CO State Senator Kerry Donovan Caught Lying By Sheriff; Loses It On Constituents


CO State Senator Kerry Donovan Caught Lying By Sheriff; Loses It On Constituents
CO State Senator Kerry Donovan Caught Lying By Sheriff; Loses It On Constituents

Colorado – -( This past Saturday I traveled to Salida, CO attend a town hall hosted by State Senator Kerry Donovan. Donovan is a rural Democrat who has voted with Republicans on gun issues in the past. Her district is largely pro-gun, and she knows it. She also knows HB19-1177 “Red Flag” Emergency Risk Protection Orders ERPO is DANGEROUS POLICY for her gun owning constituents. She should do the right thing and vote NO on this bill. It is her duty as a representative of the communities she represents, including the sheriffs who oppose this legislation on safety grounds.

Last Friday during the “Red Flag” ERPO Senate Floor debate, Donovan stated that she had spoken to Chaffee County Sheriff John Spezze, as well as the county commissioners and that they DID NOT oppose HB19-1177 and would NOT be adopting Second Amendment Sanctuary status.

But at her town hall the truth came out when the sheriff himself stated they had never had a conversation, that he opposed the bill, and that he would be asking his commissioners to seek Second Amendment Sanctuary status. This was backed up by one of the county commissioners.

Then she loses it on her constituents…

WATCH! Watch the Video

Third reading and final senate vote was supposed to take place today but the vote has been laid over! This is because there are some Democrats on the fence about whether or not to vote for this horrible piece of legislation!

Call and email these three state senators immediately! Then use the copy/paste list to email all state senators asking them to vote NO on this poorly written, dangerous bill!

Kerry Donovan
[email protected]

Leroy Garcia
[email protected]

Rachel Zenzinger
[email protected]

[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
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Here's Why Colorado's Red Flag ERPO Bill Is One Of The Most Dangerous In The Nation

This year's bill is being called an “Emergency Risk Protection Order” or ERPO in an attempt to lose the negative “Red Flag” reputation. It is also being pushed more than ever as being about suicide prevention. Don't let any of it fool you. The devil is in the details; it's in the 30 pages of bill language. You can read a complete break down of these 30 pages here, as well as watch a video going through the language line by line.

Here's what you'll hear the media say this bill does:

“A family member or law enforcement officer would petition a court to request the ability to immediately seize a person’s guns. If a judge signs the order, the weapons can be taken away and the court must hold a hearing within 14 days to determine whether to extend the seizure and bar the person from purchasing more firearms.”

Here's what they wont tell you:

  • Almost anyone can request an ERPO without even showing their face or providing their address. The definition of “family or household member” is so broad it includes ex-lovers who you have never even lived with! Or someone *claiming* you once had an affair. And even old roommates.
  • The initial report and hearing can be done over the phone, all while the accused is completely oblivious proceedings are taking place to have his or her firearms confiscated. There is no due process at this first hearing – which is the hearing where permission is given to confiscate gun! Even Colorado Attorney General Weiser admits to the lack of due process. Watch his testimony here.
  • The first time the accused learns someone has reported them will be when local law enforcement shows up at their door with an order AND a search warrant prepared to raid your home – while the accused never even committed a crime. This search warrant is a BRAND NEW type of warrant that is created in the bill – a gun owner specific civil search warrant. Read all about that here.
  • 14 days later is the first time the accused will have a chance to defend themselves against this non-crime. The burden of proof will fall on the accused, not on the petitioner who can actually provide affidavits rather than attend court!
  • The guns will be confiscated for 364 days, during which time the accused only has one opportunity to ask the courts to lift the order.
  • There is zero accountability for false accusers. In fact, the filing fee is $0! For comparison, requesting a Temporary Restraining Order in Colorado is $97. Attorney General Weiser also admitted false claims will be par for the course. Listen to his statements here.
  • This bill is being touted as a “suicide prevention” bill, when in fact, the fear of having your firearms confiscated will make people terrified to ask for help when they need it, and will undoubtedly escalate situations rather than deescalate them..
  • It is so rife for abuse, it can easily be used by someone's stalker or abuser to have their victim disarmed – legally.
  • The ERPO will go on a person's permanent record EVEN if it is dismissed, meaning it will show up on background checks, etc.

