Left’s Latest Demand: Race-Based Reparations


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Left's Latest Demand: Race-Based Reparations

USA -(Ammoland.com)- Having embraced “Medicare-for-all,” free college tuition and a Green New Deal that would mandate an early end of all oil, gas and coal-fired power plants, the Democratic Party's lurch to the left rolls on.

Presidential candidates Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren both called last week for race-based reparations for slavery.

“Centuries of slavery, Jim Crow, legal discrimination and segregation, and discrimination that exist today have led to a systemic wealth gap between black and white Americans,” Harris told The New York Times. “I'm serious about taking an approach that would change policies and structures and make real investments in black communities.”

Echoed Sen. Warren: “We must confront the dark history of slavery and government-sanctioned discrimination in this country.” This history has crippled “the ability of black families to build wealth in America for generations.”

That black Americans are handicapped by their history in this country, and cannot accumulate wealth as easily, and require compensatory reparations for slavery and segregation, is more than a controversial assertion.

Are the Democrats going to say this in their national platform in 2020? And how much will be the rest of America be forced to pay, and for how long?

Warren says Native Americans, too, must be “part of the conversation.” Apparently, they suffer from a similar handicap and need the same reparations.

How far and fast has the Democratic Party lunged leftward? In 2016, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders all rejected reparations.

Have Warren and Harris thought this through?

The questions that instantly arise are: Who would qualify as a beneficiary of reparations, and who would pay the immense transfer sums involved?

In 1860, there were 4 million slaves in 15 states and D.C. There are 45 to 50 million African-Americans in the USA today.

Would all black Americans, even the middle class and affluent, be entitled to reparations? How would the government go about proving that folks living here today had ancestors in slavery before 1865?

Racist Black Coffee
That Racist Black Coffee

Do we, as Warren did to prove her Native American ancestry, conduct a DNA test? Do we consult Ancestry.com for every applicant for reparations? The last 50 years have seen many marriages between blacks and whites. Would the children of such marriages qualify for reparations? Barack Obama, whose mother was a white teenager and father was a Kenyan, would not qualify. But would wife Michelle and daughters Sasha and Malia?

Harris's mother was from India, her father from Jamaica, where the British abolished slavery in the mid-1830s. But if the father had ancestors who were enslaved in Jamaica, would the senator qualify, or do reparations go only to the descendants of slaves within the USA?

While a higher percentage of African-Americans than whites are poor, there are more white poor than black poor in the USA. Does not endemic poverty produce the same negative consequence regardless of race?

What is the justice in excluding poor whites, or poor Asians and Hispanics, whose ancestors were not here in the USA when slavery existed before 1865?

From 1845 to 1849, the Irish fled a potato famine that persisted under the indifferent rule of the same British who introduced slavery into what became the United States.
As for the great migration of Eastern and Southern Europeans — Poles, Italians, Jews, Slavs, Slovaks — slavery was gone before they arrived. They had nothing to do with instituting Jim Crow. Why should they pay reparations?

Asians and Hispanics were a tiny fraction of the U.S. population as late as 1960, when segregation was being outlawed everywhere, but they are more than 75 million Americans today.
Should they be made to pay for sins their ancestors did not commit?

Warren took a DNA test to prove she was partly American Indian, as she put down on various legal forms. Would her less than 1 percent of Indian DNA be sufficient to provide her with reparations for America's Indian wars?

If slavery and segregation explain the disparity in wealth between black and white in the U.S., what explains the equally wide disparity in wealth between Hispanics and Asians?
Politically, the party of slavery, secession and segregation was the party of Jefferson, Jackson, Clay, Calhoun, Wilson and FDR, who put a Klansman on the Supreme Court — the Democratic Party. It was the Republican Party that was formed to contain and end slavery, and did.

One need not be a cynic to suspect Warren's motivation. Her claim to be an American Indian angered Native Americans, and she would like to mollify them, and ingratiate herself with African-Americans, who constitute more than 60 percent of all Democratic voters in the crucial South Carolina Primary.

