Firearms Registration Act Introduced in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania state Democrats introduce HB0768, known as the Firearms Registration Act.
Pennsylvania state Democrats introduce HB0768, known as the Firearms Registration Act.

Harrisburg, PA-( A new bill introduced in Pennsylvania would establish a gun registry within the state.

HB0768 is known as the Firearms Registration Act. The Democrats that introduced the bill were Mary Louise Isaacson (D), Angel Cruz (D), and Mary Jo Daley (D). Last Friday, the General Assembly referred the bill to the committee on judiciary.

The bill would require gun owners in the Keystone State to register their firearms with the Pennsylvania State Police. Owners would have to provide the police with the make, model, and the serial numbers of all their guns.

Along with the application that the gun owner must swear to under oath, the gun owner would have to submit fingerprints, two photographs that are no older than 30 days and go through a background check for each firearm that they own. This background check is the same one that they must go through to purchase a gun.

In addition to this requirement, they must also provide the Pennsylvania State Police with their home and work address, telephone number, social security number, date of birth, age, sex, and citizenship. This requirement is more information than a person needs to vote.

If the State Police rejects the person's application, then they will have ten days to appeal the decision. The owner must turn their firearms into the State Police within three days of receiving notification of the rejection. If a person does not appeal the decision within ten days, their right is forfeit.

A gun owner cannot transfer any unregistered firearm. Anyone caught with an unregistered gun is guilty of a crime even if they are unaware of the firearm registration status. Also just holding an unregistered firearm at a range is a crime.

The gun owner must keep all firearms unloaded and disassembled or bound by a trigger lock. If a firearms owner doesn't secure their firearm that way, they would be guilty of a crime. This rule even applies to homes with no children.

The gun owner has 48 hours to update the State Police if they change jobs, phone numbers, addresses, or anything else on the application. If they do not update the State Police, then they could be prosecuted for violating the law.

The certificate which will cost $10 per firearm will expire after one year. The gun owner would have to start the process over again to renew their certification. This process must be done 60 days before the certificate expires. The procedure can get confusing for gun owners with large collections.

The bill makes no mention of how the state will enforce the law.

Other states that have tried gun registration and bans have seen limited success. New Jersey has had zero magazines turned in since their magazine ban went into effect.

New York saw nearly one million firearms owners defy the state law to register their “assault weapons.” The same thing played out in Connecticut when only 50,000 out of 350,000 registered their semi-automatic rifles.

Expanding a registry to all firearms will be impossible to enforce without conducting door to door searches of houses. It is unclear how these Democrats plan to deal with this reality.

None of the bill’s sponsor responded to our request for comment.

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John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. He is the former CEO of Veritas Firearms, LLC and is the co-host of The Patriot News Podcast which can be found at John has written extensively on the patriot movement including 3%'ers, Oath Keepers, and Militias. In addition to the Patriot movement, John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and is currently working on a book on leftist deplatforming methods and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, on Facebook at realjohncrump, or at

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    1. I put 10 yrs in the military defending our country and Constitution so some dumb ass democrat with nothing better to do with their time than to try to destroy our constitution our for Father’s way back in their time had the forward thinking to see our country going to hell. The constitution was their way to stop the ignorance of the people of our country the Democrats are pissed at Trump and this is their childish way to get back at him Trump scares them because he is not a politician

      1. You are so very right this will not stand we have a legal document stating the understanding of being a citizen of this country our constitution. Will be upheld and not walked on we will uphold this with or without a government for the people who gave all to make these united states liberty will prevail we are watching but we must stand gaurd and informed more than ever Silence Dogood

    2. I’m guessing that 34 people in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh will register their guns, along with perhaps 2 or 3 in Harrisburg.

      Hey, PA – good luck going after them!

    3. It will die a fast death and will never pass. Seems like the Government is really trying to start a Civil War. Just hope Insleep and Side Show Bob do not try this in Washington State.

      1. Don’t count on it not passing. Just bringing it up is getting too close. This is all part of their philosophy of incrementally pushing this issue. Moving the unthinkable into the thinkable category. Next time it won’t seem so far fetched to a lot of people.

