Sabre “Smart” OC Sprays? Wish I Thought of That


Sabre OC Pepper Spray
Sabre OC Pepper Spray

Ft Collins, CO –-( “Smart” OC Spray.

We saw an interesting product in January at the SHOT show upon which I’ve thus-far failed to comment:

Sabre, along with Fox Labs and several others, is a respected manufacturer of OC dispensers, designed for personal defense. At Sabre’s SHOT Show booth, we saw a sign that read: “Smart OC” Trying to imagine how OC spray could be “smart,” Vicki and I approached the booth and talked with folks there.

Sabre’s new product is a small, personal OC spray bottle, with GPS and smart-phone capabilities.

Owners can set it up (via an app) so that when the OC bottle is activated (OC is actually sprayed), an “alarm” is automatically sent, via the owner’s cell phone, alerting a person and/or alarm-company operators who have been selected for this duty by the owner.

They will, in turn, immediately call the user back to determine what is going on, and then take appropriate action

Along with the alarm, the physical location of the device user’s cell phone is also sent, so responders know exactly where to OC user is, even when they’ve moved since spraying the OC. This device and app are brand new, but it struck me as being a very good idea for college students, for example. It’s similar to modern automobiles which can be set-up to send a like alarm, and GPS information, when airbag(s) are deployed.

For one, I’m interested to see if this idea really “catches-on.” When it does, all other OC spray manufacturers will likely offer their own versions, just as we’ve seen happen in the car industry.

Of course, there are concerns:

  • False alarms
  • Reluctance to use OC when legitimately necessary, for fear of “causing a stir”
  • Non-effectiveness in non-cell areas (OC is still effective, but the alarm is delayed)

However, for one, I still think it is a good idea, and Sabre is a company with the integrity to do it right and make a quality, reliable product.

Price I was told is $70.00, and of course that doesn’t include the phone.

Wish I’d thought of it!  These items are brand new and not out yet but check out for more info.


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James Brigham (Bigg) Bunyon
James Brigham (Bigg) Bunyon
1 year ago

So the author thinks it might not be used because its use could cause a “stir”? I kind of think that’s the general idea of yelling and screaming if attacked or the actual use of a gun. If causing a “stir” is a concern for a potential victim, then it seems to follow the best response would be for that victim to just let it all happen and offer zero resistance of any kind.

We’ve experienced two home invasions. Let me assure you, not causing a “stir” wasn’t even a fleeting thought.

1 year ago

I see the titty month awareness canister but where is the testicular cancer awareness canister?

1 year ago
Reply to  Jack

I’m still waiting to see various companies admit that breast cancer is the most detectable and least life-threatening form of cancer in the US — especially when compared to Colorectal Cancer that is much more dangerous. So where are all the products colored brown?

1 year ago
Reply to  TomC

… In Congress.