New Build of the Week Breakdown with Rainier Arms – Custom Glock 19

Rainier Arms - Custom Glock 19
Rainier Arms – Custom Glock 19 w/ Continuous Precision EDT V.2 trigger

U.S.A.-( For the build this week, we have a custom pistol instead of our usual rifle setup. While this weapon might look like a pistol we all know well, it is quite different than your average Glock. While most pistols don’t have the wide array of parts like rifles do, the parts you choose matter a lot in how it will turn out.

The first bit you may notice that sets this pistol apart from others is the frame from Alpha Foxtrot. A relatively new company for Rainier Arms, they are by no means new to the game of firearms. In fact they have been around for over 25 years.

Their AF-C Glock 19 Gen 3 Compatible Aluminum Frame is a revolutionary design that melds traditional Glock aesthetics with the durability and rigidness of an aluminum frame. Made from 7075 T6 forged aluminum gives the stability of a full-size pistol, in a compact package. The frame is designed to accept 3rd generation components for a true drop-in upgrade. It comes with machined steel rail inserts, locking block and pins. All you have to do it transfer your favorite trigger group, slide release and take down lever from your old pistol and you’ll be ready to go.

Something I’m sure you’ll notice is the straight sides of the frame. One thing we have seen customers do is to add grip tape, which not only enhances the grip on your pistol but also allows the shooter to choose what grit of tape they want to run.

Grey Ghost Precision Gen 3 G19 Ver 3 slide
Grey Ghost Precision Gen 3 G19 Ver 3 slide w/ Leupold Deltapoint Pro

Riding on top of the aluminum frame is a Grey Ghost Precision Gen 3 G19 Ver 3 slide. For years Grey Ghost precision has been at the forefront of the innovation and style with their line of Glock slides and this example is no exception. Taking direct feedback from pistol combat instructors and shooting professionals who were using their Version 1 and Version 2 slides, the Version 3 pattern was designed with tapered serration channels for an increased purchase on the slide when performing press checks or malfunction clearing drills, ensuring positive operation of the slide under duress or while in any wet, muddy, and/or visceral conditions.

The slide can be used with both the Leupold Deltapoint Pro or the Trijicon RMR when using the supplied shim plate and screws. This dual use is advantageous because it doesn’t limit the shooter to just one option. There is a lot of debate on which red dot sight is the best for pistols and while much of it is dependent on who you talk to, not being set with just one option is nice.

The Grey Ghost Precision Nitrided Match Grade barrel sits comfortably within the slide and can either be purchased unthreaded or threaded, for those who wish to run a compensator or suppressor.

Internally the frame is kitted out with Continuous Precision EDT V.2 trigger, but like with many things which one you pick is mainly a personal preference. Some people will choose strait triggers while others will go the more curved strait traditional route. It is all up to the shooter.

Rainier Arms - Custom Glock 19
Rainier Arms – Custom Glock 19

As we’ve said many times before, the guns we show on these emails are just a glimpse into what you can build yourself. Whether or not you want to run something like this or do something entirely different, everyone has a certain way they like doing things.

If you’re looking to start your next build right now, be sure to check out our site. If you want to find the parts used on this weeks pistol, check them out below.

Available at Rainier:

Look out next week for our next build breakdown!

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I built my Custom Glock 19 using the GGP V1 matched barrel and slide. I took a Gen 3 frame and filled and shaved the back strap, removed the finger grooves and undercut the trigger guard so it is more like a 1911 feel. Rather than grip tape I used epoxy and Silicon Carbide grit with a Matt black duracoat finish. I used the Travis Haley Skimmer trigger and mounted a Trijicon RMR2 on top. Shoots like a dream.