NRA Praises Vermont Superior Court Decision on Magazine Bans

Standard Capacity Magazines Ban
NRA Praises Vermont Superior Court Decision on Magazine Bans

Fairfax, Va. – -( The National Rifle Association applauded a decision by the Vermont Superior Court yesterday to allow a lawsuit challenging the State's ban on standard capacity magazines to proceed.

“The National Rifle Association is pleased the court has allowed law-abiding gun owners to challenge Vermont's unconstitutional ban on standard-capacity magazines,” said Chris W. Cox, executive director of NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action. “Magazine bans do not deter criminals or improve public safety. Instead, they unconstitutionally burden the rights of law-abiding gun owners.”

At issue in the lawsuit is one of the measures signed into law by Gov. Phil Scott on April 11, 2018 which bans the possession, sale, purchase, or transfer of long-gun magazines with a capacity greater than 10 rounds and handgun magazines with a capacity greater than 15.

“The only people impacted by this ban are the law-abiding citizens who will be forced to defend themselves, their families, and their homes from violent attack with sub-standard ammunition magazines. Wednesday’s ruling is a step in the right direction. The National Rifle Association will continue to fight for the rights of Vermonters to protect themselves,” Cox concluded.

National Rifle AssociationNational Rifle Association

Established in 1871, the National Rifle Association is America's oldest civil rights and sportsmen's group. More than five million members strong, NRA continues to uphold the Second Amendment and advocates enforcement of existing laws against violent offenders to reduce crime. The Association remains the nation's leader in firearm education and training for law-abiding gun owners, law enforcement and the armed services. Follow the NRA on social at and Twitter @NRA.

  • 43 thoughts on “NRA Praises Vermont Superior Court Decision on Magazine Bans

    1. ERPOs are what I have advocated at the very beginning. I would like these laws enacted in every state. As one can see, “We The People” are changing the way thing are done around here pilgrim! The young people, and soon to be voters, are changing the landscape of this country. We don’t sit on the weekends drinking our James Beene and Bob’s Light to say “From Muy Colde Dad’s Fangers!”

      1. GWD look up hypocrite because you ooze hypocrite when you speak of ERPO’s. You wanted to be the first to splinter down doors and stick your knee into the backs of non-compliant law abiding gun owners because they won’t kneel before you anti-gun masters. When you make statements like that shouldn’t an ERPO be filed on you?

        1. No, I would never advocate infringing to those who are peaceful and law abiding citizens.
          Their, as well as my, 2nd amendment rights are protected.
          However………: Let the steel batons swing hard along with heavy steel pry bars that will mash through the doors for those who threatened the lives and well beings to others.

          1. Can you say that an ERPO won’t be used against someone falsely who never threatened the lives and well beings to others? It has been brought to your attention on many occasions that an ERPO can and will be abused by someone with a grudge.

            1. Get Out,
              No, That is why the term collateral damage fits so well here. Somewhat of a silly question to ask of you. However, the success rate of ERPOs overwhelmingly outweighs a few broken doors, windows, and bruised egos. It appears to me that there is a learning curve to adjust to. And, overblown and misinformation.

    2. Tionico, You really need to take your medication.
      Today, we had a good turn out with March For our Lives with some colorful discussion with pro gun activist.
      My stand is carpet ERPOs across our nation. Support our right to bear arms! Support our right to protect our loved ones. Peace brothers and sisters!

      1. TGWD, the fact that you stated you had a “colorful discussion” with a pro-right individual, is proof, agian, that you are anti-rights. Please tell us your name and address, so that we can institute an ERPO against you. You are threatening innocent lives with your comments about calling police on firearm owners and wishing ERPOs upon us, ala Maryland where the police killed a person in their own home, which would not have happened had the police not shown up at his door at 5 am. You will then learn how wonderful ERPOs truly are.

    3. Stupidity an can everything they want but evil will find a way to cause hurt and pain the only things bans and gun control does is hirt law abiding citizens. If you people are so against guns PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop calling the law enforcement officers when something goes wrong because they arrive on the scene with guns on their hip.

    4. Ask the LEOs about the magazine capacities of their service pistols and patrol rifles. Neither would pass muster on these bills. Why do they need them when they aren’t legally required to intervene and are purely a reactive force?

