Our Choice is Freedom

Art by Michael Ramirez

Socialism Communism Fail
Socialism Communism Fail

USA –-(Ammoland.com)- Our Choice is Freedom.

“We are born free, and we will stay free. Tonight, we renew our resolve that America will never be a socialist country.” ~ President Donald Trump.

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About Michael Ramirez

Two-time Pulitzer Prize winner, Michael Ramirez, combines an encyclopedic knowledge of the news with a captivating drawing style to create consistently outstanding editorial cartoons on Ammoland Shooting Sports News.

“An editorial cartoon is not just a funny picture,” says internationally known editorial cartoonist Michael Ramirez. “It is a powerful instrument of journalism, sometimes sharp and refined, its message cutting quickly to the point, and other times, blunt and overpowering, seizing the readers' attention with its dark imagery.”

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  • 17 thoughts on “Our Choice is Freedom

    1. All of the talk isn’t really helping, WHY NOT TURN THE TABLES ON THEM: Take The Red Flag Laws and TURN THEM AGAINST THEM, It seems to only take a phone call to get it started, as THEY ARE A THREAT TO THEMSELVES ALONG WITH BEING A THREAT TO OTHER PEOPLE, I think that would work!!!!!!!! They would be tied up in court for quite some time, and couldn’t do any harm to themselves or anybody else, GOOD IDEA?????????? Maybe on the 5:30 am raid the total problem will be taken care of!!!!!!!!!

      1. Hey, I think you’ve got something there – turn the tables on them and use the law against them. Let them know what it is like to have their doors kicked in and taken to jail without ever knowing who turned them in. Perfect Willy d … perfect.

      2. I do too…

        They’re an endangerment to all of society!
        Let’s call the Red Flag police on them, and send them all a warm welcome to the party..
        ..It’ll keep them from showing up on Capitol Hill to pass any more asinine laws as well!

        That’s a great idea @ WillyD
        … You should run for office 🙂

    2. That statement Trump made, I quote “Tonight, we renew our resolve that America will never become a socialist country” was the most positive statement I have ever heard come out of a State of the Union Address. All the years I have worked and paid taxes and raised kids became worthwhile because that is what we exist to accomplish during our stay on this planet. Those that hunger for power and to control the masses are on the wrong side of life and hell will be their final destination. Might be a patriot will see to that.

    3. I think Reagan, and Bush, have warned us about this happening too…. Wake up America!
      The second Amendment attacks are intended to disarm us, and the expropriation of our businesses/assets under the guise of clean air, and the environment/climate/accords…

      … I like my tea party served up with Earl Grey!

    4. Until someone takes a stand and forces the Supreme Court to show it’s colors, we are in limbo. States will continue to chip away or completely remove gun rights. The time is coming when states that take guns will be the ones looking into the smoke and wondering what happened.
      What happened will be that American stood up and told them NO MORE!

    5. REMEMBER THIS…ALL gun control laws are un-Constitutional. Just because some communist democrat says they are “not infringing”, you know they are lying. “shall not be infringed” means it cannot be limited or restricted in any way. IGNORE all gun control laws. Yes, you might have to fight. So? Only tough on the keyboard and when shooting paper targets?
      So, TRY ACTING LIKE AMERICANS! Our Founding Fathers admonished us Americans to ignore ALL un-Constitutional laws. How many of you just wet your pants? Americans are such yellow cowards, you will crawl over each other to turn in your guns when told to do so. Because, you are weak, cowardly and too interested in texting, drinking beer and watching basketball. You cowards allow communists in government and you tolerate illegal alien invaders. Yes, oh, yes, you will turn on your guns. Cowardice has Americans in its death-grip.
      Our Constitution will die and not one American will lift a finger to stop it. You get what you deserve.

      1. Think about all the men and women through our lhistory that have died so that we could fornicate our Second Amendment rights away /not me brother -out of my cold dead hands and I’m not a keyboard commando 1776 On steroids/Please remember that George Washington only had 36,000 continental soldiers ragtag frozen against 200,000 British battle hardened troops /guess who Because we endeavored to persevere as a nation

      2. Craig: Really? What are you doing about it? I haven’t heard one shot fired yet…just a bunch of typing. Joining groups and writing letters to congressmen doesn’t count for much. You write an inflaming letter that condemns us Americans as cowards, but that’s about it. Tough talk.

