Gun Controllers Don’t Really Want that ‘Conversation’

Opinion By Larry Keane

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Gun Controllers Don’t Really Want that ‘Conversation’

USA – -( Time and again, we hear from those advocating for more gun control laws who intone with a sense of moral superiority that we need to have a “conversation” on guns. The goal, they say, is to reduce violence, suggesting that they are somehow more evolved.

Yet, just this week, some anti-gun activists and politicians were caught red-handed fantasizing about wanting to shoot politicians and gun rights advocates as well as suggesting the “doxing,” or publicly posting private information, on gun owners.

In one instance, a woman attending the Connecticut General Assembly’s Joint Committee on the Judiciary hearing on several gun control bills, was photographed texting a threat against Republican state Sen. Rob Sampson and NRA members.

“If I had a gun, I’d blow away Sampson and a large group of NRA,” a photo of the text message reads. The anti-gun activist was escorted from the hearing. Later, Sampson said that wasn’t the first time he’s been threatened with violence for standing up for the Constitutional rights of Connecticut citizens. No charges were filed against the woman.

Sneaking in A Lower Receiver

It didn’t end there. At the same hearing, Jeremy Stein, executive director of Connecticut Against Gun Violence, was escorted out of the state legislative office building for smuggling in an 80 percent lower firearm receiver. Stein had reportedly asked Bridgeport Police Chief A.J. Perez to bring the firearm component into the state building for him. The receiver was intended for use as a hearing “prop.” Both planned to testify in favor of tighter gun control laws, even as they tested the limits of existing Connecticut law and public building safety protocols.

What Stein did was to bring into a state government building that doesn’t allow firearms a piece of machined metal that’s not considered a firearm to try to convince people he was technically breaking the law since the lower receiver is intended to eventually become a firearm. He was also conspiring with the police chief of the state’s largest city to pull off the stunt. You can imagine what the reaction would have been if someone from the other side of the debate had tried a tactic like that. You can imagine, but it is not something that would likely happen.

Ironically, the hearing was about proposals covering home storage requirements that carry penalties, banning so-called ghost guns and requiring those open carrying handguns to furnish a permit to police.

Doxing Tactics

Maryland Democratic Party Secretary Robbie Leonard
Maryland Democratic Party Secretary Robbie Leonard calls to ‘dox' gun rights activists.

It’s not just Connecticut. Maryland Democratic Party Secretary Robbie Leonard posted photos to social media following a Maryland House Judiciary Committee meeting. The marathon gun control hearing saw law-abiding citizens exercising their right to attend the hearing, politely protesting by wearing “We Will Not Comply” t-shirts.

That was too much for Leonard. He posted photos of Maryland citizens, some of whom he surely represents, to social media platforms with the message, “I hope the FBI runs the name of every witness who is wearing a t-shirt that says ‘We Will Not Comply. They’re a bunch of terrorists in the making.”

He didn’t end with just the character attack. He took it a step further and may have violated state law. “Time to dox some homegrown terrorists,” read another Leonard social media post.

Doxing is when personal and private information of an individual or organization is published over the Internet with malicious intent. Maryland law specifically prohibits doxing. And, last we checked, freedom of expression is still a First Amendment right.

Maryland Democratic Executive Director Ben Smith attempted a half-hearted apology, and in so doing, blamed the gun rights protestors. He said the lawmaking process requires “sober and calm deliberation,” but added, “When activists wear shirts stating, ‘We will not comply’ with new firearm regulations, that action escalates the conflict and a willingness to flout the rule of law.”

Talks about some strange ways to start the conversation they claim to want.

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  • 24 thoughts on “Gun Controllers Don’t Really Want that ‘Conversation’

    1. Maryland is run by a bunch of low class dictators. They are so much smarter than the subjects they have to manage (according to them). There again it is the job of the honest citizens to vote these a–hats out of office and send them down the road. It might be a struggle and I know you shouldn’t have to fight for your freedoms but free is not free. Human nature for some is to control others and it is up to the rest of the citizens to turn these little hitlers around and march them out.

    2. Our founding fathers also did not comply with laws that the British crown established. Not complying is the first step to actually taking up arms against tyrannical government. And I’m all in favor of that. We have reached the point with no legislature for legislatures or courts will rewind the Damage Done to our Liberty and if we want our Liberty back we are going to have to take up arms.

      You are going to need to organize. That means establishing local and state Shadow governments who will elect rough Point Representatives to a national Shadow government. Various local and State Shadow governments will need to establish militia units. When possible engage constitutional sheriffs to assist in commanding these units or appointing experienced current or former military the Commandos militia units and train them.

      These militia units will need to obtain highly skilled Personnel to include welders, mechanics, sheet metal workers, electricians, engineers, chemists, telecommunications and information systems specialist, doctors, nurses, lawyers, cryptologists and specialist in intelligence and counterintelligence.

      You really all need to start doing this now before it is too late to do it.

