Is the American Century Over For Good?


Democrats War on America the Resistance
Nixon, leading a minority Republican Party, had a compelling argument: “If the Democrats cannot unite their own party, how can they unite the nation?”

USA -( “Politics stops at the water's edge” was a tradition that, not so long ago, was observed by both parties, particularly when a president was abroad, speaking for the nation.

The tradition was enunciated by Sen. Arthur Vandenberg of Michigan in 1947, as many of the Republicans in the 80th Congress moved to back Truman's leadership in the Cold War against Stalin's empire.

The tradition lasted until the mid-1960s, when the left wing of the Democratic Party turned viscerally, and even violently, against the war in Vietnam and President Lyndon Johnson.
Republican Presidents Nixon, Reagan and Bush 1, with the support of conservative Democrats, led America to final victory in the Cold War

Yet except for brief intervals, like the rallying around George H. W. Bush after the triumphant Gulf War of 1991 and George W. Bush after 9/11, true national unity has never been restored.
Were proof needed, recent weeks provided it.

President Trump flew to Hanoi, Vietnam, to meet North Korea's dictator. Subject of negotiations: Kim Jong Un's nuclear weapons, including his missiles that may be able to reach our homeland. How did the Democratic Party wish the commander in chief well on his mission for America?

During Trump's first full day in Hanoi, a committee of Nancy Pelosi's House held a public hearing featuring ex-Trump lawyer and “fixer” Michael Cohen, a convicted perjurer and felon who cut a deal with the prosecution for a reduced sentence.

The city loved it. Cable and network TV coverage went gavel to gavel. Cohen's testimony crowded out the Trump-Kim summit and even news of aerial clashes between India and Pakistan, two nuclear powers that have fought three wars since independence, 70 years ago.

What were the headlines Trump came home to after refusing to lift sanctions on North Korea, in return for meager concessions Kim offered?

  • “Cohen Paints Trump as Crooked” was the banner atop page one of The Washington Post. Cohen's depiction of his old boss was boldly quoted above: “He is a racist. He is a con man. And he is a cheat.”
  • “Cohen Accuses Trump of Lies and Cover-ups” ran the page-one headline in The New York Times.
  • “Cohen Declares Trump a Racist, Cheat and Conman” read the huge headline in the Financial Times.
  • “Cohen Says Trump Guided Coverup” was at the top of page one in The Wall Street Journal.

Trump is denounced for calling media the “enemy of the people.” Yet that media, in news columns as well as editorials, routinely describes him as a racist, sexist, xenophobe, homophobe, Islamophobe and bigot.

Indulging its hatred of Trump is a preoccupation, an obsession of this capital city. Those headlines reveal not only the news judgment of the editors but the agenda of the elite who turn to them first every morning.

That agenda is the breaking of this president; his disgrace and fall; and, if impeachment proves not possible, his crushing defeat in 2020 and subsequent indictment. Our so-called Dreamers in Washington, D.C., look to the triumphal return to power of the establishment the American people threw out in 2016.

Yet the alliance that seeks to bring down Trump is formidable: deep-state leakers and media collaborators; the Democratic Party and House; most of America's commentariat; and the cultural elites in the arts, academia and Hollywood.

How far beyond normal politics have the divisions in our society gone? As the Covington Catholic kids found out, wearing a MAGA hat is now seen as a racist provocation.
In the play unfolding, Cohen's testimony to the House committee was scene one of act one.

Next comes the Mueller report, though it appears Robert Mueller and his team, after investigating for two years, have found no collusion between Trump and Vladimir Putin in the hacking of the Democratic National Committee or the Clinton campaign.

Hence, the hopes of Trump haters are being redirected to the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York. Subjects of investigation: the Trump Organization, the Trump Inaugural Committee, the Trump Foundation, the Trump family and any entity with which Donald Trump has been associated in 40 years.

Again, as the president is chief of state and head of government, he cannot be indicted. He must first be removed from the presidency. But to remove him, Democrats have to impeach him in the House and convict him in a Republican Senate.

If they cannot, they will have to defeat him at the polls.

In 1968, George Wallace of Alabama tore the Southern populist right out of the Democratic Party. Liberals Gene McCarthy, Robert Kennedy and George McGovern then savaged Vice President Hubert Humphrey from the left. The Grant Park rioters did the rest.