Read a complete write up of the bill here:

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  • 63 thoughts on “CO State Senator Kerry Donovan Caught Lying By Sheriff; Loses It On Constituents

    1. The Sherriff should ask her to go back into chambers and recant her statement that she had spoken to him and that he support support her concerning these ERPO’s. Get the record set straight and then tell her not to lie again.

    2. Has anyone thought that the demoncrats and rinos could have the b a t f e look up 4133’s and use an anonymous red flag writ/order to deprive people of every registered firearm of anyone they see fit? Naw, the government wouldn’t do that? Obama bin ladin (pun intended) used the I R S against conservatives and the tea party. The courts (liberal courts) attacked Christians for not baking wedding cakes. It does happen. The government used the F B I and CNN (the Clinton news network) to attack and spread lies about the president and staff (and anyone else in their way). For over 2 years! This kind of low life tyranny used to happen in places like Russia! Apparently there are two types of laws in this country, one for liberal politicians and their friends/cohorts and then one for the rest of us. For those of you who think the government does not keep records of your firearm purchases, I beg to differ. Maduro did the same thing in Venezuela and ten years later the richest country in South America is impoverished and starves. They surrendered their firearms and now they have no way to fight back. If you surrender your firearms, your ammo, your magazines, your gear, the same thing will happen here. We would starve, we would be poverty stricken, we would have no hope. That is the end result of socialism. The red flag laws are there to preserve the peace? Hitler said as much just before he confiscated most of Germany’s guns–“for a kinder, gentler nation.” He was responsible for 13Mil. of his own people’s deaths. Stalin, same thing except he cost 20 Mil. of his own people’s deaths. Mao costs another 20 Mil. of his own people’s deaths. You can see where this is going. Red flag laws are treasonous, those who would legislate and those who would enforce red flag laws are committing treason. How can you tell when a demoncrat or a rino is lying to you? Their lips move. The sky is green, the check is in the mail…

      A tree is known by it’s fruit. People are known by their words, their actions and their inactions, the GOD in Heaven they believe in and the strength of their enemies. Should the day come when a terrorist comes a knockin and want’s you to surrender your gear, you can bet the next thing that happens will be you have to pay a tax or you get your head cut off. If the terrorist kicks down your front door and says the same thing, you can bet that you will get the same thing. Once you are disarmed, anything goes. That is how socialism gets started!! If the government does the same, you will starve, be destitute etc. It doesn’t matter what clothes they have on. Uniforms? Badges? Radios? YOU CAN BUY ALL OF THAT ON LINE. A terrorist is still a terrorist. Tyranny is still tyranny. The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall NOT be infringed!

      The right to keep and bear arms is mandated in the BIBLE Luke 22:36 (a sword-the assault weapon of the day) and is guaranteed by the constitution. Anyone attempting to deprive you of your firearms, ammo, magazines and related gear is committing treason. There is a penalty for treason. The second amendment protects the rest of the constitution, the government, the people’s rights, their pursuit of happiness and their right to be free. It is also there for governments that get out of hand and don’t follow the constitution. Socialism has a difficult time when the population is armed–so they must disarm the public. Government is supposed to promote and guarantee the rights and freedoms of the people. Whenever the government becomes destructive to those ends, it is in the right of the people to abolish it and establish new government. Please tell me you know where those words originated. Freedom is worth living for, fighting for, defending, warring for, killing for and if needs be, dying for. If someone wishes to go around unarmed, be my guest, but you don’t get to tell me I have to be unarmed. If you are the slightest bit nervous or scared because of someone being armed, go find yourself a good shrink or, better yet, find a good Church. It’s what’s inside you that makes you afraid. I swore an oath to defend the nation, the constitution against all enemies foreign or domestic. I still live by that oath. Don’t try to take my gear, my rights or my freedom —they are worth fighting for. Arm up, carry on.