      1. LEOs are not solely a reactive force. Mostly, it is, but it also conducts proactive actions like drug buys.

        Not all LEOs get to carry so-called “high capacity” magazines; they are limited off duty.

        1. DaveW, they are not limited off-duty. Those laws exempt LEO, regardless of when and where they carry, with the exception of the recent bill in NJ. But I bet you all of my money that if an off-duty officer were found to be carrying a “high-capacity” mag off-duty, he would not only not be charged, you would never hear about it in the news. You really believe a LEO would arrest another LEO for that?

    5. Laws only handicap the Legal Citizen. Outlaws don’t care about laws so. Go Figure! IF the Media would report how many lives are saved by a law abiding citizen using a firearm, the evidence would be overwhelming! With a porous southern border, you can purchase firearms, drugs, people what ever your sick mind could think of! RH

    6. Doubt any of these people will be demanding sensible criminal control by requiring state and federal gun laws be enforced?

    7. Sounds sketchy to me, We need to embrace sensible procedures designed to help save lives. Not see how many kills in a timed session. For our Oklahoma people we invite you at the State Capitol for a March For Our Lives this Saturday. Starts at 11 AM I should be easy to recognize! Would enjoy meeting others to discuss issues we deem important on both sides.

          1. @Tcat, If the green rat fink and company would actually go to Oklahoma and spew their propaganda, they would get “embraced” alright. It would be more like “Run for Your Lives”.

            1. @ Wild Bill GRF has outlasted any troll we have had here since day one. He deserves a medal, or a chest to pin it on.

      1. Guns save more lives than they take. Criminals do not obey laws. This converstation has concluded.

        Side with the Bill of Rights.

      2. This is sad. I bet a bunch of those people marching aren’t in favor of protecting life, as they are pro-choice. But whatever…

      3. As all forms of gun control/safety are Un Constitutional by both Federal and Vermont article 16,there’s no discussion/conversation/talking/moaning or feelings about it. Please don’t take this the wrong way however you don’t need to visit Vermont we have quite or fill of Loony Leftards.

      4. There you go again with your verbal and mental diarrhea promoting gun control. When will you learn that here at Ammoland, patriots like us are gonna eat you alive for breakfast and dump you out by lunchtime??

        Go back to your mommy, commie, and stay in your safe space. And you can take your non-“sensible” [email protected] and stick it where the sun don’t shine!

      5. There are at least 20 million military pattern semiauto rifles NOW in private hands in the USA. If ONE percent were used to murder one person in a year, there would be 200,000 dead. Instead, rifles are one of the least frequent means of homicide. In 2017, there were 403 people killed with ALL kinds of rifles (not just semiautos) against 1591 killed with knives.

        If you disarm me, you won’t be any safer. That is true for 9999 out of 10,000 owners of rifles. If you exclude the already illegal owners (drug users and dealers and felons and the insane), add another factor of 10-20. What sounds “sketchy” is the national plan to “disarm everybody who didn’t do it”. That mentality was understandable during the middle ages, when they believed in witches and evil spirits. Today it is a transparent and contemptible way to “get” your political opponents.

      6. The ATF, DEA, FBI, HHS, IRS, VHA, National Forest Service and National Parks Service all have fully automatic weapons and more. So should lawful citizens. Repeal the National Firearms Act of 1934 or restrict the weapons that may be possessed by administrative agencies.

      7. Usually the “discussion “ goes like this-
        End of discussion.
        Not interested in that conversation.

      8. Watch Dog if you believe that banning any magazine of any size or any type or style of gun will prevent murderers from murdering anyone than you have no common sense.There are thousands of laws on the books about using anything to kill or harm anyone and the only thing that truly stops sick people from killing 1 or 100 is fighting back with the tools available!!!Semi auto rifles have stooped far more crime than have been used in crime

      9. Okay, have you folks ever noticed that this troll tosses crap out, apparently sits back and watches the replies, but never engages in a logical discussion? Haven’t you ever wondered about that? Logic isn’t his goal or have any part in his end game. All he wants is a rise out of everyone here. Don’t respond and it’s the biggest insult you can ever issue to him because you’re showing him how insignificant he really is.

        The problem is so many of you just can’t resist, even though it’s the right thing to do. This will be my last time giving him any attention.

