CAIR-ful #IStandWithJudgeJeanine

Art by A.F. Branco

Jeanine Pirro
Jeanine Pirro

USA –-( CAIR-ful.

Because Jeanine Pirro had the courage criticized Ilhan Omar’s antisemitic views, she’s been silenced by FOX News. We must stand with Judge Jeanine! She has done NOTHING wrong.

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About A.F. Branco

A.F. Branco is a GrassRoots Conservative Political Cartoonist for Conservative Daily News, Net Right Daily, Legal Insurrection, and now Ammoland Shooting Sports News.

A.F. Branco has taken his two greatest passions, (art and politics) and manifested them into the cartoons that have been seen all over the country, in various news outlets including “Fox News” and “The Washington Post.” He has been recognized by such personalities as James Woods, Sarah Palin, Larry Elder, Lars Larson, and even the great El Rushbo.

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  • 29 thoughts on “CAIR-ful #IStandWithJudgeJeanine

    1. How are you doing Judge Jeanine?

      Your Twitter feed is quiet..
      Hang in there!

      … we need your voice of reason 🙂

    2. Any one listen to the Blaze? Glenn Beck’s network, has some great daily podcast, conservative for sure but they do a much better job of trying to give you all the facts.. they still believe in the constitution….

    3. I hope that every one of the justifiably-outraged commentators, above, will write to FOX News, as I have, to tell them goodbye. They need feedback that alerts them that they, like Dick’s Sporting Goods, cannot act with impunity to adopt the liberal line.

    4. Fox was rated the most watched new on tv but they couldn’t stand being number one so the personalities started banging the right wing. Shepard Smith should be on communist news network since he “came out out of the closet” he has been a real bitch. Brett Baer is doing whatever it takes to keep his job. Tucker is going to, before long, be ousted because Media Matters is on his trail. Then if Williams was not enough goofy left nonsense they hired the queen of cheating debates and she is a big zero. I watched her on Hannity last night and it was a total waste of time. I have to believe the UK is coming out in Murdocks and it is going to cause the failure of this news channel. I don’t know where I will get news, it sure won’t be off the communist alphabet networks.

    5. It kind of reminds me of when the Gaylord daughters were given control of the Daily Oklahoma. It was a steep slide to the left and the end of a once great paper.

    6. Well, seems like we have another DICK’S decision. Fox may be chipping away at the only TRUE Conservative, fair minded, honest reporters left on the air waves. Since the Murdoch brothers own Fox and who are ruled over by their liberal wives, like all liberals are, we may see Tucker, Hannity and the other conservatives gone soon.
      What is more troubling for me is that no one has come forward to begin a true conservative news channel, both radio and television. No one has begun any conservative “chat” platforms either.
      Rush is too damn full of himself for me to ever bother with.
      So where are all the conservatives who could have responsible, conservative, honest news for the people?

      1. Fox is not chipping away at being fair and balanced anymore. They just hired Donna Brazil. You know, the lady that helped Hillary cheat in the debates by feeding her the questions before the debates.
        They also have hired the Never Trump SNAKE Paul Ryan, that ran on one thing then went completely against the wishes of the people and stabbed President Trump every chance he had.
        No Fox is not chipping away, they are full blown liberal “news” now. I wonder how long it will be before they get rid of Hannity and Tucker.

    7. Her Opinion !
      Her Right !
      Omar said her Opinion ,
      What’s wrong with opposing Views ?
      This Type of Silencing of the Right is ,
      Just Another Tactic by those on the Left ,
      to Push & Bully their Way Out of a Mess
      One of Their Own Started !!!
      If They Silence Her ! They Better Hit Every
      News Org. on the Planet ! They’ve ALL said
      $#it About Someone or Something and Nothing
      Has Been Done to Them !
      Fair Play For All or None !!!

    8. If she had made the same comments about AIPAC and the massive donations made to American politicians by rabid Israel Firsters, would you still be as outraged by FOX removing her? Hypocrite.