      1. A 3am Military Tribunal, convened on their front lawn, would put a swift end to this. Dragged out of bed and outside to face charges of TREASON would fix their wagons. They know exactly what they are attempting to do, and they broke their oaths. They don’t deserve anything else. Our Founders would have them all strung up decades ago.

    3. why didn’t anyone take this cunt on??? they should have pushed her a little and she would have popped like a pimple,then everyone would have seen her true face. women like this bitch is the reason i will never,ever vote for a woman for public office.

    4. Tionico either lies or is just 10 watt light bulb stupid:
      He states: “Deduction: in Canada, when somone wants to exit stage left, guns are harder to come by so other means are employed, But the same percentage of people off themsevles one way or another”.

      Go research published data from numerous credible sources. The US has much higher ranking, ratio, etc. (concerning suicides) than Canada.
      Again and again, I find the radical gun right activist steer dumb stupid. The revelator lead the pact, but I guess he clocked out. Or, is a guilty victim of an ERPO.

      1. So now it comes out. The green rat fink is not above childish insult any more than the other low level propagandists that troll here. Tooting horn, clanging cymbal, no truth.

    5. You ammosexuals really need to get a life and stop with the paranoia! I live in above mentioned county and thankfully the gun nuts are outnumber by clearheaded, law abiding citizens.

      1. Elmerg,
        It seems the more guns they have, they more spooky they are. There is no coming to terms, middle ground with the radical right. As I type, my front door is wide open, and if needed my dogs do bite. I don’t hide with the blinds shut, door bolted shut, and xanex in hand fearing a 7 foot monster will come and take my BB gun from my cold dead hands.

        1. Why should I relinquish ANY portion of my Constitutional Rights to you, when all you have are stereotypes and Strawmen?

        2. What makes you think gun owners hide behind bolted doors? Also put a fresh bulb in your night light and you won’t be having nightmares about 7 foot monsters taking your BB gun.

      2. better an ammo-sexual than a useless dhimmi-rat commie fag Constitution-traitor. look up the arrest/conviction rates for illegal aliens & “demo-citizens” compared to police and concealed weapon carriers. those who leave others alone will be left alone.

    6. Aside from the Senator being caught lying, I was struck at how she addressed her constituents, you know, the people that hired her to represent them. She showed utter disdain for even being questioned about her statements, trying to cover her lies by citing some double talk and referring people to her admission she had made errors in the bill, NOT in her statement that she had discussed the bill with the sheriff and he had supported her. And then trying to control the room like she was the Queen. Even the sheriff couldn’t escape her wrath. Was she that nasty when running for office, or did winning her seat swell her head to giant proportions? Take note folks to your new masters in the coming democratic socialist nation we are becoming.

      1. She believes her constitutes are her servants all the while she is the sovereign. The roll of public servant and we the people as the boss (paying the bills) has reversed to the servants now as the sovereign, reducing the bill oaying taxpayers to serfs – yeah how dare you challenge the new sovereign!

    7. If a Democrat is talking, everything of substance is an outright lie or an intentionally misleading partial truth.

    8. This filthy hatchet wound must be recalled by her constituents. Give these democrat terrorists no quarter.

    9. So, politicians can simply contravene the Constitutional right of due process with these “Emergency Risk Protection Orders”. The Law of the Land then becomes meaningless.

    10. If CO passes this law, it seems like a good response would be for CO gun owners to start requesting ERPOs for EVERY politician, bureaucrat, judge, public official, anti gun activist, and government employee they can. After all, there are NO consequences for groundless ERPOs, and the filing fee is zero – so why not? Let’s see how THEY like being subjected to search warrants.

      1. “a good response would be for CO gun owners to start requesting ERPOs for EVERY politician, bureaucrat, judge, public official, anti gun activist, and government employee they can”

        HankB, why stop there. Call in a request for an ERPO on anyone with a “Vote for(insert Democratic candidate name) bumper sticker”. I mean, really, isn’t anyone who would vote for a Democrat, or suggest that you should, clinically crazy and is a threat to themselves and others? If they get swamped with enough requests that they can’t respond to all of them they will have to start investigating each one to see if it is justified before kicking in any doors.

