Former Maryland Permit Review Board Member Physically Dragged from Hearing ~ VIDEO


U.S.A. -( On  8 March, 2019, joint hearings were being held on SB1000, a bill that would effectively abolish the appeals process to the Maryland Handgun Permit Review Board (HPRB). The sponsors of SB1000 are all Democrats.

A former member of the HPRB wished to testify about claimed inaccuracies about the Board that was printed in a Baltimore Sun editorial. The joint committee only allowed one minute for comments. It was not enough for Shari Judah to finish her comments. She refused to give up the microphone when asked to do so. From

Today in the joint hearings in Annapolis, former Handgun Permit Review Board member Shari Judah of Montgomery County was EJECTED by the plainclothes Maryland State Police when she continued testifying past the punitive one-minute time limit set by the Democrats intent on ending the HPRB's civilian appointee oversight of the MSP Wear & Carry process.

Ms. Judah, who could be regarded as an EXPERT witness on the functioning and value of the HPRB, was rudely treated as if her insights were of NO VALUE to the joint committees attempting to railroad through the disbanding of the Board.

As has been mentioned, the one-minute testimony time limit is a clear indication that MD Democrats have made up their mind that civilian oversight by Governor Hogan's appointees is to be eradicated because the oversight does not meet Democrat policy demands.

Civilian oversight of MD bureaucracies is the ultimate expression of the process whereby ELECTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES!

The video above is the work of our Patriot Picket press representative at the hearings. Please share this superior video version on social media

The video on Youtube, shows MS Judah being physicaly dragged from the meeting.

Former Maryland Permit Review Board Member Physically Dragged from Hearing
Former Maryland Permit Review Board Member Physically Dragged from Hearing

One minute was not enough. I do not know if the statement was submitted to the joint committee in writing. They often are.

While the video of MS Judah being dragged out of the hearing while shouting  “You're a disgrace! You're a disgrace” is disturbing, it is not illegal. Committees must control their proceedings or they devolve into anarchy but ripping someone from a chair is not right, that is what a gavel is for. The key here is they only allowed one minute for comments.  Participants are always told their time limits. It is a way to limit dissent, but the committee members were voted into power.

We do not know if the bill will pass, or if the governor will sign it into law or veto the bill.

The bill uses administrative procedure to infringe on Second Amendment rights. The problem Constitutionalists face is they work to preserve the rule of law and to defend the Constitution.

Progressives do not believe in the Constitution; that effectively means they do not believe in the rule of law, which handicaps Constitutionalists.

Second Amendment supporters share Shari Judah's passion and disgust with the proceedings. But the Progressives on the committee will feel no disgrace. They do not admit there should be such a thing as disgrace. Morals, for Progressives, are situational, fluid, and adaptable to the moment.

About Dean Weingarten:

Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of constitutional carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining engineering, and recently retired from the Department of Defense after a 30-year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.

  • 34 thoughts on “Former Maryland Permit Review Board Member Physically Dragged from Hearing ~ VIDEO

    1. These people are breaking the law and are Felonious Perjuring Seditious Traitors. The way to deal with them is by Military Tribunal. Drag them out of their beds at 3am and out to the street where the tribunal is already set up, waiting for them. If a guilty verdict is announced, they would then be given a choice as to which way they wanted to commit suicide. They would be given ONE MINUTE to decide.

    2. The damn DEMOCRATS say they want to abolish all guns to save lives BUT THEY KILL CHILDREN EVERY DAY BY ABORTING UNBORN BABIES. DEMOCRATS doing what they do best LIE AND DECEIVE.

      1. Being pro choice has nothing to do with firearm freedoms. Stop conflating the two issues and stick to the more important things like our right to protect ourselves with whatever we deem necessary to do the job. Gun forums and news articles are not a place to have verbal diarrhea about a pro life vs pro choice, a topic that you obviously have no clue about.

        1. If you don’t have the right to live, you don’t have the right to defend yourself. Especially from your government. The Bill of Rights exists because some of our founding fathers knew that some others would readily tramp all over the rights of people with whom they disagreed. See:
          What makes you think that things are any different now? And every right that gets removed from public expectations makes it that much easier for progressives to go after the next one. Eventually, there will be no rights. Just “Do as I say, or I’ll kill you.”

