Safe AND Accessible, Introducing Reach, Designed by Vara Safety

Vara Safety's Reach biometric firearms safe securely attached to a nightstand.
Vara Safety's Reach biometric firearms safe securely attached to a nightstand.

Latham, N.Y. ( – Vara Safety, a company dedicated to designing and combining biometric technology with firearms safety, announce Reach, an innovative biometric firearm safe. Unlike any other product on the market today, Reach is the one solution for responsible firearms owners wanting to secure their home defense firearms from unauthorized users, yet keep a fully loaded firearm immediately accessible.

Trigger locks, safes and a myriad of other firearms safety solutions keep firearms away from curious children and family and friends that should not have access, as well as intruders. The problem that Vara Safety founder, Timmy Oh, kept running into was, when and if a home invasion occurred, stress and darkness made access to the firearm all but impossible. But the idea of keeping a loaded weapon accessible was also not possible because the results could be just as dire. Absolute security was essential, as was the ability to quickly access the handgun without negotiating locks, loading magazines, or finding keys. What Oh found out was people were interested in something that was simple, quick and very secure.

Hence, Reach was born.

The Reach handgun safe is as easy as grabbing your gun. In the natural draw position, the thumb aligns on the biometric fingerprint sensor. Reach unlocks in half a second, and only for a designated user. Reach allows up to five users to be authorized. When the handgun is placed within Reach, the locking mechanism secures the firearm, even from forced removal and it also prevents accidental discharge by securing the trigger.

Reach can be secured to the charging mount (mounting screws provided) and only removed with the provided backup keys. The charging mount keeps Reach fully activated and an internal battery keeps Reach accessible in an emergency power outage. The provided backup keys can remove Reach manually.

Natural placement of thumb on biometric sensor of Reach Safe while extracting firearm.
Natural placement of thumb on biometric sensor of Reach Safe while extracting firearm.

Reach is constructed of high-strength metal alloy in a sleek, brushed stainless finish. One Reach can work for multiple models. Each handgun model uses a patented molded composite polymer insert that securely keeps the firearm locked. To change out the insert, simply use the backup key to unlock Reach and change. Reach is lightweight at 1.45 lbs. and its 8.25” x 5” x 4” dimensions make it easy to fit anywhere at home, in the office or in a vehicle.

“Reach has been extensively tested and prototyped. We worked with law enforcement, families with kids, busy households and gun owners of all levels,” Oh added. “Reach fulfills all of their demands; it keeps a home protection firearm totally secure and it makes it instantly accessible through the latest in biometric technology.”

Reach will be available to customers in the first part of summer 2019. First models offered include all GLOCK® pistols, standard 1911 pistols, M&P Shield, Springfield Armory XD-S and other most popular handguns used for home protection.

Vara Safety has launched a pre-order campaign through an email sign up on their website.  Vara Safety is offering an exclusive $100 off the retail price of $299 a unit for signing up. Reach Safe includes a Holster Insert (of the customer’s choice), charging mount, mounting hardware, charging cable, backup keys and user guide.

For more information on Vara Safety and their unique biometric firearms safe, Reach, visit, Facebook or Instagram.

About Vara Safety:

Incorporated in August 2017 and located in upper New York State, Vara Safety is a company dedicated to bringing the latest biometric technology to firearms safety. The first product is Reach, a patented biometric handgun safe that allows the user to simultaneously unlock the firearm using a fingerprint reader while drawing the handgun in a ready and safe position. It will be available to consumers in the summer of 2019.

  • 7 thoughts on “Safe AND Accessible, Introducing Reach, Designed by Vara Safety

    1. Conceptually I like the idea, but have no need for one, my firearm is either on me, easily accessible to me or if for some reason the need arises, secured in a gun safe (and that need almost Never arises as I have no little ones in the home)

    2. I dont trust biometrics and aside from that what is to keep a thief from taking the piece of furniture with the weapon attached?
      This may work great for some but I dont believe this is for me.

    3. This looks like a viable solution for some people, pretty nifty. I can’t see my wife letting me drill holes in the good furniture though. Also, there are no young children around that we have to think about anymore. I have a Versacarry bedside holster that works quite well. My night gun is covered both day and night until that dreadful moment that I should ever need it. Though not a solution for me, I’ll bet they sell a whole bunch of these.

    4. My firearm is at hand at all times. My basset hound hasn’t mastered the trigger yet. Also, I had to livescan 2 times before my prints went thru. Have thot about obtaining one of these items for next to my recliner for the purpose of having my weapon securedif I’m in another part of my house. But my prints have become compromised due to testing for many years. Any ideas from readers concerning biometrics would be appreciated.

    5. I wonder if it is silent? That’s the issue with the gun vault I use now. Sound like a dump truck when the lock catch solenoid disengages and the door swings down.

    6. No thanks. My gun needs to be accessible right from the top of my nightstand as always with no electronics to fail. The rare times there are young children in my home overnight, my defensive firearm is secured differently.

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