Why Autocrats Are Replacing Democrats

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Why Autocrats Are Replacing Democrats

U.S.A.-(Ammoland.com)- “If you look at Trump in America or Bolsonaro in Brazil, you see that people now want politicians who are tough enough to do what they promise,” said Spanish businessman Juan Carlos Perez Carreno.

The Spaniard was explaining to The New York Times what lay behind the rise of Vox, which the Times calls “Spain's first far-right party since the end of the Franco dictatorship in 1975.”

Indeed, the growing impatience of peoples with elected leaders and legislators who cannot or will not act decisively explains two realities of our time: the eclipse of Congress and the rise of autocracy worldwide.

In condemning President Donald Trump's decision to declare a national emergency and use Pentagon funds to build his wall, Beltway elites have charged the president with a multitude of sins against the Constitution.

He has usurped the “power of the purse” that the Founding Fathers invested in Congress. He has disregarded the “checks and balances” of Madisonian democracy. He is acting like an imperial president.

Yet the decline of Congress is not a recent phenomenon. And the principal collaborator in its fall from grace, from being “the first branch of government” to the least esteemed, has been Congress itself, its own timidity and cowardice.

Contrast, if you will, the now-inveterate torpor and inaction of Congress with how presidents, declared by historians to be great or near great, have acted.

Thomas Jefferson seized upon Napoleon's sudden offer to sell the vast Louisiana territory for $15 million in an act of dubious constitutionality by Jefferson's own judgment. History has validated his decision.

Andrew Jackson — “John Marshall has made his decision; now let him enforce it!” — shoved aside a Supreme Court ruling denying him the right to transfer the Indians of Florida to the middle of the country.

Abraham Lincoln arrested Maryland legislators to prevent a secessionist-minded legislature from meeting, violated the habeas corpus rights of thousands, ordered Chief Justice Roger Taney arrested, shut down newspapers, and, in January 1863, declared free all the slaves of every state still in rebellion against the Union.

“I took Panama!” said Theodore Roosevelt, whose agents helped rebels shear off the province from Colombia to build his canal.

FDR ordered some 110,000 Japanese, 75,000 of them U.S. citizens, into detention camps in 1942 for the duration of the war.

Without authorization from Congress, Harry Truman ordered U.S. troops into South Korea in 1950 to resist the invasion by North Korea, calling it a police action.

Though a Republican House voted against attacking Serbia in 1998, Bill Clinton continued his 78-day bombing campaign until Belgrade yielded up its cradle province of Kosovo.

Yet while presidents have acted decisively, without congressional authorization and sometimes unconstitutionally, Congress has failed to defend, and even surrendered its legitimate constitutional powers.

Congress's authority “to regulate commerce with foreign nations” has been largely ceded to the executive branch, with Congress agreeing to confine itself to a “yeah” or “nay” vote on whatever trade treaty the White House negotiates and sends to the Hill.

Congress's authority to “coin money” and “regulate the value thereof” was long ago transferred to the Federal Reserve.

Congress's power to declare war has been ignored by presidents since Truman. Authorizations for the use of military force have replaced declarations of war, with presidents deciding how broadly they may be interpreted.

In declaring the national emergency Friday, Trump rested his case on authority given the president by Congress in the National Emergencies Act of 1976.

The Supreme Court has usurped Congress' powers with impunity.

While the civil rights acts of the 1960s were enacted by Congress, the desegregation of America's public schools was simply ordered by the Warren Court in 1954.

In the '60s and '70s, Congress sat indolent as busing for racial balance was imposed on countless school districts by federal judges.

As the Supreme Court, for decades, exploited the establishment clause of the First Amendment to de-Christianize all public schools and public places, Congress did nothing. A triumphant court then moved on to declare abortion and same-sex marriage constitutional rights.

Yet Congress had the latent power, in Article III, Section 2, to restrict the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court and every other federal court. But the big stick the founders left for Congress to corral a runaway Supreme Court was never picked up, never used.

High among the reasons Trump was elected was that, for all his flaws and failings, he was seen as a doer, a man who “gets things done.”

And high among the reasons that autocrats are on the rise is that the centrist parties being shoved aside are perceived as having failed the people in their most basic demands — fewer migrants, more secure borders, preservation of national identity, putting their own people and their country own first.

Whatever may be said of the autocrats, be it Trump, Putin or Xi Jinping, they are not talkers but doers. They act.

And they may very well own the future.

About Patrick J. BuchananPat Buchanan

Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of the new book “The Greatest Comeback: How Richard Nixon Rose From Defeat to Create the New Majority.

  • 7 thoughts on “Why Autocrats Are Replacing Democrats

    1. You rock the heck outta this boat, Mr. Trump. I’ve got a life jacket! Watching congress try to get anything done (other than tack HUGE PORK BARREL spending on the back end of bills–they AGREE on THAT) has been…informative? Even when the Republicans controlled both houses and the big man sitting there waiting with a pen in his hand to sign WHATEVER bills they sent him, all they could get done was tax reform? Paul RINO was ecstatic that actually got ONE THING DONE after years on the job (how many of you would be proud of that, or still have a job for that matter?) And watching and listening to Mitch McConnell is like pouring molasses in January! He’s the epitome of a Republican Swamp Lizard. And those are the GOOD GUYS!?!? If Trump had any cooperation, he would have been knocking them outta the park like 90’s cleanup batters. If the media had been his cheerleaders, like they were for Obama and his party understood that same media is never going to like them, we could be rolling sure enough. No, I certainly, don’t like the WAY he says and does some things, but most of the time, he IS actually the only one in DC doing anything. Just the lifting of harmful regulations has been extrordinary! Thank you Mr. Trump please don’t decide to go home— we still need you.