    3. Wow. When are people going to wake up and realize , th e commiecrats Are going nuts and are spewing their rhetoric and spinning everything to suit their own crazy goals. This is
      Ridiculous. People and n Maryland, Delaware and others need
      To get their acts together and vote these Dems out. You might not
      Like Pres Trump and some of the Republicans, nut their policies are working and making this country so much better. WAKE UP

      • Stephen P Halbrook – Gun Control in the Third Reich- Disarming the Jews and Enemies of the State
      • Stephen P Halbrook – Gun Control in Nazi Occupied France
      • Stephen P Halbrook – The Founders’ Second Amendment

      Here are the democrats answer to gun control, see how it was completed in the 1920’s through to 1945 in Europe. Everything you hear and see now has already happened before.
      Then read, The Founders Second Amendment.

      1. You are soon to find out who the pre WWII Germans were disarming and why history does repeat and communism is still very alive

    4. This kind of stuff is exactly what happened before WW-2 in Germany! Also happened in Russia, China, Rhodesia etc. I suspect the next vote will be done with a rifle. Either way, civil disobedience is in order. Common sense dictates arming up and staying armed. Not just for self defense anymore. I am certain there are still some politicians who are righteously defending the constitution but these people are not among them. Treason has a price. When politicians won’t even allow dissenting speech it has gone way, way too far. Isn’t this kind of thing what started the war for independence?
      F.Y.I. Hawaii is already confiscating firearms. They are using the 4473 form to target registered gun owners in an effort to relieve said gun owners of their firearms–“for a kinder, gentler nation”. Hitler did the same thing. Insanity.
      What is coming seems unstoppable to me at this point. I have no intention of surrendering anything to anyone for any reason. I suspect, when government officials come out and say “you don’t need that”, you need it badly. When I was in the Army, I swore an oath to defend the people, the constitution even the government–against all enemies foreign or domestic. I never dreamed that my own government would disavow their oath and turn on the public they were sworn to defend, disavow their oath to secure and keep the rights and freedoms that are mandated by GOD Almighty and further laid out in our constitution and amendments. They don’t see us as citizens, they think we are just subjects and subject to their every whim.
      Armed self defense is a GOD given right. Luke 22:36. This right is further guaranteed by our constitution and amendments. Rest assured, if this right to keep and bear arms goes away, the rest of our rights will soon follow. It has happened over and over again throughout world history. CIVIL disobedience has to start someplace so I guess it will have to start with me. Common sense dictates we must be armed. We ARE the first responders. Keep your gear on your person. Freedom is worth living for, worth defending, worth warring for and, if needs be, worth dying for. All of this that our children may know peace. We ALL want peace but not at the expense of our freedom (s). Arm up. If you have not been trained as to how and when to use your arms–get it done as soon as you can. Like before, they are going to use some evil person’s massacre of innocents as justification to disarm the public. Most of the time this has been done in steps but the day is coming when every state will try to pull what Hawaii has done. It will be a good bet, if the demoncrats get enough power, they will use it to federally remove our gear, freedoms and rights. That is what gun registration is ultimately about. Not gun control–PEOPLE control. And they can’t do this if we are armed. Arm up, carry on.

      1. so the gummit of Hawaii are accessing the 4473 forms? HOW CAN THIS BE LEGAL? Those are FEDERAL forms, and privacy laws prohibit their falling into the hands of state government hooh hahs. SOMEONE needs to get after this. FFL’s are required to kep this, and protect them from illegal access. That is Fed law. If Hawaii’s FFL’s were to sudenly deny access to state goons for these forms that are protected, then thegoons would have to do something else. Where are NRA when they are badly needed?

        Someone who had their guns taken needs to file a suit, illegal search and seizure without proper justification. Not to mention blatant civil rights violations, the taking of property witout due process, denial of right to arms, which is guaranteed in the Constitution.

        1. The underlying weakness in your argument is that you still believe in the fallacy of Democrats and Rinos believing in the rule of law.

          Just because something is against the law constitutionally, or even legislatively, does not mean that those who reject the concept of the rule of law, in favor of Might makes right, have no problem violating any written statute, regardless of what that statute is.

          Filing in the court system makes no sense anymore either, because of activist judges, and because of the long time it takes for the suit to work its way through the court system. Justice delayed is Justice denied.

