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American Bullet Flag Freedom Second Amendment
American Bullet Flag Freedom Second Amendment

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“What we need to do is change the way in which people think about guns, especially young people, and make it something that's not cool, that it's not acceptable, it's not hip to carry a gun anymore, in the way in which we changed our attitudes about cigarettes. . . . One thing that I think is clear with young people, and with adults as well, is that we just have to be repetitive about this. . . . We need to do this every day of the week, every school, at every level, and just really brainwash people into thinking about guns in a vastly different way.” ~ A young Eric Holder, speaking to the Woman’s National Democratic Club in 1995, as televised on CSPAN in 1995—fourteen years before President Barack Obama appointed him as Attorney General, in Obama’s Administration.” (video below)

Among the critical rights codified in the Bill of Rights, the right of the people to keep and bear arms is the only truly tenable check against tyranny in our Nation. That, of course, explains the ferocity of the Collectivist attack on the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights to the U.S. Constitution. For, after all, it isn't tyranny that concerns them. In fact, the unchecked, unchallenged growth of Government is the clearest manifestation of tyranny; it is something they have designed and are working to accomplish–the enslavement of the American people, much as the populations of the EU are becoming enslaved.

Our Nation, though, is not so easily susceptible to tyranny, unlike the Nations comprising the EU, as our Constitution provides for several “failsafe” mechanisms that serve to preclude, forestall or, at least, to deter the onset of tyranny. And that makes the effort of the Collectivists, both here and abroad, who seek to “soften up” our Nation, and ultimately to destroy it—that it may be subsumed eventually into a massive transnationalist union, which is the Collectivist dream of a new world order, comprising the remains of what had once been distinct, independent, sovereign nation-states—so extraordinarily difficult. The last of the “failsafe” mechanisms that the framers of our free Republic built into our Constitution to preserve its existence and to preserve the existence of a free, autonomous citizenry in whom ultimate authority resides, and was meant to reside, is also the most effective failsafe mechanism:

The Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights.

For proponents of Collectivism, the exercise of the right of the people to keep and bear arms–and the emphatic assertion that this sacred right shall not be infringed–creates a serious problem for the Collectivists in this Nation–those Collectivists like Eric Holder and Barack Obama. And it creates, as well, a problem for the Collectivist overseers–those both here and abroad–who support and who have orchestrated the Collectivist agenda and who are working to implement the items in it. Much more so than even the First Amendment guarantee of Freedom of Speech–which, too, not surprisingly, is also under attack today–the Collectivists cannot and will not abide the Second Amendment to our Nation's Bill of Rights.

Tyranny cannot take root and prevail–indeed it cannot even exist–in the presence of an armed, capable, determined citizenry, poised to resist tyranny.

Thus it is that those who seek to destroy us–the Collectivists both here and abroad–those intent on to breaking the back of our free Republic and on breaking the will of the American citizenry, no longer even pretend to support the Second Amendment. We see this as they call for more gun control laws–gun control laws they refer to, disingenuously, as “sensible.”

These Collectivists, who vehemently denounce our Second Amendment, have long considered it an anathema. Of late, these ruthless creatures who have sought to impose ever more restrictive gun laws upon us no longer even keep up the pretense of supporting the Second Amendment, as they once had done so when prefacing their remarks slyly, duplicitously, with the phrase–“but of course we support the Second Amendment”–when really they didn't.

The Collectivists who have always seen the Second Amendment as intolerable, are now making overt claims of their abhorrence of it. They now assert it to be inconsistent with modern Western civilization; archaic; a relic of a bygone age–bizarre remarks to say the least, and remarks all the more disturbing when they emanate from a jurist.

Firearms in the hands of millions of citizens are perceived as senseless to those who espouse the ideology of Collectivism. But then Collectivism demands absolute obedience to subservience to Government and reliance on Government. A person isn't prepared to be obsequious to Government if that person insists on being armed. That fact informs the Government that a person isn't prepared to place his or her trust in Government. But, some people are prepared to do just that. And, for them, firearms are considered unnecessary. In return for forsaking one's firearms, Government promises to fulfill one's basic needs and wants and even happiness. But, for others, that price, is much too high. For, the mere act necessitates that one place blind trust in Government. That is something one should never do, and we, for our part, never will. And, we have history to resort to as proof in support of our reluctance to do so.

Government's promises are designed merely to soothe and placate the public, who are urged to view the false promises as true and proper and desirable. For the ignorant, for the shallow, for the gullible, and for the weak among us, who readily “buy into” these false promises–and who believe in, who are compelled to feel the need to believe in mere words–that seems to be enough. Like children, such people wish to believe. It is easy to deceive those for whom faith in false prophets comes easy. Those who seek comfort in Government to coddle, protect, and nourish them, the Collectivists' promises are tranquil pipedreams. And for these sorry souls, “the big tall wish”–this seeming pleasant pipedream– is enough. But they will learn too late what they have lost–and what they will have lost is everything of consequence.

They will learn too late, much too late, that happiness–true happiness–can be achieved only if the individual remains “individual”–true to him or herself. Happiness is not something that Government is capable of bestowing on the individual, notwithstanding the Radical Left’s suggestion to the contrary.

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  • 18 thoughts on “Reshaping of American Attitudes Toward Firearms ~ VIDEO

    1. The real reason that the politicians want to take our arms is top protect themselves, not the law abiding citizens of this country so that they can have complete control of us and run this nation for their benefit. Sic Semper Tyrannis!

