Rumble in the Swamp ~ VIDEO

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USA –-( Rumble in the Swamp.

No matter what the haters and socialists throw at him President Trump keeps on coming back and winning. Are you sick of winning yet?

Did you enjoy this funny video?

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The TheGeekzTeam is a youtube channel dedicated to pissing off liberals.They love President Trump. Please help support their work by subscribing and liking enjoy their videos! MAGA! Visit the TheGeekzTeam Youtube channel for more.

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  • 35 thoughts on “Rumble in the Swamp ~ VIDEO

    1. Anyone else having a laugh fest over cry baby “Green Watch Dog” loosing it over all the big mean people pointing out his stupidity and lies?

      🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

      1. I wonder if he actually believes his own rhetoric? lol
        A cartoon and he acts like some one is getting violently attacked…
        Too bad he isn’t worried about innocent gun owners getting a raw deal!

    2. With support of these violent and offensive videos, it is easy to see the increase in aggressive behavior and maladies in social interaction with others. Deviant behavior of just a bunch of hoodlums.

      1. @The Green Watch Dog

        Yes, you are a hoodlum and a deviant, right there along with Antifa and the rest of the idiotic neo-socialist morons who fake crimes to target people they oppose for differences of opinion and inciting violence against them.

        You are Evil, a habitual liar, and anti Second Amendment.

    3. Ole GWD Byte, Green Rat Fink and several other handles fit this liberal POS to a tee. If he watched the video it is probable that he called 911 in the middle of it. He is correct though, as long as we keep pulling apart we will not be a combined nation again and I will add to that as long as the liberals keep it up like this one does there is no chance we will ever be united. There are so many ways you can categorize this guy but one of them is NOT a nice guy or a friend you can count on.

    4. I can’t believe that the people the comment here do not believe in the freedom of speech as well as our god given right to THINK!

      1. @Scott Morgan

        Proud supporter of freedom of thought and speech. The thing about that though is a lot of it is going to be offensive to some, especially cry baby anti rights people like The Green Watch Dog.

        For those curious, Freedom of thought and freedom of speech does not mean your thoughts or speech are accepted as truth. Truth is verified by empirical evidence. If you lie, others are entitled to provide evidence to show it. When you provide evidence, others have a right to tear it apart and see if it is accurate or not and then call you out on it. (Yes GWD, this is you I’m explaining it for since you have demonstrated thoroughly that you have no concept of what a “Right” actually is 🙂 )

    5. Green Watch Dog,sounds like you need to change the channel and get off CNN, MSNBC, etc. We do need to come together as a nation and we all know that. The left has gotten so liberal, and so far left we just will not give any more. Have you ever heard of “The Resistance Movement” Just answer me this. The left is stirring up violence, not us. The left wants to protect violent criminals, not us. The left protest in the street, with destruction, and violence, not us. The left wants open borders, to disarm the country, ruin our military, protect criminals, and will do anything to win power, lie, cheat or destroy our country. They promise free college, free food, tax the rich and give to the poor, free health care. Free money to those that don’t want to work.,, We do need peace but how can we have it when they preach hate to our young people. I saw a teenager wearing a shirt just last night that said TRUMP IS HATE. What is also says is Trump supports are also hate.This is what our young people are being taught. Along with guns are bad. They teach that the 2nd amendment is bad. A system that is set up to protect citizens from the government is a bad thing.
      So, here is the question, Why are they doing this if not to destroy the USA?

    6. Wow……all this banter because of a cartoon? Jeezzz.
      Up until about half way through I was cheering until I realized it was fake.
      Funny it was.

    7. Well, I can hardly believe my eyes…
      Trump went Jackie Chan on them 🙂
      AOC’s relief valve couldn’t handle the pressure of normal thought…
      Shit for brains 🙂

      Maybe their plan is to cork every one and create a biological gas weapon against other regimes!

    8. I don’t find this video entertaining what-so-ever! We, in this country do not support violence against others.
      Glorifying evil acts of hurting others is despicable!

      1. “TheGeekzTeam is a youtube channel dedicated to pissing off liberals” LOL I guess their mission is working. You should also boycott all of Hollywood, BWAHAHAha!

      2. We don’t what? you never heard of the US Marine Corps? Valley Forge? Audy Murphy? Chris Kyle? Bastonge? Siapan? Christians in Action. 73 Easting? The Hall of Heros? Midway? Army Rangers? Of course we celebrate those whom have done the despicable so that everyone else can live a comfy life. As we should.
        You are the pink NUB.

      3. @The Green Watch Dog

        For someone who claims to “Not support violence against others” the hypocrisy is astounding. You have publicly stated multiple times your support for unconstitutional infringements which would allow you to send men with guns to the home of someone you dislike to kick in their door and either confiscate by force, or shoot the individual dead with

        1. no crime having been committed by the individual
        2. no trial or conviction prior to the raid
        3. no due process of any kind.

        But then again, that’s how your lie works. You send other people to commit violence by proxy, while you hold your hands up and claim you do no violence against your neighbor at all. But then again, you glorify your acts of evil by lying, claiming it is done for safety and making sure society is protected.

        Yet again, The Green Watch Dog shows he’s a hypocrite, and habitual liar. Before you claim to be anti-violence, leave what belongs to your neighbor in his own home alone and stop trying to force him to deal with your Anti Second Amendment gun control ideas.