      1. Yet another great “conversation” for us all!! Thank you SamAdams1776. These are such great points why this type of communication doesn’t flood these forums is beyond me. Our America is falling apart! We must continue these “conversations”! I have more topics and more wisdom to spread from a few posts I’ve read! I will spread people’s reasons, stories, and just plain common sense as fast and calm as I can. Hope others can do the same!

    3. Funny that the party of flouting laws they disagree with like immigration thinks citizen who flout laws they like are terrorists. Hard to believe the good folks of MD who fought so hard for freedom in 1776 fight so hard to give it up in 2019.

    4. David Gregory should be in prison for having a 30-rd AR-15 mag in D.C. There is video proof/evidence of it. What’s good for the peasants is good for the elite.

    5. You might want to note that these are the same tactics that Hitler and the Nazi’s used as a run up to disarming the public, starting WW-2 and the outright murder of JEWS and anyone else who opposed them. It is always the same. It is ALWAYS based on lies and if allowed to gain control, it ALWAYS ends in war, genocide, the death of freedom and human rights. Stalin did this, Mao did this, Pol Pot did this, Idi Amine did this, Arafat did this, O Bama did this etc. Stalin’s gun bans caused the deaths of 20 million of his own people. Hitler’s gun bans caused the deaths of 13 million of his own people. Mao’s gun bans caused the deaths of 20 million of his own people. Now, here in the U.S. they are trying to do the same to us. O Bama closed down the last lead smelting plant in the U.S. and the result is that ammo costs 10X as much as it did before him–gun control by deceit. It ALWAYS starts with lies. It is helped by politicians who would disavow their oath and commit treason. It will end in outright war if not addressed.

      If people want to go around life unarmed, that is their right. NOBODY has the right to disarm the public and laws that say they can do this are treasonous. Enforcement personnel who would go along with those laws are themselves committing treason. News outlets who refuse to air the righteousness of being armed, the lives saved , the criminals being thwarted by armed civilians are nothing better than Goebbels’s propaganda machine. Apathy has a price. Treason has a price.

      If you go along with “sensible gun control” you will find the rest of your GOD given rights and freedoms gone. The answer to gun violence is not disabling, disarming the common man as they would promote. The only answer to a bad guy with a gun is now, has always been and forever will be, a good guy with a gun. Like it or not, we are the first responders. The average mass shooting lasts 4 min. Even the slaughter in Vegas only lasted 10 min. from first shot to last. The average response time to arrive on site by the police is 9 min. It took them an hour to enter the rooms of the assassins (yes that is plural) in Las Vegas. It was already all over with but the crying. We ARE the first responders. Should you choose to be unarmed and wait for the police to deal with a situation, your chances of living are remote at best. I pray the day never comes when anyone is compelled to deal with a bad guy but the fact is, if you find yourself in that type of situation, your life and maybe the lives of loved ones, friends, strangers is literally in your hands. Therefore, the ONLY answer is to arm up, get trained if you have not been and carry every day. If you leave your tools someplace else, if you leave your tools and ammo separated you have limited your choices as to wither you live or not. If being armed goes against treasonous laws, maybe civil disobedience is in order. I think it is.

      Years ago, I was caught up in what turned out to be retaliation for a drug deal gone bad. Had I not been armed and willing to deal with the situation, there is little doubt there would have been 13 people dead as a result. That includes men, women and children. I had nothing to do with the drug issue and I did not want to be involved but there was no choice. We called 911 when it started and we were literally on the phone with them still when it was finished and the squad cars arrived. Yes, it saved me a LOT of court time having everything being recorded on audio. It tool the police about 10 min. to arrive on site. What was left of the bad guys drove around the corner as the cops arrived–literally. They had to at least lock eyeballs. I was not charged but I did volunteer to identify the guys when they were found 30 min. later and I did testify in court. Seven years later, when one of them got out of jail, I started to receive threatening phone calls on my phone at work. He had tracked me down, and got my phone number from an unsuspecting secretary. Yes, he did show up and tried to retaliate for my testimony. After he put a round across the tool box of my work truck (right behind my head) while at speed, going down the hi way, my memory is vague but I have never seen him again. What happened? I don’t remember. No, I did not call the cops this time–there was no time. Just one of thousands of examples of armed citizens being the first responder. I was a happy man to see the cops arrive when they did but it was already over with. Armed 24/7 is just common sense. Arm up, carry on.

      1. If only more of us could talk not yell the “conversation” could be heard. People are truly unaware what is happening. The hate toward the ones who oppose guns is causing negative effects as well. Be calm talk wise people listen. We are only powerful as a unit!! Gotta talk people!! Nice read Bill!

        1. The problem is not in hearing. The problem is that those who hate guns have already decided they don’t care about the constitution, they don’t care about what a Right actually is, they only care about controlling and dictating over their neighbors.

