PETA Uses Staged Video of Animals Being Gruesomely Killed

PETA Uses Staged Video of Animals Being Gruesomely Killed
PETA Uses Staged Video of Animals Being Gruesomely Killed

Washington, DC — -( A new report published today in fashion magazine Women’s Wear Daily alleges PETA and other animal activists have been propagating a staged video of sickening animal abuse to support their anti-fur lobbying campaigns.

The video, filmed a decade ago and published online by PETA, shows the gruesome killing of an animal in a Chinese fur market—supposedly a standard practice. The men filmed in the video, however, now say that it was staged and they were offered money to do it, according to the report.

Read the report here:

The video has been a focal point of campaigns of PETA and other animal activists as they have lobbied to ban fur in Los Angeles and San Francisco, with California lawmakers having a hearing next week on a statewide fur ban.

The video now appears to be a lie—and it isn’t the first time PETA’s ethics have been called into question.

In 2017, PETA was caught producing a fake video of a cat being abused in order to try to get “viral” coverage. PETA reps tried convincing the website to deceptively publish the video knowing it was fake.

Last year, PetSmart sued a PETA operative for fraud over undercover videos she produced. The pet supply company claims the PETA operative refused to give veterinary care to animals in need.

PETA has also supported extremist criminals. PETA paid $70,000 to the legal defense of arsonist Rodney Coronado, who burned down a university lab. PETA also gave a grant to the Earth Liberation Front, an FBI-designated domestic terrorist group.

“Using animal torture to support lobbying campaigns is a new low, even for PETA,” stated Will Coggin, managing director of the Center for Consumer Freedom. “PETA will stoop to any level to push its agenda to ban fur, wool, leather, cashmere, meat, dairy, eggs, and other everyday products.”

The Center for Consumer Freedom runs, which documents PETA’s killing of cats and dogs by the thousands at its headquarters—figures that come from PETA’s own filings with the government.

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Nancy Marshall


The Revelator

People Eating Tasty Animals? Why thank you, it’s not everyday we get to hear appreciation directed at us carnivores. We do try to do our best though to ensure the survival of Vegans and Vegetarians everywhere.

After all if we didn’t eat all that bacon and steak, Plants and vegetables might go extinct! It’s not easy saving the lives of carrot munchers but we recognize it is our solemn duty.


Peta cult is funded by big city rich women whos only view of wildlife is going to a nightclub! Not only does peta cult want to ban all hunting, trapping, fishing, owning of pets, all farm animals, they have joined up with gun banning cults to ban “hunting guns”! These evil, crazy ass cults also get money from Bloomberg, Soros, the evil U.N., and America hating foreign governments. Peta cult funds terrorists groups like alf, and groups that burn down research laboratory and new subdivisions! I’ve read that they even say animals have rights and hire lawyers! Just crazy. Of… Read more »

Witold Pilecki

PETA taking lessons for video production from NBC Dateline.


It might not be a bad idea to sick PETA on the the SPLC!

David Valeri

AS with all liberal groups there is no bottom as to how low they will go to accomplish their ends.

Will Flatt

Amen, bro!!!


PETA people are idiots and wastes of oxygen.

Jack Mac

PETA people are sick.

Nathan Hale

Fake news, propaganda, staged outrage, extremist crowd activists, and violence are in the Leftists playbook “ Rules for Radicals “ with the full cooperation of the Democrats and Media- but I repeat myself !