    4. It’s interesting that the nazis were the ones that had created a gun registry along with Stalin,Hitler and others while installing a socialist government in which ALL Jewish citizens that had guns were raided first then the rest of the people who had guns were systematically raided!! I now have to wonder weather or not the Democratic Party is the new day NAZI /socialist party! The similarities are actually very very disturbing as to what is happening in the United States today! (Those who forget the past are bound to repeat it) !! They want to take away your ability to protect yourself and your family!! The WOLVES are now at the door and they are trying to get at the sheep !!

    5. More gun control laws have been introduced and passed by Democrats at the state and federal level with Trump in office than was passed during the entire 8 years of Obama..

      The democrats are using the anger against Trump as a way to energize their base at the local, county and state level..

      Our country is on the cusp of a social collapse. The hatred of Trump is driving the whack jobs to the street and they have decided our rights, lives and future do not matter. This means unrest in the street.

      Stockpiling food, medical supplies and fuel is an absolute must if you want to survive.

      I do not know if we are going to become North Korea or Venezuela but I do know we are not going to remain the USA if gun control and the rush to socialism is not stopped.

      1. Not President Trump’s fault. Insane actions have been taking place for a long time. Most people are just waking up.

    6. I left PA almost 30 years ago and haven’t regretted it since. PA has slowly morphed into a wannabee totalitarian state. Unfortunately, PA is just one of many states that are paving the way for the entire country becoming a totalitarian society.
      The Left in the USA has copied the playbook of many past and doomed rulers, “All great movements are popular movements. They are the volcanic eruptions of human passions and emotions, stirred into activity by the ruthless Goddess of Distress or by the torch of the spoken word cast into the midst of the people.” Adolf Hitler

      Another ruler once said the following, “Within the covers of the Bible are the answers for all the problems men face.” Ronald Reagan
      “In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem, government is the problem.” Ronald Reagan
      “Freedom prospers when religion is vibrant and the rule of law under God is acknowledged.” Ronald Reagan

      When Hitler came to power, the masses surrendered, the politicians surrendered, the Churches surrendered, and the educators surrendered. History is our witness, the bottom line is that the people, We the People, must stand together, unlike those in the past, to defeat this godless push for power and control over our lives or we will be doomed to follow in their footsteps.

      1. 1. Proposed bill is an over-reach and if passed will never be successfully enforced
        2. I respect the second amendment and the right of individuals to own guns. Not RPG’s not grenades, etc. Some sensible limits on arms are OK
        3. We all register cars, etc. I’m in favor of user-friendly registration that takes five mins and includes serial #’s
        4. Pls don’t invoke God in this discussion. Constitution also states there shall be no official religion.
        5. Common sense here would be good – not hysterics from ban all gun people or government conspiracy dopes.

        1. 1. Agree.
          2. The 2A says “arms”, not “guns”. At the time of its writing, most cannon were privately owned.
          3. What is the point of registration? I will cost millions to implement and maintain what will be a massive database, and will – demonstrably – do nothing to stop crime. Also, per Haynes v. United States (1968), criminals do not need to register their firearms so as not to violate their 5th Amendment rights regarding self incrimination, so this would amount to nothing but an infringement on the law-abiding.
          4. Mentioning God does not constitute declaring an official religion.
          5. Common sense – an oxymoron of late – would lead these legislators to realize this is no different than a poll tax, charging people to exercise their constitutionally protected rights. It would also lead them to realize that it will do exactly nothing to fight crime and will only serve to turn otherwise law-abiding citizens into criminals, and will therefore be a waste of their time and my (tax) money.

        2. believing in God is not a religion
          The constitution and this country were founded on a belief in God
          The constitution says freedom of religion
          NOT freedom from religion

        3. @Ira, “Therefore whoever confesses Me before men, him I will also confess before My Father who is in heaven. But whoever denies Me before men, him I will also deny before My Father who is in heaven.”
          (Mat 10:32-33)
          The Constitution says no such thing about “religion” as you state. In fact, religion is only directly referenced one time in the Third Clause of Article six, “No religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States”.
          In defiance of the Constitution, we now have democrats applying religious test on other politicians and potential judges on a regular basis. God was an integral part of the Constitution for the Founding Fathers. Furthermore, the Bible was, and is, the inspiration for our system of law and the Constitution. The Founding Fathers were not ashamed of that fact and neither am I.

