Say Goodby To Your Guns, As Gun Laws Continue to Pile On


Social Media Checks For State Gun Owners
Say Goodby To Your Guns, As Gun Laws Pile On

Ft Collins, CO –-( “The ‘Illusion of Safety’ has always been a problem in…” ~ American Army Officer in Syria.

When Democrats (Marxists) seize power, kiss your guns au revoir. In Illinois, Democrats have now seized political power, and they’re wasting no time. Americans who wants to purchase a gun in IL would now be required to turn-over all social-media records for “examination.”

When examiners don’t like something (always unspecified), they can arbitrarily veto that sale, and all future sales. Your rights are taken away, forever, absent any kind of due process.

Other people, even family members, won’t be able to legally touch, even for an instant, any gun belonging to you, without first going through a licensed dealer and a NICS check. So, you can no longer take your family shooting, nor attend any training session where you “touch” other guns.

Normal-capacity magazines and undefined “assault weapons” will soon all be forcibly confiscated by the government, without compensation. Just like in NJ, resistors will become instant felons. No “grandfathering,” and no exception for retired LEOs

A year from now, when violent crime goes up in IL (as it always does when restrictive gun laws are passed), Democrats, instead of admitting they’re wrong, will predictably say, “We didn’t go far enough,” and a whole new round of onerous, arbitrary, ill-defined restrictions will be forced upon Illinois residents.

Currently, in NYC, it is all but impossible for a citizen to legally own any kind of gun, and gun ordinances (administered by a bloated and corrupt bureaucracy) are so voluminous and poorly-written that for even legal gun-owners to avoid violations is impossible.

Of course, that’s the way Democrats want it.

Any citizen they decide they don’t like is surely committing some “violation,” and through “selective enforcement,” Democrats can then vehemently punish critics, while overlooking identical “violations” on the part of their obedient lackeys.

That is exactly what is currently going on in NYC, with IL only a year or so behind. The rest of our Republic when Democrats rule (and they mean to rule) will quickly follow suit.

CA, NJ, MA, CT, MD, and now IL are a few examples of all-inclusive gun-bans, in various stages of completion. Within a few years, all will be officially “gun-free” and any hold out gun owners will be criminals

That is the goal of Democrats, and always has been. Yet, Democrat politicians, and their bodyguards, specifically exempt themselves from all these new laws.

So, only they and their lackeys (soon to be known as “commissars”) will have guns.

Their critics won’t, nor will their political opponents, nor will “ordinary” citizens.

Sounds alot like Venezuela!

“Throughout human history, planned genocide has been the one and only reason for weapon confiscation” ~ Heinlein.


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Shooter McGee

It’s “Goodbye”…. not Goodby.

Scotty Gunn

I stay off of social media entirely. For days like this.

Dan Schwager

Are they going on FB pages also? What are they going to do when they find a large number of Black gang bangers showing off their GUNS will the go after them? Or are they just going after white guys/gals. What about a hunter posing with their guns after they shot a big game animal are they going after them.

Dexter Winslett

No, arm yourselves and fight. Democrats are evil, they murder the unborn. They hate GOD and Christians. They hate our republic. This will not end without their bloodshed. Resist BTW, I am retired law enforcement.


I’m glad you have this view but how many of your brethren will think just like you ? I’m a firefighter who comes from a law enforcement family and have always supported the police but how many will chose their paychecks over what’s right ? I hope the majority think like you sir …


“This will not end without their blood shed.” Absolutely true!

Democrats who intend to change this nation from the Constitutional Republic it is (and was intentionally designed by our Founders to be!) into a socialist regime ARE, by definition, domestic enemies of the US. Unquestionably, inarguably, and intentionally. And they rightfully should be prosecuted, although here in the real world they are unlikely to be held legally accountable.

Mainstream media would never air such information, of course – regardless of the fact that it is indeed accurate and truthful.


The Answer: 3am Military Tribunals for these TRAITORS ! We know who they are. Cut off the head of the snake !

Eugene Ross

they better remember the 1770’s


Liberal anti-gunners (and all the other spineless wonders out there) had better realize one thing. Everything and everyone has a breaking point. When reached nothing will stop them, NOTHING. You have been warned (you are not smart enough to take it, but you have been warned)!

Mark R

I had Farcebook a year ago for only 3 months. I closed and deleted the account as it was a complete waste of time. I do not have any other “social media” apps or accounts except for Linkedin which I never really use. Posting here and occasionally at Breitbart – is this something “they” can find and read? What will come next – giving our email address to “them”? I use an old flip-phone; no smart phone here. The democRAT party has been taken over by Marxists/communists a few decades ago under the guise of liberal/progressive ideologies – we know… Read more »


“I do not have any other “social media” apps or accounts except for Linkedin which I never really use.”

Not using social media? That’s evidence you’re an anti-social revanchist who’s hiding something, comrade. Protective confiscation order is pending.


Spot on assessment of gun control legislation. More laws don’t really stop ‘gun violence’ and that’s not really what they are after. They continue to chase the dream of a weapon and violence free utopia which has never occurred in the millennia of civilization, or at least that’s how they sell these laws to lo info voters.

Walter Goddard

They’re going even further than that People!

The Maryland legislature is invading the privacy of Anti-gun protestors.. “Doxing” them.
It’s no longer a conspiracy theory! We are being called “Home Grown Terrorists”…
They are flagrantly breaking any laws they feel like, in order to accomplish the goal of disarmament!

Gas Block in WA

These are clear civil rights violations. Where is the DOJ?


DOJ is right behind them, backing em up.


The Answer: 3am Military Tribunal on their front lawn. Cut off the head of the snake.

Witold Pilecki

Destroying the First Amendment to get at the Second. Those kooky Libtard Hoplophobes……what will they think of next? What Patriots need to consider is ARMED CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE. Just like in my home state, when the majority of firearms owners decide they would rather become “paper felons” instead of loyal subjects, the evil overlords don’t know whether to shit or go blind! What they won’t even attempt, is any kind of enforcement. So far, the only people that have been charged or prosecuted, have been stupid or committed other crimes. Have the numbers of scary rifles or evil “high capacity” magazines… Read more »


In which state do you reside ? I’m currently a firefighter in mASSachusetts and close to retirement (approximately 1 – 1 1/2 years) and I’m looking to flee this shithole for greener pastures. I’m looking for a state (preferably down south or with milder weather) where I can purchase property with enough land that I can shoot on. If your willing to say or at least give me some ideas I would appreciate it !


20 years ago, I was you (except for the firefighter part). I chose Arizona. I never looked back.

Get Out

No compromise. All of the people in Illinois need to be screaming this social media examination is going to far and restricts our 2A right. What information will they be looking for next? Will they use the information to identify critics that don’t agree with them in the future? Who will decide what content will prohibit a person from getting a FOID?


Who will decide what content will prohibit a person from getting a FOID? who NEEDS a FOID anyway? On WHAT basis can they erect such a requirement as a precondition to exercise/enjoy a RIGHT? What, will they next require one take a literacy course and prove they have the appropriate “ethics” to be able to comment on an internet forum? Or post a YooToob video? THey scream and holler about “discriminatory impediments” when someone wants to have voters show their own ID of some sort as a precondition to voting, and then turn about and erect this FOID garbage as… Read more »