By pushing for compensatory reparations, Warren and Harris may be helping themselves, but they are further splitting their party along the lines of ethnicity and race and elevating an issue certain to divide their country more than it already is.

Pat Buchanan
Patrick J .Buchanan

Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of the new book “Nixon's White House Wars: The Battles That Made and Broke a President and Divided America Forever.”

  • 38 thoughts on “Left’s Latest Demand: Race-Based Reparations

    1. In the 1920s, the United States entered the Great Depression. Hundreds of thousands of Americans, across racial identities, lost work, homes, and could not provide for themselves financially. Homeless were prevalent as were soup lines for food from the kitchens for the poor. It was a time of misery and despair.

      From this condition, Franklin Delano Roosevelt came to power, a Democrat and one of the first that Black Americans rallied behind, leaving their affiliation with Lincoln’s Republican party [1]. “FDR” promised relief from the Great Depression for millions of American citizens.

      Some of his administration’s creations like the Social Security Act still exist today. He created dozens of acts meant to lift Americans out of poverty… and deepen racial segregation and inequality [2].

      Among his passed acts were a jobs act that helped millions of (white) Americans find relief in employment again… and purposely sought to exclude Black Americans [1][2].

      He also passed a mortgage assistance and loans act, meant to help millions of (white) Americans with no money to their names to purchase homes. These homes by the way became starting capital and equity for generations of white Americans around today. Again, Black Americans were purposely denied these loans whenever possible, and when loans were granted they were only granted in “Black neighborhoods” with low property values [1][2].
      The equity and financial boost provided by the United States government to relieve poverty has directly led to the financial foundation of millions of white Americans in the country today, descendents of early New Deal relief recipients who had no greater or lesser right to those funds than their Black neighbors.

      Not only were Black people usually excluded from these financial relief efforts altogether, but when a few were granted access it was to put them as far behind their white neighbors as possible.

      The financial disparities created by FDR’s handling of his Great Depression relief packages also significantly contributed directly to the widened wealth disparities we live with today. In response, the federal government must be held accountable for these oversights, and malicious actions.

      [1] African Americans and the New Deal. Retrieved 4–13–2019. Digital History

      [2] The New Deal as raw deal for blacks in segregated communities by Charles Lane. Retrieved 4–13–2019. https://www.washingtonpost.com/o

    2. No one talks about reparations for the Tulsa riot. The only legitimate (I think) reason for reparations is left out.

    3. ‘Native Americans, too, must be “part of the conversation.”??? You live on their land, dude, they`ve suffered more than anybody. Better start with them.

      1. @WB…I’m an old white male , do i qualify for reparations now ? I’ll keep watching to see if mom’s side of the family can qualify for the Native American hand outs. Does that make me an American-American ?

    4. Quote: “Harris’s mother was from India, her father from Jamaica, where the British abolished slavery in the mid-1830s.” More to the point, Harris’s great grandfather owned a slave plantation. So she should have to pay twice, once as a Democrat who were the only slave holders and secondly as the descendant of an actual slave owner.

    5. These two, dumber than dirt, bimbos should go look into some history and see that the democrats are the ones that have pulled all the bad tricks on the blacks. They are running as democrats, maybe they are proposing that the democrat party should give these reparations. You must have misunderstood them.
      Actually, they will say anything that brings a vote their way. I think you could call them hookers but I will pass on both of them.

    6. Most people in the United States today didn’t even come here until after 1890, so……… We don’t owe a bunch of lazy, whiney crybabies ANYTHING!

    7. Half of my family heritage didn’t arrive in this country from Sweden until 1912 but the other half was here “anti-bellum” and so my great-great-Grandfather faced shot and shell at Champion Hill, Vicksburg, Montgomery, Sabine Crossroads, Winchester and Cedar Creek simply to excise the cancer of slavery from this nation. And to this day I have never heard a “thanky-kindly” from any descendant of those he and millions of others fought to free and until I do the subject of “reparations” will remain a fantasy in my world.

    8. Enough of this liberal bovine manure!!!!

      I have never (nor has any US citizen alive today) been a slaveholder. No black US citizen alive today has ever been a slave. End of discussion. Shut the hell up about it.

