Bump Stocks, Red Flag Gun Grabs Dominated the News This Week

The ATF regulations define bump stocks as “machine guns” and seriously implicate the right to own AR-15’s and many other semi-automatic firearms.

USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- Supreme Court Refuses to Issue Stay to Protect Gun Owners

As you know, Gun Owners of America has been fighting the ATF’s bump stock ban in the courts.

But given that the turn-in period for bump stocks ended this past Monday, GOA sought an emergency stay from the U.S. Supreme Court. Sadly, on Thursday, the Supreme Court refused to halt the enforcement of the ATF’s bump stock ban. Our challenge is still alive and well, however, in the lower courts.

Certainly, GOA cannot advocate that its members violate the law. And yet we predict, given our experience with nine states with similar bans, that a large majority of the 500,000 bump stock owners will refuse to turn in their property in what they view as an illegal, unconstitutional gun grab.

The ATF regulations define bump stocks as “machine guns” and seriously implicate the right to own AR-15’s and many other semi-automatic firearms, as we have explained in past alerts. GOA will continue to fight the issue in the court system, as the case now returns to the lower courts. And we remain convinced that the courts will consign this unlawful, unconstitutional ban to the trash bin of history, where it belongs.

Please stay tuned for further updates on this.

Lindsey Graham Holds (Kangaroo) Court

Lindsey Graham
Lindsey Graham

In the Senate this week, Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham packed a panel appearing before his committee that was almost entirely supportive of all-out gun confiscation.

Not surprisingly, Graham refused to announce his witness list until 24 hours before the hearing. And he refused to allow other Republican senators to have any input.

Then he paraded before the American people a carnival of gun-hating fools — complete with a sign-waving demonstrator and a bench of Democrats proclaiming that gun confiscation wasn’t nearly enough for them.

That said, for all of his efforts, it appears to us that Graham lacks the votes right now to pass any of the “red flag” gun confiscation bills that have been introduced. No doubt, this is in large part to the TREMENDOUS outpouring of emails, postcards and phone calls that Senators have been receiving from GOA members. Reports indicate that Senators have received tens of thousands of these contacts. And part of this includes responses that have been generated from radio ads that GOA has run in key districts.

Iowa is one of the states where GOA has mobilized considerable numbers of gun owners. And to his credit, former Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) responded well and offered the best line of questioning against red flag laws during the hearing.

No Clear Path for Gun Grab Bill

One of the witnesses, David Kopel of the Independence Institute, laid out at least five unconstitutional aspects of state red flag bills that would have to be addressed before they could be assured of passing judicial muster.

So far, none of the 14 states with red flag gun confiscation programs would qualify to get federal funding under the two Senate bills which have been introduced this year (S. 7 and S. 506).

For starters, none of these “red flag” states provide any due process protections before confiscating people’s guns. Moreover, since none of the 14 states are likely to change their current laws, it would appear to be metaphysically impossible to inject due process into the state-funding legislation. This is a surprisingly good position for us to be in, but the battle is far from over. We need to keep the heat on Senators.

So please make sure to contact your Senators and encourage them to OPPOSE S. 7 and S. 506.

Thank you.

In Liberty,
Michael Hammond
Legislative Counsel

P.S. Please forward this alert to your pro-gun friends and family and encourage them to also contact their Senators.

Gun Owners Of America
Gun Owners Of America

About Gun Owners of America

Erich Pratt, or another GOA spokesman, is available for interviews. Gun Owners of America is a nonprofit lobbying organization dedicated to protecting the right to keep and bear arms without compromise. GOA represents over 1.5 million members and activists. For more information, visit GOA’s Newsroom.

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This back stabbing moron kissed up to Trump after the original Maverick passed into the happy double crossing ground. There is no purpose for him and no place for him in an honest government. He is a war monger and a RINO. If he believes rights have limits he needs to learn by example that elected elites have limits. Maybe he can study the Constitution if he is not employed as a senator,he’ll have more time then. Take the Fla. Rubio with him. Hats of to GOA for their efforts in defeating this illegal assault on our rights. The last… Read more »


Are all of you calling the Hon. Senator Graham, “A Feckless Cunt!”? So as well as to be ‘A Pandering Pussy Politician’ might also apply (quote from known commiecrats)!?
But remember that we should never, ever be mean to the opposition. ; )

Country Boy

The 2nd A ends in SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED, so it IS a right that has no limits IMO. No other right listed in the bill of rights, ends it’s sentence as the 2nd A does.

