CCI Mini-mag Ammo 22LR 1600Rnds (16 Boxes) $74.37 FREES&H w/code after MIR $0.0426ea

CCI Mini-mag Ammo 22LR 1600Rnds 16 Boxes Deal Two
CCI Mini-mag Ammo 22LR 1600Rnds (16 Boxes) $74.37 FREES&H w/code after MIR $0.0426ea

USA – -( Buy Online Two OrangeBrownells has a sale on CCI Mini-mag Ammo 22 Long Rifle 40gr CPRN 1600 rounds (16 Boxes) shipped FREE with a code “NBM” that combined with a rebate gets you down $74.37.  That is $0.046 each and for CCI Mini-Mag 22LR is a great price today.

For every five (5) boxes of CCI® rimfire ammunition purchased, CCi will send you a rebate equal to the purchase price of one (1) box. Rebate calculated on the lowest priced box. Minimum purchase of 5 boxes required. $200 maximum total rebate amount per person or household. Product must be purchased between 12/3/2018 through 3/31/2019. DEADLINE for mail in or online submission 4/30/2019

So to get this deal, you need to buy sixteen boxes (16 to get the coupon code to work) of CCI Mini-mag 22 Long Rifle 40GR CPRN ammo online at Brownells and at check out apply the coupon code “NBM” and pay $93.84 with FREE Shipping. Then complete the rebate from CCI to get your cash rebate check. (see the rebate details and link below).

CCI Mini-mag Ammo 22LR 1600Rnds (16 Boxes) $74.37 FREES&H

CCI Rapid Rimfire Rebate Promotion R10003 (apply for your rebate here)

CCI Rapid Rimfire Rebate Promotion R10003
CCI Rapid Rimfire Rebate Promotion R10003

CCI Mini-mag Ammo 22LR 1600Rnds Cart Check 03/08/2019:

CCI Mini-mag Ammo 22LR 1600Rnds (16 Boxes) $74.37 FREES&H
CCI Mini-mag Ammo 22LR 1600Rnds (16 Boxes) $74.37 FREES&H

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Daily Gun Deals Banner

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Austin Miller III

Screw that rebate stuff. I buy thousands of rounds on line and delivered to my residence but only on sale, never rebate. The companies know that many will fail to send the rebate in on time or to do it properly and I would probably be one of those guys so when I see rebate…. I just keep going.

Dean Waldrop

Fully agree…. I purchase Bulk… and never ‘rebates’. Never disappointed

Doug Carlton

Still haven’t received rebate check for Fed Black Ammo sent in November. It’s now March. Federal is slow rolling everyone on this rebate. You probably won’t receive it until next Fall.


I received mine last week

Ronald Sanden

Wouldn’t it be better to get 20 boxes?

Irish Bird Dog

From the South shore of Lake Superior in Northern Wisconsin……ditto also…can still order ammo delivered to the door.


You get all the weed you want in good ol mexicali, But cannot protect your self , the government should be ashamed

Chad Stephens

Wtf are you talking about lol

William Charles

Moved from The People’s Repubic of Kalifornimexistan years ago but still have family & friends who are imprisoned there. But if you think it’s bad now, remember that your new governor Gavin Gruesome Newsome promised “to take all your guns” so keep your eyes open, bags packed and hope that no laws are passed that requires border checks should you decide to leave that state.


Suffering in a non free state (commie kalifornia) I have been ordered by my gray suited overlords, that I cant mail order such offerings. So, a trip down to my LGS to order, and bang-o-bang-o. wants an easy ONE HUNDRED BUCKS to order, then my background check fees, shipping cost, TAXES, of course temp storage fees. Well just bend me over. Ain’t freedom and liberty great?
Yup, criminals and nut jobs have been stopped cold.


I feel your pain. However, that’s why I live in the northern tier of Wisconsin. 57 below zero the other night but I have never stepped on a used syringe, never saw anyone sleeping under a bridge, and I can still order ammo. The cold weather seems to keep some of the riff-raff away.

J. Kiczula

East Central Wisconsin for me….ditto.