      Next topic/issue.

    9. I’m very certain we already paid reparations and it was called “The American Civil War”. The cost of the war in lives was greater that all the wars since and the reward was called freedom!

    10. **ck you. Blacks cry rivers and tell you how you should punish the drug dealers, not the drug users. Right, holmes?


      If you want reparations, since you seem to want to use slavery as an excuse for laziness and your racism, sue leaders of African countries, those in the Caribbean, and any other country who sold your ancestors. You know, the pushers, not the users. Right, holmes. Trust me, if I could go back in time, I’d turn down the offer and buy the carved wooden $hit instead.


    11. These greedy welfare slugs pushing this don’t know or would like to avoid the fact that there were free blacks who owned slaves. Historical records in Texas and Louisiana, some written by non-residents from the North, comment on the mistreatment of black slaves by black owners often being worse than by whites. Knowing this fact, now how does the reparation scam work?

    12. Reparations should then be in order for the progeny of slave owners who were disposed of their legally acquired property..

    13. With the world’s highest class of poor people that have cars, phones, food, help with rent and utilities plus many race specific, taxpayer bennefits and programs I don’t see anyone deserving more unless they were once themselves enslaved.

    14. If reparations are made it should be paid by the ones who first put chains on them,their brothers in Africa who sold them after defeating them in tribal warfare.

    15. This is partly why the founders developed the electoral college. They knew popular democracy was a step away from anarchy. The “people” are stupid and easily swayed with brainless pandering.
      These people are nuts.

    16. Had Abe Lincoln survived he had a bill ready to go the Congress to repatriate all the slaves who had been illegally smuggled into the country after 1808.
      Any person who doesn’t think just being a free America is “enough” should be offered a free ticket back to where ever their DNA or known family history says they’d prefer. {Tomgue is now being removed from cheek}

    17. Why don’t we ask the African muslims to pay out reparations since they were and still are slave owners. And hey, why don’t they go to israel and demand reparations since the slave trade was run by Dutch jews? They owned the ships and ran everything from Holland and Britain. How about it?

      My ancestors on my mother’s side came from France, in 1767 to Quebec, Ontario, Canada. Never came to the US. My grandfather on her side was born in MI in the late 1800’s. My father’s ancestors arrived at Ellis Island in the 1920’s from Poland. ‘Aint no money coming out of my pockets!

    18. Democrat politicians say that blacks don’t have the intelligence or industriousness to overcome obstacles which happened generations ago? As far as reparations go – absolutely! Any living slave owner should pay any living slaves they owned.

      1. As it was the southern states, where the greatest population of slaves occupied and the southern plantation owners who benefited and the state governments who supported slavery they should make any restitution. (tongue in cheek)

    19. And some of us who were just working for a government agency and happened to be white, what about us? You know the ones who were hired after being in the military, maybe being in Viet Nam and then did what was required to be promoted and were not. Not because we did not qualify but because Affirmative Action demanded that a black and in many cases a black who was manifestly not as well qualified must be promoted. Don’t see much about us having been screwed over and that we lost out while others were GIVEN something that as an individual they did NOT deserve or were not qualified for. Perhaps because that was so rampant in municipal police depts. that is part of the reason that crime is so rampant in big cities. That along with so many other Nanny State, Demo-Communist ideas of course.

      1. Reparations were paid, but only to the Japanese-Americans and the Inuits. I had never read much about it, and had only known of the Japanese-Americans being interned. I just researched it and found that German-Americans, Italians and German Jews and other Europeans were also interned, but not nearly in the same numbers as the Japanese-Americans. Prior to the order, there were two studies that were clearly ignored that stated unequivocally that the Japanese-Americans would *not* pose any security threat to the USA. Yet another poor decision by the venerated FDR. As more facts become more widely known about him, people will come to understand that he was not a good man and president.

    20. The Constitution does not permit the government to pay out ‘reparations’ for perceived wrongs committed against people. The only possible exception would be in certain limited cases where American citizens were actually deprived of their rights and liberties under color of law: for example, Americans of Japanese ancestry who were interned in US concentration camps in WWII.