    7. We all need to send this to everyone you know to tell them to call your Senators and Congressmen and women and tell them to vote no on this Anti-2nd Amendment Bill. 202-224-1414.

    8. The Democrat Party is becoming an enemy of the state. It’ll be on them when they start getting treated accordingly.

    9. Canada tried a firearms registry..

      Guess how it went? It was disolved in 2012 as they realized it was a waste of money and it actually never helped solve any crimes.

    10. Just emailed all the info on this to the NRA-ILA.
      Asked if it was on their radar and how they would address it.
      I know the odds of this becoming law are small but people scare me with their obsession to control.
      Can’t give them an inch!

        1. No SIR, you are wrong. Do some research instead of posting inaccurate information.
          btw I’m a life member of the NRA.

          1. james, I, too, am a life member of the NRA. Unfortunately, as shown with the bump stock ban and red flag laws, they no longer are a 2A organization, but a money-sucking hole that I will no longer fund.

    11. You all are spot on our 2nd amendment is not up for debate. Vote the trash out and never comply with a tyranical act that takes away your rights from who our forefathers fought for and lived under oppressive government there is a important reason why the 2nd amendment is number 2 if the government wont LISTEN to we the people and wont adheir to our constitution then the only recourse may have to be by force. Not making a threat just giving an reason for its place in the costition. And how very powerfully important it is to our life and liberty

      1. How does forced registration make things safer. It will only affect law abiding citizens, and make criminals out of many, just for a minor technical offense. Try to get in touch with reality before you post such a stupid comment.rk miller

      2. @Dave, Firearms registration has never made a state or nation safer. It has always had the opposite effect by criminalizing the law abiding and aiding the very criminals it neglected to address.

      3. Get your head out of your anus. Law abiding citizens should not have to be Treated as criminals. This will not affect the criminals they will have illegal guns one way or another this is nothing but nonsense trying to take guns away from law-abiding citizens so we can become little sheep going out to slaughter.

      4. Fees are the not the problem. The unconstitutional infringements being proposed to bear arms is a problem. No gun owner could meet these administrative requirements year after year. Miss one date and you become a felon. Make the state safer by making it so difficult to own a firearm that only the criminals will own one. Ridiculous and foolishness. This bill will NEVER pass but will wake up some law abiding Dems creating more Republican voters. The level headed Dems are getting tired of their own party continually subverting our society with perversion, ignorance and anti American actions. You sir have the iintellectual depth of a donkey or should I say axx!

      5. You really are an ass you think the cops can protect you ? They are responders they come after you are raped, murdered, beaten or robbed they can not protect you. You think taking peoples gun will lower crime ? How many crooks will do this,,,,,,,, WRONG.. NONE DUMB ASS !!

    12. This is exactly what they did in Nazi Germany. The Jews then became defenseless and the rest is history.
      Democrat party is the party of Jew hating, American hating, and is the Communist party Those Democrats
      I agree with comment made earlier:
      These are the asshole we need to get ahold of.
      Mary Louise Isaacson (D), Angel Cruz (D), and Mary Jo Dale

    13. Back round check for each gun why….This is why you never vote for Democrats unless you want to destroy your Constitutional rights. But thanks to our Public school for the last 40 years people don’t know their rights.

      1. This is what happens when we allow any DEMONRAT access to a position of power, what I’d like to know is how they reconcile it with the 2nd Amendment where we have the right to keep and bear arms, the Constitution doesn’t say we must register ANYTHING, so if they put the police in the position if having to enforce this we will lose a lot of cops, they are not going to be happy to have to enforce an Injustice type law/bill… this is NOT within our rights as citizens and I refuse to comply… These demonidiots can go eat crap before they will infringe on my rights, I guess we can’t fix stupid, but we sure as crap canvkte their butts OUT OF OFFICE, and if ppl don’t start getting their crap together and VOTE, STOP THINKING THE LITTLE VOTES DON’T COUNT, THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS!!! get all the ppl you know registered to vote Republicans we can get things back to normal in our Nation!!! If EVERY Republican gets at least 5 more voters to the poles, we can change things and stop the insanity if the DEMON FILLED DEMONRATS!!!!

