Riton Optics Listed As “Top Optics” at 2019 SHOT Show

Riton Optics Listed As "Top Optics" at 2019 SHOT Show
Riton Optics Listed As “Top Optics” at 2019 SHOT Show

Tucson, Arizona – -(AmmoLand.com)- Military and Law Enforcement Veteran owned Riton Optics has become one of the fastest growing companies in the hunting, shooting, and outdoor industry. Riton has accomplished back to back years of more than double-digit growth by providing high-quality optics at affordable prices all which are backed amazing customer service and an impressive warranty.

The company attended the 2019 SHOT Show in January and left a major impact on the industry. Riton’s show was full of guest appearances, including Benghazi Hero- John “Tig” Tiegen, Jujitsu Master- Royce Gracie, NAVY SEAL Sniper and Trainer- Charlie Melton, World Renowned Author, and Hunter- Craig Boddington and Competitive Shooter and Model, Jamie Villamor. With all the guests appearances, epic giveaways and Black Rifle Coffee served, Riton’s booth quickly became the “place to hang out” at SHOT 2019.

Following the very successful show, Riton was then featured in several major publications for having the top optics of SHOT Show 2019.

Outdoor Life listed Riton’s new Mod 7 4-32x56IR FFP as one of the top optics of SHOT Show (reference: OUTDOOR LIFE: Best New Riflescopes From SHOT Show). Amongst other well-established optics brands, this new Riton Mod 7 stands out with HD/ED glass, a 34mm tube, zero stop turrets, and an illuminated reticle all retailing at $1,469.99.

Riton’s new Mod 7 1-8x28IR Tactical riflescope was listed in Range 365’s article, SHOT Show 2019: Best New Optics. Writer, Kat Ainsworth, stated that the glass from Riton “has performed beyond expectations for the price points involved”.

In addition to the Range 365 article, the Mod 7 1-8x28IR-T was also listed in The Truth About Guns article, 5 of the Best AR-15 Scope Options. Riton was touted as “unsung star of the optics world”.

Riton is continuing to make their mark in the optics industry, releasing new and innovative products to meet the demands of the end user, all while providing the industry’s most competitive prices and best customer service.

RITONWith Riton Optics, you will SEE THE DIFFERENCE in value, in quality and in service. As the only Law Enforcement and Military Veteran Owned optics company in the world, Riton was founded on the premise that a person’s hard- earned dollar should buy quality optics and the best service at every price point. With an unwavering passion for offering high quality optics at the industry’s most competitive prices, Riton is dedicated to always putting the customer first. Every Riton optic goes through a dual inspection process in Tucson, AZ and is backed by the Riton Promise Warranty which includes a rapid new product replacement on all returns and requires no proof of purchase. Give them a call, send them an email or find them at one of their nationwide dealers. For more information on Riton, visit www.ritonoptics.com.

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I purchase a second 6-24×50 Riton and mounted it on my 6.5 Creedmore, Ruger Precision Rifle. The first 6-24×50 Riton I purchased is on my home built (SUPER accurate).224 Valkyrie AR15 long range rifle.
There is no question as to the quality of the Rilton products… Perfection, exceptional lens clearness, great fit and finish at a great price !
Will I purchase more Riton products ? GUARANTEED !

Ace Luciano

Well, guys, I can set the record straight as I am Riton’s contracted PR person. What I can tell you is that the articles and opinions of the glass and quality of the product cost Riton and my agency exactly $0.00. You read that right. They spent NOTHING for the opinions on their product quality. They do not advertise in the publications that listed them as the “best of the show.” While I can’t disclose confidential information, what I can put to rest is the question of “buying” endorsements. I, and Riton, do not work with ANY personalities, endorsers, and… Read more »

David E

I now own three Riton scopes and I’m very impressed with them. I have 4 Vortex, and they’re good, but for less money, Riton much better glass.
Why the snarky post JMR? You either haven’t ever used a Riton, or you just don’t know very much about scopes.


Lmao, wonder how much that honor cost RITON.


I do not follow, what honor are you speaking of? Have you tried a Riton Optic? If you gave it a chance you would more likely than not be very surprised at what they offer.


J, I believe what JMR is trying to say is that all of the guest appearances at RIton’s booth are not free. All of those people are paid endorsers. Plus when you throw in the rifle giveaways and Black Rifle Coffee, the expenses add up fast. Guess Riton has a large marketing budget…


I’m just happy to see a scope like the mod 5 4-16. Gave me a greatly needed upgrade for my LONG GONE great leupold vxii. Don’t meen that all my leupys are gone but I have more rifles and need more scopes. Theses Ritons are way ahead of the cheap freedom line that leupold decide to dump on the public. In my opinion, its really the bean counters at leupold that have screwed them. I once spoke to Mr Calhoon, who makes or made the 19 Calhoon rifles and he just flat out told me what mark up was on… Read more »