Daily Deals: 600rnds American Eagle 5.56X45mm XM855 Ammo $151.98 $0.253ea FREEs&h MIR

600rnds American Eagle 5.56X45mm XM855 Ammo Deal
600rnds American Eagle 5.56X45mm XM855 Ammo Deal

USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Buy Online Two OrangeOk, mail in rebate fans this is an insane price on 5.56 but it requires a couple steps. Brownells has a sale going on 600 rounds American Eagle 5.56X45mm NATO 62 grain XM855 ammunition in mini boxes that with a filler item and coupon code “M8Y” you can get them for $151.98 with FREE shipping, and after a mail-in-rebate.

That is $0.253 a round which is stupidly cheap price for xM855 Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail!

To get this deal working you need to purchase the XM855 online at Brownells, add the filler item ( AR-15 Forward Assist Spring ) to get the shopping cart above $200 and then enter the coupon code and pay $181.98 at check out then go to the rebate link below and apply for the additional $30.00 pre paid credit card.

TIP: Buying more quantity in one (1) shopping cart does NOT get you a cheaper price. But if you place the same 600 round order multiple times you can reapply the coupon code.

Manufactured at the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant to Federal Cartridge Company specifications for commercial ammunition. The boxer-primed, reloadable brass case is headstamped with the Federal symbol and date of manufacture. Water-resistant lacquer-sealed primer. Every cartridge is visually inspected before packing. For use only in rifles with chambers designed for 5.56mm x 45 ammunition. Some ranges prohibit steel core ammunition; check range rules before shooting this ammo.

  • Brand Style: American Eagle
  • Bullet Style: Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail (FMJBT)
  • Bullet Weight (Grains): 62
  • Cartridge: 5.56 mm NATO
  • Muzzle Energy: 1260
  • Muzzle Velocity (feet per second): 3025
  • Rounds: 600

These items can only go specific Ground shipping methods. These are smaller quantities of Hazardous material and have many of the same restrictions.

600rnds American Eagle 5.56X45mm XM855 Ammo $151.98 $0.253ea FREEs&h MIR

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Federal Freedom Fuel Promotion R10064 Rebate Details: More info online. or  Apply Here.

Get 5 cents back per round when you buy American Eagle® 223 Rem. and 5.56x45mm ammunition. Must purchase at least 300 rounds to qualify. Max $500 dollars per household. Qualified Canadian residents will receive a rebate check in U.S. funds Product must be purchased between 12/13/2018 through 3/31/2019 DEADLINE for mail in or online submission 4/30/2019

Federal Freedom Fuel Promotion #: R10064
Federal Freedom Fuel Promotion #: R10064

600rnds American Eagle 5.56X45mm XM855 Ammo Cart Check 03/08/2019:

600rnds American Eagle 5.56X45mm XM855 Ammo Cart Check
600rnds American Eagle 5.56X45mm XM855 Ammo Cart Check

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As of today, March 23, 2019, the basic price is now $2.00 lower, so I had to add 2 forward assist springs to bring the total over $200.00. But after adding in the discount code, it’s still the same price, minus a penny! 1. Add the Ammo to the cart – select 600 rounds and select FMJBT 2. Add two forward assist springs (078-101-144WB AR-15 Forward Assist Spring) 3. Enter discount code: “M8Y” which will do 2 things; lower the price by $20.00 and give you free shipping = $181.97 NOTE: You don’t have to add 2 forward assist springs… Read more »


As of today, 3/29, You can now get 10% off + Free Shipping @ Brownells for orders over $99

peter m. gonshor

look it , I forgot to grow up with a computer, I have not a clue one what is considered a receipt or how to take a picture of it or the upc code and send it in by computer. Any way to do this the old fashion way, or should I just forget about the deals and buy outright.


Yes, you can mail in your rebate to Federal. Will need to cut out the UPC codes from the box

Chris Walters

brownells coupon code doesnt work, says the code is invalid.
and they’re sold out of the cheap forward assist springs.

Jeffrey Hurley

M855 is green too, or armor piercing, and not allowed at most ranges. I bought a 1,000 case and had to sell it because nobody would let me shoot it.

Look at the Wikipedia article about 5.56 ammo.

Travis schappell

M855 is not a AP round even by atf standards. It does not have a solid steel core. Most indoor ranges dont allow cause its slightly harder on targets. I’ve never been to an outdoor range that banned it.


M855 is not an AP round even by ATF standards. It has a mild steel tip for enhanced penetration at longer distances vs just a FMJ round. Indoor ranges may not allow it due to it being harder on targets and backstops then just lead but I’ve never been to an outdoor range that bans it.


Love to take advantage of this off, but still waiting for my federal rebate I filed over 3 months ago. Anyone got any comments on these fed rebates

Dominic Decaro

Mine took about 3-5 months and it was a Visa gift card


I had $60 coming to me from a rebate sent out in November. Just got it last week. Most of the ammo rebates seem to take twice as long as what they say is average. But the amount of promotions just federal is running, their rebate department must be swamped.


Got my Federal rebates a couple of weeks ago also. Visa Gift Cards

larry dale thompson

How do u order