    2. The article is very truthful and informative. I didn’t bother to open the video of the commie gun runner. Nothing can be gained by listening to him spout off. Hopefully, he has done all the damage he can do to this country.

    3. This is absolutely correct. It is a battle of public perception right now, and the anti-personal freedom crowd seems to be winning. We need to stand stronger now than ever before and remain diligent against those who would take our freedoms from us. Liberty lost is almost impossible to gain back. We need to be well-versed in today’s age, well read and as articulate as possible in order to win this war of public perception. I pray that the Tree of Liberty will not need watering soon.

    4. Lenin stated: “Give me the children and I will transform the country” (paraphrased). Enter the Department of Education….er, Indoctrination. Our country is sunk already. Young Americans in mass have been dumbed down; liberalized, Socialized, taught revisionist history, effeminized (young men could not begin to defend this country), and on and on. The Greatest Generation Ever are almost gone…..the last ones that really fought en masse for our traditional values. The conservative Baby Boomers are starting to die off. The Liberal Baby Boomers gave us the snowflakes……The Gen X, Millineiums, etc are anti-American in most part. OUR COUNTRY HAS BEEN OVER RUN WITHOUT A SHOT BEING FIRED IN DEFENSE!!! AMERICA IS DOOMED>

      1. You seem to be forgetting the Millions that stepped up and volunteered for active duty military service in combat overseas for the last 15 plus years in the 3 to 7 different wars we’ve had going on all across the globe, not to mention the impression left on the brothers and sisters aunts and uncles nephews and nieces friends and neighbors and coworkers of these volunteers, just to name a very few… in per capita numbers today we have well over 3% of the population that is armed and ready to step up against any tyranny in this nation at any given time and that’s just the first wave.

    5. 1. Only citizens who own property should be allowed to vote and they must present valid Voter I.D. to vote..
      2. Only small business owners should hold any elected office: County, State or Federal.
      3. NO LAWYERS shall be allowed to run for or hold any elected office: County, State or Federal.
      4. NO wars shall be declared on foreign soil unless all Congressmen, Senators and their sons go to the front lines along with members of the Federal Reserve.

      I could go on. Perhaps someone else could add number 5, 6, 7, etc.
      Thanks….I’ve got to get back to the nursing home.

      1. Gee, you mean that those who make the laws, etc. should be held responsible for their actions and held to abide with the results of their action by being held to the same standards that their actions prescribe? I agree with your proposal, but I’m not going to hold breath until those who are in power happens to change their ways. It is so easy to direct others to do things and thrn not do the very things that you direct/mandate others to do yourself. We’re in a hell of a message for sure.

      2. 5. No proposed legislation shall be voted upon until AFTER every single legislator, in both houses, shall personally read every word in the proposed bill… and shall swear in writing – upon penalty of death – to have done so.
        The idea of legislators having to sign a bill in order to find out what is in it has our Founders turning in their graves.

        6. No proposed bill shall pass without a minimum 2/3 majority (67 votes in the Senate, and 290 votes in the House).
        Any bill that two-out-of-three legislators (who are supposedly intelligent, sane and responsible human beings – although that’s laughable) cannot agree upon is absolutely NOT likely to make a good law… now, is it?

        7. All federal budgets shall be capped at 19% of the previous year’s GDP. Period. [The only exception is during declared war on foreign soil, and even then only if 2/3 majority of both houses of Congress approves the additional spending. That restriction does not apply to war on domestic soil.] An additional 1% of the previous year’s GDP will apply to paying off national debt. 80% of GDP remains unencumbered in civilian hands.
        No other method of taming runaway governmental spending works. This will.

        8. Any elected or appointed official who (verbally or in writing) advocates for changing this Constitutional Republic into a socialist regime WILL be tried for federal-level felony perjury for failing to uphold their oath of office, which demands that they defend the US Constitution as it is. The death penalty will be applied in ALL convictions.

        THOSE changes will damnably-well fix enough of this country’s political ills to make a noticeable improvement.

    6. Sad Slow Boil- Socialist to pure evil Communist. The Propaganda machine in full force. History repeating itself. Watch as the 1000 years of evil- rises. Hitler mastered mass media control with Joseph G. at his side. Go figure, Communists came state side during the fall & are winning. Tell lies long & hard & the sheepeople follow. Forget the old. Children are the future. As our values & we die off, it’s their misguided turn to rule. All we fought for -will change in their corrupted hands. What to do in our times with- evil communists…? God knows.

    7. One of the biggest problems that we now face is the Entitlement Generation. Those who have been raised in an environment punctuated by participation trophies. Psychologists have observed that children are maturing much more slowly today than previous generations. They are not meeting the criteria of adulthood until they reach their mid-20s now. Sadly, the legal definition of adulthood is still 18 years of age. At that point they are able to serve in the military, and to vote (shudder). They are still banned from purchasing alcohol though (thankfully) and are being increasingly prohibited from buying firearms.

      Raising the age at which one can purchase a firearm legally from 18 to 21 is not a valid solution. Perhaps we need to consider the idea of raising the legal age of adulthood to 25. Seriously. Children having a hand in deciding the outcome of our elections will prove to be disastrous to our nation’s continued autonomy. Look back a hundred years or so. What role did children play in our society then? Have children somehow magically evolved since then? Or possibly devolved?

      Are you as sick as I am of seeing David Hogg and his peers yelling and crying on TV? Do they know or care that they are only being used as pawns?

      1. The actual age range of adult maturity nowadays is late 20s early 30s for the entitlement crew, and even that is marginal.

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