    9. To anger a Conservative, tell him a lie…
      To anger a Liberal, tell him the truth…
      Theodore Roosevelt.
      By neutering the FOX Murdoch, you are cutting your own throat…. Bring Jeanine back NOW.

      1. One of the Few on TV ,
        That Tell it Like it is !
        I hear Ya,
        Her Opinion , Her Right !
        Omar had hers , (bad as it is)
        But Fair is Fair !

    10. Fox news was worth watching at one time, they had a very large Conservative Fan base. But alas, from what I have seen in these past months, they have gone over to the Dark Side! I will now remove Fox News from my program line up. Fair and unbiased just does NOT exist anymore!! They all seem to have this Cowardly liberal agenda! Fox just joined a whole lot of other waste material piled up at the bottom of the drain! RH

      1. I agree! I started noticing FOX’s slide to the left several months ago with their reporters showing obvious bias where none had been noticed before. Shepard Smith, the guy Howie who does ‘Buzz Feed’ and ‘America’s Newsroom’ has become excessively aggressive in their questioning of conservative guests IMO. I stopped watching ‘The Five’ months ago because of that liberaturd jerk Juan Williams unchallenged biased comments! Without Judge Jeanine, GOOD-BYE FOX ‘Snooze’!!

    11. Has CAIR advocated boycotting political donations to all those politicians who voted to censor Omar?

      Fox should bring the Judge back. An opinion show exercising First Amendment Rights now chilled! The point about Omar loyal to Sharia above the Constitution – has this opinion been debunked?

      Tucker said Fox had their backs – apparently not – Fox put the almighty buck first and threw the Judge under the bus!

    12. Fox News is slipping more and more down the hill of lamestream media outlet. Time for O’Reilly and Bolling to start a conservative network and knock Fox off!

    13. She hosts a opinion based show for Fox,she gives her opinion and ever conservative Fox,not so much,gets cold feet.
      Fox News,the courage of the Lefts convictions.

      1. You folks talk about CAIR. You have no idea. I was a DC cop and then did Executive Protection which included driving a number of folks. The company I worked for had a regular limo side and an armed division for protectees. I did a lot of that work including taking folks to and from Fox at 400 N. Capital St. in DC. One of them was little Doug Hooper or, after he changed his name, Ibrahim Hooper, one of the top representatives of CAIR in DC. When they called them a terrorist group and unindicted co-conspirators they weren’t lying one bit. These people are as dangerous as they come.

        I got to know a lot of Fox folks and there are some really fine ones there. There are also some outright weasels. On the plus side Sean Hannity is one of the truly best human beings you’ll ever meet. He remembers who you are, your family and always makes sure you’re well taken care of. On the flip side (now that I’m retired), the worst human being I’ve ever encountered anywhere, at any point in my life, is Laura Ingraham. What you see on TV (the gold cross wearing, caring etc) is as phony as it gets. Her tirades and rants are legion. She berates and screams at anyone she considers “beneath” her for anything that doesn’t go exactly right. The makeup girls used to dread having her come in. No one in our company wanted her and, when our contract was up and Fox told her she had to start using Uber, she treated Uber drivers so badly they gave her the lowest rating possible.

        As for Bret Baier, truly a great guy and one of the finest journalists in the industry.

        And now you know just a tiny bit of what goes on inside Fox. Two of us thought about writing a book which would include a chapter devoted solely to Judith Slater & Mark Kranz (Ex-CFO), I only wish those bastards would read this! Twenty years worth of driving. We have a lot of great tales to tell.

        1. I don’t know if it was solely because of CAIR, that Judge Jeanine was canned by Fox, but I also see a sale completed by Fox/Disney at the same time… was she too vocal for Disney’s liking?

          The Fox “entertainment group” was the item on the auction block, but I wonder if some string pulling was going on behind the scenes.. $71 Billion is a lot of reasons to fire someone!

          Do not take what I say here as gospel, IT IS ONLY SPECULATION PEOPLE.

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