Countering the “Civil Society” Argument Against Semiauto Firearms


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In the words of Kamala Harris, “there is no reason in a civil society” for people to have modern multi-purpose semi-automatic firearms.

United States – -( One of the more recent arguments being used against modern multi-purpose semi-automatic rifles (and shotguns, for that matter) is that they have no place in “civil society.” It’s a far cry from their earlier justifications for the arbitrary bans on these semi-automatic firearms.

One big reason is that they have found that facts about crime didn’t help their flimsy case for these bans. One look at Justice Department crime stats shows why. Over the last five years, rifles and shotguns of all types were used for fewer murders than hands, fists, and feet (what the Justice Department calls “personal weapons”). In short, if you’re looking for murder weapons, rifles and shotguns aren’t them.

If we had a media that held people accountable for misleading the American public, it would be hard for Dianne Feinstein and Bernie Sanders to get away with calling for America to follow New Zealand’s lead on banning firearms. Sadly, we do not. Instead, we are faced with a new angle that is being used to attack our rights.

Instead, they are now taking this claim that, in the words of Kamala Harris, “there is no reason in a civil society” for people to have modern multi-purpose semi-automatic firearms.

Of course, Harris also tossed out the canard that all modern multi-purpose semi-automatic firearms are good for is “killing babies and police officers.” She even wanted to use autopsy photos of the Sandy Hook victims to shame elected officials into voting for a ban.

Now her play is pretty clear. She is peddling a whopper so big that Burger King would need a bigger drive-thru window to be able to hand it to anyone who bought it, and she is manipulating people into a massive emotional reaction to do it. On top of that, she is also seeking to make the case that those who do not agree with her are the future perpetrators of mass shootings in schools, movie theaters, or other venues.

As was the case with Chris Murphy’s tweet, it’s a slander. The conduct of the millions of Americans who own AR-15 and use them for hunting, competitions, informal target shooting, or even self-defense, when combined with the statistics from the Justice Department, prove this case beyond any reasonable doubt.

The conduct of the millions of Americans who own AR-15 and use them for hunting, competitions, informal target shooting, or even self-defense, when combined with the statistics from the Justice Department, prove this case beyond any reasonable doubt.

We just have two problems:

  • The first is that we are not dealing with reasonable people. Kamala Harris has made that clear. So have Murphy, Dianne Feinstein, Joe Biden, and Bernie Sanders. Why? Because they are making unreasonable demands. There is no rational reason to punish millions of people who never shot up a school, movie theater, country music concert, or any other venue. None.
  • The second problem is that Harris is using an effective one-two combination of emotional manipulation and human shields. Since the facts about modern multi-purpose semi-automatic firearms are not on her side, she is using the blood and victims of Sandy Hook (and other shootings) as pawns.

In essence, we’re to ignore what the facts are, and instead let them lead us down an emotion-driven path that deprives us of our rights.

This is a challenging situation to handle, but we have to take it head-on. We’ll discuss more on how to effectively defend our rights by countering Harris’s one-two combination in the next update.


Harold Hu, chison
Harold Hutchison

About Harold Hutchison

Writer Harold Hutchison has more than a dozen years of experience covering military affairs, international events, U.S. politics, and Second Amendment issues. Harold was consulting senior editor at Soldier of Fortune magazine and is the author of the novel Strike Group Reagan. He has also written for the Daily Caller, National Review, Patriot Post,, and other national websites.

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I prefer dangerous Freedom over a peaceful slavery
– Jefferson


Harris should tell that to all her homies in the heavily Democratic Chicago. Now there is a civil society.


I mean, if we want to talk “civil society”, and what should, or shouldn’t be acceptable let’s start at the fact that we have been trying to outlaw murder since the times of Moses. I’d say that “civil society” would condemn judgement on fellow human beings based on diversity as well. Yet somehow, Dems are always talking about the “white devil”, while spewing “politically correct” prejudice. No, their argument against the AR-15, an inanimate object, is nothing more than a call for civil obedience. Big bro wants to tell you, the peasant, what’s best for you. And failure to comply… Read more »

willy d

Bob I know what you are talking about not really wanting an AR 15, I myself have no interest in owning one, I had 2 bad experiences when I got to Nam, first 2 firefights that useless M-16 didn’t have the forward assist on them, had there not been a rock near by both times to slam the barrel on to get the bolt to close I could have been history, so to this day I have no and I mean no interest in owning one! I don’t think anyone who can own one should be restricted from owning one… Read more »


There is no reason for someone to own and use a Mercedes. You can get to work or the store or doctor in a Ford or Chevy, but if you can afford it and you don’t abuse it by running over someone, then there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to own a Mercedes. The same goes for any gun.