    2. How about we hire an AMERICAN instead of these NWO hacks, Period. GHW Bush was an ANTI Gun globalist. He attacked FFFL dealers, Manufacturers and was directly responsible for the Ruby Ridge and Waco ATTACKS. Trump is riding the same Globalist train with all of the same people in his admin that murdered so many inside the USA. They are planning similar now.

    3. Did anyone expect President Trump to undo in 2 years what has been going on for many decades?
      Go ahead. Vote for the socialist, gun grabbing baby killers but don’t cry in public when our county is completely destroyed.
      I despised his statement concerning taking our guns but I have hope that was an impulsive statement and he will never try to follow through.
      If he does that he will lose me also. (But I will never vote for a democrat.)

      1. I didn’t expect him to finish everything in just 2 years..
        Every thing he has done, from day 1, has been contested.. and harassed over it.
        The voters who elected him, lost faith and turned against him in the mid terms..
        Now most of them are crying about their second Amendments being attacked by the Red Fag laws passing..
        Trump couldn’t stop it, they lost the majority.

        Look at how they nearly destroyed Kavanaugh’s life in the SCOTUS confirmation hearings.
        They complain about no regard for the law, but all of them are breaking it too..
        Robert’s and Ginsburg, are both ruling against the Constitution, but the Democrats don’t say a word.
        Trump declared a Emergency and they can’t believe he had the guts to do it..
        .. and accuse him of taking the purse strings.

        Trump told them he would shut down the government if they didn’t approve the wall funding.
        They did it any way, and blamed him for the fall out.
        He gave them over a month to get it done and they turned up their noses at him.
        800,000 Government employees, and all the rest of the US businesses that relied upon the Gov being open for business suffered..
        He took their compromise, and reopened the Gov. and signed the declaration..
        I believe he was looking out for the peoples’ best interests, and not trying to save face…
        In my book that was the all he legally needed to declare the Emergency..
        The same principal as when FDR declared an Emergency!

        I think I can understand the amount of pressure he was under from all the soccer moms/dads, even his own wife, to pass a law against the assault weapons..
        I didn’t like it either, now we have to work to get it off the books.

    4. The jury is out for me regarding voting again for Trump. I hate the fact we have been poised for decades voting for the lesser of two evils. I only voted for him against Killary. Since he’s been in office I have been very disappointed in that he could have done many, more things for the people. Has his hands been tied by Pence and the extreme right or is he a chameleon, changing at a whim with the background colors?

      His statement, “…Take the guns and worry about due process later”… spoke volumes and frightens me. The Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land, yet he and every politician in DC, DEM & GOP, are ignoring it, passing laws violating the Constitution and their Oath to defend it while we sit by helplessly.

      The mid-terms proved voting is a joke, especially when those in the GOP who had extremely tight races lost under very suspicions results. Corruption from dead and illegal voters aside, no one made a huge stink in the GOP. I am sick and tired of people extolling the GOP and Trump when after 2 years of House and Senate control, very little of importance was accomplished. We were thrown some bones to make us say “Oh, look at that.” but in the end seriously, what have we gotten? No wall, no shutting down of DACA; we could go on listing. People cite far less food stamp recipients but what exactly does that mean? Is it because these people are working at good jobs and do not need them? Or is it because many decided not to reapply or cannot reapply because their jobs pushes them just over the limit? My child receives food stamps and I did too. He still does but my part-time income (I am his care-giver) pushed me just of the limit.

      We know the media is biased and controlled; we always blame the left but hold on, is it not possible when it is needed, the media alters other facts too to lead us on?

      Yesterday, it was reported Trump is pushing for international laws protecting the queer community. Protecting severe mental/emotional illness? What’s next, protecting pedophilia, transgenders? What happened to protecting sane, conservative values based on historical precedence? Man-Woman marriage not same-sex marriage?

      Not only has the world dramatically changed in 60 years, it is coming under the rule or perverted, narcissistic insane people more than ever. Throughout history we’ve had our Hitlers, Stalins and Napoleons. But to have them all in one room at the same time?

      Something has to give and I wonder if it will be the loss of our country.

    5. I will vote for Trump again in 2020..
      I know he has the intestinal fortitude to stand against any US, or World leader, for the American people.
      He isn’t a politician, but He is a leader.. I don’t like, or agree with him about everything either, so don’t bust my chops.
      He might make mistakes, rock the boat, and step on a few toes, but I’m on board, none the less!

      Maybe his next term in Office he will help balance the budget.
      The previous administrations were unable/willing to tackle it..
      H.W. Bush got rail roaded by the balanced budget amendment law, and he lost his re-election for the no new tax pledge he made..

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