Maduro Must Go


Nicolás Maduro
Maduro Must Go

USA – -( There is one simple answer to the humanitarian disaster in Venezuela: The dictator Nicolás Maduro and his corrupt, violent, repressive regime must go.

It is vital that the United States government understands that when it embraced the opposition leader, Juan Guaido, it set the full prestige of the United States behind the new reform effort and against the Cuban-Russian-Chinese-Iranian backed Maduro dictatorship.

Venezuela is part of the immediate American neighborhood. If our commitment to change is not effective in our own backyard, the impact on our prestige and leadership worldwide will be substantial.

However, we should not underestimate how difficult getting rid of the Maduro dictatorship is going to be.

The Cubans have a huge investment in Maduro’s survival. They have received subsidized oil from both former dictator Hugo Chávez and Maduro. They send their secret police to train and help the Venezuelan secret police. They provide doctors for the Venezuelan health system.

Putin sees Venezuela as a place to balance the United States meddling in Ukraine and Crimea. From his perspective, if the Americans are going to be in Russia’s backyard, then he wants Russia to be in America’s back yard.

That’s why a few Russian strategic bombers visited Venezuela as a sign of “solidarity.” Meanwhile, a few hundred Russian professional soldiers and police also provide additional security for Maduro.

The Chinese actually have the largest investment in Venezuela among the dictatorships. There are some estimates that China has invested more than $60 billion into propping up the Maduro regime. As usual with the Chinese, they want their money back and will be quite unhappy if Maduro is ousted before they get repaid.

It was no surprise that the Chinese announced they would be happy to help Maduro restore electricity in Venezuela. The collapse of 80 percent of the country’s electricity system had created enormous and growing hardships for the Venezuelan people. Maduro’s response was to invent and blame an American covert cyber attack done so professionally he could produce no proof it was a human intervention that brought electricity production and distribution to a halt for four days.

Long before the collapse of the electricity system, the Venezuelan people were suffering from the economic hardships created by the Maduro regime. The lack of food and medicine was already a humanitarian crisis before the most recent shattering period of darkness.

This isolation and collapse of the dictatorship have been a long time in the making. From the time Chávez took power in 1999, the middle class has been in open resistance to the dictatorship. The resistance kept growing until the dictator’s death in 2013. Throughout his regime, every effort to reform the system was met with violence and repression.

Maduro simply continued down the brutal path Chávez had pioneered. Maduro lacks Chávez’ charisma, and he has a weaker power base than Chávez had.

However, most of the military is still loyal to Maduro. The neighborhood militias (which see themselves as winners against the middle class) also remain loyal to him. Dictatorships can endure a long time if they can protect their allies from the pain the general population is enduring.

The sooner the dictatorship can be replaced, the pain impacting everyday Venezuelans will be relieved. A post-Maduro Venezuela has the resources and the potential to improve lives for all its citizens once the rule of law is re-established.

The Trump Administration should make clear to the Cuban, Chinese, and Russian governments that Maduro is going to leave, and the United States will not tolerate their interference in returning freedom to the Venezuelan people.

All the financial assets of every member of the Maduro system (including relatives, girlfriends, etc.) should be frozen. They should be told that failing to switch sides might make their personal funds available to compensate the people of Venezuela for the damage the dictatorship has caused. The kleptocrats should face having the stolen money taken back for the people from which it was stolen.

The Venezuelan military should be told they will lose decisively if the United States and its allies have to intervene militarily.

A very short, decisive campaign should be planned – starting with a one- to two-hour elimination of what is left of the Venezuelan air force. American forces should be loaded on ships and aircraft should be moved to potential pickup points for paratroopers. The news media should be briefed and given a clear sense of American determination and capability.

Military intervention should be the last resort.

However, a decisive military intervention similar to what was done in 1992 in Panama is better than allowing the dictatorship to win.

In the very near future, we will learn whether freedom or tyranny prevails.

For the sake of our values – and for the future of the Venezuelan people – we must ensure freedom wins.

Your Friend,

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Newt Gingrich
Newt Gingrich

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  • 23 thoughts on “Maduro Must Go

    1. Newt, my friend, notice no commenter agrees with your assessment and advice, not one. How about we restore freedom in our own country before worrying about Venezuela?

    2. THIS IS SIMPLY MORE WHITE SUPREMACY AND THIEVERY COMING OUT OF THE U.S. America believes they can control everyone and everything anywhere in the world. Let Russia and China combine forces and station troops in Venezuela and lets see how the big bag wolf known as American is going to handle that.

    3. Build the WALL! Protect Americans ( Yeah, even those stupid demorats) Stop trying to run other countries and stop the the demorat regime from ruining OUR country! You people think that maduro is bad, wait and see what happens if a clinton “look-a-like” ever gets elected!
      If you are here illegally, the laws need to be enforced and you criminals removed from US soil!

    4. Why do Americans have to be put in harms way for this concept of perpetual war ? There are two other ways to solve this problem with Venezuela. One way is to arm and train the opposition and let them die for their “freedom “. Another way is to pay the neighbors of Venezuela to use their militaries to topple The Maduro government. Yes Venezuela is following a path to disaster from which there is no return. Is it worth one American life to save a country that hates everything we stand for.

    5. Extreme caution should be used in any military actions because Russia, China and Iran are on Maduro’s side. The wrong move could be the spark for the 3d world war. Plinking away at their air force could do the damage we don’t need. We are spread very thin and have not gotten our military built back to the pre Obumer days. There is no sense in taking this little dictator out and risking a full fledged conflict. Why hasn’t the people of that country rose up and challenged this dictator?
      It’s the same as all the south American countries, they would rather flee to and become illegals trying to get into the US than fighting for their own country. There is a very large lack of intelligence south of us.

