Shoot It. Love It. Buy It. Walther’s Confident You’ll love the PPQ

Model Rachel Martin reloads while trying the Walther Q5 Match Steel Frame Pro

U.S.A.-( Until June 30, 2019 Walther Arms is offering a money-back guarantee with any of their PPQ models.  Be it any of the more than 20 variants of PPQs Walther challenges you to purchase one and try it for 30 days.  If the consumer is not satisfied Walther will buy it back and even pay for the return shipping!

This program, titled, “Shoot It, Love It, Buy It” is explained in the video below.  As an enthusiast with dozens of handgun purchases under my belt I appreciate the order Walther named this program in.  How often have you had to buy, then shoot, then learn to love your gun?  Walther's offering a unique opportunity to do experience this process the way it ought to be.

Personally this offer wouldn't work for me because I haven't shot a variant of the PPQ that I didn't want to buy, but for those on the fence, or who have yet to experience Wather's ergonomics and trigger this is a great opportunity.  Competitive shooters should jump on the chance to try out one of the new Q5 Match Steel Frame pistols.  Walther's new flagship isn't cheap, but for those serious about competition, or just those looking for an incredible range experience it makes for a difficult pistol to put down.

A closer look at this new model can be seen in the video below:

Another variant of Walther's program is available at some dealers around the country.  As explained in the video below Walther also offers a chance to “test drive” a PPQ for 30 days with no money down.  By registering at Walther will direct you to a participating dealer.  After obtaining a voucher you can pick up your new PPQ, take it home, and enjoy it for 30 days.  At the end of those 30 days you can return the pistol and Walther won't charge you for the purchase.

With spring right around the corner and the weather warming up across the country there's little excuse remaining to not try a PPQ.  While I do my best to remain unbiased in my reporting of industry new, as an owner of eight Walthers I encourage readers to take advantage of this program.  For more details visit

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  • 8 thoughts on “Shoot It. Love It. Buy It. Walther’s Confident You’ll love the PPQ

    1. I absolutely love my tac 4 ppq ! The trigger is amazing, ergonomics are like a glove, and matched up with the Trijicon RMR ( my preference) it is a tac driver for a rookie pistol shooter such as myself! This gun got a rifle man into loving pistols:) over 2000 down range and NO HICCUPS!

    2. Only a single dealer participating in this in the entire state of Florida. No participating dealers in my state or any of the five states within a reasonable drive. I’m thinking Walther should have signed up some dealers before announcing this option.

      1. Get your local dealer to sign up! Oddly enough, most dealers are taking a wait and see approach. For those of you who want to take advantage of this program, be vocal! It does not take much for them to sign up, they just have to reach out to Walther to make it happen.

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