Bye Bye Beto O’Rourke

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Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke
Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke

USA – -( Robert Francis O’Rourke’s first few days as a presidential candidate reminded me how much we miss the great talent of Tom Wolfe.

Wolfe had an amazing, profound capacity for looking beneath the glitter, the fakery, and the hypocrisy that defines much of our culture. Wolfe’s 1970 publication of Radical Chic and Mau-Mauing the Flak Catchers challenged the political correctness and hypocritical posturing of the liberal elites.

Wolfe would have loved Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke. He would have understood from the opening moments of the “Beto Bandwagon,” that there is a “me-centered” nature of O’Rourke’s existence.

I must confess the evolution of O’Rourke since losing the Senate race to Ted Cruz has surprised me. It was clear he was a champion of the Left. Like the narrowly defeated Democrats in Georgia and Florida, he seemed to have gained more stature from defeat than the vast number of Democrats who actually won in 2018.

However, I thought he would take his $80 million donor base, his charm, and his remarkable nationwide name-ID (especially for a defeated candidate) and develop a thoughtful moral cause larger than himself.

For the first few days after O’Rourke’s loss to Cruz, I compared his position to that of Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln had served one term in the U.S. House of Representatives. O’Rourke had served three terms. Lincoln lost narrowly to an incumbent senator. In those days, voters elected members of the state legislature, who then elected senators. Republicans got a small majority of the popular vote to the legislature, the makeup of the legislature saved Senator Stephen Douglas from defeat.

However, this parallel seemed to collapse after Election Day.

Lincoln shrewdly understood that his candidacy had to be about a cause much larger than himself. The Lincoln-Douglas debates were published and widely read among Republican activists. Lincoln emerged as a very thoughtful critic of slavery and a leader of moral stature. His speech at Cooper Union on February 27, 1860 was widely reprinted verbatim in northern newspapers and solidified his position as a moral and thought leader (Harold Holzer’s book Lincoln at Cooper Union: The Speech That Made Abraham Lincoln President is one of the best books on leadership and strategy I have ever read).

I assumed O’Rourke would recognize that his donor base and name identification were only a springboard – that he would have to define a moral cause large enough to justify an outsider nomination and election to be president. I was wrong.

First, we had “Beto the Traveler.” As one reporter commented, it was like watching Jack Kerouac creating On the Road as a 21st century venture in finding yourself. As Beto wandered from town to town, it almost looked as though the great leader from Texas was seeking meaning in other people and other moments. It was the opposite of Lincoln’s composed, disciplined, mature approach to leadership.

Then we got the maximum liberal establishment buildup. Vanity Fair gave him the full cover magazine launch with photos by Annie Leibovitz (nothing says “establishment approval as an icon” better than a Leibovitz photo shoot). In the glowing, fawning Vanity Fair article, we learned that O’Rourke had a “near-mystical experience” during a major rally in his Senate race.

This all out media launch set the stage for O’Rourke’s modest announcement to Vanity Fair that “Man, I’m just born to be in it.” He later clarified that it was the presidential race and not the presidency, but it was still a telling comment.

Unlike Lincoln, for whom the cause was freedom and the union, the O’Rourke candidacy is about O’Rourke.

Beto O'Rourke
Beto O'Rourke

This vacuous lack of moral and historical meaning may explain the windmill effect of O’Rourke’s arms waving non-stop. Apparently, he believes if he waves at you enough, you won’t notice what he is saying (which is vacuous and without definition in any serious way).

O’Rourke may be the most charismatically empty candidate since Robert Redford played “The Candidate” in the 1972 movie of that name. Like Redford, O’Rourke has lanky good looks, is pleasing to watch for a lot of people, and has a “Kennedy-esque” feel.

In the age of the Kardashians, O’Rourke may be the perfect candidate. He is in because he is in. He should lead because he likes to lead. We should applaud and watch in awe because that is our role.

Somehow, I doubt if this will work.