        1. The revelator,
          Looks like you are trying to discredit my sincere intentions. We need to bring our nation as a united front. It weakens us internally. I am a proud citizen that believes in our right to own a gun, but it comes with responsibilities. And yes, I would with pleasure pry a weapon out of the still warm or cold hands of a perp whose intent was to harm others. It is your choice to cower down, not mine.

          1. GWD, When you realize that you are the problem in this comment section you will have acieved true maturity. Try not to answer me. Just think about it.

            1. @Chuckbone56

              He won’t reach that maturity, I can assure you.

              He’s had his statements disproven via evidence time and time again(almost 3 months worth), and he still tries to spew the same lies over and over. GWD is little more than a pipsqueak here who’s mad because the grownups in the room rebuke him and won’t let him have his way.

          2. @The Green Watch Dog

            No, you discredited your own intentions. You’re a habitual liar, and the cowardice is on you. Now lets look at the particular lie you are trying to use here.

            ERPO’s are not about criminals, or “perps” as you idiotically like to refer to them. As has been stated to you before there are already laws on the books to criminally prosecute people who make verifiable threats, also known legally as “Aggravated Menacing”. You however are not talking about Responsibilities. You are talking about infringements that you want implemented. See, a responsibility means a code of conduct where you don’t violate the rights of another individual, that you hold yourself accountable. You have shown here on ammoland that this concept is something you have no knowledge of.

            The hypocrisy you display is clear. For example, the “Pleasure” you mention. You just admitted that you would relish the idea of being a vigilante, that you would decide for yourself who YOU feel to be a threat and murder them, proclaiming afterward that you felt they had the intent to “cause harm to others”.

            Tell me should we use your own standard against you? There are many here who feel you are a threat to their own safety, that of their families’, and their liberty. Do you think any of us should have discretion to decide your fate and pry your handgun out of your “Still warm or cold hands” since you chose that reference to describe shooting or killing the “Perp”, in this case the perp being yourself?

            The truth is you are a retard, a liar, and a punk who is in no way a patriot or true American. You may be a citizen of this country, but you act out of stupidity to tear down protections against government overreach that our founders wisely put in place to keep morons like yourself from running roughshod over others. You are as weaselly and vile as a snake, and impotent enough that if you ever were compared to real men in this country that the yellow stream running down your leg would create a new river system.

            You have discredited yourself here, you’re just too idiotic or irresponsible to comprehend it.

            1. The revelator,
              You are completely M A D! An insane individual that relishes in being a control freak! Its not just me that you attack, but others that in any form disagree with you. You are unable to have a civil debate without losing it. I can see your blood pressure sizzling in your responses. Suggestion-Go see a doctor this week. And, yes we will win the ‘war’ on requiring gun ownership responsibility across this country, while upholding our 2nd amendment rights. Signed: The Green Byte Watch Dog.

            2. @The Green Watch Dog

              No, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. For example, you are not a supporter of Second Amendment Rights, and never will be because you support Infringements against the Second Amendment.

              You come here and want to be accepted while you spout your Bovine Scatology. You lie repeatedly, then whine when people like myself call you out on your lies. The irony here is that while you are getting bent out of shape I’m sitting here calm as a cucumber laughing till my sides hurt while you stumble around throwing a temper tantrum because you cant get me to shut up.

              To make it even more hilarious, you not only cannot keep yourself from tripping over your own feet, you rush to do it as fast as possible! First, I pointed out that you want to pass infringements which will instigate violence against your neighbors during attempts at confiscation of private property without due process, and that you would Glorify that violence. Not only did you then openly admit that you want to be the one standing over their lifeless bodies as they transition from warm to cold, you stated that you would take pleasure in doing so! You did exactly what I said you would do.

              In addition to that, now you say this “And, yes we will win the ‘war’ on requiring gun ownership responsibility across this country”.

              For more than two months now you have been dodging a question I have asked, asking if you would actively murder the millions of us who refuse to comply with your illegal and unconstitutional infringements on the second amendment. You just now stated that you view it as a “War” against us, after having admitted to wanting the “pleasure” of doing us in with your own hand as you take our birthright from us.

              So again, with complete and utter calm as I sit here smiling, thank you for having completely demonstrated your stupidity and hypocrisy.

              Only you could provide the proof that you have shoved your head so far up your anus that when you fart, the first place you feel the air flowing by is at your elbows. 🙂

      4. And that is exactly what you liberal/socialist/communists are advocating with ANTIFA, BLM, and your Demorat leadership.
        Move to Russia, China or North Korea if you like that way so much!

      5. Then why do you not condemn BLM for the calling of killing Police officers and ANTIFA for the killing of anyone who does not agree with their Communist agenda?
        Your nothing more then a hypocrite with the rest of you leftist demorats.

        1. @RH, The pink non-useful being thinks that because his feelings are sincere, he is superior, ergo he is qualified to make our decisions for us. Talk about internally weak, he would “pry a weapon out of the still warm or cold hands of a perp whose intent was to harm others.” after someone else does his dirty work.

      6. @ ‘the green withering dick’,
        Have you ever heard of the application of comic relief?
        Stop Sweating the small stuff, oh by the way everything that man does is small with reference to the Universe.
        Relax Enjoy.

      7. So sez the guy who stated he wanted to be the one to splinter in the doors of non-compliant gun owners and stick his knee into the back of their necks. Despicable indeed!

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