        1. I don’t respond to Green Dog to convince HIM… his puppet masters have FAR more pieces of convincting paper than I do.

          I DO write for those who might be passing by, and read his drivel and drool, and maybe think the guy has a point. So I will worte to show his folly and point to his having been purchased by evil men who would have us defensless, unable to assure “the security of a free state”.

        2. I do notice Vanns40,

          I actually got him to admit once, that gun control doesn’t protect people, and isn’t necessary.
          Right after that, he started writing his trash to get people aggravated again.
          I had to shake my head…

          I wonder if GreenWatchDog is litter trained/house broken, or if he potties on a pile of Second Amendment/constitutional papers?
          He probably calls his mom a Bitch too?
          … What’s in a name?

          … Does anyone else think that it would help to hold a candle light reading of the names of the shooting victims in NZ, or the victims here in America?
          I know that us Pro 2A people aren’t the heartless criminals, the fake media and Libtards try to make us out to be!

          1. There seems to be an epidemic of suicide..
            Three survivors, and/or family members, in ~ one week.. have now committed suicide!
            Where is/was their counsel?
            Where was the School Counsel in Parkland, Florida?
            Didn’t Cruz send a signal for help/intervention?
            Is that why he was told to leave the School?

            They should March to doing their jobs, not against gun owners’!


        3. Here’s the post I told you about.. GWD admits, ERPO is not needed, but he likes to antagonize people here!

          Read more:
          Under Creative Commons License: Attribution
          Follow us: @Ammoland on Twitter | Ammoland on Facebook

          March 20, 2019 at 9:16 PM
          Most likely correct, I notified LEOs after picking up an acquaintance after he was released from jail that morning. He was a felon that could not own a gun. While in my car he went into detail how he was going to retaliate against another.

        4. Here’s some background on GWD, he first started responding in the Topix gun forums by insulting gun owners from the start as uneducated hicks and aiding the POS shooters. GWD also stated he wanted to be the first to splinter down the door and stick his knee into the backs of non-compliant law abiding gun owners that didn’t immediately adhere to the new gun laws that called for bans, restrictions, UBC’s in the name of sensible gun control. GWD has now changed tactics to what you see now on these forums.
          GWD please dispute the above statement if you can, but you and I know you can’t.

      10. sensible proceedures designed to help save lives would be to allow the INDIVIDUAL PERSON, a small part of “THE PEOPLE”, to determine the tools THEY deem appropriate to assure “the security of a free state”. and that word “state” does NOT mean the political corporations known today as “The State of Mississippi”, “The State of Virginia”. “the State of Texas”. No, that word “state: means civil society.
        NOT ONE of these government dweebs know MY home situation.

        Besides, there are a number of cases where multiple armed criminals forced entry into occupied dwellings and began harming and damaging the occupants of that dwelling. One of the homeowners, in some of these cases, was able to access his semiautomatic rifle and, with the aid of a standard capacity magazine, drove them all away.. some of them to hospital, some to the basement morgue in the hospital. FIVE armed thugs invade, if I’m limited to ten rounds, that’s only two rounds per thug.. and since, in live combat situatioins, police only score about twenty percent hits, that means I’m dead, the perps, some of them might be, but the rest walk away with my stuff after killing everyone.

        And that is “common sense”? Go find a different tree to bark up. In MY book, “common sense” means having the appropriate tool to do the job at hand. Sometimes that is a four ounce tack hammer, somethimes a 28 ounce scarface framer, sometimes a 12 pound maul. And don’t forget, per CDC statistics, hammers, clubs, bats, etc are used to kill more people in the US each year than ALL LONG GUNS COMBINED by a factor of about three…….. so take your “common sense” and stuff it where you keep your other sense….. that dark smelly place where the sun don’t ever shine.

        As to yuor Soros/BloomingIdiotBurg disarmement rally, forget it. You march for YOUR lives, I’ll march for MINE and head on down to the local Cabelas and pick me up one more “black and ugly” rifle, a big ammo can of boolitts, and a dozen common sense capacity magazines. Maybe even a super capacity drum mag while I’m at it.

      11. anyone not carrying a “long” who wants to meet with me is welcome: keep your hands empty & in sight, at least 7 yards away. any grabbing or reaching will be regarded as a threat of grievous bodily harm or death to my old, narrow, mostly-white hind-quarters.

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