      2. start with the lying wench described above. Her public outburst of anger is proof enough she cannot be trusted in public with guns.. or without a custodian.

        She perjured herself, too… that sheriff ought to file charges against her for that.

        Will he?

    11. I’ll repeat what we, in the RKBA community have been pushing, ever since these so called “ERPO” laws surfaced; they need to be labeled exactly what they are, NOT Emergency Risk Protection Orders but Mandatory Gun Confiscation Orders without due process.

      For those of you in CO and other States, start demanding that Legislators answer the following question: If a person is so dangerous that they must have their firearms confiscated, why are they left free to roam the streets where they can have access to any other weapon to do harm to themselves or others? Why are they not committed? The answer, of course, is that involuntary commitment of these people, under these conditions, and these types of laws, would be unconstitutional in every State in the country.

      These are the really tough questions you have to DEMAND legislators answer.

    12. THIS kind of deceptive, evil behavior is what we are facing. It is characterized by lying, then by deflecting once caught in the lie. This is the technique used to confuse the uninformed and uneducated, and sway them to the side of such subversive actions against their own fellow citizens, including those who have done no wrong. So very bad!

    13. Imagine that, a Democrat LYING….. Hell, that is EXPECTED anymore ! It takes a special FOOL to vote for a democrat.

    14. Watching the video, ….. several interesting things stand out.
      She’s caught lying to her constituents and continues to attempt it by back-stepping a few times
      She works very hard to control the meeting, not allowing anyone to question or speak up – a control freak politician
      She’s a very, very angry person – when the audience claps because she’s caught lying she claps her hands, shouting to take control again
      She looks directly into the camera as though she’s a celebrity
      She continues lying on camera when saying she’s happy to hear their concerns
      She doesn’t give a damn about her people, only her continued holding office

    15. She is a typical Democrat trying to disarm citizens while she is in violation of the Constitution! Outright Lies about the Sheriff and about his position on the bill. The Green Watch Dog suggests a conspiracy from the Right, well it would seem that the Conspiracy is between that elected official and the Green Watch Dog who is attempting to defend that deplorable action! You are being called out, defending a Liar, knowing she was caught in her Lie, shows the direction your moral compass points!

    16. General Patton once said that politicians are the lowest form of life and that Democrats are the lowest form of Politicians.

      1. I hate to break it to you but that is a fake quote. I have been a study of General Patton and respect all his views but this isn’t true, it’s internet BS.

    17. It does appear that State Senator Donovan is grossly mislead. From viewing the video she does not help informing the public what the ERPO laws does for our nation. As the voice of the people will ultimately determine. I intend to voice my support for ERPOs. Maybe she is a plant for the Republican party to make law abiding and concerned citizens look bad? No confusion here.

      1. Please explain how mandatory gun confiscation, without due process, while leaving supposedly “dangerous” people free to roam the streets benefits anyone?

        No sitting back after throwing crap on the wall and seeing if it’ll stick. Either answer or admit you really don’t know what you’re talking about.

        1. Vanns40,
          Its more than insuring that perps do not have the means to go out and intentionally harm others. Another part of the equation is to curb suicide. Unfortunately guns are the weapon of choice for it’s effectiveness. One reality is that during an order to serve warrant, there will be (a very small %) when an occupant at home is injured or killed. 100% due to their noncompliance to surrender. Call it collateral damage, friendly fire, etc. Or lets call it what it really is: Resisting arrest, and the occupant’s intent to harm others.

          1. Gr. Watch Dog: And unfortunately for you, as usual, the facts and the Constitution are not on your side. There is absolutely no statistical evidence showing that denying someone one Right will prevent them from committing an act another way. In fact, it’s just the opposite. Japan, which has virtually eliminated the private ownership of firearms has a suicide rate 45% higher than that of the United States.