It is true O’Rourke will raise a lot of money (he apparently beat Sanders’s first-day donations by a small amount). However, as Governors John Connally and Jeb Bush can report: Winning the money sweepstakes and the nomination are two very different challenges.

In a field of nearly 20, arm-waving and immense self-confidence may not be enough.

My hunch is we will look back on the announcement week as the high-water mark of the O’Rourke campaign, and then it will be “bye bye Beto.”

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    2. Beto is a tool of the Justice Democrats. Interesting that the DCCC shut down the primarying of their own recently and are the Justice Democrats pissed. Be alert to GOP candidates being primaried IMO his is how RINOs got into the party but I think the current GOP president is much more cognizant of this than her predecessors. We will see.

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    3. Wow watched “Beto” skateboard into an event n start wavin his arms every breath he took!! Acted all animated n had no message except usual retarded retotic the Dems spew of freebies for all n totally about me speech!!! He looks like some-one definitely outta touch n seach of something to say!! Heaven help us all if likes of him get elected??? Let’s all make sure he doesn’t everyone ??

    4. He or any of the democrat wannabees are very scary. There is not a full brain cell between them. All they know how to do is promise what they can’t deliver and lie at every opportunity. Unfortunately, there are enough gullible people who will vote for them and take the votes away from a true candidate. No platform, just promises of giveme programs.

    5. After Obama was elected TWICE, I have no confidence that something like Beto won’t get elected. The electoral system is so corrupted or broken that there are no guarantees of anything any more. The Electoral College didn’t work with Obama because the Republican’ts chose to run loser dogs like Romney and McCain who couldn’t beat Charlie Manson in a fair election.

      1. @JPM, You are mixing the failures of the Repub party and the failure of the Electoral College. The Repub party’s failures you have identified correctly. The Electoral College failure is more surreptitious.
        It is the duty of the Electoral College, hereinafter EC, is to screen out popular vote winners that are not qualified for the office (e.g. if the popular vote winner is not a “Natural Born” American, or Not American, or not old enough, it is the duty of the EC members not to vote for that person.)
        What has happened, however, is that the members of the EC are party stalwarts that put party first and duty last. Once again we see that the parties have corrupted our political system.

    6. If a Beta male like Beto ever wins a national election, where will we have to move to? All I can imagine is him re-equipping the military with flowers and unicorns and confiscating their M-4’s

    7. I though “White Males” were bottom of the lists?!? I always seem to forget the Left gives a “PASS” to those when it serves a warped agenda! He is Fun to Watch, you can’t help but wonder what he will vomit up next! RH

    8. HERE IS THE DANGER: The Democrat Party leadership with their media cohorts gets things done. They got Obama elected president twice. His experience level when elected would not have got him a job as a night supervisor in a Taco Bell (seriously and for real). The latest group of socialists, Marxists and crypto communists the Democrat Party has at high levels in our country (for 70 years) are finally coming into the light because it is now accepted are no laughing matter. The Democrat Party leadership is very dangerous to what is left of our Constitution and country.

      1. Some one on here posted that same sentiment in a manner of speaking…

        Here it is:

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        March 23, 2019 at 11:00 AM
        Us deplorables in Texas do not claim this Bozo as our own. We figure he’s an alien from another world, where all their brains are sucked out before being deployed to Earth.

    9. The revelation of criminal conduct by this guy, along with his dream of vehicular homicide, which he wrote about running over kids, if revealed during the Senate race, he would have been like a fly hitting a windshield at 70mph, splat! To have an agreement with the press to keep this quiet during the Senate race shows collusion to misrepresent his morals, values and ethics, which obviously are lacking.

      Will he become 46…….nope!

    10. This guy may well WIN the 2020 POTUS job, exactly because he IS a puppet that the swamp can manipulate and control!!!
      The Dude is EXACTLY what the Powers to be want/need/desire!
      Besides, Obama the King Maker already gave ‘beto’ his blessings and promise, like he did with her majesty HRC.
      Then, the young voters and illegal immigrants will go for “the dude” because in doing so, will appease the political hostilities brought about by Homie, a.k. Donald Trump…

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