          Civil War is the only answer it is the only answer left to us by the Democrats and the Rinos who abuse, who reject the rule of law, and find no problem violating laws.

          We are on our own and all we have left is the Constitution and the Second Amendment, in the words of the third president of the United States Thomas Jefferson.

          The only thing it will take to make this shift from thought to action, are the door-to-door confiscations which are on the horizon, and such evidence will finally force those who still believe that the United States operates by the rule of law, to finally realize that the rule of law no longer exists in our nation.

          1. It’s time to practice aiming small so as to miss small. One bullet right between the eyes is usually a well spent bullet on a TRAITOR. The US Constitution and the Bill of Rights are the Supreme Law of the Land, weather the Commie -Bolshecrats like it or not. No matter what position they hold in the government, they are on the wrong side of the law. And ignorance of the law is no excuse. Be ready for the knock on the door. DO NOT ANSWER THE DOOR. It will be foreign troops, or TRAITOR LEO’s on the other side, obeying illegal, unconstitutional orders. Immediately alert others that the confiscation has begun. If they don’t go away when you don’t answer the door, make them sorry they didn’t. Remember what Solzhenitsyn said about how they kicked themselves when in the camps, for not taking advantage of the moment and making them very, very sorry.

    5. This is one of the many reasons why we recently packed up and moved from the People’s Republick of Maryland to the now Constitutional Carry state of Oklahoma last summer. Maryland is overrun by Democrats and is being more so everyday by the illegal migrants encouraged to live there without consequence. The Republican governor does what he can, but he’s hog-tied by gerrymandered electoral districts that will keep the state houses in Democratic hands in perpetuity.

    6. The big picture is it’s all about control. You take away an individual’s right to defend themselves and they have to rely on the government. A person relying on the government is easier to control.

    7. HOW MUCH LONGER before those who profess to love LIBERTY stand up, say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, and actually RESTORE THE REPUBLIC??!?

      How far down into tyranny must we descend before we get a HARD RESET back to 1776??

      I for one am SICK, BEYOND SICK, of hearing about this BS!!

        1. [email protected], actually, no. It wasn’t until after the Brits disarmed Boston and marched on Lexington and Concord to seize arms that the shooting war began. We are not yet at that stage. We also do not have a Continental government acting “for the people” to make a decision to fight, and provide funding and soldiers.

      1. I think that all are saying that very thing in their own way. I agree Brother Flatt, and the time is to stand; however, sadly, it will not be too long when our firearms may have to speak. I pray that it does not come to that end, but I can’t help but see the war coming. They will attack Patriot, Jew, and Christian. Anyone that refuses to comply will be on their list.

    8. It is EXCEEDINGLY DIFFICULT to change a bad ANTI-Constitutional, ANTI-Second Amendment “LAW” when the CONTROLLERS making the decisions belong to the DemocRATic Communist/islamist/nwo party.
      BEFORE this ANTI-Constitutional “law” was being RAMMED THROUGH, Maryland was SUPPOSED TO BE A “MAY ISSUE” gun state.
      However, it is nigh onto IMPOSSIBLE to obtain an ANTI-Second Amendment “gun carry permit” with out MULTIPLE LAYERS OF “TIME”, “PLACE” and “situation”.
      There are basically FOUR (4) reasons a person can get a carry permit.
      HOWEVER, the Second Amendment REASON is TOTALLY IGNORED!!!!!

    9. Elections DO have consequences, and the residents of Maryland keep on electing Democrats. Here are the consequences!

    10. Fence (figuratively) their areas off and let them self destruct. I try to buy NOTHING from Dem “owned” and operated states, ESPECIALLY those backing gun control measures, they DO NOT exist to me.

    11. It’s only beginning; in three to seven years war will be upon us. American Patriots will war against the “Lefties” to defend our way of government; our Constitution. Liberty or Death!

    12. Look at the proposed Florida bill to make it illegal for a minor to post a picture of even a fake gun. RE EDUCATION for the parents. !!! It’s not coming its here now.

    13. I mean seriously! Where do you start?… with the USS of Md gun laws, the RINO governor or Ms. Judah’s despicable physical ejection???

    14. Does it really matter if the Governor vetoes anything? The permanent Democrat super-majority routinely overrides his vetoes.

    15. At the rate things are going in Dem controlled areas. A few more years and people that speak up will be dragged off to the gulags for re education.

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