          Please keep that in mind. We have one idiot here that I am causing an extreme amount of duress to. Wild Bill can fill you in if you are curious. Call them by their name. I no longer have time for niceties with someone advocating the murder of law abiding citizens who tell the Government its not allowed to violate the Constitution.

          1. Well said. Keep in mind it is the brain washing of the people!! These people have no idea what guns mean!! They mostly live in gun controlled states. They have almost 0 resources to be taught. We are their only chance!! They can’t hear what they don’t know. This country has been run and raised by a group of narcissistic self absorbed out of touch with the future of the country! You will hear them they are easy to spot. “Who cares I’m gonna be dead soon” or the “not my problem” or “why do people need military style weapons” not truly understanding that the 2nd Amendment/guns protect what is dear to us. The constitution is a bad argument because how old it is blah blah. So speak of today and tomorrow. Their kids and grand kids. This is a VERY IMPORTANT “CONVERSATION!”

    6. Not to belabor the obvious, but the ‘conversation’ was settled on 15 December 1791. Any attempt at large scale confiscation will be met the same way it was on 19 April 1775.

    7. Funny how many say no more conversation yet here we are once again talking about this!! Unfortunately there is a way and that is through “communication” which could lead to “conversation”. The problem is the time for “conversation” is over. People want to throw hate around. They want to point fingers. We are all loosing our rights!! These forums get filtered and read by an automated system and flag all your hate!! ( Thanks Bush ) Yet you blame the dems. This anger and hate you all spew is a HUGE PART thanks to the Patriot Act. And yes Obama made even worse. ( Thanks Obama )We need to talk to the people we can hit a baseball to!! Not some far off fkr whom has 0 bearing on your life. Has to start small and local but FAST!! We need to EDUCATE!! Remember there are plenty of barrels that are not yours and would be smart to educate them. Possibly make a friend! Sht that’s a great idea. Find someone on the fence about guns TAKE THEM SHOOTING!! Go blow few hundred rounds and watch them smile ear to ear. THE PEOPLE HAVE BEEN TRICKED IS THE PROBLEM! HELP THEM LEARN!! They have been filling in bubbles practicing for placement tests for school. Then college more bubbles. Then some corporate facility to push buttons fill more bubbles. Brain washed and blind to the importance of the 2nd Amendment. Forgetting the 2nd Amendment is what protects the 1st Amendment! They/We love that 1st one but how long is that one going to last? Trump is stripping that one away as we have this “conversation”. Don’t forget WE ARE ALL AMERICANS and we are all under attack by these new laws!! Not just gun folks! For all Americans!!! The conversation stops so do your rights!!
      Good Luck America! We Got This!

    8. We have gun control in Canada. That means we’ve been “discussing” and “compromising” for the last 150 years. Discussion means both sides are reasonable. Compromise means both sides give up something to reach a common goal. What do the gun control activists want? More compromise! But only gun owners ever give up anything. Their argument is that gun owners won’t compromise any further, so we’re being unreasonable. Even discussing why the status quo in Canada is “good enough” is still considered unreasonable by the grabbers standards. The only “compromise” that will suit the anti-crowd is complete confiscation.

    9. I will no longer have any “gun conversation” with those that wish for any gun control, even those “sensible” gun law advocates. We’ve been having this “conversation” for 60 years and have achieved nothing.
      I have the right to defend myself. With any weapon currently in production, whether deemed illegal or not. Period.

    10. Robbie Leonard’s remark – ” they’re a bunch of terrorists in the making” is so absurd it’s almost funny. The only terrorists I see are the anti gun people terrorizing good, honest, hard working All American gun owners with threats of removing our Right To Bear Arms.GEORGE WASHINGTON said – “A free people ought not only be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them. Which would include their own government”. Another quote from him is – “When government takes away citizens’ right to bear arms it becomes citizens’ duty to take away government’s right to govern”
      One last quote on this topic – Thomas Jefferson said – “If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it. he is obligated to do so”. WILL NOT COMPLY – is perfect

    11. I find it interesting the “control” gun group expounds rhetoric “if it just saves one life”, yet all the while advocating it is okay to bash babies in the head and murder them “after” they survive a botched abortion.

      Now that’s the democrats platform for 2020, along with open borders and government run single payer health care. Total control of public and private industry is totalitarianism.

    12. D-rats, Commiecrats, Libtards, Hefty-Lefties: The ONLY talk I’ll be having with them will be how many bullets do they want to soak up? Because that’s the only thing they’re gonna get from my gun collection. The only ‘conversation’ that i’ll have with gun grabbers will be very short: BANG!

      End of conversation!!

    13. Libtards/Rhinos are as Pigs, who love wallowing in the mud, and no amount of reasoning, or debate, will change their minds!
      Their hind quarters are so hardened, they wouldn’t feel the truth bite, if it were a snake…

    14. Anti gun/anti Constitutionilsts /UnAmerican proponents want to dictate. No more discussion/talking/conversation,No more compromise and no compliance with Un Constitutional laws.

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