    14. SCOTUS have determined that the practice of collecting a “poll tax” , a fee to be paid as a precondition of exercising one’s right to vote, is unconstitutional. I believe they would view charging a “gun tax”, a fee to be paid as a precondition of exercising one’s right to own a firearm, would fall into the same category.

      If this bill becomes law, I can envision massive civil disobedience, and perhaps some serious pushback as more and more “violators” are found and prosecuted. The costs of enforcement will far outweigh any benefits, and I’ll lay high stakes at long odds many will just up and rent that Enterprise Truck, pile their personal possessions, guns and all, into that big box and drive off to somewhere else. PA will no longer get their tax money, nor any other benefits from their presence and living in Pensylvania.

    15. They will eventually starve you out in registrations fees for those who own gun collections to the point you can’t afford all the fees so then what?…they just confiscate your guns?….UH…NO! My gun is my gun to protect myself, my family, and my home and property and any law circumventing that is unconstitutional in the eyes of our forefathers who drafted our laws. especially on gun ownership.

    16. I understand that in a way guns are falling in the wrong hands. I live in Puerto Rico, we registers the guns with the Police and ATF, is not so easy to get a license permit in Puerto Rico and is very expensive, take at least more than 120 days to get the permit if you are lucky. We even need to register the bullets when bought them with the police and you only could buy the calibers you had register. No Walmart’s or other Sports Shop to get them, only registered Gun Stores. GUEST WHAT CONGRESS? Criminal don’t bothers they get them on the black market with bullets, automatics, even gun we legally can get. Or maybe they rented to another criminal for a while, usually a gun cost $500 legally, black market $2000 unregistered, good business for them. LAWS will not change nothing, if we take all the guns out , humans use knives, if we take out knives, we use stones, if we take out stones, we use our hands. Education if what we need,

    17. SO……what happens if a person works overseas and only returns home for a very limited time, maybe once a year? If this “law” passes and the person is working, in say, Afghanistan, as a contractor, are they now felons and face the possibility of losing their security clearance AND their job???

    18. Idiots keep voting for these Demoncrats over and over and over. Perhaps People need to lose thier right to vote instead. Americans are the worst scum on the face of the Earth. Worst than spoiled rich kids. Maybe Americans need to lose All of their rights, then maybe in 40 years or so they’ll learn to appreciate the rights They gave away.

      1. Randy Locher… I agree that it’s UNBELIEVABLE people continue to vote in the same politicians out to basically DESTROY all we fought and died for !!!!! HOWEVER. In ANY case, you DO NOT call an ally scum of the Earth !!! That will simply get your ass kicked by alAMERICAN TRUE PATRIOTS

    19. unconstitutional , just another way to take our money to register a firearm every year at ten dollars a gun is BS , they do the background check when you buy the gun and pay for it then , not fair to charge every year

      1. Stop voting in democrats! Not directed at you… just every gun owner that has ever before or intends to vote democratic in any election… local, state or national … Elections have consequences!!!

    20. In case you haven’t noticed, a vote for a democrat is a vote to take your rights away. They will lie to you and cheat you but they don’t do that to their masters. They are in lock step with the whole party and some republicans, also. Unless they are proven conservatives with no blemishes on their record vote them to the sidelines, republicans and democrats. That is the one and only way to save our Republic short of a civil war and we should think of that as a last and final solution to this big problem

    21. Violation of constitutional rights to bear arms.
      Remember Pennsylvanians to vote Republican so we can get these liberal Democratic ass holes out of office.
      TRUMP 2nd term !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    22. Quit voting in democrats that raise taxes. Blow the money raise taxes more and keep trying to take our rights away!!!!!!.

    23. How do we go about getting a ban on liberals. Here’s an idea manbe we need to build a wall to the east along the Delaware.