      These people demanding ‘reparations’ either want a big fat freebie payout or they’re looking to economically destroy this country, or both. On that ground alone these people should be told to take a hike. They don’t get squat just because their great-great-great-great-great-grandparents were slaves, or because their great-great-great-great-great-grandparents waged war against this nation.

      Buchanan has another salient point, and that is that the remainder of the people of this country were not a party to the slavery, discrimination, etc. that the reparations crowd claim victimhood from. Is it fair, just or moral to forcibly take from them on the basis that they were not one of the aggrieved parties? If someone’s ancestors did not come here before these events took place, do they not become new victims if the government takes from them and their progeny?

      The takeaway from all this is that ‘reparations’ are unworkable, immoral, unconstitutional, and fust f**king idiotic. It’s not about justice, it’s about marxism and destroying America. And the people who fall for this are equally idiotic and useless.

    21. We must keep in mind that not a single one of these Marxist contenders parading themselves as Dummycrats actually believe the scat they promise has a snowballs’ chance in hell of coming to fruition. I’m talking reparations, abolition of the Electoral College and ICE, the Green New Deal, Medicare for all, voting age lowered to 16, impeachment, expanding the Supreme Court, etc. It’s all lies designed to entice and motivate the emotional, immature, irrational and increasingly Marxist left in exchange for their vote.

      1. Are you sure you wouldn’t rather work for a living.. 🙂
        In case you are looking for a job, we don’t discriminate… CIAO

        “(ILO Convention No.111) is an International Labour Organization Convention on anti-discrimination. It is one of eight ILO fundamental conventions.[2] The convention requires states to enable legislation which prohibits all discrimination and exclusion on any basis including of race or colour, sex, religion, political opinion, national or social origin in employment and repeal legislation that is not based on equal opportunities.”

        If you’re looking for a free ride? …Get in line, but bring a lunch.
        It could be a very long line!

    22. Purely from an accounting basis, shall we examine the costs of generations of: free health care, housing, abortion, free/discounted education/meals, etc…, and food stamps, as partial reparations/payments made upon these unjust demands?
      The children should not be required to pay for the deeds of their parents.. It goes against natural laws.
      Inheritance/estate taxes are another injustice committed upon the families’/heirs’, who worked for a living and paid their own way.. Just to have to sell it all, in order to pay for the taxes again, a second, third, or fourth time.
      …Where is their Justice, greedy and hypocritical Libtards? …Put your money where your mouth is!

      At what point is a person expected to stand up, be accountable, and responsible for them selves?
      Didn’t King set a good enough example for the oppressed? If you’re all going to cry and demand a diaper for your little as**s, just go get in the back of the bus again! (Not indicative of skin color)

      How many Libtards are there lining up, to repay the victims who suffered, for their lawless attacks upon the Constitution, and the costs associated with their Environmental,Gun Control activities?

      How about removing Warren from her position and giving it to an an Indian/Native American?

      Would the wealthy, the likes of Soros and Bloomberg, like to give all their wealth to the poor?

      Put up, or shut up! Hay burning Dumb A**es.. Hey Haw!
      … I’ll only give away one free cork, the rest are $! each.
      Cork screws are $1.50, unless made in China, in which case $2.25 applies.. Tariffs, you know!

      MAGA.. either with, or without Trump!

      1. Or, put more simply, we’re already paying every April 15th. Not to mention, those who have
        To pay every fiscal quarter.

    23. I would be ok with paying reparations to all US Blacks with greater than 50% African DNA and with an IQ score in excess of 135. Why 135, because that happens to have been mine for most of my life. I know that most of them won’t squander their windfall. I’m not in favor of throwing good money after bad no matter what someone’s heritage happens to be.

      1. Give them 10 million dollars each. Inside of 1 month, 98% of them will have squandered every cent and will be right back where they came from. Crabs in a bucket, one tries to crawl out and all the rest will drag it right back in.

    24. from a 10% “POC” – ask me again after you pay America for the multi-decade cost of your pimp-ass crime, drugs, housing, medical care, etc. FU.

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