        1. Jack, from your comment I take it that you have never been a member of a group that might/or are going to contend with another group of people or even the environment. Like the military, a sports team, law enforcement, fire fighters, etc. Because if you had been you would recognize his words and the reason for them. That’s alright Jack, we and our children will shoulder your share of the load along with ours. Rest easy.

    6. It’s not Just AOC, and Bernie pushing
      the Issue ! If You Listen, It’s Most of the Demorats !
      They Have Distorted their Party so far Left , They
      May never get any where near the Center Again !
      If They Let Trump have and Ground to Stand On
      The Left Extremist’s will Bury them .Any Dem ,
      that may want to deal with Republicans will be Shunned,
      and have no political Future after their own party
      gets done with them .

    7. I for one am loosing faith in the 2A Community. There is entirely to much talk (Whining and Complaining on the Interweb). Pro 2A Organizations talking about what they are doing or going to do. Politicians making hollow promises. Yet everyday Our Rights are chipped away at by an enemy Winning far more than it should. Sure we are making strides in some states. Yet in many ways we continue to loose the war. As we continue to allow this cancer to metastasize it creeps slowly into the everyday consciousness of the average citizen. Making things worse is the fact that even in the 2A community we can’t seem to get along. Fighting over who’s 2A organization is better or how we should fight the Trampling Upon of Our Sacred Rights. All the while backing toward the Precipice of Tyranny. Our enemies are using the fact that We are willing to play the long game. The problem with that is they have been playing at it longer than we have. For them the war started in the Sixties. They understood if they controlled the education system they could raise and indoctrinate their fighters. Yes it has taken several generations. Yet here we Are. Those who are leading this push to Socialism are attempting to harvest the acolytes of the decades long indoctrination process. They have already infiltrated the inner workings of the power structure of Our government. Now they are implementing “Their Final Solution”. By bringing forth a plan designed to unite their factions. Their goal is the destruction of everything that this Nation was Founded On and everything It Created. Words and Cartoons have gotten us to Where WE are Now. How We as a 2A Community proceed in this fight is clear. We Must Stand United and Prepare for What May Well Be the largest Fight This Nation Has Ever Seen.If not The Evil Presented Before Us will Destroy Everything We Hold Dear. Anyone Who Believes these People are Harmless is only Fooling Themselves. Make no mistake the fight is here and now. The choice is in hands of each and everyone us. Stand or Kneel…Keep Your Powder Dry…

      1. An excellent post, reflecting what many of us know to be true. My question/concerns are:
        The communists have been planning, organizing and setting up structures for decades to enforce their will upon us. We are not organized, or at least I do not know of any organizations – I am not speaking about the NRA and others like it. I am talking about “militias” of sorts – people organized so when the SHTF they are prepared. I am not asking about any far-right loonies or white supremacists. I’m asking about those who understand what we are facing who are preparing as organized groups to take care of each other and fight the good fight. I do not know if there are any or, if so, where to turn.
        I fear without organization(s) “they” will easily pick us off one-at-a-time – raiding our homes, work etc … one-at-a-time.
        We have to be like Francis Marion, prepared as he was.

      2. @Gentlemen, The notions that people could govern themselves, have an inalienable personal Right to have weapons equal to the government and have a Right to benefit from their own ideas and efforts are relatively recent.
        Prior to our Founding Fathers belief in the people governing themselves, the primary form of government was some tyrant or group of so called nobility. Everyone else was some form of slave. Some people, even today, are fine with that.
        The personal Right to have and carry arms equal to government, is also a result of the debates of our Founding Fathers, and a wildly liberal notion!
        Finally, the concept that a person had a personal and exclusive Right to the profits of their ideas (patent and copyright), and the profit of their labor (business and services), are modern notions. Prior to capitalism, the only way to amass a fortune was plunder other people. Plunder the serfs, plunder the neighbors, plunder other nations. None of that plundering was in any way peaceful. Capitalism and trade brought peace to the world. Socialism uses the taxing power, the seizure power, and physical force of government to return to the plunder system. A few elites at the top, living the good life. The remainder of us peasants pay the bills.

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