to face the threat and save some lives. Choices. Even if one must break the law, it is better to give your family, friends, strangers and yourself a chance to live should the situation you find yourself in go sideways. You can bet, your family and friends who KNOW you are carrying, are thankful (or should be) even if nothing happens. Peace of mind, options, choices. Common sense.

      Maybe, one day this kid will see the truth about life. Maybe one day America will wake up. If this were 1776, the rounds would already be flying. Socialism is slavery for the masses. Give up your guns and you loose any chance of freedom and any chance of making a better life for you and your children.

      Think I am going to hand over my guns, ammo, magazines or gear? Think again. Arm up, carry on.

    7. Liberals will kill their own for power and money – been that way in the inner cities for over 50 years now.

      Real issue is the news media has been making enemies for a while now with their slander and ultra-left leaning mentality, one day (soon possibly), there might be a team going into say the NY Times HQ and wiping out as many as possible.

      1. @Phillip, Sorry Phillip that will solve nothing but give us really bad publicity. We as 2A supporters must keep our wits about us and fight these corrupt “news” outlets not with bullets but words. As the old expression goes “Words are mightier than the sword”.

        1. I do not agree with Phillips “solution” as it will only bring out the “Big-guns” I truly understand what you are saying, but at what point do words not only lose their meaning, become ineffective and the sword must be yielded? At what point does, “Turn the other cheek.” becomes an act of slavery, while drawing the sword saves lives; saves a country?
          It seems to me, that time is drawing nigh. How much do we put up with from the media and especially from politicians before enough is enough and serious action must bring results for the 2A? How can we-the-people impeach those who’ve failed their Oath to uphold the Supreme Law of the Land, namely the Constitution?
          It seems like we are the frogs slowly being boiled alive, not noticing or doing anything to save us and this country. At which point do we rally, stand strong and against all who are bent on destroying this nation?
          It had be be soon as far as I can see.

          1. I understand the take action mentality, but prudence tempered by peace/kindness should be our priority.

            Lets’ get some ground work laid for the 2020 elections, to take back our constitutional Government…
            Do our homework, get involved where and when we can..
            Let’s start writing to our constitutionally faithful legislature and get it done!

            I think time is drawing nigh for action, but let’s do it legally and peaceably while we can!

        1. The Roman: orgies, and revelry, filled with insatiable blood lust/conquests from greed, hate, and envy..
          … just one example from ancient times that display the depravity of corrupt and vile men!

      1. Because he is the perfect “tool” to carry their narrative, MBH. Feelings not facts rule the day in their world. “We’ve gotta DO SOMETHING!” is their unison chorus after EVERY firearms murder. Never mind that more people every year are killed by edged weapons, blunt weapons (clubs/bats), and even DOCTORS through medical malpractice kill more in the US than guns. But the MSM doesn’t run around the clock coverage on any of that. No, little Pigg is overbearing, talks loud and fast, plus they think he’s cutesy. Until someone more “victimmy” comes along, he’s their mule. Hey, if any of these evildoers want to kill some REALLY innocent victims, maybe they can get a job with NY state or Virginia in one of their government funded abortion mills! They can get paid, have insurance, and a 401k without any mean old policemen showing up to make them stop!

    8. I’d guess that Mr. “Attention Hogg” will use his Harvard scholarship to major in poly sci and go to law school and become a career politician, or go work for the anti-gun lobby on K street…probably the Brady bunch. I change the channel whenever he shows up on TV, as I already know what his screed is.

      Some media outlets are already reducing coverage of shooters names. However, the MSM and the lowest rated cable shows need sensationalism not news.

      1. From what I’ce seen Hogg Boyy is just an empty shell….. he’lllet anyone fill that shell with whatever they are selling if he gets some goodies and/or attention out of the deal.

        I don’t hink he’s got the brains or sitck-to-it-iveness to turn his sorry backside into a lawyer.

        But then we fairly recently watched in horror as an earlier crittermuch like Hogg Boyy, well handled by his puppetmasters, made quite a splash on the national and world stage. He too was a phoney nobody that got dragged out of his two bit job as a community organiser in Chicago.

        Puppetmasters need puppets. the kinyun is one, HoggBoyy is another. I am fully convinced that new congresscritter from New York is another, but she’s too much of a wild wench to be as controllable as her handlers would like. I think that one will backfire on them, and good on her for doing it.

    9. Money isn’t their only agenda dear friend. I wouldn’t even rate it at the top. Power trumps money any day of the week. To be able to influence the thoughts and behavior of millions of people is power; to motivate people into action for personal gain; to make one believe that one’s endeavors are justified and righteous. The only impediment is the critical thinking of an independent minded individual.

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