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George Washington
George Washington

USA – -( When you observe Presidents’ Day, whether you are spending a long weekend with friends and family or just relaxing and catching up on chores or hobbies, take some time to reflect on why this holiday is so important to our country.

What we now call Presidents’ Day was originally the national recognition of the birth of President George Washington. As a country, we have celebrated Washington’s birth since 1800 (the year after Washington died) because he played such a critical role in our country’s founding – and very survival.

As I mention in the first episode of my new podcast Newt’s World, which debuts this weekend, many biographies and histories describe Washington as not only extraordinary – but actually essential to the creation of America. Had he died during his first big military assignment at Fort Necessity (where he helped start the French and Indian War), or later fighting the French in the Pennsylvania woods, or at any of the many battles in the early part of the revolution which were military disasters for the Americans, the country would simply have remained a British colony for untold years to come.

Newt's World The Immortals – George Washington

On one hand, Washington was essential to eventually defeating the British – largely through pure determination, courage, and faith rather than specific military expertise.

After one of his early battles in the French and Indian War, Washington had four bullet holes in his jacket – bullets that missed him by inches. In that same battle, two of his horses were shot and killed out from under him, yet he emerged from the fray uninjured. Washington later wrote to his brother saying that it must have been divine providence that he survived. Then, about a decade after that war, a Native American leader independently repeated Washington’s remark, saying that he had his best marksmen fire at Washington but none were able to hit him. The Indian leader stated that Washington would one day be the leader of a great nation.

Later, when Washington (having lost nearly 27,500 men to fighting, illness, injury, or desertion) called his generals in to explain he would be taking his remaining 2,400 tired, cold soldiers, across the Delaware River in a snowstorm in the dead of winter, so they could ambush trained Hessian mercenary soldiers in Trenton, they thought he was crazy. Yet, Washington took Trenton with minimal American casualties.

These are amazing stories. But Washington was essential to the survival of America once the fighting had finished. The political turmoil that happened once the British surrendered was real, and it threatened to jeopardize the entire American experiment in self-government.

Remember, Washington had spent eight years of his life fighting the strongest military in the world. He had been away from his farm, his wife, and the life that he loved. Then, he sees the country he sought to help create was in many ways tearing itself apart. Despite this, he did not want or ask for the presidency.

When his generals, who were frustrated by politics and lack of pay, wanted to overthrow Congress to bring order to the new country, he put a stop to the potential rebellion. When the Continental Congress convened, he turned in his sword, resigned, and went back to Mount Vernon. It was only through strong urging from Jefferson, Madison, Hamilton, and other Founding Fathers that he agreed to accept his election as our first president – and it took even more convincing from them for him to sit a second term. His fellow founders were so adamant about Washington leading the country in those early days because they knew he was the only one who could do it.

So, please take time to reflect on Washington on Monday – perhaps listen to my podcast – and consider how this one person shaped our entire history. He helped forge the framework of freedom that allows each of us to pursue happiness and create better futures for ourselves, our families, and our fellow Americans.

Your Friend,

Newt Gingrich
Newt Gingrich

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  • 23 thoughts on “Remembering the Importance of George Washington ~ LISTEN

    1. We are a far cry from that patriotism today. It is very difficult to understand why those in charge of schooling our younger people took away history and are trying to make everyone dependable on the government. These education experts (experts is a drip under pressure) have nothing to gain by selling this Republic down the river. If they think they will profit from it then I say they are dumber than the students they influence. The same way with puppet politicians, they will get trampled as useless idiots if the time ever comes when we are subjects rather than being citizens. Lets get back to basics and quite fizing what is not broken.

    2. The man hating, politically correct, lesbian women libbers hate George Washington, because he was white, Christian man. They want to rewrite history books and say lesbian women helped beat the British. If these people lived back then, we’d still be a British colony. Now they want to ban our guns- just like the British did. Being gay is normal, being straight is an alternative lifestyle. Gun control = people control = you locked up forever in a New World Order gun control concentration camp!

    3. The 70’s was when Washington’s and Lincoln’s birthdays were combined and became Presidents day. Prior to this change they were both national holidays. The best way to destroy a country is to remove the knowledge of its history. The 70’s was also when the hyphenated American was introduced, african-American, mexican-American, etc. this was done to divide Americans into groups, because groups become adversaries. While I differentiate by not using a capital letter, I do not negate the importance of retaining pride in where you came from, your heritage, but it should not be more important than being an American first.
      America is the only country where you can immigrate to and be welcomed as an equal citizen. You cannot do this in any other country because they are all ethnic groups and therefore foster the adversarial groups that weaken a people, a nation. Until we, as a people, demand that our true history be taught in schools, we will continue to lose our nation.
      An example, how many know that the Declaration of Independence is not the full original draft? The first draft condemned slavery and sought the end of slavery. Yes, it was written by Jefferson, who was a slave owner, and who also tried to end this practice.