    24. Oh. Hell. Naw.

      On top of how over the top this bill is, I’m pretty sure the PA Constitution specifically prohibits the state from creating a gun registery. So not only is this bill completely insane (why on Earth do I need to do a background check on a gun I already own and did a background on when I purchased it?), it’s also illegal! Not that it matters to our state reps, who have 0 regard for the laws we already have. The highest level of irony. Even the Governor is complicit with breaking our own state’s laws when he agreed with the “assault weapon” ban Pittsburgh is currently trying to do.

      We have a government full of people who don’t follow the laws in our own state, when will this madness end?

      1. You all are spot on our 2nd amendment is not up for debate. Vote the trash out and never comply with a tyranical act that takes away your rights from who our forefathers fought for and lived under oppressive government there is a important reason why the 2nd amendment is number 2 if the government wont LISTEN to we the people and wont adheir to our constitution then the only recourse may have to be by force. Not making a threat just giving an reason for its place in the costition. And how very powerfully important it is to our life and liberty

      2. “When will this madness end ?”

        It will end when citizens march on these politicians with rope and hangman’s noose in hand, drag them out to the nearest lamppost and lynch them right then and there !

    25. I wish people who run for office and get elected would learn the laws state and federal and the constitution of there states and the federal constitution, before introducing bills that once again punish law-abiding citizens and forgetting how are they going to enforce this law and impose it on criminals, I’m sure they will be the 1st ones to comply. I just read where England has a major problem with knives and it needs to be addressed take one tool away another tool takes its place.

      1. These leftist communist folks dont care what’s constitutional local or federal they know what there doing they are trying to take our freedoms away and as I see it NRA is failing the law abiding people and our conservitives in office are failing to keep these leftist communist from taking our god given right to defend ourselves

        1. Ok here it is, when are the people going to stop the attack on us and the do something to stop this you know what needs to be done and what is needed is to keep the country safe and vote them Nazi fuck out it takes number foe this to happen so when are you going to stop this attack on the people vote them out remember it is are future that is at stake. This is my opinion that there is a civil war coming if these naziare not voted out. Restore this country back

    26. PA has had an illegal handgun registration system for years. The current law prohibits registration but the PSP maintain it regardless of the law. Every handgun purchased through a dealer is on the list even if you sold it through a dealer years ago, I know this because I ran myself through the database before I retired.

    27. This is unconstitutional bullshit. Whoever voted for these democrats doesnt even have a high enough IQ to be allowed to vote.

    28. Not only unconstitutional (State & Federal), but totally unenforceable… As if the PSP has the resources to even begin to accomplish this monumental task (registration process & enforcement thereof)… they have trouble keeping up with running PICS now… not going to happen. Major non-compliance has been the only result in other states that have attempted similar types of registration/banning legislation.

    29. Historically, initial non-compliance is expected by the lawmakers. But as one by one gun owners get into any trouble he or she will then lose their rights. When guns were outlawed in the past, 1930 Germany for example, not everyone turned in their guns. They slowly were taken away by children, who were schooled, turning in their parents. Neighbors turning in neighbors and simple slips of the tongue ended up with someone knocking on the door and the firearm owner was in trouble.
      Its all about people control in the end.

      1. Yes !!! Everyone….read Big Marks post above !!!!! That’s exactly what will happen !!! If this is allowed to get through, kids, neighbors, slip of tongue etc. We MUST get the JERKS out of office and KEEP them OUT !!! Don’t be a fool and loose everything fought for !!!

    30. That is as stupid as pa’s registration laws for vehicles. I registered it when I bought it, therefor it is still mine until I sell it or it goes to the junk yard! Why do I have to tell the state every year I still have the car. Ohhh yeah $$$$$$$$$. I have more than one gun, but less than a million, so for each gun I own they get $10. No multiply that by the hundreds of thousands of people that have even just one gun, now imaging if they had 10,20,30 guns each. And that just puts us on a list for when they try to take them now they know where to look. WONT GET MINE! Or atleast most of them!!!

