Pennsylvania Submits Firearms Registration Bill, Tyranny in PA ~ VIDEO


Pennsylvania – -( Pennsylvania Submits Firearms Registration Bill.A new bill introduced in Pennsylvania, HB0768, would boldly establish a gun registry within the state. The Democrats that introduced the bill areMary Louise Isaacson (D), Angel Cruz (D), and Mary Jo Daley (D). The Pennsylvania General Assembly has referred the bill to the Committee on the Judiciary.

This bill would require gun owners in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to register their firearms ANNUALLY with the Pennsylvania State Police. Owners would have to provide the police with the make, model, and the serial numbers of all their guns as well as pay $10/gun…every year.


The title tells you everything you need to know it's known as the Firearms Registration Act. This governmental cash grab will cost $10 per-gun and gun owners will have to go through another background check for each individual firearm that they already own and you know they're gonna make you pay for that. Oh, and the background check is the same one you have to go through to purchase the gun in the first place.

So you went through a background check to purchase the gun and now you have to have the same background check to register the gun and continue ownership!?! Hmm now that's not all, you have to also give the Pennsylvania State Police your home address, your work address, your telephone number, your social security number, your date of birth, your age sex and citizenship…most of which they should already have anyway from the process of you getting your permit. This is all more information than you need to give to vote.

Now if the State Police are so bold to reject your application of the firearm you're already own lawfully and legally own, you have 10 days to appeal and yeah you know where that's going. If you are rejected you have three days to turn in your firearms to the State Police and you know if you don't do it they are gonna come knock on the door.

Now some of you might say, “Yeah I'll just sell my gun.” Well, you can't sell it if it's not registered, nor can you buy one and not register it. They've also made it illegal, under this bill, to have a gun and not know that it's not registered! AND it's also going to be illegal to have a gun at a shooting range that's not registered.

It gets worse guys!!! The gun owner must keep all firearms unloaded and disassembled, or bound by a trigger lock. If you don't do that you're gonna be guilty of a crime! This even applies to homes without children in them!!

Now if you happen to try to better yourself in life and get another job change your phone number or whatever it is you have 48 hours to tell the state police otherwise they're gonna come to get you.

Oh, did I mention in addition to $10 bucks per firearm, that registration is only good for one year you have to re-register every single year if this passes? I think you know what's coming! There is no mention on how they're going to enforce this by the way.

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  • 140 thoughts on “Pennsylvania Submits Firearms Registration Bill, Tyranny in PA ~ VIDEO

      1. YOU KNOW WHAT GUN OWNERS DO WITH PEOPLE WHO THREATEN THE OWNERSHIP OR POSSESION OF THE 2nd Amendement right/WE BURRY THEM 6 ft under Quick after the powder flash!

    1. This is NOT about re registration, not is about getting info confirmed and then confiscation. This IS treason. California is already confiscating AR’s and 80% builds that the owners had to register. Also the Aloha state is doing this. If you are foolish enough to go along with treason you will loose your gear. Civil disobedience–at least. Arm up, carry on.

    2. Well, all the misguided gun control you can muster isn’t going to change your job, I would guess it will only get worse. When are you people going to wake up? Criminals don’t obey laws.

    3. Gun owners are the most cowardly and terrified group I’ve ever come across. Always scared they’ll lose their precious guns. News Flash! It’s mostly legal gun owners that have turned to committing mass murder.

      1. Another troll surfaces. Ah me, little Chris decided to come out and play. Okay, shall we play a game? More than 100 million gun owners and a handful that break the law, who are called criminals. And who does little Chris want to blame, why everyone, of course! Your playtime with the adults is over Chrissy, back to your sandbox.

      2. @Chris

        Says the guy who says “We need the government to control guns because I don’t feel Safe! Guns are scary! Guns Kill! I don’t think citizens are responsible enough to protect themselves, the police should do it!”

        Yes, of course the real coward is obvious. We know you will cower and cry in your basement while you send someone else with guns to take away the arms of the people you don’t like who are law abiding, because of course a coward like yourself wouldn’t dare try to force entry into the homes of people who are armed and able to resist an attempt at confiscation. If you feel the need to try your luck, then MOLON LABE.

        Also, hilarious that you did not start listing the names of Mass murderers for evaluation to see who had warnings or crimes in their past. Like the Parkland killer, The Sutherland Springs killer, James Hodgkinson the DC shooter… Oh wait, they all had histories. Well what about Syed Farook. Ok, a radical islamist who went on a rampage for ideology? Or Jared Lee Loughner who everyone loved to say “Had no criminal history”, well at least until you looked at his highschool years when law enforcement made several calls to his home for issues involving theft, vandalism, drug possession, and intoxication at school. Wait, that sounds just like the parkland situation, a lot of history but no reporting…

        Or course, I doubt you would let facts like that get in the way of a good lie chris. Thank you for showing everyone here that you’re an idiot.

        1. You go PATRIOTS call out the cowards for what they are.Stand true to LIBERTY
          And your constitution it is about time we stand up to tyranny.