    4. The nation should drop Presidents Day, and return to Washington’s Birthday to honor a unique American hero. Presidents in our country may be people with talent, but none are as exceptional as George the 1st. That could well have been our history, if George had no desire or pretentions of majesty. How many people would have the strength of character to refuse being a monarch. So General Washington the least a grateful Republic should do is remember your sacrifice and devotion to the new nation of our United States of America.

    5. As was stated, Washington set down his sword and temporarily retired to Mount Vernon. At the time, there was legitimate talk of making him King! He refused even the talk of it.
      Washington deserves a day of remembrance to himself. He was selfless, dedicated and relied on Providence to see him through both the war and his Presidency.
      Providence – if you want to honor George Washington, consider honoring God who Washington realized was Who was guiding him and our Nation at the time.

    6. This nation was a 5,000 year leap. Prior to this Great Experiment: all countries were ruled from the top down. Never before had the thought of self government crossed anyone’s mind. Without Washington’s selfless leadership it never should. have happened.. We should rededicate today to hike.

      1. The book by that name, “The 5000 Year Leap” is an excellent read – it is short and very informative. I highly recommend it. is the website for the National Center for Constitutional Studies, and the book is available there – quantity discounts available.

    7. And what a shame his birthday was changed to ‘Presidents Day’.
      Disgraceful and disrespectful considering the many who hardly should be on the same roster with Washington.

      1. New Gingrich why the president didn’t bring you in on his cabinet is beyond me George Washington had courage to stand up against 200,000 well fed and battle hardened british troops with 35,000 rag tag frozen Clerks Blacksmiths farmers shopkeepers- /all American patriotsBecause Americans knew even then
        you need to endeavor to persevere because they knew the alternate plan was starvation humiliation embarrassmentUltimately deathOf person and nation

    8. Another thing about men like Washington, Jefferson and Etal. Jefferson when he was elected President had to borrow; the money for the journey to New York City to atted his own inauguration. Wha5 a far cry from today!

      1. In early America, the Politicians were not Permanent Professional Political lawyer THIEVES. The people who served with HONOR. The New Americans who held offices were VOLUNTEERS who received NO PAY. The FOUNDERS of America also stated that lawyers should NOT be in places of power.

    9. I would say George Washington left a legacy which could be compared to none for many generation to come. I wish today’s leader would borrow so much from the history he left behind not only to the American people but to the entire world at large. He dug and built such a strong foundation for this great nation on which the rest of the world would learn from.

    10. Thanks, Newt for reminding the citizens of the US of what we should be thinking about on President’s Day.
      Washington was more than a citizen. He was a true statesman. A man who truly loved his country. 8 years! Think of it – 8 years fighting for freedom – Before serving for another 8 years as the President of the US.
      That was unselfish commitment!
      Washington set the bar that, sadly, almost all of those serving in political offices today aren’t worthy of even stepping up to the bar, much less deserving of having reached it.
      Regretfully it’s a very different world today. Those who advocate “refreshing the tree of life”, I fear, haven’t considered how quickly those who would like the US to fall – read China, Russia, and many others – would swoop in and fuel and fan the flames of civil war – to the demise of this great nation and her citizens.
      I don’t profess to have a good suggestion on how to politically or militarily bring about the need for change. What I am positive about is that God, Yahweh, knows how all of this will turn out. Nothing will be or is a surprise to Him.
      Washington knew this. He put his trust in the Lord. How else could he have survived those dreadfully difficult years?! Shamefully leaders of all levels of government, today, lack Washington’s faith and selflessness.

      1. It was Thomas Jefferson who said ‘The tree of liberty is best watered from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants’. PLEASE don’t insult the man by claiming you are wiser than him.

      2. George Washington led our military through a war that we should have lost, became President in a tumultuous time and helped found a Nation that stands, somewhat precariously 242 years later.
        Our Constitution and Bill of Rights have provided guidance throughout these years from the Days of the Revolution through a Civil War, the turmoil of the ’60s and the treasonous behavior of many politicians throughout those years.
        People like “Clark Kent” can sit and more or les anonymously complain about opinions that people place on this site because of that Constitution and Bill of Rights.
        No one has claimed to be as wise as any member of the Founding Fathers. All that is asked is that today’s politicians at least stand up to the Oath that they swore when they took office.

    11. And even better would be to listen to the man himself, direct from the horse’s mouth, as it were:
      “One of the expedients of party to acquire influence within particular districts is to misrepresent the opinions and aims of other districts. You cannot shield yourselves too much against the jealousies and heartburnings which spring from these misrepresentations; they tend to render alien to each other those who ought to be bound together by fraternal affection. ” -
      Does that sound familiar to anyone? IMO it works even better today than it did in 1796.

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