Heals up Harris has already heard what her dad had to say, basically he is disappointed in her talk and actions. He is not even from this country and her mother was not born here either. What gives her the right to run us down and try to trample our rights. Just like booger hook Booker and the rest of the slum that have the delusion that this can become their paradise and the rest of us as their servants. I can see myself rejecting that. Schiff for brains needs to go back to commiefornia and continue playing video games… Read more »


“There is no reason in a civil society” to have lying scum like Harris and Murphy in government.


The “civil society” of the late 18th century should not have “needed” Brown Bess, rifled muskets, horse pistols, paper cartridges, (facilitates much faster reloading, you know….), nor their community armouries just outside of town, three of which General Thomas Gage raided or attempted to raid as prelude to his waterloo raid on Lexington and Concord. And yet, had not those well prepared members of that “civil society” had those arm and stores laid by, ready to hand, AND the skill and discipline to make good use of them, we’d be having high tea at four, obserging Victoria Day with fireworks,… Read more »


If we ever have a perfectly civil society, in which nobody ever tries to coerce anybody else against their will, nobody ever covets or steals, everyone is perfectly happy to end an argument with a verbal disagreement, worldwide — you could maybe raise this issue. Only to learn that nature, either as a source of food or an enemy of survival, will still require humans to have effective guns to exist and be competently operated. Sorry Kamala, that argument fails, try another!


Banning semi-automatic AR15 type rifles and standard full capacity sporting arms is NOT a “reasonable compromise – IT IS THE END GAME!
It is the difference between a citizenry effectively armed to ENABLE THE CAPABILITY of DEFENDING IT’S FREEDOMS – And a citizenry restricted by law to low capacity sporting arms that NO LONGER POSSESSES THE CAPABILITY TO DEFEND IT’S FREEDOMS!
The Second Amendment is a right to “THE CAPABILITY”

Wild Bill

Strange that this article and comments, thus far, have not attracted the attention of the Soros, Bloomberg, or Clinton propaganda barf machine on-line reps! Have we starved them out? Is it a socialist holiday somewhere? Are they curled up in the fetal position in safe-rooms since the Trump speech in Michigan? Have they realized that the slogan “Libtards of the world unite!” is not effective.


I have been a Second Amendment student, advocate/activist and practitioner for almost 50 years. I have recently concluded, one of our major failings in this ongoing struggle to preserve our rights is we have failed to understand and “Shout from the rooftops” the intent of the Second Amendment. The founders justly feared and held in contempt standing armies. A review of various state (colony) constitutions contain specific verbiage acknowledging the threat to liberty of standing armies. The founders favored a well armed civilian population for deterring and if necessary repelling foreign invaders. They also recognized a well armed civilian population… Read more »


It seam funny that all these law are against law abiding citizens and not the criminal who commit the crimes they use this term ( for your safety or other terms) but it look like there protecting the people who commit the crimes not law abiding citizens

Jack Mac

If guns are outlawed the criminal and the government will have guns both for the same purpose and goals. The Criminal is helping the government to reach its goal, the government supports the criminal helping. The more crime the more job security is the view of law makers and law forcers.


It’s obvious they are appealing to the emotions of their supporters, nothing more.

Robert J. Lucas

Talk to Jerry Miculek, about revolvers vs. semi-automatics.LOL!…


I just purchased my first AR15, not because I need it, not because I even want it, but because THEY don’t want me to have it. If saving lives were their goal they would be against abortion, they would mandate the top speed of motor vehicles to be 25 MPH, they would not allow a car with horsepower over 100 never mind 600. They only want more power and to strip any object to that away from everyday people.


I’m working on buying my first one, for precisely the same reason. I have to before July when my stupid state imposes a whole pile of insanity to purchase even a Ruger 10/,22!!!!! I’m also seriously considering anon-AR pattern rifle that has all the capabilty of the AR’s, including taking the common standard capacity magazines (yes, I mean the 30 round, or even drum 50 round) but it LOOKS like a standard Elmer Fudd hunting rifle. I think that will be the priority, as that won’t be on any likely lists fo register, a la New York and connecticut (or… Read more »

Robey Alan Gulledge

“Killing babies and police “
Since when have Democrats cared about either of these ?

J Gibbons

Really good question. They should be asking everyone to get an AR-15 to kill more babies and police.

Dems only support babies and police when it serves their purpose. Then, they turnaround and vote for infanticide and rally for BLM against police.

Charles Moore

True, true . . . . .

David A Deeds

The first of many brainwashing laws was the ban of bump stocks. When will the communist Democratic party understand that its 1 in a 10 million people who commit a mass shooting and banning firearms will not stop them from committing this type of crime or any other crime. Over 600,000 bumpstocks were sold and only 1 crime was committed using them. So I must think everyone else that owns one is going to go crazy and shoot into crowds of people. THIS IS TOTAL BULLSHIT. I don’t know what the communists Democrats are thinking but they are obviously out… Read more »


maybe i missed it but other then a statement was made that bump stocks were used in vegas where is the actual proof.