Lindsay Graham needs to figure out which side of the fence he’s going to be on. he’s getting hemorroids sitting on it like he’s been doing. Not to mention BEING one.


This senator is a traitor. Always has been and still is one. Vote him out.


Where are all the wing nuts who holler for political assassinations and civil war now that one of your own has upset the apple cart?


&turdbird, Lindsey is one of yours pretending to be a conservative. Lots of those around.


screw you boy


You say you screw boys??


Civil war perhaps but assassinations are a favorite of the left not the right.

The Chazmainian Devil

dont 4get suicidez

Deplorable Bill

Wow, I had hoped this guy had SOME common sense. Making a GOD given mandate and constitutional right to be armed into a felony? Do you really think that George Washington would not have used this technology had it been available back then? Do you really think that John and Sue public would not have used it had it been available throughout history? Some terrorist/nutcase uses a tool to murder innocent people and the government wants to punish the innocent people and take away their tools? While I personally have no use for a bump stock, the “right of the… Read more »

Douglas Kuykendall

South Carolina needs to vote him an Clayburn I out.

willy d

The Demo-Rats are more out going about what they want and up front about it but the Rhino’s in the Repubo-Rat party keep sliding there scum treatment through the back door, then say we didn’t know it was there!!!!!!!!!! Just like Paul Ryan he never pushed to call up a vote on the National Concealed Carry Legislation, and he was the speaker of the house, just another Limp-D__k Rhino with no BALLS, hopefully he won’t run for President, he would be a bow and kiss the Demo-Rats feet for sure!!!!!!!

Michael J

The only solution to tyranny in government are term limits. These politicians represent only those who got and kept them in office.


i suggest the more accurate “turd-limits” for some


Lindsey Graham could never have been one of our great Founding Fathers! His thoughts badly flawed?


I’m still waiting for the 50 state reciprocity bill to be passed as promised the NRA spent millions of dollars to get this bill past and here we are still waiting!! Lately I’ve not heard anything even mentioned, yet they keep speeding money by sending me more and more mailings asking for donations!! I’ll donate again when I can hop into my vehicle and drive to wherever I want to go without fear of being arrested merely for traveling and enjoying my so-called constitutional rights !! It’s not a right if you have to get permission from someone else to… Read more »


For a short period I was learning to give Graham a little cred. It seems that was foolish of me. ERPOs are a pox on gun owners and the method of using federal funds to promote and enforce them is disgusting. If they pass you should call in one for every politician, every off duty LEO, every neighbor you don’t like, every gang banger you have ever seen for an order. See how much fun the LEOs have getting their butts shot off in the ghetto trying to confiscate guns, which is really where they should be focusing their attention… Read more »


You want to restrict bump stocks, grandfather those already legally purchased and possessed and place new sales under NFA (with a trade off, take SBRs and Suppressors off NFA and place under 4473).

You want ERPO, give the accused immediate representation and an expedited hearing with the accuser present prior to the taking of property.

President Trump’s assertion “confiscation first, due process second”, is foreign to our Constitution and no feel good legislation can subvert Our Rights.

When public servants advocate a false safety over Liberty, they do disservice to their constituents and oath of office, deserving impeachment!


This…. I think they should definitely remove suppressors and sbrs from the NFA list. Especially since now they are literally calling for confiscation of personal property. Only certain states are trying to push some form of reimbursement, usually at a price far less than retail. This needs to be a compromise scenario. However, due to the anti-gun vote, I doubt there will need to be legally. But it would be a great incentive, and show that the gun community is at least ready to have conversations about how to preserve our 2nd amendment while at the same time get ILLEGAL… Read more »


No, “compromise” has led us to where we are today, with more than 22,000 ineffectual gun laws. You don’t legislate against an inanimate object, that simply defies logic. We’ve already had one major State RKBA organization say that since the Bump Stock ban is now law we have only two options; destroy them or turn them in. They made no mention at all of the third option, Civil Disobedience, which would require doing nothing but keeping YOUR property from being illegally confiscated, without compensation. When I questioned this organization if they’d have the same reply if it were AR15’s instead… Read more »