    4. These creeps are not 50% of the population, but they are 50% of the voters. We have to find some way to get normal patriotic Americans to the polls. If everyone would just vote we would shut the a$$holes up once and for all.

    5. I thought that taxing a civil right was unconstitutional. Poll taxes, for voting, were overturned years ago by scotus. They will call it a fee, but anything that requires you to pay money to the state is a tax. They will then try to call it a penalty, but for what crime? Add to this the question, how will the collection of names and numbers prevent a crime? How many crimes have been prevented in other places, like Chicago, with the collection efforts? Ask how much this will cost the taxpayers of the Commonwealth beyond the illegal tax? How many people will need to be added to the employment roles to handle the flow of information? Ask them how many people they expect to actually comply? Resist fully any infringement of any civil right. Resist if necessary.

    6. Sure are a bunch of low IQ whack idiots thinking HB768 got some good news for them. My close relative is the head of the State Senate the bill won’t see the light of day.

      1. @Tim Tucker, You have your finger on the pulse of an interesting point. Governments seem to control the law abiding because they can. Yet, the governments seem powerless over the non-law abiding. Could it be that all these statutes that purport to be law are merely an illusion? We are only subjugated by our own choice?

    7. I’m starting to see a lot of trolls and bots showing up on this site. I really don’t think that the gun grabbers subscribe to this site. Otherwise, how do they get their ludicrous comments in here ?

    8. Registration is gateway to confiscation. Those who advocate this style draconian legislation believe in a misplaced safety above Liberty in that they make America unsafe because the ultimate (final) defenders of America is not the military but “We The People”.

      Disarm the citizenry (which is their goal) and open up America to attack from foreign entities, be-it governments or other criminal enterprises!

      Our Founders understood this style legislation for what it is, seditious acts perpetuated upon an unsuspecting citizenry with charges of treason to follow!

    9. For all you dem. Gun owners think about this when you go to vote. You might want to change your way of voting. Maybe we as voters can stop this kind of bull. What’s next ? Are these kind people going to dictate when we can go to the bathroom. This is one more money making racket that our pa government is putting on the tax payers, like the gas tax and were did the gambling money go too.

      1. @Mac, you don’t wait to vote in a situation like this. You use your State Constitutional powers to IMMEDIATELY begin the process to REMOVE THESE CORRUPT OFFICIALS FROM OFFICE… NOW!

    10. The Law of the Land is the Constitution. You don’t vote on, charge a fee for, or give permission to law abiding citizens to exercise Constitutional rights.

      1. So the uncontrollable crime and murder in cities like Detroit and Baltimore is because of “old ass white people”? You’re clearly an ignorant, racist, piece of shit and people like you are the problem.

    11. Good morning to all gun owners in the state of Pennsylvania I just finish reading what these Democrat want to do with people who own guns in our state I totally Disagree There is a database that would help the police know who owns guns decide Idea of Registering each weapon that you own and charging $10 per Weapon is Do the mathIt’s all about the state making money

    12. First let me say I feel bad for what happen in Pittsburgh . Now heres the problem people in Pitt and Philly have shootings every nite all over drugs if they want gun control all starts at the port pr the borders Philly right now has over 300 shooting just this year and every time they have a big bust and show all the guns they took off the streets never say where the guns are from really. My guns I played for . Pitt and Philly needs to clean up their own back yards before you knock on my door .

    13. There is absolutely no need for such a bill.. especially if it’s based on the state simply wanting money. Raise hunting license prices,fishing license prices, Pa already Rob’s it’s citizens with fuel taxes, inspection, registration income taxes , sales tax, firreworks taxes, and turnpike tolls…oh and now they tax lottery winnings. Nothing in this bill will stop mass shootings and murders. Some people are simply gun collectors as investments. I haven’t personally used my guns much in the past couple years and just the ridiculous nature of this bill will have multiple state reps voted out if it passes

    14. I think this law is a great idea. Guns should be verified and registered to one owner. Anyone who things otherwise is obviously using guns for illegal reason. I have no problem registering my hunting and home defense weapons.

    15. I guess none of you have ever had a family member killed from gun violence. And if you did you must not really care about the person who was killed. If people want to own a firearm they need to be willing to go through the steps. This is a dangerous machine that needs to be registered to one person not traded everywhere if you decide to sell your gun or give it away to someone else you will be responsible if they find your registered gun at the crime scene. . I don’t know why you’re worried about a Civil War you’re probably the ones that would start it.