Nixon, leading a minority Republican Party, had a compelling argument: “If the Democrats cannot unite their own party, how can they unite the nation?”

Today, a watching world is asking: If you Americans are at war with yourselves over race, religion, morality, culture and politics, if you cannot unite yourselves, how can you unite the world? And around what?

Maybe the American Century is really over.

Pat Buchanan
Patrick J .Buchanan

Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of the new book “Nixon's White House Wars: The Battles That Made and Broke a President and Divided America Forever.”

  • 12 thoughts on “Is the American Century Over For Good?

    1. The slogan of this article fits the republican party to a tee. The party that is for law and order and a government for the republic are, for a large part, a bunch of nutless wonder RINO’s that only care about their own bank account. Twelve of those traders voted against the emergency wall declaration that Trump is going to do. Now we know why we couldn’t get anything done in Trump’s first two years. They can’t stick together and do anything positive. The slogan ” If they can’t unite their own party, how can they unite the country” fits them to a tee. One of them is from Tennessee, Alexander has been a RINO from the Obama administration and still is. He is retiring and won’t be missed because he doesn’t do anything except act like he is smarter than everyone else. We are sliding down the tubes because of these nutless wonders.

    2. So much for the fucking Millenials. Any one that believes money does not control every aspect of your life is an idiot.Hard working Americans who struggled and did without to send their kid to college so they would maybe have a better life, and all you need is money, not brains. Everyone in this country needs to wake up and see what these damn stupid ass democrats are after!. I hope in my lifetime they never achieve their goals, but i worry about the kids. If the world survives 20 more years no one will have a problem with white folks any more because there will not be any.Every one will be Half breeds!

    3. Unless Americans face the fact that democrats are the evil pawn of Satan, and stand up and destroy them by all means available , yes, it will be over.

    4. I pray President Trump wins 2020 but if he doesn’t, Republicans need to start yelling impeachment on inauguration day, start an investigation into how he/she to win Start an investgation of the investigation, have Republican lives matter sit in’s and protests, have Republicans support gun protests. If we do all of this we will be to busy to work and if we dont work, demonrats will starve and you can rule a starving people easily. Venezuela, case in point.

    5. All well and good. We have defined the problem: a corrupt, rabid and delusional Socialist Democratic Party, complicit followers, and deceitful media, along with deep Left financiers.

      So, what’s next? For true Americans, believers in a Constitutional Republic that is sliding towards the Third World abyss, aided and abetted by the aforementioned opposition, which about half of our country lines up as. What do we do? Do we go down with these lemmings and deluded fools, admit defeat, and comply? Do we accept this new Amerika, a bilingual, Socialist swamp?

      No, I don’t. Not after everything that has come along in my time, service to country, as a faithful and law-abiding citizen and life-long taxpayer, or investor in this nation if you prefer.
      I will NOT comply with a draconian, lawless and corrupt future for the United States, our nation that has weathered every other storm over 240 years, and come through it intact. As the expression goes, I would die on my feet, before I would choose to live on my knees. Likely to be a choice, soon.

    6. The American voter is stupid, semi-literate, i indolent and oblivious of world history. He will turn the USA into the USSA, a Third World socialist shit-hole by 2040.

      1. Word. The only interests of the bulk of the population revolve around bread and circuses. And, when I worked as a Teacher’s Aide at a local high school, I had to contend with their offspring: Shambling, texting, slack-jawed, mouth-breathing, brain-dead Mall Zombies. Nothing will change until our debt buck economy tanks.

    7. The commiecrats on the Left have only one world vison for national and global unity, and that’s to make the USA a socialist country, then embrace Russia and China, and all the other commie/socialist nations that have popped up around the world, in spite of us winning the ‘cold war’.

      It has ALWAYS been about achieving a one world order, something that both Dems and RINOs have been a part of.

    8. What division is that Hillary/Nancy?
      The braying DUMB ASS party has added the last straw.
      They keep choking on gnats, and demanding documents from Trump/Associates..
      Let’s make them all share in the “discovery” together, so we can watch the debacle of their pushing, shoving, and political posturing!
      I say we should compel them to be more TOLERANT, to respect the position of the office, or be arrested for insubordination!

    9. Sure seems like it. It’s been very troubling lately with the looney left pushing their lies and socialist policies. Those policies have NEVER worked anywhere in the world EVER.

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