Crosstac’s Sponsored Shooter, Paul Phillips, Hits Target at 6,000 Yards

Global Precision Group with Paul Phillips.
Global Precision Group with Paul Phillips.

Loveland, Col. ( – Crosstac, the innovator behind tactical/shooting gear for the serious competitor to the beginner shooter, is pleased to announce sponsored shooter, Paul Phillips, successfully shot 6,012 yards (3.4 miles) on Jan. 19, 2019.

Phillips uses Crosstac’s Precision Long Range Shooting Mat, which, unlike most shooting mats, offers unique features that make it the perfect platform for precision shooting sports. Wider than traditional mats (36” wide x 79” long) it supports the entire shooter and their rifle comfortably.  Made in USA, the design is the perfect thickness for comfort and stability.  It offers a heavy-duty bipod rail sewn into the front that allows you to preload your bipod and keeps it from sliding forward. The mat folds flat for storage and unfolds flat instantly for use, no more fighting with curled roll-up shooting mats that refuse to deploy.  While roll-up mats roll the mud right onto their shooting surface, the Crosstac panel design keeps the shooting surface perfectly clean, no matter what the conditions.  The mud is trapped on the backside of the panels when folded and doesn’t touch or transfer to the shooting side.

The mat’s panel design allows the carry of a rifle within the mat, for working on different shooting distances.  Put your gear in the middle, grab the handles and lift.  Move back and shoot again. Details also include foam rated to -20° F, to eliminate cold cracking. Crosstac’s Precision Long Range Shooting Mat is made with 1000-Denier Cordura® and polyurethane coated inside for water resistance and coated with repellant on the outside. Used by the USA FTR Shooting Team, government agencies and the reigning NRA National Extreme Long Range shooting champion, Paul Phillips.

Crosstac's Precision Long Range Shooting Mat

“Team GPG loves using the Crosstac mat because its lightweight, carries our bipod mats and folds up. It is also wider than most mats and is very comfortable,” Phillips said. “The Crosstac mat was also the mat used on the US Rifle Team when we won gold in 2017. It makes a great mat for long range, extreme long range and everyday practice.  Team GPG is proud to be sponsored by Crosstac.”

Phillips is a champion long-range shooter and owner of Global Precision Group, a training, consulting and R&D agency using the same methods that have been proven successful in competitive precision rifle matches and Extreme Long Range (ELR) competitions and apply them to real-world applications.

The Global Precision Group (GPG) team members include Mark Lonsdale, internationally ranked shooter, Derek Rodgers, reigning FTR World Champion and Phillips, reigning NRA ELR National Champion. The 3.4-mile shot hit a 32” x 48” target and took 17 seconds to report.  It required 625 MOA of elevation from a 100 yard zero.   Phillips’ rifle is chambered in .416 Barrett, using VithaVuori 20N29 powder topped off with a 550-grain Cutting Edge laser bullet running 3,000 FPS.

The shot was made with the participation of their sponsors:

BarrettNightforce OpticsTACOMHQKryptek Outdoor GroupGSL Technology SuppressorsTARGETVISIONMcMillan Fiberglass StocksKelly McMillanCROSSTAC, Bullet CentralBartlein Barrels, IncBAT Machine Company Inc.GarminKestrel Ballistics, Applied Ballistics LLCBrownells, Inc.TACOMHQ Cutting Edge BulletsVihtavuori PowdersEdgewood Shooting Bags, Inc.LabradarStiller's Actions,  Peterson Cartridge CoDerek RodgersMarksmanship Training CenterMark V. Lonsdale,LongRangeOnly.Com John Droelle Mauro Del Mastro Dimitri BogatirevAlexander Cordesman

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About Crosstac Corporation:


Headquartered in Colorado, with an additional factory in Florida, Crosstac designs and manufactures innovative tactical/shooting gear featuring smarter features that provide enhanced accuracy, performance and an overall better shooting experience for the serious competitor to the beginner shooter.

  • 11 thoughts on “Crosstac’s Sponsored Shooter, Paul Phillips, Hits Target at 6,000 Yards

    1. No matter the terminal velocity..that was awesome..wringing the most from any rifle hunting or target has always been mine and my cousins goal..from 200 yard shots with 44 mag pistols to 300 yards 22long 1000 yards with AR style..I’m sure lessons learned from your shot will improve shooting for distance down the road..well done

      Chuck Hancock

    2. I hope people can appreciate this level of development effort. Lessons learned from the GPG team”s experience can only benefit the shooting community, especially those of us who want to stretch our understanding of ballistics. Thanks to GPG (specifically, Phillips) and their sponsors who also see the long term business and financial benefit to emerging technology solutions for extreme, long distance shooting.

    3. If they weren’t sponsored they wouldn’t have been able to afford wasting all that time and effort to make a ridiculous shot after burning through a box of ammo. There’s no real-world utility in making a shot at that range: insignificant terminal velocity and inability to identify the target. In a sniping situation even with a suppressor your position would have been compromised after the 2nd or 3rd shot. Silly nonsense.

    4. This was a serious rifle capable of excellent accuracy. Phillips is a good shooter. However, the hit happened on the 22nd shot. Meaning it was preceded by 21 misses. TWENTY-ONE.

      I consider it significant that this information was omitted from this article. C’mon guys…

    5. I’m not impressed at all unless you can hit that target 3 in a row! Do that and I’ll be very impressed. How many shots did it take to hit it once? 20 plus I’d bet. You could put a monkey behind the rifle and get the same results.

    6. How do you get that much elevation? ” March optics Genesis, and a 300 min. Heritage cold shot? Im wanting to try 2 miles
      but I need a cold shot. I am impressed.

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