    31. Pennsylvania Constitution, Section 1, Article 21 ,,,, The right of the citizens to bear arms in defense of themselves and the State shall not be questioned. The U.S. Constitution says ,,,,, Shall not be infringed, infringe meaning ,at the time of writing ,,, to hinder.
      What we need to know here is who are these people questioning our, the citizens, right to bear arms ? Each one of these people involved with this Bill that does question the citizens right to bear arms took an Oath or affirmation to support,obey and defend both the U.S. Constitution and the Pennsylvania Constitution ,,,, AS THEY ARE WRITTEN. Any attempt to change,alter of in the slightest way mess around with any part of either Constitution is a violation of the sworn Oates they took and makes them Liars and Oathbreakers ,,,, guilty of malfeasance. Each one should be charged and when, not if, found guilty ,,, REMOVED FROM OFFICE.

    32. Looks like they are trying to pass this bill as a money making scheme of which will never go through.People should take notice who brought this bill forth and remove them in the next election.

      1. why wait til the next election?
        Charge them with felony perjury for swearing their own of offoce then refusing to abide by that oath.
        Once convicted of a felony, no guns, and no holding public office.
        Let THEM feel the burn of their own laws.

    33. This is all a start with the Demo-Rats getting the state redistricting, it makes it almost impossible to get another party elected as they have the large population and free-be People in those areas, Philadelphia, Scranton-Wilkes-Barre, Harrisburg, and Pittsburgh, so there is no way to oust them. Wolf beat out Corbett in the last election as the Demo-Rats said he took 3 million away from the schools, when Randell put that total in on a one time deal from Obama administration, thus Wolf preached that Corbett took it away, another Slick-Wiilly move from the Demo-Rats, Bait and Switch, and these idiots are to stupid to see it! Wolf also ran on no tax increases, How did that work out?????? So I wouldn’t put anything past the Demo-Rats in Pa, super glad that I moved out 3 years ago! I said before I moved that the virus was moving in from Me, Ma, Conn, RI, NY, NJ, Md, Del, and DC, they are all falling in line with this virus, and it needs to have a fatal dose of lethal virus serum and soon or it will be spreading faster and your gun rights will be gone, this will be just as Bad as the RED FLAG LAWS IF NOT WORSE, at that point they have all of the information to just come and take them, WAKE-UP PEOPLE this is the stuff that they want. Nev was just Calif-ized Friday with the new laws that their governor just signed off on, you are getting what you vote for!!!!!!!!!! The Demo-Rats don’t care about you all they want is power and will use any way or anybody to get it, Their saying is total we know what is best for you and you will have no say about it!!!!!!!!! The virus is moving from the West Coast also, Wash, Or, California, and now Nev.

    34. I’m a resident of Illinois and see this same kind of scheme headed our way next. Guess what? I am already planning an exit from here. Downside is, as I’m ready to retire already I’ll just close my business and have to let my employees go. It will not only cost the state my income and taxes paid, it will also cost them a bunch in un-employment benefits that they will have to dish out.
      We voted in all democrats this year and like they say, ” We get the government we deserve” . When will they ever learn?
      Chicago….. Soon to be the next Detroit! You’re welcome to it.

      1. tomz,the red flag laws were passed very,very quietly last year,by the republicans! when the people who you think are there to protect your rights turn on you,what’s left,revolution.

      2. Exactly!!! Why do these idiots keep getting elected…..because people just vote straight party tickets and not for an individual!

      3. Not all of us in PA vote for these idiots. But unfortunately I live in Philadelphia and it’s a Democrat run city bc we have liberals. We are also a sanctuary city and us republicans aren’t enough to stop it! Don’t condemn the whole state!

    35. Article 1 Section 21 of Pennsylvania’s Constitution states “ The right of the people to keep and bear arms in defense of themselves and the state shall not be questioned.”

      This BS should go down in flames! If not, the house and senate need removed and replaced with constitutionally aware citizen!

    36. This is just a bill. It’s not law and has no way that this will ever pass in PA. Last time I looked PA was a state that people go hunting. So if I want to hunt in PA do I need to register my hunting rifle before I go hunting? This bill won’t even make it out of committee. Then even if by some slim chance it ever becomes law, it needs to pass constitutional muster.

      1. They dont care about constitution and the NRA needs to get off there asses and start doing something with these sate some town ships in I’ll. Have adopted this ba. Against the voters approval and last time I heard it hasnt stopped them from doing these unconstitutional things

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