      1. My sister was shot in the back of the head by someone who wasn’t allowed to own a firearm. I miss her dearly! There are laws to keep someone like this from LEGALLY getting a firearm but the criminal still got one – ILLEGALLY. I am a hunter and a law-abiding gun owner. Rest assured, no database of names would have prevented my sister from being killed. The killings in Pittsburgh, Vegas, Paris, New Zealand, and every little town & country in between would not have been prevented by a database of names. Guns are not the issue; people are. As has been said before, the registration is just part one of the lawmakers’ agenda; they want to take away as many as possible. The problem is they’ll be taking them away from fellow law-abiding citizens. It has long been said: “So long as guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.” I believe that! At the end of the day, if I took every gun – on the planet – and put it in a pile, that pile would pose no more of a threat than a pile of rocks. Because, if a nut-job wants to do it bad enough, they’ll hurt people – with a gun, a van, a bomb, a knife, a Boeing 757/767, etc. Again, it’s the person and not the tool being used. Again, a database of names will only hinder law-abiding citizens who will no longer be able to defend themselves when the proverbial wolf comes breaking down the door and means to harm the family behind it.

    16. You know this means fish & game officers will be checking for registration .And may try and relieve you of your rightful property. This law is wrong . It’s nothing but Bull.

    17. I hope all you people that are for this bill are ready to give up your rights as a citizen of this commenwelth when the civil war starts we will see how you feel then if you think dictator wolf is going to protect you think again once your money is in his hands you will be nobody and that nice house you own will be unprotected with open doors for anyone to enter you think about it before you go prazing gun confication and here’s the best part all the mentally ill MF out are still going to be there because you addressed the wrong problem because you choose to believe news media who blind side the truth good luck and God bless us all were going to need it

      1. YEP! ABSOLUTELY CORRECT! These DemocRATic communist/islamist/nwo party members are PUSHING TRUE Americans into a CORNER!!!
        Can ANYONE say T Y R A N N I C A L government???!!!

      1. They dont only if you bought the gun at a gun store or did paper wirk on it . Inherented guns atent registered and as of now its legal that they are not registered hopefully it will stay that way.

    18. Communist POS state reps do nothing but screw those who pay their almost $100,000 salaries. I am moving out. Good riddance to liberal Wolf and his band of useless d heads.

      1. What makes your moving away to another state any different than the illegals that re running away from their countries and dragging all their problems, diseases, and other shit to the United States?

      1. Then WHY in the last 16 years haven’t you used your state Constitutional powers to remove this communist from office for Willful Neglect of Statutory Duties as per their Oath of Office?

    19. Having worked in the ER at UPMC Presbyterian for many years, this is overdue. If you aren’t there, putting people back together after a mass shooting, you should spare a thought for the opinion of someone who was Asun owners, it seems like a small price to pay and a reasonable protective measure.

      1. I am so sure that our mass murderers and criminals will make sure to register each and every gun they have! That will end our gun violence! No one attacks a police station because everyone there has guns! Gun violence is so sad, but it’s not the guns that need checked. It’s the person behind the gun that needs checked! This is NOT ABOUT GUNS AND SAFETY!!! This bill is about $, and taking away our freedoms!

      2. How will knowing all this help?
        Too much information and money for RESPONSIBLE gun owners to invest! You know those shootings arent done by the responsible gun owners right? I mean, most of those guns are black market anyway.

      3. Well, all the misguided gun control you can muster isn’t going to change your job, I would guess it will only get worse. When are you people going to wake up? Criminals don’t obey laws.

      4. And just HOW the fuck do you even imagine this law is going to top anyone from shooting someone? Explain there wise ole’ “Pittsburgh Strong”?

    20. This is bullshit, we have a right to bear arms!! This would mean we are headed for a dictator ship and I will tell you they can ball this all up nice and tight and shove it straight up their ass!!!!!

    21. Well I think it’s time we put a end to it, I think those senators have to be gone, voted out, spread the word, it’s the talk of the town here and people arent happy, and you might know it’s the women politicians trying it.

      1. What makes your running away from and all these problems in PA to another state any different than the illegals that are leaving their countries and coming into the U.S. illegally?

      1. There is no such thing as an assault weapon. Assault is a verb. It doesn’t describe the weapon. So sick of hearing this word and people misusing it.

    22. So, if you were to follow my advice of non-compliance; “NOT THEN, NOT NOW, NOT EVER!!” you will save yourself $10 per firearm per year, the possibility of a “denial” leading to an appeal and a permanent denial, and your government overlords still have no idea what you may or may not possess. Beyond that, you deny them the ability to build a database of info on private citizens, for which warrants are probably required for now. Screw `em! Buy and sell your firearms in private with total impunity to the state, and buy any new ones out of state.


      The anti-second amendment zealot hoplophobes are more bold than they have ever been, and they don’t even try to hide who they are or what their goal is. They just keep on pushing, and the push back is going to be larger and worse than any of could have ever imagined.

        1. New Zealand has strict gun laws and government gun control, look what it did for them, 50+ dead and how many injured?, it’s a shame none of them could defend themselves, maybe would have not injured so many.

      1. Never comply we the people recognize but one constitution.History will judge them when they are face to face with another government in their own back yard.

    23. There was a similar bill in Pennsylvania introduced back in 2015 (HB 503?) I believe it was defeated.
      Keep up the updated information so new bills such as this can be defeated well.
      Must stay vigilant.

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