            As for so called “non-compliance”, how many murders, by police, in the middle of the night, breaking down the doors of law abiding citizens is acceptable to you? We’re already aware of one that’s occurred in Maryland. What body count is okay with you in the furtherance of “prior restraint” laws? How many Rights are you just fine and dandy with in the quest of government control over the lives of citizens without due process? And who determines that person will do harm to others or themselves? You? An ex-wife or girlfriend? A disgruntled neighbor? Under ERPO’s that’s all it takes and it can be done anonymously. You don’t get your day in court until after your Rights have been stripped from you….if you survive.

            Of course all my questions are rhetorical because for those who believe government is the solution to citizens problems there can never be too much intervention, never too much subjugation, never too much…….slavery…..

            This is why more and more law enforcement agencies are refusing to enforce mandatory gun confiscation laws without due process. They are obeying their oath to uphold the Constitution. YOU might want to re-read our history of Civil Rights and due process in this country before you so willingly head down this road to perdition.

          2. Hey Green Weeeeenieeeee

            Look at Canada’s suicide stats. They are similar in demographics to the US, but far more prohibitive for handguns, and more prohibitive for long guns. Their overall suicide rate is nearly identical to ours. But their suicide by GUN rates are a small fraction of ours. Deduction: in Canada, when somone wants to exit stage left, guns are harder to come by so other means are employed, But the same percentage of people off themsevles one way or another.

            So on WHAT basis can you claim that these unacceptible laws will redice SUICIDES? They may well reduce them by guns, but not overall>
            Realise as well that in New Zealand they have similar laws… but the slimeball just shot up to mosques was still able to get his guns, ammo, and use them for evil.

            The Parkland Flroida school shooter had more than enough in his history to put him on the Prohibitd Persons list for buying guns.. but the local hooh hahs preferred to get their $Mn54 award for redicing their ARREST rate (whilst NOT reducing their CRIME rate one bit) and he got his guns… and murdered a bunch of kids.

            HOW can you think such laws will change anything? ANYONE who wants to kill CAN, and will.
            Means, opportunity, intent. The three legged stool of any crime. Remove one, the stool falls. If the second two are present, and guns are not available as means, he will find or make SOMETHING to accomplish his intent and find the oportunity to do it.

            TheConstutiton guarantees ME the RIGHT to confront my accuser, to examine him and his testimony, and for all that to happen BEFORE I am deprived of my liberty or property.
            Read Solzenitzen (spelling butchered I’m sure) He describes a society run on these principles.. anyone can declare anything against anyone else, the accused is taken away, often never to be seen again, shipped off to some far away place and institutionalised while he is “reporgrammed”….. he lived through this. Not pretty. This is how commnist dictatorships run things…. NOT what we signed up for.ANyone supporting such legislation is a traitor to our nation and values. You included.

          3. As always you cherry pick anything to do with ERPO’s and put’s the blame back onto the law abiding citizen. You’re so ignorant to know “Friendly fire” isn’t friendly and collateral damage isn’t acceptable.

            “This bill is being touted as a “suicide prevention” bill, when in fact, the fear of having your firearms confiscated will make people terrified to ask for help when they need it, and will undoubtedly escalate situations rather than deescalate them.”
            “It is so rife for abuse, it can easily be used by someone’s stalker or abuser to have their victim disarmed – legally.”
            “The ERPO will go on a person’s permanent record EVEN if it is dismissed, meaning it will show up on background checks, etc.”

          4. The problem is that “Its more than insuring that perps do not have the means…” that is the problem. This effects everyone’s Constitutional Rights not just perps.
            Suicide is already against the law. See how well that works.
            There is no “order to serve a warrant” the judge signs the search warrant or arrest warrant. Are you from this country?
            Must be nice to be so all knowing at to predict the percent of injured. Will that be more than the number of suicides? How does that balance?
            There is no acceptable collateral damage or friendly fire in American law enforcement.
            “Resisting arrest” is the incorrect term. The proper term is “Resisting Lawful Arrest”! Are you from some foreign country? Anyone that does not know that Americans have the Right to resist unlawful arrest must be a foreigner.

