Daily Gun Deal: Shoot Steel Target Speed Rack for $285.59 with CODE & FREE Shipping

Shoot Steel Target Speed Rack Deal
Shoot Steel Target Speed Rack Deal

USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Buy Online Button ClearShoot Steel has a 20% Off coupon code, “20PERCENT” that gets you their best selling Target Speed Rack for just $285.59 with FREE Shipping. The code also works on the rest of their products, but only for a few more days this week. You save over $71.00!!

The Speed Rack is the perfect answer for shooters looking for a plate rack on a budget. This design is a simple DIY kit designed to give the shooter a plate rack setup at a huge cost savings over the actual thing.

Made up of 5 of our static targets, this design uses our already proven EMT Conduit legs to support a solid 2×4 stud cross member. This results in an affordable target system that is easy to set up and even easier to use. Just slide the targets over the cross beam using the supplied brackets, screw into place, and enjoy a completely portable plate rack experience that allows the shooter a huge amount of customization options.

Pictured above are the 3/8″ AR500 8″ static targets. Thsi is also available with 3/8″ AR500 10″ static, 3/8″ AR500 7.2″x12″ static, and 3/8″ AR500 9.6″x20″ static options.

For a custom target set, please see the Speed Rack Hanger and purchase any of our static targets separately. Targets ship unpainted. All mounting hardware is included, all you will need to provide are the 2×4 studs. All brackets are powder coated black for excellent weather resistance.

Shoot Steel Target Speed Rack for $285.59 with CODE & FREE Shipping

All Shoot Steel Racks are well reviewed:

Shoot Steel Target Speed Rack Cart Check 02/05/2019:

Shoot Steel Target Speed Rack Cart Check
Shoot Steel Target Speed Rack Cart Check

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Love the gong, a very satisfatisfying thwak when you nail it at 500meters with a 338/378 Weatherby . Would perfer one in at least 550- 3/8th steel. My 22/250 cuts through that like hot butter at 100 meters with a 70 grain Speer handload.


Love shooting steel! Love it! I have been buying various plate rack setups, similar to this one. I just may jump on this deal. My problem now is not where to shoot steel, my range allows it, but how to get all my equipment to the range. As of now, it doesn’t all fit in my truck bed. I may just need to invest in a dedicated target stand trailer…LOL.