Gezackley. There IS none. Yes, ONE bump stock was found mounted to a rifle lying on the floor as they first breached the nest from which he was supposedly firing. BATF were PROHIBITED entering, and were not ever allowed to do any examination of the guns found in that room. NO ONE has done any ballistics exaination of any of the recovered projectiles and/or any of the guns alledgely used in the supposed event. I also was an “evidence photograph” showing a few long guns on a low table, numbered tags hanging from them, about five seemed to have bump… Read more »


So far, there IS no existing proof that a bumpstock was actually used in the Las Vegas shooting. There has been no FBI confirmation, at all.

Robert J. Lucas

They never told the true story, but they never do to cover their hidden agendas.

David A Deeds

Your right it was never proved that a bump stock rifle was used but my point that I was making is that this is just the first of many laws that is in the works from the communist democratic party has in store.


Harris is the prime example of why we need our guns! An unarmed population is prime for control and I WILL NOT BE CONTROLLED!


Hmmm I remember Joe Biden saying that if people want a gun get a double barrel shot gun to defend themselves!! So I guess it’s ok with Joe to carry a double barrel shot gun around with you !! Let’s put that into law tomorrow and give it a couple of years to see how it pans out and then we’ll work on the rest of the gun laws later

Heed the Call-up

Adam, let’s not. Biden also suggested taking said shotgun onto one’s baloncy and discharging it into the air. Not only is that a direct violation of firearm safety, rational thought – “common-sense”, and potentially extremely dangerous to innocent lives nearby, but in most places it is illegal for at least one or more reasons.

Get Out

Joe said “Well, you know, my shotgun will do better for you than your AR-15, because if you want to keep someone away from your house, just fire the shotgun through the door.”
That’s his opinion as some still prefer an AR15, Joe you use what you want and we’ll use what we want.


when does biden have time to use a shotgun? groping seems to keep him pretty busy. plus he’ll need time for that full-body paint job he’s going to need to cover the white stuff he hates so much. earl scheib used to be a go-to guy for inexpensive paint jobs in caliph-agnia.


Interesting! If there is no place for guns in a CIVILIZED society can someone tell me how a politician who was on public tv can make a statement towards the president of the United States that she is going to impeach the mother fu€£<r ! To me she sounded like street trash drunk on the corner!

n r ringlee

I find it so comical yet tragic when those who have worked to undermine the foundations of Western Civilization make appeals to the Constitution and “civil society.” Harris is a life-long communist who has worked to undermine our notion of civil society. You see, her version of “civil society” does not come out of Toqueville or Jefferson. No, her version comes straight off the pages of Orwell.


“An aremed society is a polite society manners are good when one may have to back up his actions with his life.”
Robert A. Heinlein From ‘Beyond This Horizon.’ 1942

Martin Hoer

This civil society argument is actually very easy to knock down. In the 20th Century 262 million innocent men, women and children were murdered by government, not including war casualties. Governments are considered keepers of a civil society, by whom? The real mass murderers are government – in particular the type of governments Harris, Booker, Cortez are pushing. I s the US Government immune to this? Ask the Japanese of WW2 that were imprisioned in FDR’s concentration camps. Or ask the native Americans which the US Government murdered around 18 million in the 19th Century.


Whoops! Most egghead conservatives would deny the US government murdered any native Americans.


Dontchya know? They tore down all the statues of those Union Generals Sherman and SHeridan. So that never happened now.


So there was never a case of NA’s wiping out whole tribes of other NA’s before Europeans set foot on the continents?

William Flatt

We’re not buying the Left’s lies any more. Phuck them and the horse they rode in on. Firearms, especially black rifles and big scary semi-auto firearms, are the very basis for a CIVIL society!! Look at England and France with their bans on most firearms, and look at the immigrant-based violence happening in these and other european nations. Tell me with a straight face, if you can, that their society is “more civil” because of a lack of defensive technologies available to their citizens! IT IS NOT. So Kamala Harris, and all the other Leftists in America, need to STFU… Read more »

David A Welsh

Actually, a civil society can only exist when its citizens are well armed and can exercise their God-given, natural rights. No greater examples of this civility can be found but within gun shows, shooting ranges, the general, peaceable, cc populace who don’t shoot others unless in self defense. Gunless nations have citizens who can be victimized by their neighbor as well as their government at any time. Besides, liberals’ idea of a “civil society” is that in which the populace does what they dictate. Some civility!

Dubi Loo

Bullseye David!


No reason?! Really? Do they not watch their own propaganda based news outlets? Spend an hour watching CNN, FOX, MSNBC or whatever and tell me again that I dont need a modern sporting rifle.


anything is possible in some lawyer brains