Good points – yes currently bump stocks are not and those would be grandfathered, any newly manufactured ones would be required to display serial numbers, thus distinguishable. Any alteration such as filing off numbers, like firearms, would be a felony. Simple process to resolve, but Congress repeatedly fails purposely in this regard, after all, if challenges are overcome, as Our Founders did, Congress could work one month out of the year, free, and go home, no retirement and they too live under any law they enact! I totally agree getting illegal firearms off the streets too – one example, those… Read more »


It is most unfortunate, but I suspect that our president and everyone under him is being subjected to NUCLEAR BLACKMAIL. During a period of 15 to 20 years prior to 9/11/01, 350 Pitts From the decommissioned Davey Crocket Nuclear Weapons were pilfered out the back door of Pantex in Amarillo, Texas. Each Pitt could be used as the business material for a micro nuke. Special Atomic Demolition Munitions (SADM’s) have been around for decades, and were the tools used in Project Gnome and Plowshare, and now the evil ones have a nice supply of them. They want total control of… Read more »


Relax and have some more of that koolaid.


Because destroying the Bump-Stock is unconstitutional without reparations, and the ATF determination is invalid in that a bump-stock is a machine gun, or is it an arm? (if it is a machine gun, it’s constitutional and cannot be infringed) is absurd. You are not required to comply with unconstitutional laws. The Supreme Court just determined two separate cases that reinforce it’s unconstitutional nature. Merely because there is a turn-coat unconstitutional justice not wanting to make a determination against the ATF does not mean it’s constitutional. Article VI within the US Constitution says bump-stocks are in fact protected, and it proclaims… Read more »


Politician are the problems, not guns!


I told ya’ll a while back when LG “suddenly” became a “goodguy” to not trust him. I knew he was up to something, they always are. This guy was no names friggin sidekick for years and was in it neck-deep right there with him and then, BOOM, he is suddenly on our side? Not. Hes filth just like the rest of them.


Agree 100%, I felt exactly the same way. Once a back stabbing RINO, always a back stabbing RINO.


South Carolina what were you thinking for so long? Hopefully a real and electable constitutionalist will primary this clown..

Green Mtn. Boy

Every conservative party has it’s Leftist RINO’s as evidenced by the senator,a most worthless POS.


We are responsible to hold, defend, and keep our rights which are afforded to us by Our Constitution and Bill of Rights. With that being said, they can do as they please in the district of criminals…when they come our way it’s our right, it’s our duty, to repel and shake off the chains of tyranny. Those who believe they can nullify our liberty will be rudely awakened. And only a rumor of their demise will return to from where they came. God Bless OUR Republic, Death to the new world order, the enemy is on the run, we’re on… Read more »

Wild Bill

Lindsey Graham is on an echelon above Constitutionality.


Why did Sen. Chuck Grassley sit on the national concealed carry legislation last year???? He’s just as bad as are the rest of the Senators…..


These are comments I made on a previous story regarding RED Flag legislation. They continue to hold true. It MUST be understood. To rely on ANY Politician or Judge to preserve the Rights afforded in the Constitution Is a FOOL’S errand. The very reason the Founders Established the Bill Of Rights was because they Understood that as times change people who disagree with those Rights would try to Amend or Remove them. The People who believe those Rights should be Upheld and Preserved MUST Choose. Live Free or Live Repressed. The idea that preserving those Rights through the Act of… Read more »


The N.R.A. appears more and more to be in BED with the B.A.T.F. — Deny it all you want , they ASKED for more regulations and now are championing ” Red Flag Laws ” as if only their input matters. — NRA does not speak for ALL 200 Million gun owners. ( Time for ” Wayne-Hammers-Cox ” … to step down , or the entire org. dries up and gets replaced )

Jack Mac

Remember we are concerned about not only gun owners, but the rights all. Everybody should be made aware it is their rights that are being removed. The government knows that banning rights will not solve their problem. The government knows banning of people who want rights is the final solution. That is something else everyone should realize.


Graham was McCain’s butt boy and is a two-faced hypocrite who only changes his stance when there’s a dollar involved and has the backbone of a jellyfish. Exactly what is wrong with Washington in general and the Republican party specifically.


JPM, you are right on the money about Graham and GOP.


It’s high time for the voters of South Carolina to find a true conservative to run against this old queen. Gutless RINOs like LG are crypto-Socialists.


Constitutional-traitors like graham-nesty will do anything. how about your dossier work, lg?