        Watch your 6 cause they will stab ya in the back at any turn !!
        Keep our country safe at all cost, there are a lot of older patriots here that are STILL willing to die for our GOD & COUNTRY !!!!!

    6. No, Newt. You have it wrong.

      Venezuela are a soveriegn nation. THEY have made choices over the generations. THEY elected Chavez instead of comeone else, and Chavez’ true colours that SHOULD and COULD have been known were then revealed, and the consequences landed upon they who put him inpower.. the PEOPLE of Venezuela.

      We have no more responsibility to manage Venezuela than I do my own neighbourhood. Should I come in, take my neighbour’s silly hot rod truck and leave something I deem more “practical” or “acceptable” for him? Or walk down the block and paint his house purple, or white, or whatver? Should I take down his elm tree and plant an apple tree in his place, or demand he go off to work at a different company?

      Of COURSE not.
      The people of Venezuela ALLOWED these dirtbag “leaders” to steal their wealth, manage industries, disarm them, and take over well run foreign owned industries. Fascism is government control of private means of production. Communism is the next step, government ownership and control of all means of production.

      What America need to do is to observe what is going in in Venezuela, and realise that WE are a long ways down that same road to perdition. OUR government exercise increasing control over private means of production, even nationalising certain select ones (Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, the marriage of government and big pharma and much of the medical industry), Air Traffic Controllers, education, for a few examples) The contstant illegal and immoral push to disarm WE THE PEOPLE is one more step on the road to Venezuela for us, With our own steadily increasing rot from within, HOW can we really offer Venezuela any more hope than they have now, as WE are headed down that same road?

      By the way, Putin is absolutely right to object to our meddling inthe Ukraine and Crimea.. the kinyun managed to stage a coup taking out a lawfully elected and operating president, who happened to be of Russian heritage but duly elected by a oluraliyt of the votes… and replace him with a US puppet. When the people of the Crimea voted to return to the Russia from which they were ripped when the balkanised nation of Ukraine was tossed together in the aftermath of the Second German War, the kinyun went to work to villainise Putin and all Russians, and the phoney “collusion” in the ’16 election is merely a charade to further villainise Putin and the legitimate government of Russia, which now includes the Crimea which had been taken from it in the late 1940’s by our corrrupt post war government.

      Let Veneezuelw find her way forward. Would WE be anywhere near as strong as we are now had we allowd Friance to come in, win our war for independence from England, set up a French government here, and nannied us ever since? No. We rose up and threw off our oppressors made or own way forward, and have prospered like no other nation has.
      When outside help takes a butterfly out of its chrysalis depriving the butterfly of the necessary fight to get here and develop, it will never prosper, in fact most often dies early without reporducing. If WE intervene and “fight” Venezuela’s battle and make of her what WE think she should be, we would be doing the same grave disservice.

      Humanitarian aid, gentl offered but never forced, is OK. Offering some advisory but not management help should she throw out Maduro then ASK for such help, would also be OK.

      To step in and nannie, as Newt insists, is dead wrong.

    7. This appears to me to be a problem for Venezuela to solve. The Monroe Doctrine should prevent European intervention but certainly does not provide the basis for us to intervene. Enough being the policeman for the world.

    8. Of course Maduro has to go – he has removed the veil of lies about socialism; but why do politicians want to intervene up to the point of sending troops? Simply, they expound and support socialism as utopia like Bernie and AOC, all the while Maduro, clearly evidences socialism is control of public and private industry which the ruling class prosper on the backs of the citizenry who suffer. Of course they want him out! They can’t continue to spread their lies of utopia while he is in power imposing murder and mayhem!

    9. The “invasion of Panama” happened December 20, q1988, not in 1992. That is when Manuel Noriega was removed from power and placed in jail….ever since.

    10. No, you lying adulterer. Everything up to military intervention by the U.S is fine. The USA is oil independent and is not responsible to fix the rest of the world. I’m a retired US Marine, have spent my time as an infantryman in combat (unlike yourself) and it’s time to let these countries learn to deal with their own choices. One American life is not worth 10,000 Venezuelans.

      1. Word. This draft-dodging shill for the International Banksters is just mouthing the latest Neo-Con spew so that TPTB can get their hands on Venezuela’s oil reserves. If I had the power, I would have every high school student in the USA read Smedley Butler’s book: WAR IS A RACKET. If I had read it in the 60’s when I was in college, I would have thought twice about enlisting in the Army. After I graduated. It was a miracle I survived. We need to bring our boys and girls home for good. Put them all on our Southern and Northern borders.

      2. The Venezuelan government ban the sale of firearms and ammo to its civilians, ban most firearms to civilians, all government forces have all they desire.
        I do not know what their government considers the governed or what the governed considers themselves, but considered as citizens they is not. These people have subjected themselves to dictatorship and still allowing it. I doubt that our government will allow the population to arm themselves. Even if we did help replace their government the unarmed public would continue to be under subjection. As has been said and accepted by many peoples, “we are in charge now, why do you want arms”.

        I agree with you Marine, except it is doubtful they learn, but must deal with their choices. It is not worth risking an American’s life for anything happening there. We need all good Americans here to prevent our subjection to dictatorship. We must assure that our warm hands hold weapons to remove weapons from the enemy’s’ cold hands.

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