            1. Hmm, you’ll note that he has no reply when I turned it around and made HIM the object of a midnight raid!

          5. TGW: Wants to curb suicides. Doesn’t care how many get killed to do so.

            That much Irony could supply a blacksmith for years….

        2. @Vann…GWD should be the first to receive a ERPO visit . I’ll bet Ammoland could fix you up with name of GWD .

          1. That was a thought: Suppose I offered $5,000 to anyone who would furnish the identity of GWD and his address? Then I got two people to anonymously send emails or call the police in his jurisdiction and say he’d been acting irrationally and they’d heard him muttering what sounded like threats and he had a stockpile of guns and ammo.

            Next thing you know the SWAT team breaks down his door and takes all his guns. How would he feel then? It’s a very real probability. Let’s see if he replies.

      2. What we do know is that you and State Senator Kerry Donovan don’t understand what these ERPO laws truly are, anti-gun BS that’ll only affect law abiding citizens and deprive them of many of their rights should they falsely be accused.

      3. I voice my support in deporting you, and any other trolling shills like you, to another country without a constitution, so you’ll quit attempting to ruin the greatness of ours! Red Flag/E.R.P.O. laws are nothing but attempted backdoor gun confiscation and the first misstep down that slippery slope all the lib-tards, and apparently you, love so dearly! If you cant recognize and admit that, or rather WONT recognize and admit that, then you are no better than the lying, manipulative, tyrannical gun grabbers yourself, and you should be investigated for treason! How about we apply your beloved Red Flag/E.R.P.O. laws here? I’ll report you for suspected treason, via the internet, resulting in your home being raided in the middle of the night, your dog (and potentially you) shot, every piece of technology with potential access to the internet (computer, phone, smart tv, game console, etc.) confiscated, and have you put on a secret list, unbeknownst to you of course, which you then must find the time, lawyers, and finances to fight to get back in court, and your name removed from the secret list? All simply because I reported you as what I believed to be a viable, eminent, treasonous, threat due to your support of subverting the due process, privacy, liberty, etc., rights of gun owners. No? You wouldn’t like that?! Well why the hell not?! Its EXACTLY what you propose implementation of against others! Or wait, let me guess, is this yet another case of Red Flag/E.R.P.O. laws for thee but not for me? So everyone else should be subject to these blatant rights violations, EXCEPT for you, right? You are a disgusting cancer to this FREE society, where we have the right to face our accusers, due process, privacy, protection from illegal search/seizure, innocence UNTIL PROVEN guilty, which are all all protected by the exact things you support the undermining of, through the use of Red Flag/E.R.P.O. laws! 2A protects all the rest and any attempt at limiting, restricting, or infringing upon it, or any other rights for that matter, is a direct treasonous threat to America and its citizens! Show how much you really support these unConstitutional Red Flag/E.R.P.O. laws by first, turning yourself in for treason to the authorities you support seeing go after your fellow American citizens, then maybe you will have room to talk and a valid stance for anyone to actually acknowledge, supporting the Constitutional subversions otherwise known as Red Flag/E.R.P.O. laws! You sir, perfectly exemplify the epitome of hypocrisy, in its most rudimentarily basic and unmolested form! Congratulations!

        Hey pot… there is a kettle here at your front door calling you black. Should I tell him to come back later, when you’re done bleaching? Oh nevermind, he said it Smolett a big deal, he’ll Jussie try again tomorrow.

      4. Dear Green “Gerald” Watch Dog:
        I very much appreciate your posts and that you never come back to argue your point. You are the perfect shill. What I appreciate even more are the thorough replies that completely dismantle and disprove every point you make. Yours are the same tired points we hear every day and the cogent responses from the 2nd Amendment supporters here are priceless in their refutation. I take notes. Thank you, again!

    18. If this woman was found in a dumpster with two “self inflicted” GSWs to the back of the head, I don’t think there should be an investigation. She’s clearly suicidal.

      1. Nothing wrong with wishful thinking, it’s still legal and a first amendment right, whether it’s helpful or not is irrelevant.

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